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Top Alternatives to Tally Accounting Software: Free & Paid

When it comes to managing finances and keeping up with tax laws, many companies are looking for the best accounting software options. Tally has been a popular choice because it’s powerful and reliable. However, it might not be the best fit for every business due to different needs and budgets. Whether you run a small startup or a growing company, checking out different software can help you find one that meets your financial goals and operational needs. 

This blog explores the top alternatives to Tally Accounting Software, covering both free and paid options that suit various business sizes and types. We’ll discuss the unique features and pricing of these alternatives to help you choose the right accounting software for your business.

Software Starting Price Average Rating Trial PeriodFree version
Refrens ₹3900/year⭐4.9YesYes
Zoho Books₹8988/year⭐4.414 daysYes
Vyapar₹3399/year⭐4.67 Days No
MybillBook₹2599/year ⭐4.6YesNo
Busy₹3600/year ⭐4.6YesYes
Comparison of Top Tally Alternatives

Comparative Analysis of Top Alternatives to Tally Accounting Software: Free & Paid

1. Refrens 

Refrens accounting software is a comprehensive solution for modern businesses, streamlining GST invoicing, e-invoicing, e-way bills, inventory management, and expense tracking. It ensures compliance with government regulations and simplifies bookkeeping, accounting, and compliance tasks through robust reporting and advanced automation, making it ideal for businesses of all sizes.

Key features:

  • Automated Invoices: Effortlessly create and customize invoices to easily match your brand.
  • GST Accounting: Automatically generate journal entries, vouchers, balance sheets, trial balance reports, P&L statements, GSTR reports, and other essential financial reports.
  • Automated payment reminders: Schedule reminders for due and overdue invoices via WhatsApp and email.
  • Inventory and Expense Management: Automatically update inventory and track expenses such as purchases and salaries, with a comprehensive vendor management dashboard using Refrens GST accounting software.
  • Recurring Invoices: Automatically generate and send recurring invoices for ongoing services or subscriptions at regular intervals.
  • Sales CRM: The Sales CRM Software allow you to manage and track customer interactions, sales pipelines, and leads efficiently within the software.
  • Customize Formulas: Our software lets you customize invoice formulas according to your business sales.
  • One-click sharing: Effortlessly convert documents with a single click, such as turning a quotation into a proforma invoice bill or an invoice into a debit/credit note and more.

Additional Features:

Refrens software streamlines business management with features like automated GST invoicing software, client and inventory tracking, and multi-currency transactions. It also includes pipeline management softwarelead management software, and streamlining quotation and purchase order processes. The platform facilitates easy team collaboration and access across devices, while also integrating electronic invoicing capabilities such as External Payment Links and IRN Generation. It provides 24/7 live support, enhancing the efficiency of electronic invoicing and financial operations.


  • Basic Plan: Up to 50 documents per year at no additional cost.
  • Book Essential: ₹3900/year (offers unlimited documents, customizable invoice and quotation templates, enhanced communication, inventory management, and team expansion)
  • Books GST: ₹7500/year (offers features like automated GSTR-1 reports, e-invoicing, and e-way bills, plus upcoming features for GSTR filing and team expansion.)
  • Books Pro: ₹8500/year (This package offers customized roles, full financial reporting, ledger syncing, personalized onboarding, domain emails, and supports five team members)


  • Capterra: ⭐4.9/5|
  • G2: ⭐4.6/5
  • Software Advice: ⭐4.8/5
  • Get App: ⭐4.8/5

User Reviews of Refrens 

👍 👎
“I love the way the software has made invoice management easy and trendy. The templates are vibrant, the dashboard is holistic and automation is all a busy prof needs”  ~Akshay“Less Export and Import Invoicing features.”  ~Jainilzoh
“Refrens is user-friendly. It gives the best invoicing solution for small enterprises”  ~SwaroopMinor field changes are sometimes difficult.”  ~Bharat
“Good Dashboard and is easy to use, cost-effective”  ~Mahendra“Mmmm, if I have to, if I have to then I’d say what I like the least is the pricing. They can easily sell it at a higher rate..”   ~Sahil
Source: Software Advice

2. Zoho Books

Zoho Books is designed to help businesses manage their financial tasks efficiently. It includes features for GST compliance, connected banking, and handling international transactions. Zoho Books also supports collaboration across devices, helping businesses maintain financial records accurately and access insights to manage their finances better.

Key features:

  • Manage receivables and payables: Zoho Books streamlines receivables and payables management, by enhancing invoicing, payments, and vendor relations for efficient transactions.
  • Tax Compliance: Zoho Books automates GST compliance and e-invoicing, ensuring accurate tax management and seamless integration with the GST portal.
  • Bank Reconciliation: It streamlines bank reconciliation by automating transaction categorization and synchronization for efficient financial closing.
  • Inventory: Optimizes inventory management by tracking and adjusting stock, setting reorder alerts, and integrating with eCommerce platforms for seamless operations.
  • Payroll: It combines payroll processing and accounting into a unified platform, enabling seamless management of pay runs and tax compliance.

Additional features:

Zoho Books offers features such as Sales Approval, Customizable reports, Customer Portal, and the ability to record inventory changes in real time, making it a robust tool for inventory invoice management. Additional features include an Audit trail, Auto charge for recurring transactions, handling multi-currency transactions, Vendor Collaboration, and specialized Inventory management for E-Commerce. It also can auto-categorize and match transactions, streamlining the accounting process.


Zoho Books provides multiple pricing options for various user needs, including a free plan and several paid levels with enhanced features.

  • Free Plan: With limited functionality, suitable for small businesses
  • Standard Plan: ₹8988/year (For more features such as accounts, reports, books, e-invoices and payments and more)
  • Professional Plan: ₹17,988/year (For features like team collaboration)
  • Premium Plan: ₹35,988/year ( For more features such as customization, automation, and payroll management )
  • Elite Plan: ₹59,988/year (For more features such as warehouse management, and advanced accounting, inventory management)
  • Ultimate Plan: ₹95,988/year (For more features like  advanced business intelligence)


  • Capterra: ⭐4.3/5
  • G2: ⭐4.4/5
  • Software Advice: ⭐4.⅘
  • Get App: ⭐4.4/5

User Review of Zoho:

“Easy to set up and use. It helped me a lot keeping close to my clients and growing the business”  ~Habe“No being able to change a subscription easily once set up, also not being able to change a customer’s Vat Rate, I have customers in different zones and if they ask to change from GBP to USD I have to create a new account”  ~Anonymous
“Great tool to track records and handling the software is easy, everything is in front of you. Just a small sense is enough to use it properly”  ~Jithin“I don’t like that you can not export the client information including their cc numbers if you want to.”  ~Anonymous
“Functionality: Mail merges, email templates, customization, reporting”  ~Julieet“There are times when making changes/updates is more difficult than it should be which can be frustrating.” ~Adam
Source: Software Advice

3. Vyapar

Vyapar is a versatile GST billing and invoicing software tailored for small businesses in India. It offers customizable invoicing, inventory tracking, and automated accounting across mobile and desktop platforms. With offline functionality and multiple payment options, Vyapar ensures efficient business operations and streamlined cash flow management.

Key features:

  • Create and share GST bills online: Vyapar provides GST-compliant invoicing software that enables quick creation and sharing of invoices, simplifying accounting and enhancing SMEs’ brand identity.
  • Effortlessly manage your inventory: Vyapar’s inventory management software streamlines inventory tracking, enhances sales analysis, and automates processes to improve overall business efficiency and strategy.
  • Send payment reminders to collect outstanding dues: Its billing software boosts timely payments with automated reminders and diverse payment options, enhancing cash flow and reducing delays.
  • GST Filing: Vyapar billing software simplifies GST filing by automating report generation and ensuring compliance, thereby saving time and reducing manual errors.
  • Online store: Vyapar’s software lets you quickly set up an online store, offering product listings and pick-up services that boost sales and streamline customer transactions.

Additional features:

Vyapar’s GST billing and accounting software serves as an efficient business management tool with robust quotation software capabilities, allowing you to create and send estimates and quotations easily. It also facilitates order tracking and theme customization. 

The software supports expense recording, manages receivables and payables, and generates detailed business reports. Additional features include automatic data backups, compatibility with various printers, and an online store setup to streamline operations and enhance customer service.


  • Silver Plan: ₹3399/year (This plan allows syncing data across devices, creating up to three companies, managing stock, and limited E-way bill generation)
  • Gold Plan: ₹3999/year (offers unlimited company creation, ad-free invoices, enhanced reporting, and unlimited E-way bills among other advanced features)


  • Capterra: ⭐4.4/5
  • G2: ⭐4.6/5
  • Software Advice: ⭐4.5/5
  • Get App: ⭐4.4/5
  • Software Suggest: ⭐4.7/5

User Review of Vyapar:

👍 👎
“Product creation features by uploading excel and divide into proper categories is very helpful for starting the software, and easily move any business in vyapar software”   ~Ajit“only work on single system, i think multi-system support missing “   ~Ajit
“Vyapar is useful for small business owners or shopkeepers. If I have to list the pros, here are some pros: 1. GST-compliant invoicing 2. Budgeting 3. Financial statements that can be understood by owners easily. 4. Multiple user login and role-based access”   ~Maheswara Swamy“Conventional and not designed to suit market requirements. No compatibility”   ~Suresh
“We are moving to mobile-based computing. – Fresh & Friendly UI – ALL Taxes Covered – Easy to use – Inventory Controls – No need for installation – Remote Access – User Roles There is a lot to count. But experience the rest yourself”   ~Nisarg“Since it’s designed for small businesses, some of the features like inventory management or other complex accounting entries is not possible if your business is medium to large”   ~Maheswara Swamy
Source: Software Advice

4. Mybillbook

MyBillBook is a comprehensive GST billing and invoicing software designed for India’s small and medium businesses. It offers customizable billing, inventory management, and multi-device support, simplifying GST compliance with e-invoicing and e-way billing software. The software enhances operational efficiency and supports business growth through integrated marketing tools, available on both PC and Mac.

Key features:

  • Customize Your Invoices: MyBillBook provides customizable GST and non-GST invoices with multiple templates to reflect your brand and supports multi-user, multi-device business management.
  • Billing: MyBillBook offers comprehensive billing features, POS billing, online and offline functionality, automatic generating invoices and sharing via WhatsApp/SMS, and tools for generating quotations, estimates, proforma invoice templates, and delivery challans.
  • Inventory management: It enhances inventory management with features like stock item tracking, godown management, product batching, serialization, barcode generation, and customizable inventory fields.
  • Business management: MyBillBook enables multi-device access, multi-business management, user role customization, staff attendance, payroll, and free business report generation.
  • Bonus Features: Features include multiple bank account management, recovery of deleted invoices, bulk invoice editing, automated recurring billing, foreign currency invoicing, and audit trails for tracking invoice edits.

Additional features:

MyBillBook is a versatile GST compliance and the best invoicing software tailored for Indian SMBs, featuring e-invoicing software, GSTR filing, and seamless Tally integration. It enhances customer engagement with built-in marketing tools and CRM with invoicing capabilities, supports multiple languages, offers robust 24×7 customer support, and ensures data security, catering to a diverse range of industries. This integration helps streamline customer management and invoicing processes efficiently.


  • Diamond Plan: ₹2599/ year (Includes features from the Silver plan, supports one business, one user, and one CA, and is accessible on Android, iOS, and the web)
  • Platinum Plan: Custom pricing according to your feature demand (offers support for 2 businesses and 3 users, offline and online access, enhanced features like e-way bills, payroll, and marketing tools across multiple platforms)
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing according to your feature demand (offers unlimited businesses and users, enhanced with invoice customization, unlimited e-way bills, e-invoicing, POS billing, barcode generation, an online store, and a loyalty program)


  • Capterra: ⭐4.6/5
  • G2: ⭐4/5
  • Software Advice: ⭐4.6/5
  • Get App: ⭐4.6/5
  • Software Suggest: ⭐4.8/5

User Reviews:

👍 👎
“This software enables me to create GST-compliant invoices which is a must. Best customer support ever, I get queries resolved via WhatsApp within minutes.”  ~Ramesh“Unavailable APIJob work unavailable New features & Customisation harder”  ~Praveen
“Billing is easier, and adding items is also easier. Barcode making is also easier. Overall service is good”  ~Nagabandan Rameswar“Sometimes billing crashes, offline billing is never possible. plz, make sure that offline billing works properly. We can’t recover the deleted items”  ~Nagabandan Rameswar
“Shows PROFIT and loss while building invoice”  ~Mahesh“More invoice design is needed. Excel file upload time should be reduced from 48hrs to 1-3 hrs”  ~Akshay
Source: Capterra

5. Swipe

Swipe is one of the best GST billing and invoicing software designed to meet the needs of SMEs across various industries. With features like instant invoicing, online store setup, and integrated payment solutions, Swipe enables businesses to manage sales, inventory, and customer interactions efficiently. The platform supports multiple device usage and offers real-time business analytics to help users make informed decisions, making it an essential tool for modern business management.

Key features:

  • Create Invoice quickly: Swipe enables quick creation of GST-compliant invoices and facilitates efficient management of sales, inventory, and customer relations for SMEs, enhancing productivity and customer retention.
  • GST Filings: Swipe streamlines GST filings for SMEs with fast report generation, easy tax submissions, and secure data backups.
  • Easy Payments: Swipe accelerates payments with QR codes and links, and streamlines business management with comprehensive, customizable reporting and multi-user capabilities.
  • Online Store: Swipe simplifies setting up online stores for SMEs with features like real-time order tracking, instant GST invoicing, and easy sharing of product catalogs on WhatsApp.
  • Business Analytics & Reports: Swipe generates comprehensive business analytics and reports, simplifying sales, payments, and expense tracking for various businesses.

Additional features:

Swipe offers comprehensive invoicing and accounting features including quick online invoice generation, customizable invoice templates, POS billing, GSTR reports, and payment reminders. It supports multiple user logins, inventory management, expense tracking, and real-time analytics, along with advanced features like e-way bills, e-invoices, and TDS management. It integrates with Tally and provides tools for online store management, bulk uploads, and SMS campaigns.


  • PRO Plan: ₹1899/year (offers one business account, branding, online payments, GSTR-1, extensive reports, custom fields, bulk uploads, Swipe Drive, iOS app access, and priority support)
  • JET Plan: ₹2799/year (everything in PRO plus 1 business account, admin and 2 users, e-way bills, multiple price lists, priority support, bulk downloads, and 1 GB Swipe Drive storage.)
  • RISE Plan: ₹3499/year (includes all JET features plus export/multi-currency, recurring subscriptions, POS, batch tracking, serial number/IMEI tracking, and manufacturing capabilities.)
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing according to your feature demand (offers all PRO features plus custom features, multi-user support, online store, Tally/Shopify integration, warehouses, GST filings, digital signatures, and extra storage)


  • Capterra: ⭐4/5
  • G2: ⭐4.1/5
  • Software Advice: ⭐5/5
  • Get App: ⭐4.8/5
  • Software Suggest: ⭐4.8/5

User Review of Swipe:

“Swipe has the most essential daily business functions built in. The learning curve is not steep and it is really quick.”  ~Amrit Om“It cannot cater to larger businesses.”   ~Amrit Om
“quick invoices and ease of use has been cracked by swipe from day one .”  ~Ganesh“Unable to GST payment via the Swipez platform it appears the GST authorities have not allowed that facility yet.” ~Mahesh
“It’s a user-friendly app.It provides multiple services along with e-Invoicing like GST reports and online store.” ~Kranthi“Would love to see a mobile app for Swipez”  ~Chandru
Source: Software Advice

6. Marg

MargBooks is a cloud-based billing and accounting software designed to streamline financial management for businesses of all sizes. It offers features such as GST compliance, inventory management, POS integration, and multi-device access, ensuring users can manage their business operations efficiently from anywhere. With robust security, customizable invoicing, real-time analytics, and automated billing processes, MargBooks enhances accuracy and productivity, making it an essential tool for modern businesses.

Key features:

  • POS System: MargBooks’ POS system speeds up billing by 50% with smart barcode scanning and integrates with essential hardware for efficient reporting and customer management.
  • Retail Chain Management: Retail Chain Management centralizes purchase orders, inventory, and customer data, enabling efficient branch-to-branch transactions and comprehensive ecosystem analysis.
  • Bank Reconciliation: It streamlines bank reconciliation by automatically matching and importing bank transactions, ensuring accurate financial records.
  • Business Analytics: The Business Analytics Dashboard provides a visual overview of key metrics, enabling real-time tracking of sales, inventory, and financial data for informed decision-making.
  • GST: MargBooks enables one-click GST billing, filing, and compliance with direct e-invoice uploads and comprehensive GSTR report filing.

Additional features:

MargBooks integrates with e-commerce platforms to sync inventory, sales, and customer data, simplifying order management. It offers a loyalty point system to track and manage customer points, and an inventory management feature to prevent losses from expired or out-of-stock items. Robust data security safeguards financial information and prevents fraud.


  • Gold Plan: ₹5400/year (includes 1 user, 1 GSTIN, 5,000 invoices, and access via web or app.)
  • Diamond Plan: ₹8100/year (includes 1 user, 1 GSTIN, 12,000 invoices, and access via both web and app)
  • Platinum Plan:  ₹15,300/year (includes 2 users, 1 GSTIN, 30,000 invoices, and access via web and app)
  • The Platinum Plus Plan: ₹29,700/year (includes 2 users, 2 GSTINs, 1 lakh invoices, and access via web and app.)
  • Enterprise Plan: Enterprise plan offers cutting-edge capabilities, including head office, warehouse, multi-branch support, centralized data, and a centralized dashboard; contact us for pricing.


  • Capterra: ⭐3.3/5
  • G2: ⭐4.5/5
  • Software Advice: ⭐3.3/5

User Review of Marg Erp

“Easy to use for billing also party creation, item creation and e-challan, e-way bill. I must say when you use for pharma industry it definitely 100% work good.”  ~Mohmaad“Allover Marg is the best accounting software but pricing few higher than competitors.”  ~Mohmaad
“this software for billing is very easy and a iletrate person can also run this software easily its to fast and easy”  ~Ritesh“sometimes i stuck in purchase bills and tax terms”  ~Ritesh
“Range Of Reports available is very interesting”  ~Virendra“Detailed GST Rapports, We can easily compare it with Online GST”  ~Virendra 
Source: Software Advice

7. Xero

Xero is a comprehensive cloud-based accounting software designed to streamline financial management for businesses of all sizes. It offers automated features such as bank reconciliation, invoice reminders, and data capture to save time and improve accuracy. With customizable reporting and real-time insights, Xero helps business owners make confident decisions, and it includes support from onboarding specialists and expert advisors to ensure a smooth setup and ongoing success.


Key features:

  • Pay Bills: Xero’s accounts receivable software streamlines bill management, allowing businesses to track, schedule, and store bills online for efficient cash flow management
  • Project tracking: Project management with invoicing tools streamlines job planning, budgeting, and invoicing, allowing businesses to efficiently track time, costs, and project financials in real-time. These tools integrate project tracking with invoicing capabilities to enhance overall management efficiency.
  • Sales Tax: Xero’s auto sales tax, powered by Avalara, simplifies sales tax calculation and reporting for multiple states and jurisdictions.
  • Accounting dashboard: Xero provides a real-time overview of your finances, including cash flow, bank balances, invoices, and bills, for better business insights.
  • App Integration: Xero integrates with a wide range of apps to streamline workflows, automate tasks, and provide a complete view of your business through the Xero App Store.

Additional features:

Xero is a comprehensive online accounting software that simplifies financial management for small businesses. It offers features such as automated bank feeds, expense management software, payroll integration with Gusto, project tracking, and multi-currency accounting. With tools for invoicing, inventory, sales tax, and more, Xero helps businesses streamline operations, improve accuracy, and save time. The Xero App Store further enhances functionality through seamless app integrations.


  • Early Plan:  ₹3744/year (offering 24/7 online support, secure services, and the flexibility to cancel with one month’s notice)
  • Growing Plan: ₹3744/year (Offers early plan features and bulk reconciling transactions)
  • Established Plan: ₹19,476/year (Includes Growing plan features and offers additional features like using multi-currencies, tracking projects, claim expenses, analytics plus)


  • Capterra: ⭐4.4/5
  • G2: ⭐4.3/5
  • Software Advice: ⭐4.5/5
  • Get App: ⭐4.4/5

User Reviews of Xero:

👍 👎
“Once it is setup, it will change the way you work. With a streamlined and easy to use interface it is great for day to day business, and for checking reports too. Bank reconciliation and reminders are super important features.”
“The chart of accounts was a bit confusing but understand it now.”
“Linking it to my bank accounts and credit cards allowed it to pull in data to create some financials.
This was very helpful early on in our start-up journey”
“It would pull data into our financials which after closer review was incorrect. This caused us to spend extra time modifying the financial reports.”  ~Steve
“really easy to use & can have a multiple tabs open at one time.”

“needs more keyboard shortcuts & better access controls for users.”
Source: Software Advice

8. Busy: Top Alternatives to Tally Accounting Software

Busy is a powerful and one of the best accounting software designed for micro, small, and medium enterprises. It simplifies GST compliance with features like invoicing, filing, and reconciliation, and offers comprehensive financial and inventory management. Available on desktop, cloud, and mobile, BUSY ensures seamless access to essential business operations anytime, anywhere.

Key features:

  • GST: BUSY is a user-friendly GST accounting software that simplifies compliance, invoicing, and real-time tax insights for small and medium businesses.
  • Financial Software: Financial Accounting Software streamlines financial management for SMEs with comprehensive accounting features, GST-compliant invoicing, and multi-currency support.
  • Auto E-Invoice and E-way bills: BUSY automates e-way bill and e-invoice generation, ensuring GST compliance and streamlined billing for over 360,000 customers in India.
  • GST Reconciliation: GST Reconciliation Software streamlines the GST reconciliation process for SMBs by automating report downloads, and detecting discrepancies.

Additional features:

BUSY Software offers advanced inventory management with features like multi-location tracking, batch and expiry date management, and seamless ordering and invoicing. The Busy Mobile App provides real-time access to sales, stocks, and financial data, even when the desktop is offline. It also acts as a mini-ERP, integrating multi-branch management, payroll, customer service, and more for streamlined business operations.


  • Blue Plan:
    Single User ₹3600/year 
     Multiple User – ₹5400/year  

Offers GST management, customizable invoicing, advanced inventory tracking, multi-company accounting, data security, banking capabilities, MIS reports, and a mobile app. 

  • Saffron Plan:
    Single User ₹6300/year 
    Multiple User – ₹9450/year 

Enables GST compliance, dynamic invoicing, advanced inventory management, multi-currency accounting, and seamless communication through email, SMS, and WhatsApp.

  • Emerald Plan:
    Single User ₹9000/year 
    Multiple User – ₹13,500/year 

Offers invoicing for multiple businesses, advanced inventory and job work management, multi-currency support, automated communication, and extensive reporting features for seamless business operations. This comprehensive suite enhances the efficiency of managing diverse business activities across various industries.


  • Capterra: ⭐4.5/5
  • G2: ⭐4.4/5
  • Software Advice: ⭐4.6/5
  • Get App: ⭐4.5/5

User Review of Busy Accounting Software :

👍 👎
“The software is easy to use with multiple functionalities and proper tax management reports like GST reports, TDS reports etc. system can match GST reports from GST Server itself. good for CA’s and Accountants. easy to use software.”  ~Akash “The user interface colour we can’t change, its cream yellowish color which creates eye strains in case of longer work. also import from excels are not user friendly.”~Akash 
“Videos are available Good for manufacturers Good for small company Based on excel Can be used anywhere”  ~Mohit
“No support from dealer as well as company Heavy waiting for solving the problem Many features are missing such as in payment and receipt voucher cheque no. And bank detail is not asked which is mandatory for everyone Very long and manual process” ~Mohit
“Very good for report and inventory management” ~Rajesh
“Mobile access is not there, so that status can be tracked from anywhere” ~Rajesh
Source: Software Advice


Selecting the right accounting software is crucial for ensuring efficient operations and compliance, especially when addressing common invoicing challenges for businesses. We’ve reviewed several alternatives to Tally, each with unique features and pricing to suit various business needs.

 It’s important to choose a system that integrates well with your business processes, supports your growth objectives, and effectively handles invoicing basics and issues enabling you to invoice like a pro.  We recommend testing these options to find the best fit for your company’s financial management needs. This approach ensures that the chosen system aligns with your operational requirements and scales appropriately.

Now that you have explored the best alternatives to Tally accounting software, you can check out our detailed guide on other open source accounting software.