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Why Refrens online invoicing software is best for small business?

Whether you're creating basic invoices or generating complex financial reports, Refrens provides the tools and capabilities you need to manage your invoicing tasks efficiently. From invoicing and expense tracking to inventory management and financial reporting, Refrens invoicing software offers a comprehensive suite of features to meet all your invoicing requirements.
Free Invoicing Software - Dashboard Refrens Invoice
Refrens invoicing software offers a user-friendly interface, comprehensive features, customization options, automation capabilities, integration with other tools, security measures, and responsive customer support, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking efficient and reliable invoicing solutions. With Refrens, you can streamline your invoicing processes without the need for extensive training, allowing you to focus on running and growing your business. Whether you're a small business owner or a seasoned accounting professional, Refrens has the simplicity and depth to meet your needs effectively.

Key features of our Invoicing Software

Create GST Invoices
GST InvoicingCreate fully customized GST and non-GST invoices in seconds. Leverage automation to streamline your invoicing process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency with every transaction.
Quotation & Estimate
Quotation & EstimatesDeliver professional quotations and estimates swiftly. Instantly create, share, and track quotations, keeping clients informed at every stage of the negotiation process.
Send WhatsApp and Email
1-click WhatsApp & Email Sharing Easily share quotations & invoices with one click via whatsapp or email. Schedule for later if needed, making communication effortless and efficient.
E-Invoices and ComplianceGenerate e-invoices swiftly with Refrens invoicing software. Create multiple GST-compliant invoices, effortlessly generate IRN and QR codes in bulk, and auto-validate data to ensure 100% regulatory compliance.
Expense Management
Expense Management Easily keep track of all your business expenses in one place. By monitoring spending, you can better understand your financial health and make smarter decisions to improve profitability.
Inventory Management
Inventory Management Automatically update your inventory whenever you create an invoice or record an expense. This feature helps you stay on top of stock levels, prices, and more, ensuring you always know what products you have on hand.
GSTR-1 ReportingSimplify your tax filing process with automated GSTR-1 reports. File your returns seamlessly with just a few clicks, leveraging our auto-generated reports for effortless compliance.
Multiple Business & Team Members
Team and Business ManagementEffortlessly manage multiple businesses under one roof. Add team members and assign roles and permissions seamlessly, enhancing collaboration and security across your organization.
Track Invoices
Track InvoicesStay informed about when clients view your emailed invoices, helping you track engagement and improve communication.
Easy Customization
Branding & CustomizationTailor your invoices to reflect your brand identity effortlessly. Choose from a diverse range of templates, fonts, colors, and more, ensuring every invoice aligns perfectly with your business's unique style.
1 Click Conversion
1-Click ConversionSave time with our 1-click conversion feature. Effortlessly convert quotations into invoices, invoices into credit or debit notes, and more, ensuring smooth transitions across your invoicing processes
Track Invoices
Automated Payment RemindersAccelerate your cash flow with automated payment reminders. Send gentle nudges to clients via WhatsApp and email, ensuring timely payments and smoother financial operations.
Payment Receipt
Instant Payment ReceiptIssue payment receipts instantly for advance or full payments received. Rectify invoicing errors effortlessly with credit or debit notes, maintaining accuracy in your financial records.
Send Quotations and Invoices
Credit/Debit NotesCorrect invoice errors easily using Refrens Invoicing Software. Create credit or debit notes in just seconds to ensure your financial records are accurate.
Sales/Purchase OrdersKeep track of all sales and purchase orders in one convenient location. Create, share, and monitor orders effortlessly, ensuring streamlined operations and customer satisfaction.
Proforma Invoice
Proforma InvoiceRefrens offer clients a detailed cost estimate upfront, allowing them to see expenses before committing to a purchase. It helps both parties understand the financial scope before finalizing any transactions.rovide a clear estimate of cost to your clients without initiating the transaction.
Delivery Challan
Delivery ChallanQuickly create a delivery challan to document goods being shipped. It's a simple way to ensure smooth deliveries and maintain clear records of what's being transported.
Essentials Reports
Comprehensive ReportsGain deep insights into your financial health with comprehensive reports. Automatically generate detailed reports on invoices, payments, clients, TDS, GST, and more with a single click.
Balance Sheet and P&L ReportAccess detailed balance sheets and profit & loss reports effortlessly. Gain a clear view of your business's financial performance, empowering strategic decision-making and growth.
Ledger and Transaction ManagementRecord and categorize transactions with ease. Track individual account balances seamlessly, ensuring accurate financial management and streamlined audits.
Multi-currency Invoices
Multi-currency InvoicesCreate invoices in multiple currencies. Track forex gains or losses efficiently, ensuring precise financial tracking and reporting across international transactions.
Client Management
Client & Vendor ManagementManage client and vendor information in one centralized platform. Maintain clear communication and data accuracy, fostering stronger business relationships.
Bulk Upload
Bulk UploadSave time with bulk upload capabilities. Easily upload past invoices and client details in batches, minimizing manual effort and optimizing your workflow efficiency.
Refrens API Integration
API IntegrationIntegrate seamlessly with other applications via the Refrens invoice API. Automate invoice creation and streamline operations without disrupting your workflow, ensuring maximum productivity.
Easy Access Anywhere
Access Anytime AnywhereAccess Refrens invoicing software securely from any device, anywhere. Enjoy uninterrupted service with the highest uptime, ensuring reliability for your business operations.
Live Support
24x7 Live SupportReceive instant support whenever you need it. Access 24x7 live chat, email, WhatsApp, and call support, ensuring prompt assistance for any query or issue.
Auto Assistant
Auto-assistanceExperience the ease of automation with Refrens invoicing software. Our advanced system intelligently pre-fills up to 80% of your invoice details based on past documents, drastically reducing manual input and saving you valuable time.

What industry experts say about our online billing software

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Advance features of our online invoicing software

Online Invoicing Software - Automated GSTR-1 Reports
Automated GSTR-1 Reports
Generating GSTR-1 with just one click can significantly streamline the process and save you valuable time. Automated table-wise categorization ensures accuracy and efficiency in the categorization of data for filing GST returns. By using this feature, businesses can potentially save more than 5 hours of manual work every month that would otherwise be spent on organizing and preparing GSTR-1.
Billing Software - eInvoicing Feature Refrens
Simpler & Quicker E-Invoicing
Refrens provides a comprehensive solution for invoices, credit notes, and debit notes by offering the capability to generate IRN (Invoice Reference Number). This feature streamlines the process of managing these financial documents, allowing users to cancel, share, and track them—all within one centralized platform. With Refrens, businesses can efficiently handle the entire lifecycle of invoices, credit notes, and debit notes, enhancing convenience and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.
Invoicing Software - Collaboration Features Refrens Invoice
User Roles and Permissions
You can add team members, assign roles, and manage permissions with ease. Enhance collaboration and security in your organization Designed for online use, our free invoice software simplifies your business operations, letting you manage all your businesses in one place.
Invoicing Software - Payment Reminder Feature Refrens
Faster Payments With Auto Reminders
Refrens provides a convenient way to send reminders to clients through both WhatsApp and email, offering flexibility to improve cash flow with faster payment cycles. By leveraging these communication channels, users can gently prompt clients to fulfill outstanding payments, contributing to a more efficient and timely settlement of invoices. This feature enhances the overall invoicing process and helps businesses maintain a healthy cash flow.
Invoicing Software - API Feature Refrens
Automated Invoicing With API
Refrens offers a robust API that enables end-to-end automation of the invoicing process. Businesses, including notable names such as UpGrad, Holidify, Mailmodo, and ClaimBuddy, trust Refrens for seamless creation, sharing, tracking, and management of invoices. The API integration provides a reliable solution for automating various aspects of the invoicing workflow, catering to the needs of growing businesses.
Online Invoicing Software - E-way Bills with IRN
E-way Bills with IRN
Handle your E-way bills effortlessly using Refrens invoicing software. Our platform integrates IRN (Invoice Reference Number) technology to automate E-way bill generation, ensuring you comply with GST regulations. Simplify logistics and taxes with accurate and timely E-way bill creation-all from one convenient online invoicing software, perfect for businesses in India.
Online Billing Software - Multiple Businesses on One Account
Multiple Businesses On One Account
Handle multiple business entities effortlessly with Refrens Invoicing Software. Our platform allows you to manage invoices, expenses, and financial reports for multiple businesses under one unified account. Simplify your financial management and streamline operations across different ventures with ease.
Free Billing Software - IRN Integration
IRN Integration
Refrens invoicing software integrates IRN (invoice reference number) technology to make your invoicing and compliance tasks easier. Ensure your invoices meet GST regulations seamlessly by automatically generating IRNs. This feature simplifies tax filing and accuracy, all within our user-friendly online billing software.
Free Billing Software - TDS Reports
TDS Reports
Track TDS effortlessly with Refrens invoicing software. Generate detailed TDS reports that provide insights into deducted amounts, vendor-wise TDS calculations, and compliance with tax/GST regulations. Simplify your tax management and ensure accurate reporting with comprehensive TDS reports tailored to your business needs.

Who can use our free billing software?

Free Invoicing Software - Small Businesses
Small Businesses

Refrens provides powerful accounting software for small business for managing clients effectively, allowing you to keep detailed records for personalized communication. It also includes features for tracking daily and monthly expenses efficiently. With the ability to upload client data in bulk, Refrens saves time and ensures accurate financial records through advanced accounting features. Experience the benefits of streamlined business operations with our free invoicing software today.

Online Invoicing Software - Consultants

Consultants benefit from Refrens' easy-to-use invoice software, which helps create visually appealing invoices. The invoicing software for consultants also includes tools for tracking and converting leads smoothly. It simplifies the process of turning quotations into invoices, ensuring your client interactions are efficient and consistent. Discover how Refrens' online billing software can enhance your consulting business today.

Free Billing Software - Digital Agencies
Digital Agencies
Our invoicing software is perfect for digital agencies. This invoicing software ensures data security with easy download options for all your data and documents. The platform simplifies billing, supports export documentation, and improves customer management. With Refrens, you can generate professional, customizable invoices and quotes.This free online invoicing software is ideal for agencies in India, helping you work more skillfully.
Free Invoicing Software - Service Based Companies
Service Based Companies
Refrens offers free online invoicing software ideal for service-based companies in India. This billing software helps manage expenses, generate reports, and handle client management efficiently. With customizable templates, Refrens simplifies professional invoicing and billing, including the creation of quotations and purchase orders. As a comprehensive invoicing software, it ensures businesses stay organized and improve financial management.
Online Billing Software - Import/Export Businesses
Import/Export Businesses

For import-export businesses, Refrens commercial invoice software provides an excellent solution. This free invoicing software ensures your data is secure and easily accessible. It simplifies documentation and supports international trade compliance. With a user-friendly interface, this online billing software makes managing your invoices effortless. As one of the best invoicing software options in India, it helps streamline your billing processes.

Online Billing Software - Contractors
Refrens invoicing software is ideal for contractors in India. It saves time and boosts accuracy with pre-defined templates and automated calculations. Manage invoices on the go with mobile access. Ensure tax compliance with automatic calculations and accurate records. Improve client relations with prompt invoicing and automatic payment reminders. Integrate seamlessly with accounting software and payment gateways. This scalable billing software grows with your business.
Online Invoicing Software - Chartered Accountants
Chartered Accountants (CAs)

Stay compliant with Refrens' GST and e-invoicing software. Send invoices easily via WhatsApp or email, track payments, and automate reminders. Manage finances with automatic entries and expense tracking. Expand your practice globally with Refrens' reliable accounting solutions.

Online Billing Software - Freelancers

For freelancers dealing with international clients, Refrens invoicing software for freelancers is a great fit. It supports invoicing in multiple currencies and lets you customize invoices with your own branding for a professional look. Automated reminders ensure you get paid on time, and recurring invoices make billing for ongoing projects simple and hassle-free. This online invoicing software is designed to streamline your invoicing process smoothly.

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Best features of our online invoicing software

Free Billing Software - Professional Invoices
Create Professional Invoices
With our invoicing software, we offer a straightforward solution to enhance your professional image. Select from a variety of templates and personalize your invoice design, including colors, fonts, and layout, to align with your brand identity. Add your business logo, header, and footer for a consistent branded look. Our user-friendly interface ensures simplicity, allowing you to create customized invoices that reflect your business essence. Elevate your client interactions and make a statement about your business with our custom branded invoices.
Online Billing Software - Advanced Accounting & Reporting
Advanced Accounting & Reporting
Create and manage ledgers, vouchers, and account groups with ease, ensuring your records are organized and accurate. Generate crucial financial statements, including Income Statements, Balance Sheets, and Trial Balance reports, giving you valuable insights into your business's financial health. Stay on top of your accounts receivable and payables effortlessly, allowing you to manage your cash flow effectively. Our platform simplifies tax compliance by enabling you to generate GST, TDS, HSN, and other necessary reports, ensuring you meet your regulatory requirements seamlessly.
Online Invoicing Software - Inventory & Expenses Management
Inventory & Expenses Management
Our system auto updates your inventory and expenses, ensuring you have real-time insights into your stock levels and financial records. Easily monitor inventory levels for various items, enabling you to make informed decisions about restocking. Our intuitive interface allows you to effortlessly transform invoices into accurate expense records, maintaining your financial data integrity.
Free Invoicing Software - Recurring Invoice
Easy Recurring Invoices
With auto-assist feature, most of the invoice details are automatically populated for you. Imagine creating invoices in a matter of seconds – it's that effortless! Say goodbye to the hassle of copy-pasting client addresses, terms & conditions, item prices, tax rates, logos, signatures, and other information. Our smart system handles it all, allowing you to focus on your business while we take care of the complexities.
Online Invoicing Software - Invoice Sharing
Convenient Invoice Sharing Options
With Refrens seamless WhatsApp API integration, sending invoices to your clients has never been easier – it's just a click away! Not only can you send invoices via WhatsApp, but you can also email them effortlessly. Plus, you have the convenience of tracking when your clients view the invoices, ensuring you stay in the loop. Additionally, you can share invoices through a secure link, send them as PDF files, or even opt for a physical print if needed. We offer diverse options to suit your preferences, making your invoicing process smooth and efficient.
Free Invoicing Software - More than Invoicing
More Than Just Invoicing
In addition to invoices, Refrens empowers you to create a variety of essential documents tailored to your business needs. Craft professional quotations and estimates, generate proforma invoices, set up recurring invoices for seamless payments, manage credit and debit notes efficiently, and even create delivery challans to streamline your deliveries. Keep track of payments with our payment receipts, and streamline your procurement process with easy-to-create purchase orders and sales orders. With our invoicing software, you have the flexibility to manage various aspects of your business transactions effortlessly.
Free Billing Software - 1 Click Conversion
Seamless One-Click Conversions
Experience unparalleled efficiency with our platform – in just one click, seamlessly transform a quotation or proforma invoice into a professional invoice. Convert invoices into credit or debit notes effortlessly, and record expenses directly from purchase orders with unmatched ease. Bid farewell to tedious manual copy-pasting tasks and say hello to automation! Our intuitive invoice software streamlines your workflow, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – growing your business.
Free Invoice Software - Security & Data Back-Up
Security & Data Back-Up
Benefit from secure cloud storage and backup, ensuring your valuable information is protected and accessible whenever you need it. Our role-based access control and permissions system guarantee that only authorized personnel can access sensitive data, providing an additional layer of security. Stay ahead of potential security threats with our commitment to regular software updates and up-to-date security patches.
Free Billing Software - Bulk Upload
Bulk Upload
Efficiently upload and manage large volumes of invoices with our online billing software's bulk upload feature. Simplify your invoicing process by uploading multiple invoices in one go, saving time and reducing manual effort. Whether you have recurring clients or batch invoicing needs, our bulk upload feature ensures seamless management of your invoicing tasks.
Free Billing Software - Custom Fields
Custom Fields

You can personalize your invoice template to suit your business. Use our custom columns feature to add fields and columns that match your business needs. Whether you need extra client details or specific project information, customize your invoices for clear and professional communication. Our online invoicing software is designed for businesses in India, making it simple to customize invoices that meet your exact requirements.

Online Billing Software - Multiple Currencies Invoices
Multiple Currency Invoices
Easily handle international payments with multi-currency invoices. Refrens invoicing software makes it simple to manage international transactions. You can manage invoices in different currencies, catering to global clients without needing to convert currencies manually. This feature simplifies your billing process, improving relationships with clients by invoicing accurately in their chosen currency. It's all part of our user-friendly online invoicing software.

What customers say about Refrens billing software

Aniket - Refrens Invoice Software User
Tally was too complicated for me. Zoho? too expensive. Refrens just hits that right sweet spot - It’s simple, It’s feature-rich, and it’s value for money.
AniketOwner, Spaceplexx, Coworking Space
Finding a good invoice software for my small business was a challenge. But then I found Refrens, and it's been a game-changer.
Snehal BhattOwner, Nexait LLC, Agency
As a freelancer, Refrens' free invoicing software has been a blessing. Pretty smooth & easy to use.
LinkeeFreelancer, Content Writer
Refrens Invoice Software has transformed the way we handle invoicing! Its user-friendly interface and powerful features have streamlined our invoicing process, saving us time and ensuring accuracy.
OntogenFounder, Ontogen Digital
Refrens Invoice Software helped me get organized. Invoicing is now a quick task, and the feature to send invoices via WhatsApp is a brilliant addition. It simplified my client interactions.
NayanFounder, Sugoi Labs, Software Services Agency
Refrens' online invoice software has made my billing process a lot more streamlined and less time-consuming. Highly recommend it!
SunainaDigital Marketer
I've been using Refrens for months, and it's been a game-changer for my business. The ability to convert quotes to invoices and track payments in one place is incredibly convenient. I'm a satisfied customer!
Shivansh TulsyanCEO, Binny Textiles

Pricing of online invoicing software

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Refrens Free Plan
Free PlanAll of our premium features are available on a free trial. Experience what all Refrens has to offer without making any payment!
Refrens Premium
Premium PlanManage your accounting at faster pace with additional premium features at minimal cost.
Free Billing Software
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Refrens the best free billing software available?

Determining the "best" billing software depends on specific business needs and preferences. Refrens Online Invoice Software offers a range of free features, including invoicing, quotations, proforma invoices, purchase orders, and expense reports, making it a comprehensive solution for many businesses and freelancers.

Does Refrens invoicing software support recurring invoice?

Yes, Refrens Online Invoice Software supports recurring invoices. Users can easily set up recurring invoices for clients who need to be billed on a regular basis. This feature allows businesses and freelancers to automate the invoicing process for services or products provided on a recurring schedule, such as monthly retainers, subscription services, or ongoing projects. Recurring invoices help save time and ensure consistent and timely payments from clients.

Is my data safe?

Absolutely. Only you can decide who you want to share the invoices, quotations with. The documents you create are accessible only through special URLs that you share or PDFs that you download. We do not share your data with anyone for any purpose.

Can I manage TDS and GST related reports and data?

Yes, Refrens Online Invoice Software allows you to manage TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) and GST (Goods and Services Tax) related reports and data. The software provides essential reports like TDS reports, GST reports, and HSN (Harmonized System of Nomenclature) reports, ensuring that businesses and freelancers can easily handle tax-related documentation and compliance. Managing TDS and GST data efficiently is crucial for businesses to stay compliant with tax regulations, and Refrens offers the necessary tools to streamline this process.

How long will my invoices be with Refrens?

For as long as you want. We will not remove or delete any data or invoice that belongs to you, unless specifically instructed by you to do so.

Can I add multiple users to a single business account?

Yes, Refrens allows you to add and manage multiple users under a single business account. This feature is beneficial for businesses that require collaboration among team members or have multiple staff members handling different aspects of invoicing and project management. Each user can have designated roles and permissions, ensuring secure and efficient management of your business processes.

Do you provide support?

We are always available to support our customer via email support( and also via live chat support.

Is Refrens suitable as a small business invoice software?

Yes, Refrens is suitable as a small business invoice software. It offers a range of features tailored to meet the invoicing needs of small businesses, freelancers, consultants, and entrepreneurs. With Refrens, you can create professional invoices, manage expenses, generate reports, and track payments. Refrens user-friendly interface and customizable templates make it convenient for small businesses to streamline their invoicing processes. Additionally, Refrens provides essential features such as client management, payment tracking, and the ability to generate various types of documents like quotations and purchase orders, making it a comprehensive solution for small businesses.

What happens to my data when I want to leave?

When you decide to leave Refrens, you have the option to download all your customer data, invoices, quotations, and other documents at any time. This ensures that you have access to your important business information even after discontinuing your use of the platform. Refrens prioritizes data security and allows users to retain their data for their records or for transitioning to another platform if needed.

Is Refrens a free invoice software available in India?

Yes, Refrens is a free invoice software available in India. It offers a range of invoicing features and templates for businesses, freelancers, and professionals to create, manage, and send invoices without any cost. Additionally, Refrens provides various other tools like quotations, proforma invoices, purchase orders, expense management, and more, making it a comprehensive solution for managing business finances.

Invoicing software for small businesses in India

What is billing and invoicing software?

Billing and invoicing software are essentially the same thing, often used interchangeably. It's an online tool designed to create, manage, process, and streamline invoicing seamlessly. Typically, this software is available both online and offline, but having it online is preferable as it allows for data storage and backup on the cloud. Invoicing software includes features like quotation and invoice generation, expense management, inventory tracking, invoice and payment monitoring, GST reports, e-invoicing, and e-way bills. Compared to manual billing, online invoicing software helps eliminate errors, improve efficiency, and save time in the billing process.

Why do businesses need invoicing software?

Businesses need invoicing software to manage their business transactions that happen daily. Be it recording invoices, expenses, or payments, all these transactions should be recorded somewhere.

Now, the question is why there is a need to record all transactions.

So that the business knows where they sell their products to and when?

How much product did they sell at what rate?

Vice versa, how much are expenses on raw materials, machinery, employee salaries, etc?

So that business owners know how much receivables and payables are pending. What more can they improve? Or What steps should they take to improve the business transactions?

This exact question is answered by invoice software. So businesses always need invoicing software to run their businesses smoothly and efficiently.

Back in the day, these financial transactions used to be manually written on accounting books by professionals called “Accountants”, and this used to be called the “traditional bookkeeping method”.

As time passed, businesses shifted from traditional to digital invoicing. Why???

Traditional invoicing used to be very cumbersome as a person had to write it down in a book manually, which caused human errors and calculation mistakes. It is often impossible for one person to record all the transactions, even for businesses with small to medium sizes.

And drawing a report or summary of all these transactions is also tedious.

So most businesses now shifted to digital invoicing as it makes creating invoices and other documents simpler than handwritten documents.

Also, it is not feasible to maintain multiple books for one accounting business. In digital invoicing, all the documents are managed and recorded in one invoicing software with different dashboards.

So every business must use online invoicing software for this reason, even if it’s a small business.

How invoicing software works?

Invoicing software is not just about creating invoices online; it can make multiple documents in invoicing software. Here is how Refrens invoice software works:

It is simple and easy-to-understand software. First, you have to sign up and create an account.

As per requirement, you can start creating the documents by clicking on the particular document section from the left sidebar. But here is a quick overview of how it works.

Invoicing software has two main parts.

  • Receivables
  • Payables

First, starting with account receivables.

Under accounts receivable, all those documents are created that help to generate revenue for the company by selling the product or service. It has quotations, proforma invoices, delivery challan, invoices, and payment receipts and accepts payments.

A typical business first generates multiple leads using the inbound or outbound lead method. Once the leads started to flow, they assigned those leads to their salesperson.

Now a salesperson's job is to educate the customer regarding the product or service they are offering. Now that the salesperson thinks this lead will get closed, they offer the pricing of the company's product.

And how is the pricing offered? By sending a quotation to the potential customer. Your salesperson creates a quotation for that particular product and sends it to the customer.

Now if the customer agrees to the price of your product, it is believed that the client has accepted the quotation. Now from here, you send a proforma invoice asking for the advance payment to fulfill the requirement. And Also proforma invoice also works as an order confirmation document.

Once the client pays advance payment, it becomes the business's responsibility to deliver the product at the same price within the delivery period. Many businesses also use delivery challan to deliver the product.

The product is delivered to the client, and an invoice is sent asking for the rest of the payment. The client pays the pending amount, and to record the transaction of that payment, a payment receipt is created and sent to the client, stating yes, that the business has received the payment.

Here, now an accounts receivable cycle is complete. The business has generated revenue and recorded all the necessary transactions by creating the relevant documents from the quotation, proforma invoice, delivery challan, invoice, and payment receipt.

Now let's talk about accounts payable.

Under accounts payable, businesses record all the expenses incurred at the time of business transactions. For instance, purchasing raw materials, daily expenses, office expenses, rent, etc.

These documents include purchase orders, expenses, and debit notes.

Refrens invoicing and billing software

Why use Refrens invoicing software?

  1. User Friendly Interface

Refrens invoice software is so simple that even if you're starting from zero, you can navigate through it with ease. Unlike other complicated invoicing systems that make your head spin, Refrens offers simplified navigation. You won’t encounter any technical terms or jargon. Instead, you’ll find straightforward buttons and menus. Refrens invoicing software holds your hand and guides you through the entire process. From creating invoices to managing other essential documents, it breaks down each step into simple, easy-to-follow instructions. You’ll be creating professional-looking invoices and documents in no time thus simplifying your invoicing process.

  1. Customization

Customization is a key feature in modern invoicing software. Businesses can personalize their invoices using various customization options such as:

  • Multiple Invoice Templates: Choose from a range of templates tailored to different needs like professional invoices, letterheads, or minimalist designs.
  • Custom Fields: Add specific fields to your invoices that are relevant to your business, ensuring all necessary information is included.
  • Custom Formulas: Automate calculations with custom formulas, making it easy to handle complex pricing structures or discounts.
  • Custom Colors: Personalize your invoices by incorporating your brand colours, reinforcing brand identity.
  • Font Selection: Change fonts to match your company's branding guidelines, ensuring consistency across all documents.
  • Letterhead and Footer: Include your company's letterhead and footer in the invoices, adding a professional touch.
  • Printing Style: Adjust the printing style by selecting a paper size, margins, and text scale, ensuring the invoices look polished even in print.

These customization options empower businesses to create invoices that reflect their brand identity and cater to specific client needs effectively.

  1. Multi-Currency Invoicing

Refrens free invoicing software simplifies the process of creating multi-currency invoices. It automatically handles currency conversions, eliminating the need for manual calculations. Businesses dealing with international clients or transactions can benefit greatly from this feature, ensuring accurate and hassle-free invoicing across different currencies.

  1. Create Invoice, Proforma Invoice, Quotation and Other Documents

Refrens offers a comprehensive suite of features beyond invoicing. Users can create a variety of documents including quotations, proforma invoices, payment receipts, credit and debit notes, sales orders, purchase orders, and delivery challans. Additionally, Refrens billing software provides tools for efficient expense management and inventory management, making it a one-stop solution for various business needs. You can checkout the Refrens quotation software here.

  1. Streamlined Document Conversion

Refrens billing software offers seamless document management by allowing users to convert quotations to proforma invoices and invoices, as well as convert proforma invoices to invoices and other related documents. These documents are interlinked, enabling users to track the origins of each document and ensuring a transparent and organized workflow. This feature simplifies the process of managing different stages of transactions and provides a cohesive overview of the entire business process.

  1. Easy to Set Recurring Invoices

Refrens invoice software simplifies the process of managing recurring invoices and other documents with its user-friendly interface. Users can set up recurring invoices and various documents at different stages, including creating drafts, saving documents, sending emails, and even sending documents via WhatsApp. The flexibility to choose different communication channels, such as email and WhatsApp, allows businesses to cater to the preferences of their clients, enhancing communication efficiency and ensuring timely delivery of invoices and other essential documents.

  1. Record Payments

Refrens invoice billing software offers a streamlined solution for recording payments, allowing users to effortlessly add payments received from clients with just one click. This intuitive feature simplifies the payment recording process, enabling businesses to maintain accurate financial records and efficiently manage their cash flow.

  1. Add Bank Details

Refrens small business invoicing software provides the flexibility to add multiple bank details to the invoice, allowing businesses to accommodate various payment methods and preferences of their clients. This feature enables seamless transactions and enhances the convenience of payment processing for both parties involved.

  1. Multiple Invoice Sharing Options

Refrens offers diverse sharing options, allowing users to efficiently distribute invoices to clients. These options include downloading the invoice as a file, printing a hard copy, sending it via email, sharing it through WhatsApp, and even providing a direct link to the invoice. This versatility ensures that businesses can reach clients through their preferred communication channels, enhancing overall communication and transaction processes.

  1. Scheduling Invoices

Refrens online invoicing software provides a convenient scheduling feature that enables users to set invoices for later dates. By utilizing the email and WhatsApp scheduler, businesses can automate the sending of invoices at specific times in the future. This automation simplifies the invoicing process, ensuring timely delivery and improving overall efficiency in managing financial transactions.

  1. Document Duplication

Refrens allows users to save valuable time by offering a duplication feature. This functionality enables businesses to duplicate previously created invoices, saving them from the hassle of retyping client details repeatedly. By reusing invoices, entrepreneurs can significantly streamline their invoicing process, improving productivity and efficiency in managing their financial documentation.

  1. Client and Vendor Management

Businesses can efficiently organize and store all essential details of their clients and vendors. This streamlined approach enhances overall business communication, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on building strong relationships with their clients and vendors.

  1. Email Status

Refrens provides detailed insights into the status of your invoices, allowing you to track whether your clients and recipients have opened the invoice emails or not. This feature provides valuable information for businesses, enabling them to follow up effectively and ensure timely payments.

  1. Auto Payment Reminder

Refrens allows you to set up automatic payment reminders, streamlining the process of reminding clients about pending payments. With this feature, businesses can maintain a consistent follow-up system without manual intervention, ensuring that clients are reminded of their payment obligations on time. This automation not only saves time but also contributes to improved cash flow management by reducing delays in receiving payments.

  1. Invoice Line Item Customization

Refrens provides the functionality to enhance the visual appeal and clarity of invoices or any other documents by allowing users to add images of the products or services directly into the line item section. This feature enables businesses to showcase their offerings visually, making it easier for clients to identify the products or services they are purchasing. By incorporating images, invoices become more informative and visually engaging, enhancing the overall professionalism of the documents.

  1. Simple Tax Configuration

Refrens make it effortless for registered VAT businesses to configure taxes according to the specific rules and regulations of their country. The platform allows users to easily set up and customize tax rates based on the applicable VAT laws, ensuring accurate and compliant invoicing. This feature ensures that businesses can generate invoices that adhere to the tax requirements of their country, simplifying the process of taxation and financial compliance.

  1. Bulk Upload Invoice, Qutotaion, Expensese

With Refrens, users have the convenience of bulk uploading various documents, including invoices, quotations, proforma invoices, and expenses. This time-saving feature allows businesses to efficiently manage their financial records by uploading multiple documents in batches. Whether it's invoices for clients, quotations for potential deals, proforma invoices for advance payments, or expenses incurred, Refrens streamlines the process by enabling bulk uploads.

  1. Track the Invoice Status

Refrens provides a user-friendly summary feature that allows you to easily track the status of your invoices. You can quickly see which invoices have been accepted, paid, partially paid, unpaid, or overdue. This summary feature provides a clear overview of your financial transactions, helping you stay organized and ensuring you're aware of your business's current financial standing. With this information readily available, you can make informed decisions and effectively manage your cash flow.

  1. Add/Manage Multiple Businesses

Refrens offers the flexibility to create and manage multiple businesses and branches under one account. This feature eliminates the need to create and manage multiple accounts for different businesses, streamlining your operations and simplifying your business management processes. With this capability, you can efficiently handle various aspects of your different businesses, ensuring seamless management and organization across all your ventures.

  1. User Access Control

Refrens allows you to efficiently manage your team by providing user access control, also known as roles and permissions. With this feature, you can assign specific roles and permissions to team members, controlling their access to various documents, including invoices and other important files. This functionality ensures a secure and organized workflow within your team, allowing you to designate tasks and manage access according to each team member's role and responsibilities.

  1. Inventory Management

Refrens offers comprehensive inventory management capabilities, allowing you to seamlessly handle your stocks and related transactions. With this feature, you can effortlessly add, manage, edit, and delete stocks. It provides a clear overview of your current stock levels and average selling prices. Additionally, you can easily adjust newly added stock, view detailed item information, and monitor transactions associated with each specific stock. Refrens' inventory management feature streamlines your stock control, ensuring you have precise insights into your products and transactions.

  1. Client Statements

Refrens simplifies the process of generating client statements for each product or service sold to them. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, you can effortlessly generate detailed client statements, providing comprehensive insights into the products or services purchased by your clients. This functionality allows you to maintain clear and transparent communication with your clients, enhancing your professional relationships and ensuring accurate financial records.

  1. Essential Reports

Refrens provide a proforma invoice, invoice, client and vendor, payment, TDS, VAT, credit note, line item wise report, HSN report, purchase order report, expense report, and delivery challan report.

  1. Advance Accounting

Advanced accounting involves various components that play a crucial role in managing a company’s financial data accurately. Here's a breakdown of the key elements you mentioned:

  • Voucher Books: These are used to record every financial transaction made by a business. Voucher books include various types of vouchers like payment vouchers, receipt vouchers, journal vouchers, etc. Each voucher type serves a specific purpose in the accounting process.
  • Ledger: A ledger is a collection of accounts that records all transactions associated with a particular account. It provides a summary of financial transactions, making it easier to see the overall financial health of the business.
  • Balance Sheet: This is a financial statement that provides a snapshot of a company's financial condition at a specific time, usually at the end of an accounting period. It consists of assets, liabilities, and shareholders' equity. The balance sheet is a crucial tool for investors and creditors to assess the company's financial stability.
  • Profit and Loss Statement: Effective financial management is pivotal, and Refrens invoicing software offers a crucial feature for small enterprises – the ability to effortlessly "Generate Profit and Loss Statements." This feature acts as a financial compass, providing businesses with a clear overview of their income, expenses, and overall profitability. With Refrens software for invoicing and billing, business owners can make informed decisions, identify areas for improvement, and simplify tax preparations. The process is user-friendly – simply navigate to the dashboard, select the desired timeframe, and with a click, obtain a detailed Profit and Loss Statement.
  • Account Groups: In accounting, accounts are often categorized into groups based on their nature (e.g., assets, liabilities, expenses, income). Account groups help in organizing the accounts systematically, making it easier to prepare financial statements and analyze financial data.
  • Accounts: Accounts represent specific items like cash, inventory, sales, expenses, etc. Each account records transactions related to that item. For instance, a sales account tracks all sales transactions, while an inventory account records changes in stock levels.

These components form the backbone of advanced accounting systems, ensuring that a company's financial data is accurately recorded, organized, and analyzed. They are vital for financial reporting, decision-making, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

  1. Lead Management Software

Having integrated lead management software within Refrens provides a streamlined process for businesses. It allows them to efficiently manage their leads, converting them seamlessly into various documents like quotations, proforma invoices, and invoices. This integration significantly reduces the time and effort spent on creating documents from scratch for each lead, ensuring a more efficient workflow for businesses. By simplifying lead conversion and document creation, Refrens helps businesses focus more on their core operations and building customer relationships.

  1. Route Email Replies

Refrens invoicing software not only optimizes your invoicing system but also facilitates seamless communication. The standout feature, "Route Email Replies to Specific Email Address," ensures that businesses, particularly small enterprises, can manage their correspondence effortlessly. Sending an invoice using Refrens billing software to a client in India, with the "Route Email Replies" feature, a dedicated communication channel is established for each invoice. This means that all email replies related to a specific invoice are directed to a chosen email address, keeping your primary business email organized and free from unnecessary clutter. Refrens Invoicing Software not only offers a robust invoicing system but also prioritizes uncomplicated communication for small businesses in India.

  1. Automated Journal Entries

Simplifying the financial aspect of your operations, this feature ensures that every transaction seamlessly reflects in your journal without manual intervention. For small businesses in India, where time and accuracy are crucial, this automated journal entry feature becomes a game-changer. No more tedious data entry or the risk of human errors in your invoicing system; the software effortlessly records each transaction, making your billing process smoother than ever. With Refrens, invoicing for small businesses in India becomes a breeze, allowing you to focus on your core activities while the software takes care of the intricate details.

  1. Generate e-Way Bills

E-way bills are a crucial aspect of the Indian taxation system, required for the movement of goods. Refrens simplifies this complex process, making it hassle-free for businesses using the invoicing software. Now, you can effortlessly generate E-way bills directly within the software, eliminating the need for additional platforms or manual interventions. This not only saves time but ensures accuracy and compliance, crucial for the smooth functioning of your business. So, whether you're a startup or an established enterprise, Refrens' invoicing and billing software goes beyond the basics, offering a comprehensive solution that streamlines your operations and keeps you on top of your invoicing game.

  1. Generate e-Invoices

With Refrens invoicing software, the generate e-invoices feature revolutionizes the way Indian businesses manage their billing processes. This cutting-edge feature simplifies invoicing for small businesses by seamlessly transitioning from traditional paper-based invoices to electronic ones. Imagine bidding farewell to manual paperwork, delays, and errors. With just a few clicks, businesses can effortlessly create and send electronic invoices, making the entire invoicing system swift and efficient. This software for invoicing not only ensures compliance with the latest e-invoicing standards but also enables businesses to stay ahead in the digital era. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for even those unfamiliar with complex billing software to navigate effortlessly.

Benefits of Refrens invoicing software

Free. No Hidden Charges. No Conditions. - You can create 50 invoices and other documents for free without paying a single penny.

Create, Manage, and Track Unlimited Invoices (Taxable & Non-Taxable Invoice) - Create invoices online, and easy to manage all documents in one place without any trouble searching through your folders and files.

Send Quotations instantly and convert them into invoices - Once the quotation is approved, you can create an invoice with just one click without creating it from scratch.

Add Unlimited Team Members and Users - As your business grows, so does your team. Don't worry; Refrens can add multiple team members to the business.

Permissions and Roles - It's only enough to add team members to the business once you give them access to which section they can access.

Add multiple businesses to one account - Similar to adding team members; you can add or create multiple businesses under one account, so there is no need to access from different email IDs.

Multiple Countries and Currencies Supported - You can create invoices for different countries and currencies. There is no restriction in creating the invoice for your global clients.

Duplicate Invoices to save time while invoicing - Refrens introduced the option to duplicate the invoice so that you can create an invoice instantly by just changing a minor part of the invoice and sending it to the client.

Enabled Recurring Invoices - Creating invoices is one thing, but creating the same invoice repeatedly is tiring, and this is what Refrens has removed. You can enable the recurring invoice, which gets created automatically and can even be sent to your client via email.

Send invoice Reminder to get paid faster- The client rarely pays within one email. So keeping this in mind, Refrens invoice software has a feature of invoice reminders to send reminders to the client for the payments.

Add Logo, Digital Signature, and attachments - It shows professionalism when you add a business logo, signature and additional information to the invoice.

Customize Invoices with multiple templates and colours - Customization is one of the significant features every business looks for; Refrens has multiple invoice templates and a lot of colour options to choose from, which helps to showcase your brand.

Real-Time Email Alerts - You will get alerts about the invoice, whether the customer accepts the invoice, whether the invoice paid the invoice and many such alerts.

Invoice view - Paid, Unpaid, Overdue, Part paid - Easy to check the status of the invoice and other documents on the dashboard, giving you a glimpse of the total amount received and the status of pending invoices.

Send Invoices through Email, Download as PDF, Print, or WhatsApp - Refrens not only allow you to download the invoice but to send the invoice via WhatsApp and email to the client. You can easily track the invoice if sent via the Email feature.

Robust Reports - Invoice Report, Client Report, Expense Report, Vendor Report - Refrens provide the most important reports to analyze the client, accounts receivable and payables.

Graphical Representation for easy understanding - Everyone knows that figures confuse most of them, and graphic is one thing even newbies can understand properly. Keeping this in mind, Refrens provides a graphical representation of the amount yet to be received, and you can also check the daily, monthly and weekly data.

Bulk Uploads Invoice and Client - It is a hefty process to fill by one client and invoice data, especially at the time of migration. So Refrens invoice software allows you to bulk upload the invoices and clients' data all at once, thus saving time and effort.

Live Customer Support - Unlike other invoice software, Refrens invoicing assigns a dedicated account manager so your business can run smoothly.

Documents you can create using invoicing software

Create Invoice

Invoices are one of the most important aspects for your business to grow. Creating invoices for your business helps identify your regular customers, who pay on time, and details about part-paid invoices and invoices due.

When selecting an invoice software, ensure it has all the necessary and basic features like duplicating or triplicating the invoice, downloading the invoice, and printing and emailing it. In addition, there should be a feature related to deleting or cancelling invoices.

Using our free invoicing software, create, manage, track, download, or email unlimited invoices for free without hassle. There is no Watermark, free templates, and easy-to-check invoice status using our free invoice generator.

Create Proforma Invoice

A proforma invoice is a document created for the buyer showing the commitment to deliver the product or service at an estimated price. Many vendors accept advance payment from their clients by sending them the proforma invoice.

A proforma invoice is created before the final invoice is sent to the client. Therefore, consider it as a confirmation document for the client as well. Once the client gives confirmation, you can dispatch the product or service along with the final invoice.

Refrens proforma invoice allows you to convert proforma invoice to invoice so that you don’t need to create the invoice from scratch. Here the proforma invoice and invoice are linked with each other. To create a proforma invoice you can use Refrens proforma invoice format.

Create Quotation

A quotation is the first document in the business you send to your potential customer, and as you know, the first impression is the last. So creating an attractive and converting quotation is necessary if you want to convert the client.

Create professional quotations and send them to the clients instantly. Once approved, you can easily change the quotation status to Won, Lost, or Rejected. This way, you learn how to improve your product or service pricing range or need any discounts. Directly manage your quotations from leads sections using a free quotation maker or you can use quotation format for free.

Create Purchase Order

Creating a purchase order is one of the best ways to maintain the inventory. However, it also shortens the purchasing cycle of an organization. Using Refrens purchase order generator, create and manage unlimited free purchase orders.

Add the product or service you want to purchase and send it to the vendor. Once you receive the product, you can easily add to the stock and help manage the inventory. Create PO from various free purchase order templates and customize it per your requirements.

Create Sales Order

Upon receiving a Sales Order, a business checks its inventory to ensure product availability. The items are then picked, packed, and shipped to the customer as per the order specifications. Once the customer receives the products and confirms their satisfaction, an invoice is generated based on the Sales Order.

Record Expense

When running a business, it is obvious that expenses are sure to be incurred. It can be daily expenses like daily employee snacks, printing, etc. or monthly expenses like bills. Therefore, it is as important to manage your expenses as you do to manage the invoices.

Using our free invoice software, you can manage your expenses incurred daily and monthly. In addition, you can also manage your vendors and vendor reports with one click under expense management.

Create Delivery Challan

Delivery challan is a document specially created when transporting or moving goods. It is sent along with shipped goods. With Refrens online invoice software, create a delivery challan within 60 seconds.

Create Credit Note

There needs to be more than an invoice for the business, but there are times when the customer returns the goods or services for some reasons like damaged products, sending wrong products, or other reasons. Here comes the use of credit notes which helps to manage the amount. If you create an invoice, creating a credit note is a good practice.

Create Debit Note

Like a credit note, the debit note is essential for the business when purchasing any goods or services. There are possibilities that your purchased goods are damaged or overcharged by your vendor or any other. In this situation, you can easily create a debit note against the invoice and send it to your vendor. Both debit and credit notes can be used for filing taxes.

Manage Inventory

The best way to maintain your stock is to use inventory management software. It helps in storing, maintaining, and using the company’s stock. Refrens free invoice software provides inventory management, not just invoicing so that you can perform all the accounting activities in one place—no need to register for additional software for inventory. Check here our online accounting software here.

Create Payment Receipts

When doing business, you obviously sell the products or services to your clients. But along with the product, you send a payment receipt to your customer as proof of payment. Payment receipts can be sent for partial or full payment of the invoice. This document is useful to both seller and buyer as both have the same document as payment has been made by the seller.

Manage Your Clients

Easy to manage your clients under client management. Add multiple custom fields and as much data as you want. Upload bulk client data, and you can export the client information simultaneously.

Manage Leads

Whenever you get any leads, add the entry and track the status of the leads and the details like the source of lead, budget, follow-up, lead assignee, and lead status, whether the lead converted or not. If the leads get converted, you can directly create the quotation from leads. No need for a quotation again from scratch. To know more about Lead Management you can check out Refrens Lead to Quote Software.

Reports from Refrens free invoicing software

We provide our users with different reports to focus on a particular part of their business and grow rapidly. Date-wise and client-wise reports are enabled to download. Different Reports includes

Proforma Invoice Report - Detailed overview of proforma invoices, useful for tracking pending transactions and forecasting revenue.

Invoice Report - Comprehensive summary of all invoices issued, including payment status, ensuring you stay on top of your receivables.

Client and Vendor Report - Management of client and vendor details, enabling effective communication and relationship management.

Payment Report - Keep track of all payments received, providing clarity on your cash flow and financial health.

TDS Report - Manage Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) records, ensuring compliance with tax regulations.

Credit Note Report - Keep a record of credit notes issued, maintaining transparency in your financial transactions.

Line Item Wise Report - Detailed analysis of individual line items, aiding in precise evaluation of sales and expenses.

HSN Report - Manage Harmonized System of Nomenclature (HSN) codes for products, simplifying tax calculations and compliance.

Purchase Order Report - Monitor your purchase orders, ensuring efficient procurement processes and timely deliveries.

Expense Report - Track your business expenses, helping you manage your budget effectively and identify cost-saving opportunities.

Delivery Challan Report - Record of delivery challans, ensuring accurate tracking of goods delivered to clients.

GST Report - GST report is useful for filing the GST. Currently, we provide a GSTR-1 report. You can check out our GST billing software for more.

We are adding more reports to our system.

Choosing the right invoicing software in India

No matter what type of business you are into, whether you work alone as a solopreneur or freelancer or as an agency, small business, or large enterprise, there are some factors you always need to consider when deciding on buying online invoicing software.

Here are some of the factors you can look into when choosing the right invoicing software; there can be more depending on your business needs, but these are the basic factors every invoice software must follow. So starting with the first one:

Business Size - First and foremost, assess the size of your business. Different invoicing software solutions cater to various business sizes. Some are tailored for small businesses, while others are better suited for larger enterprises. It's essential to choose software that aligns with the scale and complexity of your operations. For small businesses, consider keywords like "billing software for small business" to narrow down options that specifically cater to your needs.

Business Needs - Identify your business's unique invoicing requirements. Some businesses may need features like recurring billing, expense tracking, or integration with accounting software. Make a checklist of your business needs and prioritize them. Look for invoicing software that offers customization options to ensure it aligns seamlessly with your workflow and specific requirements like "invoice accounting software".

Features and Functionality - First, if the invoicing software does not have the features or the functionality you are looking for, you must not even consider researching it—the invoicing requirements change from business to business and the type of business. For instance, businesses that sell services or online courses do not need an inventory system or proforma invoice but a proper proposal or quotation document. And there are some features every invoicing software must have, like customization, invoice templates, recurring invoices, reminders, and reporting. Consider your specific requirements and ensure the software can accommodate them.

Ease of Use - Invoicing software must have an easy user interface so that it becomes easy to create, edit, delete, or duplicate invoices without any prior technical knowledge. You should feel intuitive in navigating from one dashboard to another with a clean and organized section that enhances the system's usability.

Scalability - With the growth of your business and team members, will the invoice software handle the increased invoicing volume? The increased number of clients, invoices, and transactions always set the seal of performance issues.

Security and Data Protection - Businesses deal with very sensitive and confidential financial data. So the invoicing software must have proper backups, access controls and data protection. Always look for software that has industry-standard security and data protection regulations.

Mobile Accessibility - If you need to invoice on the go, you must consider the software offering mobile apps or mobile responsive software. It helps you to create invoices, track payments, and view reports from anywhere at any time.

Trial Period - Before committing to a long-term contract, take advantage of free trials offered by invoicing software providers. A trial period allows you to test the software's functionality and see if it meets your business needs. During the trial, evaluate the user interface, ease of navigation, and how well it integrates with your existing systems. This is especially crucial for businesses looking for "invoice billing software" that seamlessly integrates into their operations.

Upgrades and Maintenance - Choose billing software that offers regular upgrades and maintenance. The business environment is constantly evolving, and your software should adapt accordingly. Check the provider's update frequency and whether these updates come with additional costs. Regular updates ensure that your invoicing software stays current with the latest features, security patches, and compliance requirements.

Customer Support - Always go for the purchase of free invoicing software that offers extensive customer support. When you are facing any issue, you can contact support to resolve it as soon as possible. The support team must always be available on live support, by email, or over the phone.

Customer Ratings and Reviews - One of the most reliable ways to gauge the performance of invoicing and billing software is by considering customer ratings and reviews. Platforms like Capterra, G2, or Trustpilot provide valuable insights into the user experience. Look for trends in feedback, paying close attention to comments related to ease of use, customer support, and any issues users may have encountered.

Backup - Data security is paramount, and having a reliable backup system is crucial to safeguarding your financial information. Ensure that the invoicing software provides robust backup options, including cloud-based invoicing software solutions. This ensures that your data is secure, and you can recover it in case of any unforeseen events.

Pricing - The price should be affordable and should be under your budget. There is no point in giving a chunk of money for the features you will never use. Some software charges per invoice, some charge per month irrespective of the invoice you create, while others charge only a one-time fee. Also, consider the additional user to add under the business, customization, integration etc.

You can read reviews and get recommendations from other businesses in your industry or size range by reading reviews and ratings. See what customers think about the software's reliability, ease of use, customer support, and overall satisfaction. You can check out other review sites for review and feedback on the invoicing software you are willing to buy.

Which billing software is best for making invoice?

Choosing the best invoice software depends on your specific needs and preferences. However, Refrens Invoice Software is widely regarded as a top choice for businesses, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. It offers a user-friendly interface, powerful features, and seamless automation, making it easy to create, customize, and manage invoices. With Refrens, you can save time, reduce errors, and ensure timely payments, making it an excellent option for anyone looking for efficient and hassle-free invoicing solutions.

One of the standout features of Refrens is its simplicity. The software is designed with a clean and easy-to-navigate interface, ensuring that users, even those without extensive technical knowledge, can create professional invoices effortlessly. Refrens also provides customizable templates, allowing you to tailor your invoices according to your brand identity, thus leaving a lasting impression on your clients.

Automation is at the core of Refrens Invoice Software, significantly reducing manual effort. From auto-generating invoices to sending payment reminders, Refrens handles repetitive tasks, enabling you to focus on growing your business. Additionally, Refrens offers multi-platform accessibility, allowing you to manage your invoices from anywhere, whether it's your computer, tablet, or smartphone, ensuring convenience and flexibility.

Furthermore, Refrens prioritizes security, providing secure cloud storage for your data and regular updates to protect against potential threats. The software also integrates with popular messaging platforms like WhatsApp, making it easy to send invoices directly to clients.

With its user-friendly interface, automation capabilities, customization options, and security features, Refrens Invoice Software stands out as a comprehensive and reliable choice for businesses of all sizes, making invoicing a hassle-free and efficient experience.

Refrens billing software for small businesses

Get Started for Free

For businesses looking to dip their toes into Refrens, the Basic plan offers a compelling starting point. This free tier provides essential features such as customizable invoice columns, unlimited custom fields, and one-click email sharing. The ability to automate payment reminders and collect client testimonials sets the stage for a streamlined and professional invoicing system. With secure cloud storage, multi-device support, and responsive 24x7 support, Refrens ensures accessibility and reliability.

Books Essential

As businesses grow, so do their invoicing needs. The Books Essential plan, builds upon the Basic plan, offering unlimited accounting documents, template customization, and advanced communication features like 1-click WhatsApp sharing and email tracking. Businesses can also automate recurring invoices, gain actionable insights through reports, and manage inventory seamlessly. Removing Refrens branding further enhances the professional touch, while bulk client uploads and the inclusion of two team members streamline collaborative efforts.

Books GST

For businesses navigating the complexities of the Goods and Services Tax (GST), the Books GST plan proves invaluable. This tier encompasses everything in Books Essential and introduces automated GSTR-1 reports, E-Way bill generation, and e-invoice capabilities. With upcoming features like GSTR-1 filing and GSTR-2B reports, businesses can stay ahead of regulatory requirements. The plan also facilitates client GST verification, and domain-specific emails, and accommodates three team members.

Explore our GST invoice maker for additional features.

Books Pro

At the top of Refrens' offerings is the Books Pro plan, tailored for businesses demanding sophisticated financial control, this plan includes everything from Books GST and expands with customized user roles, chart of accounts, manual journals, and in-depth financial statements like balance sheets and income statements. Auto-sync for ledgers and vouchers reduces manual effort, while a dedicated 5-hour onboarding and setup session ensures a smooth transition. The plan accommodates five team members, fostering extensive collaboration within the organization.

Refrens' tiered pricing structure ensures that businesses of all sizes can access powerful invoicing features without breaking the bank. Whether starting small or aiming for comprehensive financial control, each plan offers a user-friendly interface and robust features, aligning perfectly with the invoicing needs of Indian businesses. In a landscape where simplicity and affordability are paramount, Refrens emerges as a reliable ally in the journey towards streamlined invoicing and sustained financial success.

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