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Why Choose Refrens E-Invoicing Software?

Bulk E-invoice Generation
With our easy-to-use platform, generate Invoice Reference Numbers (IRNs) in bulk with just a couple of clicks. Save time and improve productivity while dealing with high volumes of invoices.
Smart Data Validation
Stay on the safe side with our automatic data validation system. Ensure 100% legal compliance by eliminating errors and potential discrepancies, thus mitigating risk and enhancing efficiency.
Effortless E-Invoice Cancellation
lexibility at your fingertips: Cancel any e-invoice within 24 hours of IRN generation directly through our responsive Refrens e-Invoice software.
Realiable Ease To Use
Round-the-clock Support
Get peace of mind with our reliable round-the-clock support. Reach out to us anytime via chat, email, or phone. Our dedicated team is always ready to resolve your issues and answer your queries.
Security and Data Backup
User Access Controls
Maintain a secure environment with our user access control feature. Determine what access is given to each team member, ensuring that sensitive data is safeguarded and tasks are efficiently delegated.


  • File Upload
    Generate E-InvoicesEasy to create single invoice or bulk upload invoices and generate unique IRN and QR Code for every single invoice.
  • Recurring-Invoice
    Recurring E-InvoicesSave time and effort by automated recurring e-Invoices for the customers and get paid faster.
  • Multiple-Doc
    Custom E-Invoice TemplatesCustomize the e-Invoice templates and colors as per the business requirements with logo and digital signature.
  • file
    Custom GST ReportsCreate custom GST Reports within seconds. Refrens provide GSTR-1 report which is helpful for filing the taxes.
  • Reminder
    Track E-InvoicesManage and track e-Invoices easily and get to know when the invoice was opened.
  • Live Chat Support
    Live Chat SupportWe are always available to answer and solve every query of our users via Live Chat Support.

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It's simple to use Refrens' invoice software for repeat recurring invoices. Easy to collect online payment.
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We needed a consultant who can help us with some licenses. Refrens team worked hard to connect us with the right consultant.
HimanshuFounder, Packaged Food
Finding good billing software for my small business was a challenge. But then I found Refrens, and it's been a game-changer.
Snehal BhattOwner, Prometteur Solutions, Agency
Refrens' online invoice software has made my billing process a lot more streamlined and less time-consuming. Highly recommend it!
SunainaDigital Marketer
Collecting USD payments was always a headache. With Refrens' online billing software, it’s a breeze.
NayanFounder, Sugoi Labs, Software Services Agency

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does e-Invoicing work in Refrens?

e-Invoicing in Refrens is easy and hassle-free. Refrens is GSP authorized, which means you can easily connect to IRP. Refrens e-Invoice makes easy to create invoice with all mandatory fields with smart validations. Easy to generate QR Code & IRN and send it to the customer.

What does e-Invoice look like?

e-Invoice is similar to a normal invoice with an IRN (Invoice Reference Number provided by GST system) and a QR code. On, You can choose from multiple invoice templates in 250+ colors. All the templates follow prescribed format and standards. You can further customize the e-Invoice by adding custom fields, custom logo, digital signature and attachments.

Is there an API available for generating invoices?

Yes. Please write to for access.

Is my data safe?

Absolutely. Only you can decide who you want to share the invoices, quotations with. The documents you create are accessible only through special URLs that you share or PDFs that you download. We do not share your data with anyone for any purpose.

Does this invoice generator support repeat/recurring invoices?

Yes, you can create weekly, monthly, and yearly recurring invoices on Refrens. You can also customize the dates as per your requirements.

Do Refrens e-Invoicing provide bulk invoice option?

Yes, you can create bulk invoices by uploading the simple excel sheet in Refrens e-Invoicing software.

e-Invoicing Software and e-Invoice under GST

What is e-Invoicing?

e-Invoice is an authenticated GST invoice with IRN and digitally-signed QR Code printed on the invoice.

e-Invoicing, also known as Electronic Invoicing is a type of online authentication of invoices under GST. This authentication is done by the Government system via IRP( Invoice Registration Portal).

Using IRP, every invoice gets a unique IRN(Invoice Reference Number) and a digitally signed QR Code. The QR Code includes all the essential details related to the invoice. IRP system automatically signs the invoice by extracting the necessary details from the invoice.

All the GST registered businesses that come under B2B, B2G, and export businesses have to create e-Invoice under GST. Once the invoice gets authenticated and IRN is generated, it is compulsory to upload the e-Invoice on the GST portal in real-time.

Who can generate an e-Invoice?

Only the GST registered supplier can issue the e-Invoice. But it doesn’t mean, all the suppliers should issue e-Invoice. There are some criteria which the Government has issued -

  1. B2B, B2G(Business to Government), and export businesses can issue e-Invoice.

  2. Businesses having the Aggregate Annual Turnover of more than 50 crores should create e-Invoice.

  3. The transporter and the buyer can not issue e-Invoice. But, eCommerce operators can issue e-Invoice on their platforms on the behalf of the seller.

Who can not generate an e-Invoice?

Following are the businesses that can not generate e-Invoice under GST -

  1. NBFC(Non-Banking Financial Company)

  2. Banking Company

  3. Insurance Company

  4. Financial Institution

  5. Business registered under SEZ unit(Special Economic Zone)

  6. Supplier of transportation service for passengers

Type of Transactions under GST e-Invoice

These are the types of transactions that occur on e-Invoice under GST.

  1. The E-Invoice transaction under B2B(includes both domestic and export) and B2G.

  2. eCommerce operators have also covered under e-Invoice.

  3. In the case of RCM(Reverse Charge Mechanism), the transaction of B2B supply under SEZ is also covered under e-Invoice.

  4. Under RCM, if the transaction comes from an eCommerce platform then e-Invoicing under GST is covered.

  5. There is no need to create IRN for SEZ units but for the business under SEZ developer, it is compulsory to create an IRN invoice.

The transporters and buyers are not allowed to create e-Invoice. Only the supplier can create the e-Invoice under GST. The transaction which happened under importing of goods or services is also not covered under e-Invoice.

E-invoice is not required for B2C(Business to Consumer). But any B2C business having more than 500 crores aggregate annual turnover is complied to have a self-generated QR Code on the invoice.

What are the types of documents created under GST e-Invoice?

Only 3 types of documents can be created under GST e-Invoicing.

1. GST Invoice issued by the supplier.

2. Debit Note issued by the supplier.

3. Credit Note issued by the supplier.

Delivery challan and bill of Supply are not considered under GST e-Invoice.

What are the parameters to generate IRN?

To generate IRN invoice, it is important to have the following details on the e-Invoice. All these data points are essential to generate an e-Invoice.

  1. Supplier GSTIN (GST Number)

  2. Suppliers’ invoice number

  3. The financial year in govt. Specified format. (YYYY-YY). For example, 2019-20

  4. Suppliers' Information

  5. Buyers Information

  6. Description of goods or services

  7. HSN Code

  8. GST Rate (5%, 18%, 28%)


  10. GST Amount

  11. Total Invoice Value

For creating a successful IRN generation of the invoice. One should keep 2 things when creating the invoice.

  • In IRN generation a maximum of 1000 line items is allowed per e-Invoice.

  • “Nil” value must be passed under the mandatory field if you don’t want to add value to the same.

How to generate an e-Invoice on Refrens?

To generate an e-Invoice under GST on Refrens. Follow the simple steps.

  1. Create an invoice with online invoice generator with all valid data. The above heading(^) will show all the valid details to be added to the invoice.

  2. Now, click on Generate IRN. This request is now sent to the IRP directly via Refrens software.

  3. Once the invoice is authorized by the IRP system, the invoice is assigned a unique IRN with a digital signature QR Code. This is termed an e-Invoice.

What is IRP (Invoice Registration Portal)?

IRP, known as Invoice Registration Portal is an instrument used to assign the unique IRN (Invoice Reference Number) to the GST bill format, debit note, and credit note.

What is IRN (Invoice Reference Number)?

IRN (Invoice Reference Number), also known as the hash is a unique number assigned to GST invoice, debit note, and credit note under the e-Invoicing system. It helps the government to identify the e-Invoice generated in India.

What is a GSP?

GSP (GST Suvidha Provider) acts as a middleman between the GST portal and taxpayers. They help taxpayers to access the GST portal using API under the e-Invoicing software.

Can I generate a new IRN for the invoice against which IRN already generated?

No, it is not possible. For every e-Invoice, there is only one unique IRN generated.

What is QR Code?

After creating an invoice, you have to submit the invoice to the IRP system which then validates the invoice and authorizes it by assigning them a unique IRN and QR code. Here, IRP assigns a QR Code to the invoice on the basis of the selected information of invoice, IRN, and its generation date. IRP, a government-regulated portal assigns the QR Code to the invoice hence, it adds authenticity to the invoice.

Which e-Invoice software can be used to generate e-Invoice under GST?

An e-Invoice can be generated from any software which provides an e-Invoicing solution. You should be able to create invoices easily, generate IRN without any hassle. You should go for the option of printing the IRN and QR Code on the invoice and the same should be visible in your GSTR 1 report.

Refrens is a complete solution for billing and e-Invoicing system. You can create invoices for free of cost. One-click to “Generate IRN”. Easy to download and print on the invoice. Refrens also provide essential reports like GSTR1 for filing the taxes.