Refrens is based in India.


We aim to create a network of businesses that help each other to acquire more customers.

Meet Our Founders.
Naman Sarawagi
Naman SarawagiCo-founder

Mohit Jain
Mohit JainCo-founder

Our Story

Naman & Mohit were consulting multiple companies on product and technology. As part of their work they would need to onboard a lot of freelancers and solution providers for their clients. The matchmaking between these solution providers and clients was a tough job. While good freelancers were not good at marketing themselves to clients, clients with great projects did not know how to reach out to good freelancers

Naman & Mohit would regularly refer a lot of good vendors to new clients. That is where Refrens was born, on multiple mailing lists and chat groups.

The vision we are chasing is that a freelancer should do what they are good at and not worry about anything else. A designer should design and not worry about marketing, sales, accounts etc.

With our mission is to bring new clients to 10 Million freelancers and small businesses by 2023.

Vijay Shekhar SharmaVijay Shekhar SharmaFounder, Paytm
Anupam MittalAnupam MittalFounder,
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