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Free Invoice Template FormatCreate Invoice For Free


  • Customizable Invoice

    Add and edit multiple fields and columns such as an address, contact information, product description.

  • Build Your Brand

    Amaze your client by adding a personal logo and signature. No watermark.

  • Use Magic Colour

    Choose the best colour from your logo to look professional. Multiple fonts supported.

  • Simple Payment Gateway

    Easy to use payment gateway with multiple payment options enabled. Supports multiple currencies.

  • Manage and Send Invoices

    Manage all your invoices in one place. Download, Print, Email, or share via WhatsApp.

  • Ease of Access

    Access your invoices and client data anywhere and anytime through mobile or desktop.


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Do I have to create a Refrens account to use a free invoice template?

Yes. Refrens account is necessary to use a free invoice template. While creating an account, you can access all the invoices in one place and also makes the invoice creation procedure easy.


Can I add more details to the invoice template?

Yes, Refrens invoice templates are customizable. You can add additional fields or columns like shipping details, discounts, additional charges, custom fields for both client and product or service line item.


Can I save the invoice as PDF format?

Yes. You can easily download it in PDF format or can click on the print option and can save as PDF.


How many transactions can I make on Refrens?

Unlimited. There is no limit to the transaction you make. You can create unlimited invoices and record transactions. All absolutely free.


What other tools are available on Refrens?

We provide almost all the tools that are essential for small business owners/freelancers to run their business effectively which includes Invoices, Quotations, Proforma Invoices, Expense Management.

Why Use Refrens Free Invoice Template?

Having a small business or service agency or being a freelancer, it is very time-consuming, and cumbersome when you try to create invoices through Excel, Word, Google Sheets, or Docs.

Some people use Word or Google Docs to simplify the invoicing process because you can create quite good looking invoices from MS Word. But it is always harder to calculate taxes like GST, TDS, or any other additional charges associated with it.

Whereas some use Excel or Google spreadsheets to create one and there is a huge benefit to use Excel as it can easily calculate taxes like GST, TDS with its automatic formulas. You can also make your own formula to create a pre-defined invoice. However, Excel also has a huge drawback of professionalism. Invoices created through Excel doesn’t look attractive and lack of professionalism even when using professional invoice templates.

When you are running a business, not only you have to create invoices but also have to maintain the client data, invoices, different reports like GST, TDS.

For example:
  1. To manage all the invoices at one place.
  2. To manage all your client data.
  3. To create and maintain GST, TDS report.
  4. You want to know which invoices are paid, unpaid or partially paid.
  5. You want to know your earnings for the month or year.
  6. Many a time your invoices get accepted but don’t know how to receive online payments
  7. .
When it comes to the above tasks both Word and Excel fail. So, having proper invoicing software for your business is not only helps to create invoices but also helps in managing all the data in one place without searching for each file.

At Refrens, You can manage all your invoices, expenses, your client and payment details in one place. Refrens is not only for invoicing it is a complete tool to you manage your finances. You can create professionally designed invoices using invoice generator with multiple invoice templates. Other than this, Refrens also provide other tools like quotation generator, proforma invoice generator, GST invoice generator, expense management software, and also lead management.

Benefits of Using Refrens Free Invoice Template Format

  • 100% Free. Create Unlimited Invoices. No Hidden Charges.
  • Professional Layout Format.
  • Fully Customizable Invoice.
  • Generate GST, TDS report.
  • Collect Payment Online.
  • Unlimited Bank and Card Transaction.
  • Status of the invoices like paid, unpaid, partly paid.
  • Bulk upload Invoices and Expenses.
  • Manage and download all payment reports.
  • Add multiple team members or users.
  • Send Invoice through Email, Whatsapp, or through link sharing.
  • Free Customer Support to resolve your queries.
  • Save client data to reuse in future which avoids retyping of client information again and again.