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How it works?

Add Your Business

Add Your Business

Create profile with details on your services.

Add Portfolio

Add Portfolio

Add past work and clients.

Get more leads

Get more leads

Set up a referral program and start sharing.

Also, get paid to submit leads to other businesses, when they convert to sales. Signup for free


  • Get leads from new sources

    Expand your business by opening up a new ecosystem of customers through referrals.

  • Higher conversion rate

    Leads on Refrens come from recommendations. Hence, a higher chance of conversion.

  • Define your own budget

    You decide how much you think a new customer is worth and define referral fee accordingly. Absolute amount or as percentage of sales.

  • Define your products and service packages

    Get pre-qualified leads for each service or product. Increase visibility by adding more products and services packages.

  • Track leads from existing channels

    Increase chances of referrals from existing customer and employees through a better managed program.

  • Easy access anywhere

    Easy to use dashboard for mobile and desktop. Get email alerts in real time. Don’t miss out on a hot lead ever.


Refrens is FREE!

- Showcase your portfolio.
- Manage and add your own leads.
- Unlimited team members

+ Pay what you want per successful sales closure from Refrens.

You decide what you want to pay as reward to the referrer on successful closure. All Internal and team leads are free.

Refrens charges 4% of the reward as platform fee.

Most of this helps us pay payment gateway charges and maintain the platform. So, if you are willing to pay Rs.1000 for a successful referral, we will charge you total Rs.1040, where Rs.40 is Refrens’ platform fee and Rs.1000 goes to Referrer.

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