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Akshay Saini

Akshay Saini


In Business SinceMar, 2020
Logo DesignIdentity DesignGraphic DesignBrand IdentityWebflow
Chandan Dongre

Chandan Dongre


In Business SinceSep, 2018
Wordpress Website DesignWebsite DeveloperWebflow DesignerWebsite UI/UX DesignerApp UI/UX Designer
In Business SinceMay, 2016
SaaSUI DesignWebsite DeveloperAutomationsUI & UX
In Business SinceMay, 2021
WebflowWebflow DesignerFigma To WebflowAirtableZapier
In Business SinceJan, 2021
Web Design And DevelopmentWebflowUser Experience DesignWebsite RedesignHTML/CSS/Javascript
Graphic DesignerDigital MarketingLogo DesignerUI DesignerWebflow Designer
In Business SinceJul, 2021
Website DeveloperWordpress DeveloperUI/UX DesigningWebflow DesignerShopify Developer
In Business SinceMar, 2019
SEMDigital MarketingSEOUI DesignCRME CommerceERP
In Business SinceJun, 2019
Web Development & Web DesignWebflowSEO ProfessionalNo Code
In Business SinceJul, 2020
Graphic DesignerDigital MarketingLogo DesignerSocial Media ExpertWebsite DeveloperWebflow Designer
In Business SinceJan, 2017
Digital MarketingEducationWeb DesignerSocial Media ExpertSoftware DeveloperWebsite DeveloperWebflow Designer
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We needed a website developer really quickly. Refrens became our savior. Easy process and quick delivery. Highly recommended.
Nitesh S.Founder, Medical Tech
We needed a consultant who can help us with some licenses. Refrens team worked hard to connect us with the right consultant.
HimanshuFounder, Packaged Food
We needed a designer for a short term project. We got it through Refrens and the whole experience was pretty smooth.
NayanFounder, Sugoi Labs, Software Services Agency
We needed a logo designer for our business on very short notice. Refrens helped us to arrange one and the logo was great too.
Harsh S.Trader, Textiles Trading
Refrens' service is bliss. We placed our requirements & in no time we were provided with some good expert profiles from which we engaged with a few.
Palak MahanaSocial Media Manager, Unacademy

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does hiring of Webflow Designer work?

Once you post a requirement, we will share expert profiles and portfolio who are best suited for your job. You can go through them and choose the one best suited for your requirement.

Do you charge any commission from the client?

No, we do not charge any commission from the client.

Are Refrens Webflow Experts reliable?

We do our screening and ensure we share reliable & verified profiles- but incase if you have any apprehensions related to an expert we have an escrow system in place to safeguard the interests of both parties.

Can I hire Webflow Designers in less than 24 hours through Refrens?

Depending on the requirement posted and the availability, you can start working with the Webflow Freelancer within 24 hours of posting the requirement.

Should the payment happen from your platform?

Not necessarily. You can choose to pay directly as well. In case you have any apprehensions, the Escrow system can be used to safeguard.

In case we don't go ahead with you then?

In case for some reason it does not work out with the initial few profiles, we can share more expert profiles within 24hrs. In case if you go ahead with someone from your own network, that’s fine as well.

Is the budget mandatory to be shared with you?

No, it is not mandatory. You can submit a requirement without the budget as well. However, with a budget, the requirement becomes more clear and we know about your expectations in more detail.

Best Freelance Webflow Designers for Hire

What is a Webflow freelancer?

Webflow is a professional website builder that helps users create attractive and SEO friendly websites in a visual and drag-and-drop manner. Webflow freelancers are ** freelance web developers** that help businesses, individuals and organizations to plan, develop, design and implement web pages and websites using Webflow.

How Freelance Webflow Experts can help you?

Freelance Webflow experts can help you plan and focus on freelance website designs, website development, marketing and many more. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Platform Migration - Webflow experts help you move your entire website or just a part of the website from one platform to Webflow without neglecting SEO elements, DNS setting, redirects, and other google integrations.

  2. Custom Code & Integration - Webflow developers help write custom codes and integration, requiring development work.

  3. Redesign - Need a completely new look for your website? Start working on new projects with an expert Webflow freelancer.

  4. SEO Guidance - Easily rank your website on the first page of Google and other search engines by hiring SEO experts.

  5. Design - Webflow designers help to plan website design, implement and maintain the scalability of the work.

  6. eCommerce Websites - You want to create websites that sell something? Refrens can help you with that too.

  7. Animations - Make the user experience and UI design more prominent by adding custom-built interactions and liveliness to the websites without hiring any freelance front end developer.

Decide whether you want to work with a Webflow freelancer or Agency

Before hitting the requirement form button, it is essential to make up your mind with whom you want to work because many factors determine whether a Webflow freelancer is suitable for your job or a Webflow agency.

As per Refrens research, Webflow freelancers work more prominent when you tightly bound their roles, responsibilities, and tasks. Webflow agency is right to work with when your project is too large or requires a team to complete or want to deliver multiple projects at a time. There are many other factors, and some are as follows:

  1. Work Experience - Always find the Webflow Expert who has worked with similar projects in the past. It becomes easy for an expert to understand the requirement with minimal effort. It also helps to know the industry expertise of the Webflow freelancer. You can find this easily by going through the portfolio section.

  2. Work Complexity - Before hiring, always consider the complexity of the work, design and implementation of the work. How complex is the overall project? Does it seem like a one-person job or it requires a team like back end developer to accomplish the task?

  3. Work Liability - Large corporates or enterprises need proper documentation of the work done, project management and work statement. This type of formalized work can only be done by the high skilled and experienced Webflow developer.

  4. Relationship Management - It is imperative to know how you and the expert will work? It is essential to work with an expert who can manage the project, coordinate with you regularly, give you time to time update, and have a similar communication style.

How to find and hire a freelance Webflow designer in 24 hours?

You can easily find and hire the best Webflow developer on Refrens using these simple steps:

  1. Write your requirement - Determine the work you want to accomplish with the perfect skill set and requirements needed from a Webflow developer and if you need a Webflow agency, write a description according to that.

  2. Post it on Refrens - Once you have written your requirement, post in on Refrens. Follow the steps and add all the relevant details and provisions, which will help us to line up multiple vendors suited for your requirement.

  3. Shortlist and get work done - Refrens share the best Webflow designer profile according to your requirement. Browse through the experts and select the profile that suits your project. Get your work done.

Defining your requirement is one of the essential parts that help you find the best fit profile to get the work done.

How do you write a Freelance Webflow designer job post?

Your requirement section is where you add all the details like project scope, budget, skills needed, deliverables, and localities. But it doesn’t mean to add full detailed information like a job post, only add enough details for us so that we can find the right Webflow freelancer that fits your requirements.

Here is an example of your Webflow developer requirements:

  1. How would you like to pay for this project? - This section mentions whether you want to pay a fixed amount for the project or want to pay them on an hourly basis.

  2. How long will the project take? - You can give an estimate of project duration. It will help us to find the freelancer that will take up the project.

  3. Do you need someone local? - Some clients like to work closely with the freelancer to hire Webflow experts from their city itself. If this is the case for you as well, then you can add your preferences.

  4. Add a description - In this section, mention the scope of work, experience, particular industry.

Scope of work includes the create website, or eCommerce website, migration of website, maintenance, and all other deliverables project.

Experience includes the person you are looking for must have an individual experience in a particular industry.

Industry-specific include whether you want to hire software designer, eCommerce design expert like shopify freelance developer, news-based blog, blog design expert like wordpress developer to hire etc.

Here are some examples of Webflow freelancer responsibilities:

  • Plan, design, and build websites as per the client requirements.

  • Regular updating of the websites.

  • If needed, then migrate from one platform to another.

  • Develop UI/UX for software and applications.

  • Create custom code, integrations, plugins, API tools.

How much does it cost to hire a Webflow freelancer?

Rates of each Webflow freelancer in India vary depending on many factors like experience, demand, location, expertise in a particular industry, specialization.

An experienced freelance Webflow designer may charge you higher but work faster and have years of experience and a balanced skill set in a specific industry with quality work.

A beginner will charge you less to increase the client base.

Rates typically charged on Refrens by Webflow freelance designers

  • Beginner - Rs. 10,000 per project

  • Intermediate - Rs. 20,000 per project

  • Advanced - Rs. 35,000 per project

The rate will ultimately will completely depend on the project you are working on, specifications and industries.

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