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It's simple to use for repeat invoices. Easy to collect online payment.
Owner, Spaceplexx, Coworking Space
Taxes always confused me while creating Invoices. Refrens takes all of that away.
Collecting USD payment was always painful for us. It’s a breeze with Refrens.
Founder, Sugoi Labs, Software Services Agency
I was scared of learning a new online tool but Refrens is pretty smooth. Lots of automation of repetitive tasks.
Fast & Unlimited Quotation. Free Forever.Create Quotation For Free


  • Easy Quotations

    Create Simple and beautiful quotations or estimates easily without any hassle.

  • Convert to Tax Invoice

    Easily generate tax invoices from quotations with one click.

  • Track Quotations

    Easily track clients when they viewed your quotation email.

  • Customize Your Details

    Include personal logo, signature, multiple currency, payment terms and notes to the quotation generator.

  • Client List

    Manage and track brief statement of all estimates and quotations at one place.

  • Easy access anywhere

    Easy to use dashboard for mobile and desktop. Get email alerts in real time.


Quotation generation on Refrens is FREE!



What is a quotation in business?

When a supplier submits his proposed price and quantity of his products or services to the potential client is known as quotation. It holds all the detailed information about the product, price and the total amount of the transaction.


Can I create Tax Invoice from Quotations?

Yes, with one click. You can generate a regular tax invoice or proforma invoice from quotations with just one click. You can continue keeping both in record.


Are there different templates for Quotations?

Yes, there are multiple templates for quotation. You can also use multiple colours and fonts to make your quotation attractive.


Is Refrens really free?

Yes. The invoice creation and management is free forever. We only charge payment gateway charges when you choose to collect payments through debit cards, credit cards or wallets etc.


What is the difference between a quotation and an invoice?

In simple terms, a quotation is a proposal and an invoice is what you send for asking for the payment.,


Can I put my logo to Refrens quotation generator?

Yes of course. you can upload your logo by selecting the logo box from the top right corner. You can upload both jpg and png format.


How can I send quotation invoice through this Quotation generator?

Using our quotation software, you can print quotation invoice or download as PDF and also can send via Email. We also give you the options to share your quotation invioce through WhatsApp and by shareable link(after copying link).


What are the other products Refrens provide?

Why Choose Refrens Online Quotation Generator?

Full-fledged Online Quotation Generator for any businesses that issue quotation and cost estimates to the customer. With our user-friendly sales Quotation Maker, create your quotations for the products or services you provide. No re-entering of data is required for converting approved quotations to invoices(GST & Non GST).

Build your brand by customizing your quotation invoice with adding personal Logo, Digital Signature, attachments, files, terms of service. Refrens Quotation Software also supports more than 200+ countries and multiple currencies(also includes the rarest). If you have a business with global clients, you can change the currency on your quotation with just one click.

Using our quotation generator you can print quotations or download as PDF and also can send via Email. We also give you the options to share your quotations through WhatsApp. Refrens Quotation Maker is playing a vital role for freelancers, small businesses, entrepreneurs for making their quotation process easier without any hassle.