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Create GST-compliant invoices in minutes, send them through WhatsApp, Email, PDF, link sharing. Set up automated reminders to get paid faster. 1-click IRN & QR Code generation. Simple, easy, reliable and secure to use Refrens GST billing software.
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Refrens GST Billing Software Key Features

Create GST Invoices
GST Invoicing Effortlessly generate GST-compliant invoices with our GST billing software in India. Our platform ensures seamless e-invoicing with instant IRN generation, making your transactions smooth and hassle-free.
Send WhatsApp and Email
1-click WhatsApp & Email Sharing Easily share quotations and invoices over WhatsApp or email with our GST billing software. Schedule your invoices for later or send them instantly. Manage all your billing needs effortlessly with the best GST invoice software available.
Track Invoices
Track InvoicesTrack your client's invoices and get paid faster with GST invoicing software. Our billing software with GST simplifies the process, ensuring you stay on top of payments. Perfect for businesses in India, this software streamlines GST billing, making your financial management hassle-free.
Auto Assistant
Auto-assistanceSystem will automatically fill 80% of the details for you based on your past documents. Reduce manual efforts & save time!
GSTR-1 ReportEasily file your returns with auto-generated GSTR-1 reports. Our GST billing software in India streamlines the process, making return filing quick and hassle-free.
Easy Customization
Branding & Customization Choose from various templates, fonts, and colors to customize our GST invoicing software according to your business needs, making it uniquely yours.
1 Click Conversion
1-Click ConversionConvert quotations to invoices and invoices to credit/debit notes with just one click using our GST invoice software, streamlining your billing process.
Track Invoices
Automated Payment RemindersGet paid faster by sending automated payment reminders to clients via WhatsApp and email, ensuring timely payments with our billing software with GST.
HSN Column View
HSN/SAC Code Integration Add HSN/SAC codes to your stock items and select the applicable GST tax slabs. Our GST billing software in India will automatically use these details during invoicing or billing, ensuring accurate and compliant transactions.
Multiple Business & Team Members
Multiple Businesses & Team MembersManage multiple businesses and add team members or accountants with ease. Control access levels with roles and permissions in our GST invoicing software in India.
Quotation & Estimate
Quotation & EstimatesInstantly create and share professional quotations and estimates, and track when clients view them using our efficient GST billing software.
Payment Receipt
Payment Receipt Instantly create and issue payment receipts for advance or full payments received using our GST invoicing software. Simplify your payment process and keep records organized effortlessly.
Send Quotations and Invoices
Credit/Debit NotesEasily correct invoicing errors by creating credit or debit notes in seconds with our GST billing software. Simplify your financial adjustments and maintain accurate records effortlessly.
Delivery Challan
Delivery ChallanInstantly create delivery challans for transported goods with our GST billing software. Ensure smooth and accurate documentation for all your deliveries, enhancing your logistics management.
Sales/Purchase OrdersManage all your sales and purchase orders in one place with our GST billing software in India. Create, share, and track orders seamlessly to streamline your business operations.
Proforma Invoice
Proforma InvoiceProvide your clients with a clear estimate of costs without initiating a transaction using our GST invoicing software. It's a easy way to communicate pricing before finalizing deals.
Expense Management
Expense ManagementRecord and track all your expenses in one place with our billing software with GST. Keep an eye on profitability and manage your finances more effectively, ensuring every expense is accounted for.
Inventory Management
Inventory ManagementAutomatically update inventory whenever you create an invoice or expense with our GST invoicing software. Track stock levels, average selling prices, and more to maintain optimal inventory control.
Essentials Reports
Comprehensive ReportsGenerate detailed reports for invoices, payments, clients, TDS, GST, and more with just one click. Stay informed with our GST invoicing software.
Balance Sheet and P&L ReportGet a clear view of your business’s financial health and profitability. Our GST billing software provides comprehensive balance sheet and profit & loss reports.
Ledgers & Account GroupsEasily record and categorize transactions, and keep track of account balances. Our GST invoice software makes ledger management simple.
Multi-currency Invoices
Multi-currency InvoicesCreate invoices in different currencies and easily track forex gains or losses. Our billing software with GST supports international transactions.
Client Management
Client & Vendor ManagementManage all your client and vendor information in one place. Our GST billing software simplifies managing these relationships.
Bulk Upload
Bulk UploadSave time and effort by uploading your past invoices and client details in bulk. This feature of our GST invoicing software ensures you spend less time on manual data entry and more on growing your business.
Payment Gateway
Simple Payment GatewayOur GST billing software in India lets you collect online payments seamlessly, offering multiple payment options and multi-currency support. It's designed to make transactions smoother and more efficient.
Easy Access Anywhere
Access Anytime AnywhereUse our GST billing software across any device and from any location. It's easy to use, reliable, and ensures you can manage your billing needs with the highest up-time.
Live Support
24x7 Live SupportOur GST invoice software provides round-the-clock support via live chat, email, WhatsApp, and phone. Get instant assistance whenever you need it, ensuring your business runs smoothly without interruptions.

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Our Free GST Billing Software Highlights

Free GST Billing Software - Unlimited GST Invoices
Create Unlimited GST Invoices
Refrens GST billing software simplifies the GST invoicing process with its intuitive platform. Businesses can generate both GST and non-GST invoices seamlessly. The platform’s auto-assist feature automates invoice creation, saving valuable time for businesses. With multiple templates and extensive customization options, you can tailor your invoices to reflect your brand identity. Refrens GST billing software supports the generation of E-invoices, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. Additionally, businesses can create recurring invoices effortlessly, streamlining repetitive billing tasks.
Online GST Billing Software - Generate e-Invoice
Generate e-Invoices in 1-click
With a single click, businesses can generate Invoice Reference Numbers (IRNs) and QR codes on their invoices. This streamlined approach eliminates the complexity that often accompanies invoice generation. Businesses no longer need to navigate through multiple steps or endure time-consuming processes. Refrens' intuitive interface allows for instant, hassle-free creation of IRNs and QR codes, enhancing efficiency and saving valuable time. Whether dealing with a handful of invoices or managing a vast array of transactions, Refrens GST Billing software simplifies the process significantly. Businesses can focus on their core activities, confident that their invoicing needs are met with unparalleled ease and efficiency.
GST Billing Software - Audit Trail
Audit Trail
Maintaining a transparent and secure record of all transactions is crucial for any business, and our robust audit trail feature does just that. Refrens' GST invoicing software provides a comprehensive log of all your financial activities, ensuring accuracy and accountability. This not only helps in audits but also gives you peace of mind knowing that your records are meticulously kept.
Online GST Billing Software - Bank Reconciliation
Bank Reconciliation
Simplify your financial management with our bank reconciliation feature. Refrens' GST invoicing software makes it easy to match your bank statements with your financial records, ensuring accuracy and saving you time. This helps you stay on top of your finances and avoid discrepancies that can lead to errors in your accounting.
GST Billing Software - Refrens Invoice
Inventory & Expense Management
Refrens GST billing software automates inventory updates, ensuring that businesses always have accurate and up-to-date information about their stock levels for various items. This real-time inventory tracking capability enables businesses to make informed decisions regarding stock management and product availability.
Online GST Billing Software - Generate e-Way Bill
E-Way Bills
Streamline your logistics with our hassle-free e-way bill generation. Integrated within our GST billing software, this feature allows you to manage the transportation of goods efficiently while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. By simplifying the creation of e-way bills, This feature helps you keep your business operations smooth and stress-free.
GST Billing Software - Manage Multiple Businesses
Manage Multiple Businesses
Managing multiple businesses is a breeze with our all-in-one GST billing software. Refrens provides a unified platform to handle invoicing, reporting, and compliance for all your business ventures. Whether you run a small business or a large enterprise, our software makes it easy to keep everything organized and under control.
GST Invoicing Software - Refrens Invoice
Advance Roles & Permissions
Refrens GST billing software offers a valuable feature that enhances collaboration within businesses - the ability to add team members and assign specific roles and permissions to each member, ensuring that each team member has access only to the information and functionalities they require for their specific roles. Team members can work confidently, knowing they have access to the tools and data pertinent to their responsibilities. At the same time, businesses can maintain the integrity and confidentiality of their data, ensuring a secure and productive work environment.
Free GST Invoicing Software Features - Refrens Invoice
GST, TDS & Balancesheet Reports
Refrens billing software with GST enables businesses to manage ledgers, vouchers, and account groups efficiently, allowing for streamlined financial record-keeping. Easy to generate income statements, balance sheets, and meticulously track account receivables and payables, gaining valuable insights into their financial health and performance. Refrens GST billing software supports multi-currency functionality, facilitating smooth international dealings. One of Refrens' billing software standout features is its ability to effortlessly generate various essential reports, including GSTR-1, GSTR-2, TDS, HSN, and more.
Free GST Billing Software - Hassle Free Payments
Hassle-free Banking & Payments
Refrens GST billing software simplifies the often complex task of banking and payments for businesses. With its global payment capabilities, businesses can seamlessly collect payments from clients across the world. By attaching payment links and QR codes directly to invoices, Refrens billng software ensures a hassle-free payment experience for clients. Refrens billing software supports various payment methods, including cards, UPI (Unified Payments Interface), ACH (Automated Clearing House), and wire transfers. This diverse array of payment options caters to the preferences and convenience of clients, enhancing the overall payment experience.
GST Invoicing Software Features - Refrens Invoice
Professionally Designed GST Invoices
With Refrens GST billing software users have the flexibility to choose from a multitude of professionally designed templates, ensuring that their invoices not only look polished but also align with their brand identity. Users can play with elements like colors, designs, and fonts, tailoring the invoice to match their specific branding guidelines. Businesses can add custom fields into their invoices, tailoring the document to capture specific details relevant to their transactions. Moreover Refrens billing software provides the option to add business logos, letterheads, and footers to the invoices.
Free GST Billing Software - Seamless Conversion
Seamless Conversion of Documents
Refrens GST billing software businesses can convert quotations and proforma invoices into fully-fledged invoices with just one click. Easy to generate credit notes, debit notes, and payment receipts directly from the invoice itself, record expenses directly from a purchase order, eliminating the need to create these documents from scratch. Refrens GST Billing software simplifies complex financial processes, allowing businesses to operate smoothly and efficiently.
Online GST Billing Software Features - Refrens Invoice
Multiple & Convinent Sharing Options
Businesses using Refrens GST invoice software can effortlessly share their invoices through Email also Refrens integrates with WhatsApp API, enabling businesses to send invoices with just one click. Additionally, Refrens provides the option to share the invoice link directly with clients, download the invoice in PDF format and can also schedule invoices for a later date, ensuring a transparent, streamlined invoicing process.
Free GST Billing Software - Reliable Easy To Use
Reliable & Ease-to-Use
Refrens GST billing software offers a seamless and user-friendly experience, ensuring that businesses can efficiently manage their financial operations with confidence. The platform is backed by responsive customer support available around the clock, accessible via chat, email, or phone. This dedicated support system allows users to seek assistance promptly, addressing queries, concerns, or technical issues in real-time. The availability of reliable customer support enhances user confidence, providing reassurance that assistance is readily available whenever needed.
GST Billing Software India - Refrens Invoice
Automated Invoicing API
With Refrens' Invoicing API, businesses can automate their entire invoicing workflow. This comprehensive tool allows businesses to not only create but also manage, track, and share invoices and various other documents effortlessly. The API acts as a bridge between the business's internal systems and Refrens GST invoicing software, enabling a smooth flow of information and actions. Businesses can integrate their existing systems with Refrens, triggering the creation of invoices based on predefined parameters or triggers within their workflow. This eliminates the need for manual intervention, ensuring that invoices are generated accurately and promptly, even in high-volume scenarios. Refrens invoice API has gained the trust of notable companies like UpGrad, Holidify, Mailmodo, and ClaimBuddy.
Online GST Billing Software - Mobile App
Mobile App
Manage your invoices on the go with our mobile app. Refrens' GST billing software offers a convenient mobile solution, allowing you to create and send invoices from anywhere. This mobility ensures that you can keep your business running smoothly, no matter where you are.

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What customers say about Refrens GST Billing Software

Aniket - Refrens Invoice Software User
Tally was too complicated for me. Zoho? too expensive. Refrens just hits that right sweet spot - It’s simple, It’s feature-rich, and it’s value for money.
AniketOwner, Spaceplexx, Coworking Space
Collecting USD payments was always a headache. With Refrens' online invoicing software, it’s a breeze.
NayanFounder, Sugoi Labs, Software Services Agency
Finding a good invoice software for my small business was a challenge. But then I found Refrens, and it's been a game-changer.
Snehal BhattOwner, Nexait LLC, Agency
As a freelancer, Refrens' free invoicing software has been a blessing. Pretty smooth & easy to use.
LinkeeFreelancer, Content Writer
Refrens' online invoice software has made my billing process a lot more streamlined and less time-consuming. Highly recommend it!
SunainaDigital Marketer

Pricing of Online GST Billing Software

Only pay when you need premium features.
Refrens Free Plan
Free PlanEasy to create invoices, quotations, proforma invoices, expenses and more.
Refrens Premium
Premium PlanManage your accounting at faster pace with additional premium features at minimal cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which is the best gst billing software?

Refrens is the best GST billing software for small businesses in India. Here are some of the simple reasons why you should also opt. for Refrens gst billing software.

  1. User-Friendly Interface: Refrens has a highly intuitive and easy-to-use interface, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes, including those without extensive technical expertise.

  2. E-Invoicing and IRN Generation: Refrens simplifies the e-invoicing process by automating the generation of Invoice Reference Numbers (IRN), ensuring compliance with government regulations.

  3. GST Compliance: The software seamlessly integrates GST regulations, automatically calculating CGST, SGST, and IGST, helping businesses generate GST-compliant invoices effortlessly.

  4. Affordable Pricing: Refrens offers cost-effective pricing plans that cater to the budgets of small businesses and SMEs, making it a pocket-friendly solution.

  5. Cloud-Based Accessibility: Refrens operates on the cloud, allowing businesses to access and manage their invoices from anywhere, promoting mobility and flexibility.

  6. Comprehensive Financial Reporting: The software provides detailed financial reports, empowering businesses to analyze their financial health and make informed decisions.

  7. Simplified GSTR Report Generation: Refrens streamlines the process of preparing accurate GST returns, reducing the complexity of tax compliance.

  8. Advanced Inventory Management: The software offers features to track stock levels, monitor item movements, and automate stock-related transactions, enhancing operational efficiency.

  9. E-way Bill Integration: Refrens integrates with e-way bill systems, simplifying the generation and management of e-way bills, ensuring compliance with transportation regulations.

Can I accept payments online with Refrens GST invoicing software?

Yes, you can easily accept payments using Refrens. Refrens offers an integrated payment gateway that allows you to accept various digital payment methods directly within the software. This includes options like IMPS, NEFT, RTGS, UPI, debit/credit cards, and net banking. The payment gateway is seamlessly integrated with the invoicing and accounting features of Refrens.

Will my data be secure?

We take utmost care of data security & privacy. Our systems are frequently updated with the latest security updates to ensure that your data is safe and secure. Do check out our detailed privacy policy here.

Do you provide customer support?

Yes, we provide instant & reliable support over chat, email, and phone. We will also provide a dedicated account manager to help you out whenever required.

Can I create E-invoices on Refrens?

Yes, you can easily generate e-invoices in just a couple of clicks using Refrens’ e-invoicing feature.

Can the software adapt and scale as my business grows?

Absolutely! Our software is designed to seamlessly adapt and scale alongside your business, ensuring that it meets your evolving needs at every stage of growth. We are also committed to continuously enhancing the software by rigorously adding new features, functionality, and improvements so that your business can always stay ahead of the curve.

As your business expands, our software can accommodate an increasing number of users, manage larger volumes of data, and handle more complex tasks without compromising on performance or efficiency. We regularly update our software to incorporate new technological advancements, industry best practices, and customer feedback, ensuring that you always have access to the latest and most innovative solutions.

Additionally, our cloud-based infrastructure offers unparalleled scalability and reliability, with the ability to adjust resources on-demand to cater to your business's specific needs. This means that you can be confident that our software will support your growth without any disruption or downtime.

Billing software with GST for businesses in India

What is GST billing software?

Refrens GST billing software stands as the digital cornerstone of seamless and efficient GST-related transactions. Designed to cater for businesses of all sizes, this software automates and streamlines the creation, management, and tracking of GST-related documents and transactions. From GST invoices to credit and debit notes, payment receipts, and delivery challans, every aspect of the GST ecosystem is meticulously managed through this software.

One of the key advantages of GST billing software is its user-friendly interface, making complex GST calculations and implementations accessible to individuals without in-depth GST knowledge. The software automatically handles intricate GST calculations, ensuring that the correct GST components – CGST, SGST, and IGST – are applied accurately to each transaction. This automation not only saves time but also eliminates the risk of manual errors, enhancing overall efficiency.

Moreover, GST billing software simplifies the process of creating invoices by providing intuitive features. For instance, the "duplicate" function allows users to replicate similar invoices effortlessly, eliminating the need to create reports from scratch. This functionality significantly expedites the invoicing process, allowing businesses to focus on core operations while ensuring compliance with GST regulations.

Additionally, the software offers robust reporting capabilities, generating detailed reports without the need for manual compilation. This automated reporting feature aids businesses in gaining insights into their financial transactions, facilitating informed decision-making.

Refrens GST billing software stands out for its user-friendly approach, empowering businesses and individuals alike to navigate the complexities of GST effortlessly. By automating redundant tasks and offering intuitive features, the software ensures a seamless experience, making GST-related transactions hassle-free and accessible to everyone.

Benefits of GST billing software

There are numerous benefits of GST billing software over manual accounting. GST billing software is faster, more accurate and easier to use than manual accounting. It also helps to reduce errors and save time, enabling businesses to focus on more important tasks. It also automates the billing process, allowing for greater efficiency and scalability.

Here are some important benefits every GST billing software must have:

Free Basic Plan

Refrens offers a Free Basic Plan for its users. The basic plan allows businesses to create, manage, and send invoices, quotations, and purchase orders. It also includes features like expense management, client management, and basic reporting. While the basic plan is free, Refrens also offers paid features and plans for more advanced functionalities and additional services. Users can choose the plan that best suits their business needs and upgrade to a paid plan if they require more advanced features and services.

Easy to Use

User-friendliness is a fundamental aspect to consider when choosing GST invoice software. A user-friendly interface ensures that the software is easy to use, navigate, and understand. Clear and intuitive buttons, messages, and menus are essential components that enable users, even those without extensive technical knowledge, to comprehend the software's functionalities. Intuitive design enhances the overall user experience, making the invoicing process seamless and accessible for all users. Refrens GST billing software excels in this regard, prioritizing ease of use to ensure a hassle-free experience for businesses.

User-friendliness is a fundamental aspect when selecting GST invoice software. It's crucial to choose software that is easy to use, navigate, and understand. The buttons, messages, and menus should be clear and intuitive, allowing even non-technical users to comprehend the software's functionalities effortlessly. A user-friendly design enhances the overall experience, making the invoicing process seamless and accessible to all users. Refrens GST billing software excels in this regard, prioritizing ease of use to ensure a hassle-free experience for businesses.

Data Security

Data security is a critical aspect often overlooked when choosing GST software. It's essential to ensure the software is secure and your data is protected. Carefully review the terms and conditions of the software provider to understand how they handle your data. Check if they sell your data to third parties and, if possible, seek a data protection guarantee from them. Safeguarding your transactions and documents is paramount, and being diligent about data security can prevent breaches and ensure the confidentiality of your business information. Refrens takes data security seriously, providing a secure platform for businesses to manage their invoicing and financial data with confidence.

Increased Efficiency

Efficiency is a key factor when it comes to choosing GST billing software. Complex software might be overwhelming for regular users, often designed for professional accountants or CA's. In contrast, user-friendly GST billing software, such as Refrens, simplifies the process, making it accessible to everyone. With Refrens, creating GST invoices takes less than a minute, significantly saving time and increasing efficiency. Its intuitive user interface allows users to understand the software quickly, enabling businesses to streamline their invoicing processes effortlessly. Refrens GST invoice software focuses on providing a seamless experience, making it easier for users to manage their GST-related tasks efficiently and without unnecessary complications.

Improved Accuracy

Accuracy is paramount in financial transactions, and simple GST billing software like Refrens ensures precise calculations and error-free documents. With Refrens, creating quotations, invoices, and delivery challans become effortless, eliminating the possibility of manual errors. The software automatically handles calculations for CGST, IGST, SGST, discounts, and additional charges, guaranteeing accurate reports and statements. By automating these processes, Refrens enhances the overall accuracy of your financial documents, allowing businesses to maintain reliable and error-free records effortlessly.

GST complied

Ensuring GST compliance is crucial for any business, and Refrens GST billing software is designed to meet these requirements seamlessly. The software automatically detects the applicable GST components - CGST, SGST, or IGST - based on the state information provided by the user. Additionally, Refrens includes essential fields like GST Rate, HSN (Harmonized System of Nomenclature) code, and IRN (Invoice Reference Number), ensuring that your invoices are fully compliant with GST regulations. By incorporating these features, Refrens simplifies the GST compliance process, allowing businesses to generate accurate and compliant invoices effortlessly.

Seamless Cashflow Management

Refrens GST invoicing software empowers businesses to manage their cash flow seamlessly. A healthy cash flow is vital for the sustainability and growth of any business. Refrens facilitates this by providing intuitive tools and features designed to streamline invoicing, payment processing, and financial tracking. With automated invoicing and payment reminders, businesses can ensure timely payments, optimizing their cash flow. Additionally, Refrens' detailed financial reports and summaries offer valuable insights, enabling businesses to make informed decisions about their finances. By effortlessly managing cash flow, Refrens empowers businesses to focus on their core operations, fostering financial stability and growth.

Customer Support

Customer support is a vital aspect of any software service, ensuring users receive assistance when facing issues or glitches. Refrens understands the importance of effective customer support and provides a comprehensive support system. Users can reach out to the support team via email, phone, or live chat, receiving prompt assistance to resolve their queries or concerns. This accessible and responsive customer support ensures that users have a seamless experience while using Refrens GST billing software, allowing them to focus on their business operations with confidence.

Data at Fingertips

Refrens GST billing software prioritizes accessibility and convenience for users. It ensures that users can access their data from anywhere, whether they are in the office, at home, or on the go. The software is designed to be compatible with various devices, including computers, laptops, and mobile phones. This means users can manage their invoices, quotations, and other financial data at their fingertips, regardless of their location. Additionally, Refrens offers email alerts directly to user's mobile devices, keeping them informed about their business transactions in real time. This seamless accessibility allows users to stay connected and manage their business operations efficiently, promoting flexibility and convenience in their workflow.

Check out Refrens free invoicing software for free.

Features of GST billing software

For small businesses accounting software and freelancers invoicing software with GSTIN, these are the features every GST billing software must have.


Selecting the right GST billing software involves considering the level of customization it offers. Regardless of your business type—be it a freelancer, agency, or small business—it's crucial to find software that provides a plethora of customization options. Customization can vary across different aspects, such as invoice colours, diverse invoice templates, personalized letterheads, the inclusion of custom fields, support for multiple currencies, and the ability to incorporate custom formulas. A highly customizable software ensures that your invoices and financial documents align seamlessly with your brand identity and specific business requirements, providing a professional and tailored approach to your clients.

Inventory Management

For product-based businesses, robust inventory management is indispensable. The software should efficiently track your stocks and products. It must automatically calculate all transactions related to stocks, whether you're creating invoices or managing purchases. This feature ensures real-time insights into stock levels, preventing overstocking or stockouts. By seamlessly integrating inventory data with your invoices and purchases, you gain precise control over your products, enabling informed business decisions and streamlined operations. To know more lead tracking software click here.

Client/Vendor Management

Efficient GST billing software includes robust client and vendor management capabilities. Storing comprehensive details of your clients and vendors within the system streamlines the process of creating GST invoices, proforma invoices, and quotations. With this feature, essential client and vendor information is readily available, eliminating the need for redundant data entry whenever you generate documents. This not only saves time but also ensures accuracy, as the software can automatically populate relevant details, making your invoicing and transaction processes significantly more efficient.

Reports and Summary

A pivotal aspect of any proficient GST billing software is its ability to generate comprehensive reports and summaries. The software should offer a range of essential reports such as HSN reports, GSTR reports, GST invoice reports, TDS reports, and other pertinent financial summaries. These reports not only facilitate the filing of taxes but also provide invaluable insights into your business operations. By offering detailed analyses of your transactions, expenses, and revenues, the software empowers you to make informed decisions, ensuring compliance and financial stability for your business.

Manage Multiple Business/Team Members

A robust GST billing software should allow seamless management of multiple businesses under a single account. This feature enables entrepreneurs with diverse ventures to streamline their financial activities efficiently. Furthermore, the software should offer the capability to add multiple team members, each with designated access levels. This ensures that authorized employees can securely access and manage crucial transactions, invoices, and other financial data, fostering collaboration and enhancing overall productivity within the organization. The ability to manage multiple businesses and team members from a centralized platform simplifies complex financial tasks and promotes effective teamwork.

User Roles and Permissions

An essential feature in GST billing software is the ability to assign specific roles and permissions to users. This functionality ensures that different team members have tailored access levels, aligning with their responsibilities within the organization. For instance, a salesperson might need access to leads and quotations, while a sales manager requires control over the entire invoicing section. With user roles and permissions, businesses can maintain data security and privacy, allowing employees to focus on their designated tasks without compromising sensitive information. This feature enhances overall efficiency by ensuring that every team member has access only to the relevant sections, promoting smooth collaboration and effective workflow management.

Multiple Sharing Options

In the digital age, flexibility in sharing invoices is crucial for businesses. Refrens GST invoicing software simplifies this process by offering diverse sharing options. Whether you prefer emailing the invoice directly to clients, copying the invoice URL for easy sharing, or generating a printable version, Refrens provides a range of choices tailored to your needs. This feature not only saves time but also ensures that clients receive invoices promptly and in their preferred format, enhancing customer satisfaction. With multiple sharing options, businesses can effortlessly communicate financial transactions, fostering a seamless and professional client experience.

Email Tracking

Refrens GST invoicing software offers advanced email tracking capabilities, ensuring businesses stay informed about their invoice interactions. This feature allows users to monitor whether clients have opened the sent invoices. Detailed insights, from delivery statuses to invoice openings, empower businesses to gauge client engagement effectively. Moreover, Refrens enables users to schedule invoices for future dispatch, ensuring timely delivery and enhancing organization. The system also facilitates setting reminders for invoices, ensuring that crucial payment deadlines are never missed. With these tracking functionalities, businesses can maintain precise control over their invoicing process, fostering efficiency and professional client communication.

Recurring Invoice

Refrens GST invoicing software simplifies repetitive billing tasks with its recurring invoice feature. Businesses can streamline their invoicing process by creating invoices just once and scheduling them for specific dates and times. With this automation, invoices are generated automatically on the scheduled date and promptly dispatched to clients. This functionality not only saves time but also ensures consistent and timely billing cycles, enhancing cash flow management for businesses. By automating recurring invoices, Refrens empowers businesses to focus on core activities while maintaining a professional and punctual invoicing system.

Collect Payments Online

Refrens GST invoicing software offers seamless payment collection solutions, allowing businesses to accept payments both internationally and domestically. With the integration of secure online payment gateways, Refrens enables businesses to effortlessly collect payments from clients. What sets Refrens apart is its cost-effectiveness; the platform offers competitive rates for online transactions, making it an economical choice for businesses compared to other payment providers. This feature not only simplifies the payment process for clients but also ensures that businesses receive payments promptly, enhancing overall financial efficiency and client satisfaction. Refrens’ secure and efficient payment collection mechanism contributes to a smooth and professional invoicing experience for businesses and their clients.

Bulk Upload

Refrens GST invoicing software streamlines business operations with its convenient bulk upload feature. This functionality proves invaluable when dealing with multiple invoices, quotations, or inventory items simultaneously. Manually inputting each item or document can be both laborious and time-consuming. Refrens simplifies this process by allowing users to upload multiple invoices, quotations, or stocks in bulk, significantly reducing the time and effort required. This feature not only enhances efficiency but also ensures accurate and systematic data entry. By offering a seamless bulk upload option, Refrens empowers businesses to manage their invoicing, quotations, and inventory efficiently, allowing for a smoother workflow and improved productivity.

GSTR-1 Report

In India, businesses are required to file GSTR-1, which includes details of outward supplies. Our GST software for invoicing simplifies this process by generating comprehensive GSTR-1 reports, ensuring that your business remains GST-compliant with ease.

GSTR-2B Reconciliation

GSTR-2B reconciliation is crucial for cross-verification and accuracy. Our GST billing software streamlines this process, helping you effortlessly reconcile your data with GSTR-2B, minimizing errors and ensuring seamless compliance.

GSTR-1 & 3B Filing

Filing GSTR-1 and GSTR-3B accurately and on time is paramount for businesses in India. Our GST invoicing software provides an intuitive platform for the hassle-free filing of these returns, ensuring adherence to statutory requirements.

GSTR-2 (Purchase Report) & 3B Report (Purchase and Sales Summary Report)

Gain insights into your business transactions with detailed reports. The GSTR-2 and 3B reports provide a comprehensive overview of both purchase and sales transactions, aiding in strategic decision-making and financial planning.

Auto-Fill for Client/Vendor Details

Save time and effort with our GST billing software's intelligent features. When adding client/vendor details, the software automatically checks the GST type and fills in user details, reducing manual data entry and minimizing errors in customer and vendor information.

Ledgers for GST Purchases and Sales

Keep your financial records in order with meticulously maintained ledgers specific to GST purchases and sales. This feature ensures accurate tracking and transparency in your financial transactions.

E-Invoicing (IRN Invoices and QR Codes)

In compliance with the Indian government's e-invoicing mandate, our GST billing software facilitates the generation of Invoice Reference Number (IRN) invoices and QR codes, ensuring seamless integration with the Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN).

E-Way Bills

For businesses involved in the movement of goods, our GST billing software integrates E-way bills, a crucial component of India's GST system. This feature simplifies the generation and management of E-way bills, enhancing logistics efficiency.

Trial Balance, P&L, and Income Statement

Monitor your financial health with ease through features like Trial Balance, Profit & Loss statements, and Income Statements. These tools provide a comprehensive overview, aiding businesses in making informed decisions and maintaining financial stability.

Embrace the power of our GST invoicing software, designed to cater specifically to the nuances of the Indian tax landscape. Seamlessly navigate the intricacies of GST regulations with a solution that is not only robust but also tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses in India.

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Refrens GST invoicing software for different documents


You can create invoices for free on Refrens. When creating an invoice for the first time, you must only add the customer details once. After that, you must select for which client you want to create an invoice.

GST Invoice

Not just normal invoices, you can also create GST invoices and bills. Creating GST compiled invoice is now made easy; you need to check the GST option when creating the invoice; it auto-adds the GST type and gives you multiple options like GST rate and HSN and auto-calculates the total of the invoice.


For businesses with an annual turnover exceeding 5 crore, e-invoicing is a crucial process. Refrens simplifies this by providing the option to generate the Invoice Reference Number (IRN) once the invoice is created. This ensures compliance with the e-invoicing requirements and streamlines the invoicing process for larger businesses. To learn more about e-invoicing software and its benefits, you can click on the provided link for detailed information. To know more about e-invoicing software, you can click on the link given.


Quotation or estimate is important for businesses to send details about the product or service they provide to potential leads. Once you create and send a quotation and the same is approved by the potential customer, you can directly create an invoice from the same quotation with one click resulting in time-saving as you don't need to create an invoice from scratch. To know more about quotations, you can check out Refrens quotation software.

Proforma Invoice

A Proforma invoice serves as a confirmation document for the buyer from the seller, indicating the buyer's confirmation of a specific product. It is not a formal invoice and is not included in GST reports. Instead, it provides essential details about the intended transaction, allowing both parties to understand the terms before the actual invoice is generated. You can use Refren's proforma invoice template to create a proforma invoice.

Purchase Order

A purchase order is a vital document used by businesses, especially in manufacturing and product-selling industries. Manufacturing companies utilize purchase orders to procure raw materials and other necessary items. Similarly, product-selling companies generate purchase orders when they need to acquire products from wholesalers or manufacturers. This document outlines the specific products or services required, quantities, agreed-upon prices, delivery dates, and other essential terms and conditions, ensuring a clear understanding between the buyer and the supplier. You can use the Refrens purchase order format to create a free purchase order.

Delivery Challan

A delivery challan is a document predominantly used by product-based companies when they need to transport goods from one location to another. It serves as a record of the items being shipped, their quantity, description, and other relevant details. This document is crucial for both the sender and the recipient, ensuring accurate tracking and confirmation of the items being transported. Delivery challans play a significant role in maintaining inventory records, verifying shipments, and confirming the receipt of goods, making them essential in product-based industries.

Payment Receipts

Payment receipts are essential documents used to confirm that a seller has received payment from a buyer for products or services rendered. These receipts serve as proof of transaction and typically include details such as the payment amount, date, mode of payment, and the names and signatures of both the payer and the recipient. Payment receipts are crucial for maintaining financial records, ensuring transparency, and resolving any payment-related disputes that might arise between the parties involved.

Credit/Debit Note

Credit and debit notes are crucial financial documents used in business transactions, especially when products need to be returned or there are discrepancies in the original invoice. Here's a breakdown of their purposes:

Credit Note

  • Scenario: When a customer returns goods or services, overpayments, or if there's a need to issue a refund.
  • Purpose: It reduces the customer's accounts payable. Essentially, the customer receives a credit note when they've overpaid or returned products.
  • Effect: It increases the customer's account balance in your books.

Debit Note

  • Scenario: When a business needs to reclaim funds from a customer, usually due to undercharging or when the cost of goods or services is higher than initially quoted.
  • Purpose: It increases the customer's accounts payable. The customer receives a debit note to pay the additional amount.
  • Effect: It decreases the customer's account balance in your books.

These notes are vital for maintaining accurate financial records and ensuring that both parties are on the same page regarding the transactions. With Refrens GST invoicing software, generating credit and debit notes is streamlined and can be done with a few clicks, saving time and reducing the chance of errors.

Record Expense

Recording expenses accurately is essential for any business's financial management. Here's why efficiently managing expenses matters and how Refrens can help:

Importance of Recording Expenses

  • Financial Health: Accurate expense records provide insights into your business's financial health, helping you make informed decisions.
  • Tax Compliance: Properly documented expenses are vital for tax filing, ensuring you get the right deductions and comply with tax laws.
  • Budgeting: Tracking expenses allows for better budgeting, enabling you to allocate resources effectively.

Using Refrens for Expense Management

  • User-Friendly Interface: Refrens offers an intuitive interface, making it easy for even those without accounting backgrounds to record and manage expenses.
  • Petty Cash Management: Refrens allows you to record petty cash expenses efficiently, ensuring no transaction goes unaccounted for.
  • Receipt Management: You can attach digital receipts to expenses, creating a comprehensive digital trail for every transaction.
  • Custom Categories: Refrens lets you categorize expenses according to your business needs, providing a clear overview of where your money is going.
  • Financial Reports: The platform generates detailed financial reports, giving you insights into your expenditure patterns, and aiding in budget planning and cost optimization.

By leveraging Refrens or a similar platform, you can simplify expense management, allowing you to focus on growing your business while ensuring financial accuracy and compliance. Check out Refrens expense management software here.

Refrens GST billing software for SMEs in India

Refrens GST billing software serves as an indispensable tool for small businesses and SMEs in India, streamlining their invoicing and financial operations with its diverse range of features. Let's delve deeper into how each of these features empowers businesses, providing a comprehensive understanding of the software's benefits.

User-Friendly Interface

Refrens boasts an exceptionally user-friendly interface, ensuring that businesses, regardless of their scale or technical expertise, can seamlessly navigate the platform. Intuitive design elements and straightforward menus enhance ease of use, allowing even those without extensive technical knowledge to efficiently utilize the software. This simplicity eliminates the learning curve, enabling businesses to get started promptly and focus on their core operations.

E-Invoicing and IRN Generation

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses must adhere to e-invoicing regulations. Refrens GST invoicing software simplifies this process by enabling businesses to create e-invoices effortlessly. Additionally, the software automates the generation of Invoice Reference Numbers (IRN), ensuring compliance with government-mandated invoicing standards. By handling these complexities, Refrens empowers businesses to concentrate on their day-to-day activities, without the burden of intricate invoicing protocols.

GST Compliance

GST compliance is paramount for businesses operating in India. Refrens seamlessly integrates GST regulations into its system, automating complex calculations related to CGST, SGST, and IGST. By accurately applying the appropriate taxes based on transaction details, Refrens ensures that businesses generate GST-compliant invoices effortlessly. This compliance minimizes the risk of errors, penalties, and audits, providing businesses with peace of mind.

Pocket-Friendly Solution

Budget constraints are a common concern for small businesses and SMEs. Refrens GST invoice software addresses this by offering cost-effective pricing plans tailored to suit various business needs. These pocket-friendly options grant businesses access to advanced features without straining their financial resources. This affordability ensures that even businesses with limited budgets can benefit from robust invoicing solutions.

Cloud Invoicing

In today's fast-paced business environment, mobility is key. Refrens GST billing software operates on the cloud, allowing businesses to create, manage, and access invoices from anywhere with an internet connection. This cloud-based functionality enhances mobility, enabling businesses to operate efficiently, whether they are in the office, at home, or on the go. This flexibility promotes collaboration and productivity, facilitating seamless business operations.

Financial Reporting

Understanding financial data is vital for making informed decisions. Refrens provides businesses with in-depth financial reports that offer insights into income, expenses, profits, and losses. These comprehensive reports empower businesses to analyze their financial health, identify trends, and strategize for growth. Access to accurate and detailed financial information is invaluable for making informed business decisions.

Easy GSTR Report Generation

GST return filing is a critical aspect of compliance for businesses in India. Refrens simplifies the generation of GSTR reports, automating the process of preparing accurate GST returns. By reducing the complexity of tax compliance, Refrens saves businesses time and effort during tax filing. It ensures that businesses meet their regulatory obligations efficiently and accurately.

Advanced Inventory Management

For businesses dealing with physical products, inventory management is indispensable. Refrens offers advanced features for tracking stock levels, monitoring item movements, and automating stock-related transactions. This functionality ensures that businesses maintain optimal stock levels, preventing overstocking or stockouts. With precise inventory management, businesses can enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

E-way Bill

E-way bills are essential for the seamless transportation of goods across states. Refrens integrates seamlessly with E-way bill systems, simplifying the generation and management of E-way bills. This integration ensures compliance with transportation regulations, facilitating smooth inter-state trade. Businesses can create E-way bills with ease, ensuring the hassle-free movement of goods.


Flexibility in accessing invoicing and financial data is crucial for modern businesses. Refrens GST billing software offers accessibility from various devices, including computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This flexibility enables businesses to manage their invoicing and financial tasks at their convenience. Whether in the office, on a business trip, or at home, entrepreneurs can access critical business data and respond promptly to business needs.

Speed and Accuracy

In the fast-paced business world, speed and accuracy are paramount. Refrens is designed for swift invoice creation and precise financial calculations. Businesses can generate invoices swiftly while ensuring accurate tax calculations. This speed and accuracy enhance operational efficiency, allowing businesses to focus on their core activities rather than administrative tasks.

Who can use Refrens GST invoicing software?

Refrens GST billing software caters to a diverse range of businesses, from small startups to medium-sized enterprises. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features make it accessible and beneficial for businesses of various scales. Specifically, it proves to be invaluable for businesses with an annual turnover exceeding 5 crore, aligning with the government's requirement for e-invoicing.

Startups - For budding entrepreneurs and early-stage startups, Refrens offers an intuitive platform to manage their invoicing needs. Its simplicity allows startups to focus on their core operations without the complexity of invoice management.

SMEs - Small and medium-sized enterprises often require scalable solutions that can grow with their business. Refrens GST billing software provides SMEs with a streamlined approach to invoicing, ensuring accuracy and compliance without overwhelming complexity.

Chartered Accountants (CAs) - Refrens is an excellent choice for CAs who handle the financial matters of multiple clients. Its ability to generate IRN and QR codes simplifies the e-invoicing process, allowing CAs to efficiently manage their clients' invoicing needs and ensure compliance with tax regulations.

Advance accounting using Refrens online GST invoice software

Refrens' advanced accounting features encompass these essential components, providing businesses with a comprehensive solution for managing their financial data effectively and efficiently. Here's how Refrens handles these elements:

Voucher Books: Refrens allows users to create and manage various types of vouchers, ensuring that every financial transaction is accurately recorded. Whether it's a payment voucher for expenses, a receipt voucher for incoming payments, or a journal voucher for general transactions, Refrens provides a user-friendly interface to create, edit, and track all types of vouchers.

Ledger: Refrens maintains a detailed ledger for each account, providing a comprehensive record of all transactions associated with specific accounts. Users can access the ledger to view transaction histories, helping them monitor their financial activities and make informed decisions.

Balance Sheet: Refrens automatically generates balance sheets based on the recorded transactions, offering businesses a clear overview of their financial position. By categorizing assets, liabilities, and equity, the balance sheet provides valuable insights into the company's financial health. Businesses can easily access and export balance sheets, enabling them to present accurate financial information to stakeholders, investors, and regulatory authorities.

Account Groups: Refrens allows users to create customized account groups, tailoring the chart of accounts to match the specific needs of their business. By organizing accounts into groups, businesses can streamline their financial reporting and analysis processes. Account groups facilitate the preparation of financial statements, making it easier to evaluate the company's performance and plan for the future.

Accounts: Refrens supports a wide range of accounts, allowing businesses to track various financial activities. From sales and expenses to inventory and assets, users can create and manage accounts for every aspect of their business operations. Refrens' intuitive interface ensures that users can add, edit, and delete accounts effortlessly, ensuring that their financial data is accurate and up to date.