Integrate IndiaMart With Refrens Sales CRM

Automatically capture IndiaMart leads into Refrens Sales CRM. Track deal progress, send WhatsApp & emails, create Quotations & Invoices, get salesperson-wise reports, and more!

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Convert More IndiaMart Leads With Our Powerful Sales CRM

Automatically capture all your IndiaMart Leads data into Refrens in real-time, Send WhatsApp & Emails to leads in a few clicks, Create & share quotations & Invoices, get salesperson-wise reports, and more!
Convert IndiaMart Leads Faster In 3 Simple Steps
1. Connect Your Refrens Account With IndiaMart Sign up on Refrens & add your IndiaMart CRM key. Automatically get all your leads on Refrens in real-time!
Engage and Nurture Prospects - Sales CRM
2. Engage And Nurture Your LeadsSegment leads in different pipelines, assign to the right sales person, send WhatsApp & emails, get automated follow-up reminders, and more.
Close Deals Using Refrens Sales CRM
3. Close Deals & Increase RevenueSpeed up deal closures by quickly creating Quotations & Invoices, sharing them in 1-click, and tracking when leads view them.
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Optimize Your IndiaMart Sales Workflow With Refrens Sales CRM

Capture Leads
Capture LeadsCapture & add leads easily across all channels including your own business profile on Refrens
Lead Capture Form
Lead Capture FormA fully customisable form that can be embedded into your website to capture leads directly.
Add Custom Fields
Add Custom FieldsCapture more than just emails and phone numbers with unlimited Custom Fields for all your pipelines
Multiple Sales Pipelines
Multiple Sales PipelinesManage sales pipelines for different products and services. Move leads easily within pipelines
Manage Unlimited Stages
Manage Unlimited StagesCustomize lead stages according to different pipelines and manage them to never miss out on a follow-up
Add Label to Leads
Label Every LeadLabel and tag every lead by source, personas, business type and more for 1-click filters and reports
Send WhatsApp and Email
Send Emails/WhatsAppSend & manage all communication to your leads via Email, chat or WhatsApp from within Refrens
Insights and Reports
Intelligent Insights & ReportsActionable turnaround time insights & weighted pipeline report to calculate sales & revenue probability
Multiple Team Members
Multiple Team MembersAdd multiple team members, assign leads to sales reps and control their access levels
Automate Follow-upsMake your leads travel faster down the pipeline with personalized messaging and follow-ups
Add Internal Leads
Leave Internal NotesCapture every relevant interaction and add relevant context for your team with private internal notes
Send Quotations and Invoices
Send Quotations/InvoicesWith our Refrens accounting and inventory suite, drive conversions and revenue faster and easier

Ever since we started using Refrens with IndiaMart, our sales efficiency has skyrocketed!
AnjaniFounder, Brown Mocha
This integration is a must-have – it's simplified our sales process more than I ever thought possible.
Harsh S.Trader, Textiles Trading
The seamless sync of leads from IndiaMart to Refrens CRM saves us hours of work each week.
Shivansh TulsyanCEO, Binny Textiles

Close IndiaMart Deals Faster With Refrens Sales CRM

Manage your entire sales process in one platfrom
Capture IndiaMart Leads Into Refrens Automatically
Connect your account with IndiaMart to automatically capture all your leads data into Refrens. Manage leads, get detailed sale reports, send email & Whatspp messages, create quotations & invoices, and more. - all in just a few clicks!
Centralized Communication with Sales CRM Software
Centralized Communication for Seamless Collaboration
Eliminate the need for multiple apps and inboxes. Keep all your essential messages organized and easily accessible in one unified platform.
Follow up Reminder - Sales CRM
Stress-Free Follow-Ups
Stay on track with automated follow-up reminders from Refrens, your personal follow-up guardian angel.
Close Deals Using Refrens Sales CRM
Sales Management Simplified
Handle your leads, communicate with prospects, send quotations & invoices, and process payments - all within a single platform. Experience the power of multiple tools without complications.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which CRM is Best for IndiaMart?

Refrens Sales CRM stands out as the best choice for integrating with IndiaMart. It's designed to seamlessly sync with IndiaMart in real time, providing a robust and efficient platform for managing your leads.

With Refrens Sales CRM, you can enjoy automatic lead capture, streamlined sales processes, enhanced lead management, real-time data synchronization, and comprehensive reporting.

This integration ensures that your sales team can focus more on converting leads and less on manual data entry, making your sales process more efficient and effective.

How Can I Get IndiaMart CRM Key?

To generate an IndiaMart CRM key, follow these steps:

1. Log in to IndiaMart Seller Account: Visit and log in to your account.

2. Navigate to Lead Manager: In your dashboard, go to the Lead Manager section.

3. Access CRM Integration: Click on the three dots menu ( ⋮ ) and select 'CRM Integration'.

4. Generate Key: Click on 'Generate Key' on the CRM Key Generation Page. You can directly access this page at

5. Key Confirmation: A unique CRM key will be generated and sent to your registered email address. Note that if the CRM key is not used within the last 15 days, it will expire, and you will need to generate a new one.

6. Integration with Refrens Sales CRM: Enter this key into your Refrens Sales CRM account to start syncing your IndiaMart leads.

Once integrated, your Refrens Sales CRM will begin receiving leads from IndiaMart in real-time, allowing for efficient lead management and follow-up.

How to Integrate IndiaMart with CRM?

Integrating IndiaMART with a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system can streamline your sales and customer management processes by automatically transferring leads and inquiries from IndiaMART to your CRM.

The exact method of integration can vary depending on the CRM you are using. Here is how you can integrate IndiaMart with Refrens Sales CRM:

1. Log in to IndiaMart Seller Account: Visit and log in to your account.

2. Navigate to Lead Manager: In your dashboard, go to the Lead Manager section.

3. Access CRM Integration: Click on the three dots menu ( ⋮ ) and select 'CRM Integration'.

4. Generate Key: Click on 'Generate Key' on the CRM Key Generation Page.

Once the key is generated, you will need to connect it with Refrens. Go to Business Settings > Lead Management System > Third-party Integrations > Fetch Leads From IndiaMart > Click "Connect to IndiaMart" > Just copy and paste your IndiaMart CRM key. That's it! Your IndiaMart account is integrated with Refrens Sales CRM!

Best CRM Software to Manage IndiaMart Leads

In the digital age, where online B2B marketplaces like IndiaMart are thriving, managing business leads efficiently has become crucial for success. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software plays a pivotal role in this scenario, helping businesses streamline lead management processes.

IndiaMart, one of the largest online B2B marketplaces in India, serves as a vital platform for businesses to generate leads. It connects suppliers with buyers, facilitating a wide range of business transactions. The leads generated here are diverse and abundant, offering significant growth opportunities for businesses.

The Need for CRM Integration with IndiaMart

Integrating a robust CRM system with IndiaMart can transform lead management from a chaotic to a streamlined process. Without such integration, businesses often struggle with lead tracking, timely follow-ups, and efficient data management. A CRM system not only helps in organizing and managing leads but also ensures that each lead is nurtured and followed up on, increasing the chances of conversion.

Key Features to Look for in a CRM for IndiaMart Leads

When selecting a CRM for IndiaMart leads, look for features like:

  1. Automated Lead Capture: Automatically imports leads from IndiaMart into the CRM.
  2. Real-Time Synchronization: Ensures that the data in the CRM is always up-to-date.
  3. Lead Segmentation: Helps in categorizing leads for targeted follow-ups.
  4. Analytics: Provides insights into lead behavior and conversion rates.
  5. Integration With Accounting Suite: Helps you create & send quotations, Invoices, Sales Orders, and other documents directly from the sales CRM.

Refrens Sales CRM provides you with all these features in a single platform to help you streamline your sales process.