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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is a quotation in business?

When a supplier submits his proposed price and quantity of his products or services to the potential client is known as quotation. It holds all the detailed information about the product, price and the total amount of the transaction.

What is an estimate in business?

Both quotations and estimates are the same with a minor change. A quotation that has a fixed price, whereas estimate is a document that gives an approximate cost of the job which is likely to cost. Refrens has an estimate maker that helps you build estimates instantly.

Can I create Tax Invoice from Quotations?

Yes, with one click. You can generate a regular tax invoice or proforma invoice from quotations with just one click. You can continue keeping both in the record.

Are there different Quotation Templates?

Yes, there are multiple templates for quotation. You can also use multiple colours and fonts to make your quotation attractive.

Is Refrens really free?

Yes. The invoice creation and management is completely free. There is no registration or a monthly fee of any kind. We only charge for payment gateway when you choose to collect payments through us for debit cards, credit cards, or wallets.

What is the difference between a quotation and an invoice?

In simple terms, a quotation is a proposal and an invoice is what you send for asking for the payment.

Can I put my logo to Refrens quotation maker?

Yes of course. you can upload your logo by selecting the logo box from the top right corner. You can upload both jpg and png format.

How can I send a quotation invoice through this quotation generator?

Using our quotation software, you can print quotation invoice or download as PDF and also can send via Email. We also give you the options to share your quotation invoice through WhatsApp and by shareable link(after copying link).

What more can we do on is a network for business service providers. You can hire various service providers like content writers, graphic designers, website developers , etc. on

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Quotation - What is a Quotation?

When a supplier submits his proposed price and quantity of his products or services to the potential client is a quotation. Generally, a customer requests a quotation to know more about the goods or services rendered by the vendor before they commit to purchasing. Also, known as a sales quotation, it holds all the detailed information about the product, price and the total amount of the transaction.

Usually, quotations are not legally binding contracts for both parties, however, if the customer commits to purchase the goods or services at a specified price, it is considered that the customer has accepted the quotation. As quotations bring you a new customer and help you grow your business, it is always important to give enough time when creating a quotation.

Customers always try to shop for the perfect product to purchase and therefore they end up asking for quotations from several suppliers. Offering the right product at the right price is no more a choice. If you don’t, then someone else will, so sending a sales quotation quickly and without any mistakes can help you get ahead of your competitors and show professionalism towards the customers.

How to create a Quotation online with Quotation Maker?

In this digital era, there are many options to create quotations and estimates online. You can use online quotation software, Google Docs, Google Sheets or you can print out any quotation format and write your quotation by hand.

Always consider two factors that can mainly affect your business while creating a quotation. First, how fast you can communicate with the customers. As mentioned before, sending quotations quickly can help you get ahead of your competitions. So many businesses choose to use online quotation software like Refrens, to create sales quotations or estimates instantly and send them directly via email or even through WhatsApp.

Second, quotations sent with a specific format and using a quotation template can grow your business immensely. Creating beautifully designed quotations with proper templates, colors and fonts can help you to acquire more clients and it also shows how professionally the business works.

Using Refrens free quotation maker, you can easily make online quotations instantly. Here is the step by step guide for creating quotations.

  • Quotation Title: Whenever you create a quotation, adding the term “Quotation” is a good practice. Though it is not necessary, it still shows how professional you are with your business.
  • Quotation Number & Date: In this section, you have to add the quotation number, issue date and due date of your quotation. You can also add extra fields like PO Number for reference. Refrens has the facility to add your company or personal logo to the quotation.
  • Quotation From: This is the section, where you add all your company information or if you are a freelancer then your information like company/freelancer name, address, email, phone number. If you want to add more details you can add that as well by using the option “Add New Field”.
  • Quotation For: Here you add all the information about your client just like you added yours. Same information like company name, address, email, phone number.
  • Product/Service Description: The product or service you are going to offer to your customer is added in this section. It includes the description, quantity, rate and total amount that will cost. You can easily customize the product/service description column as per the quotation requirement by simply using the option “Add/Rename Column”. Our free quotation maker has the feature of changing the currency, changing number format, add a discount, charge additional charges and can also hide the total of your quotation.
  • Terms & Conditions: Add the terms of your company and product or service you offer.
  • Attachments: Add the image, file, pdf or excel to the quotation. To get more company and product information.

Above are the essential elements you should keep in mind when creating your quotation. Instantly make quotations using our platform. Easy to create. Fully-fledged quotation maker. Use quotation templates for free. LIFETIME FREE QUOTATIONS & ESTIMATES.

Note: If you are creating estimates, follow the above steps. The minor change is the title - it must be “Estimate” and the total amount should be an approximate cost of the job which is likely to cost.

Creating Quotation vs Creating Estimate

Quotation sent to the customer includes product or service name, description, quantity, time, etc and a fixed price. Meanwhile, those businesses that can’t offer a fixed price don't issue any quotation to the customer. Instead, they create estimates which give an approximate cost of the job which is likely to cost. An online estimate is also a non-legal binding contract for both parties just like a quotation.

Convert Quotations & Estimates Using the Quotation Maker

A quotation sent to the client is not a legal document, so even if your quotation or estimates get accepted by your client it is necessary to send them a proforma invoice. Sending a proforma invoice to the client ensures the commitment made by the seller for the price of the products or services. It is generally sent before the work is done. Whereas some directly send an invoice to the client instead of a proforma invoice. Both the approaches are correct but it may vary for different businesses.

So when choosing a perfect quotation software, there must be a feature of converting quotations to either a proforma invoice or invoice. So you need not create these documents from scratch which saves your time and effort. Using quotation maker by Refrens, allow the user to convert quotations to proforma invoice or convert to invoice with one click. These documents get linked with each other and are easy to refer for further understanding.

Personalize your Quotations using Free Quotation Generator

Add your personal logo to the quotation and build your brand by adding additional attachments like image, pdf and many more. You can also add an extra field to add more details about the company. It is essential to provide complete information about the products or services you are going to offer to your client. So having extra columns for detailing your product helps your client to know more about your products and services. Select the best quotation template that suits your business needs. Refrens estimate maker allows users to change the quotation template colors(more than 24 colors) and also the fonts on the quotation.

Benefits of Using Online Quotation Maker

There are many benefits to using an online quotation maker. Some of them are as follows:

  • Easy to generate quotations instantly.
  • No Cost - saves time and money both.
  • Manage your client and add them to your portfolio.
  • Bulk Upload Quotation.
  • Track your quotation - know whether the mail is opened or not.
  • Organize all your quotations in one place.
  • Multiple Quotation Templates that fit your business.
  • The choice to send quotations - Print, Email, Whatsapp share or PDF download.

Why Choose Refrens Online Quotation Generator?

Full-fledged Online Quotation Generator for any businesses that issue quotations and cost estimates to the customer. With our user-friendly sales Quotation Maker, create your quotations for the products or services you provide. No re-entering of data is required for converting approved quotations to invoices and can also convert to GST invoices.

Build your brand by customizing your quotation invoice by adding a personal Logo, Digital Signature, attachments, files, terms of service. Refrens Quotation Software also supports more than 200+ countries and multiple currencies(also includes the rarest). If you have a business with global clients, you can change the currency on your quotation with just one click.

Using our quotation generator you can print quotations or download as PDF and also can send via Email. We also give you the options to share your quotations through WhatsApp. Refrens Quotation Maker is playing a vital role for freelancers, small businesses, entrepreneurs for making their quotation process easier without any hassle.

Tips to Make a Good Estimate for Freelancers

Researching and calculating the project estimates is more important than creating the invoice. Wrong estimates and all your hard work and time will be flushed within seconds. And also estimate is the first document with which the client interacts with. So creating an estimate that impresses your client is a must. Moreover, estimating the value of a project makes it a lot easier to work on the project and eventually helps in the success of the project. Here are some of the tips to follow before making an estimate.

1. Understand the Requirement

The first mistake most of them commit is not understanding the requirements. Never create an estimate before understanding the project details. Many times, clients don’t know what they exactly want. Some clients only tell you what the end result should be but don’t give enough details about the process. The only solution is to sit together and discuss the project in good detail. Also, the initial discussion can strengthen the customer-vendor relationship. In the end make sure that both the client and you are on the same page and wipe out the unwanted conversation that can hurt the initial relationship.

2. Estimate Timeline

It is important to give an estimated due date for the completion of the project. So that your client can be aware of the due date of the project and to pay you as per the timeline you worked on that project. Be accurate with the time projection to prevent any later disputes and if you think, any possible delays can be there, you should mention the possible factors for the delay. Once the due date is fixed, don’t undervalue the completion date.

3. Estimate Cost Materials

Estimate the cost of the materials or tools or manpower required for the completion of the project. Some tools you can buy at cheap value and if any tool is required only for once then you can rent it easily. But remember if the cost overheads the revenue, you can avoid or decline the project.

4. Research and Competition

Before taking on any project, do proper research about the manpower, tools, the time required to complete and check what the competition is charging for similar projects. Don’t charge too high which can lose the potential client and charging too low which doesn't turn to profit does not make any sense.

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