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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does this work?

Once you post a requirement, we will share expert profiles and portfolio who are best suited for your job. You can go through them and choose the one best suited for your requirement.

Do you charge any commission from the client?

No, we do not charge any commission from the client.

Are Refrens experts reliable?

We do our screening and ensure we share reliable & verified profiles- but incase if you have any apprehensions related to an expert we have an escrow system in place to safeguard the interests of both parties.

Should the payment happen from your platform?

Not necessarily. You can choose to pay directly as well. In case you have any apprehensions, the Escrow system can be used to safeguard.

In case we don't go ahead with you then?

In case for some reason it does not work out with the initial few profiles, we can share more expert profiles within 24hrs. In case if you go ahead with someone from your own network, that’s fine as well.

Is the budget mandatory to be shared with you?

No, it is not mandatory. You can submit a requirement without the budget as well. However, with a budget, the requirement becomes more clear and we know about your expectations in more detail.

Hire Freelance Software Developer and Agencies

What is a Software?

Software is a set of programs, which is designed to perform a well-defined function. A program is a sequence of instructions written to solve a particular problem.

For example - Ramesh runs a restaurant but has trouble managing so many orders simultaneously, and therefore he hires a software developer who can design an automated software system that can help him run the restaurant business operations such as bill calculations, order management, employee scheduling, salaries, etc.

Who is a Freelance Software Developer?

A Software developer is someone who can understand business requirements, and write code or software that can run the desired set of instructions. A software developer may use multiple languages and frameworks such as C, C++, Python, Java, CodeIgniter which is a framework of PHP used by freelance PHP developers etc.

A freelance software developer can develop the software both in application and can also helps in website development software.

What are the things a Freelance Software Developer can do for you?

A software developer is someone who develops software and can also freelancer app developer, but there are so many different forms of software, therefore there are multiple streams of software development. Some of the tasks a software developer can perform for you are -

  1. Develop Android applications - Software's that run on Android are termed called Android Apps and are developed by android app freelancer.

  2. Make apps for Apple devices - iOS freelance developers are specialized developers who can write software that runs on Apple devices.

  3. Write software for cars, planes, and other vehicles - All modern means of transportation today use complex software architectures that allow them to be operated seamlessly. A software developer can write software that runs these complex systems and can do the work of freelance back end developer as well.

  4. Find bugs, and debug - Complex software often has bugs that need to be resolved, and a software developer is someone who can help you with the same also considered as hire full stack developer.

  5. Project Consultation - Experienced Software Developers often run consultation projects where they help business owners, and enable them to plan, and structure their software development plans. Hiring a consultant enables people to save resources, and optimize their efforts for high impact.

How to prepare yourself before hiring a Freelance Software Developer?

In most of the cases where hiring's have gone wrong, the number one cause - “People /companies aren’t ready with their requirements, and often lack an understanding of what’s expected from the freelancer”.

  1. Knowing your Project Requirements - You need a software developer that understands your needs. The only way for the developer to understand what you need is for you to have clear project specifications in mind before the interview. If you already have project documentation, review it and identify important components.

  2. Knowing your Budget - There is no need to interview a software developer that is outside of your budget, so understand your budget constraints before you start an interview.

  3. Knowing your Deadline - The best of the developers have been hired, but now there’s a mismatch in the timeline expectations, what do you do? It’s best to be aware of your deadlines before looking to hire a Software Developer.

Questions to ask a Freelance Software Developer before hiring them?

What programming languages do you prefer?

This gives the experts a chance to talk about the programming languages they have used and what they appreciate or dislike about certain aspects of each one. This helps you determine if they will be compatible with your technologies, and can work with you.

What’s important when checking a team member’s code?

While this question does not have a right or wrong answer it will give you insight into their thought processes on coding. What are the really important things when writing code? Do they focus on functionality or simplicity? Is security something there concerned with?

What project management tools do you use?

This will give you an idea of the project management tools such as Jira, Asana, or others that they are comfortable using as well as the type of work environment and they’re used to.

Talk about a project they completed successfully

This gives the software developer a chance to discuss a project without getting too technical. It should give you an understanding of how they worked with teams, time management skills, interacted with managers, and what contributions they made to the project.

What makes them want to work with us?

Did they do research about your company? Try to find out what they know about your company’s mission, what your values are, and what your company culture is like.

If they did not do research about your company and are simply looking for a new job because they need the money, they might not end up being a good fit for your team. You want to make sure that their values align with your own and that they will be dedicated to your mission.

Ask them about some of the mistakes they might have made in their careers?

The answer to this question allows you to get an insight into their work ethic, their willingness to admit mistakes and learn, and how they work on improving their skills while working on projects.

How Do You Come Up With the Cost & Time Estimates?

Software developer often come up with estimates that are entirely off the mark. Although they may want to think that they can deliver an end result within a specific time frame, new issues and bugs often come up that causes them to be late on their estimate.

Ask the candidate how they come up with estimates to find out how accurate they are and whether they have realistic expectations about what it will take to complete a project.

How Do they Assure Software Quality?

When working on a project, it is important to conduct a quality control process to ensure that the end results come out great. Ask the developer what their quality control process looks like and whether they use any specific tools to test their results.

Any freelance software developer can end up having bugs in the software they are working on, but it is important that they have a process to test for bugs and a method for fixing them.

Do You Enjoy Working With a Team or Alone?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question, as it all depends on what you are looking for in a software developer. You may want an software developer who will work hard and who can be independent. On the flip side, you may want someone who is a team player and is not stubborn about doing things their way.

What Questions Do You Have for Us?

When interviewing a potential software software developer for freelance work, it is important not just to ask them questions but to allow them to ask their own questions. One can judge the developer, and their interests based on the answer provided to this question.