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Invoice Templates Excel

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Invoice Templates Excel

How to create an invoice using an Excel invoice template?

Creating a professional invoice using an Excel invoice template can be a streamlined process, and there are multiple methods to achieve this. In this article, we will explore three effective methods that cater to different requirements and complexities. Regardless of your specific needs, these methods offer flexibility, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your invoicing requirements.

  1. Creating Invoice Using Excel Invoice Template
  2. Creating Invoice Using Excel From Scratch
  3. Creating Invoice By Importing Templates in Excel or Google Sheets

All the above-mentioned ways help you create an invoice. But all of them have their own pros and cons and I will discuss that as well, please read the article till the end. So starting with the first method.

  1. Creating Invoice Using Excel Invoice Template

Here you either need a desktop or laptop that has pre-installed MS Excel, internet or Wi-Fi connectivity and that’s it. You are ready to create your first invoice using the Excel invoice template. Here is a step-by-step guide:

a. Open MS Excel - If you have a Windows OS installed, then either at the taskbar, you will get an option to search. You can type "MS Excel" and can open the app. If you don’t have a search bar at the bottom, simply click on the "Windows" key on your keyboard, a modal will open up and there you can search for MS Excel and can open the app. If you have a Mac, then simply click on "command" + "space bar" on the keyboard, and a search bar will appear on your screen, simply search for Excel and open the app.

b. Search for Invoice Template - Once the Excel app is open, you will again get an option of a search bar where you can search for online templates available in Excel. Search for invoice templates, and you will get loads of invoice templates in Excel format. (You will be able to search the templates only if you are connected to the internet or Wi-Fi). Once you get the invoice template that meets your needs, simply click on it and the Excel invoice template will open up in edit mode.

c. Edit and Customize the Invoice Template - Once the template is opened in edit mode, you can start editing and customizing according to your requirements. But you have to add all the basic details that are required for any invoice. Here is the list of the details that are needed when creating an invoice.

  • Invoice number
  • Invoice Date and Due Date
  • Your Company Details
  • Your Client Company Details
  • Product/Service Name Description
  • Quantity/Hours Worked
  • Rate per Quantity/Hours Worked
  • Discount (if applicable)
  • Taxable Amount (if applicable)
  • Total Amount
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Authorized Signature
  • Additional Notes (if you want to add)

Once you have added all these details, it's time to customize the invoice. One of the major benefits of using Excel invoice templates is that you can customize them according to your needs. Right from choosing the color that reflects your brand identity, adding custom fields and columns, adding custom formulas, and adding your company logo to mobile accessibility, almost everything is possible in an Excel invoice template.

d. Save Excel Invoice Template - Once you have filled in the details and are satisfied with your customization, the first thing you should do is save that Excel invoice template so that you can re-use the invoice template in the future. You should never send the invoice template in Excel to the client, that gives a bad impression on the client. So you must always send the PDF format of the invoice. To convert the Excel invoice template to PDF format, you can either use any online Excel to PDF converter tool or you can directly convert the Excel invoice template within the Excel app. Simply head over to "File" from the top left corner, and you will see the option of "Export", click on it and there you will get the option to export your Excel invoice template in PDF format.

e. Send the invoice to the client - Know that there are multiple ways to send the invoice to your client. Either you mail it to your client, or you can print the invoice and send it via delivery. This depends on you and how fast you want your payment to get processed, so sending via mail is one of the best options to send the invoice.

  1. Creating Invoice Using Excel From Scratch

This is the second method and one of the rarest methods used by any professionals or businesses as you start creating the invoice from scratch things get complicated. You have to be a pro at Excel in order to understand its functionality to create invoices, or you have to do some googling to learn its basics. I will help you create a basic invoice template from scratch.

a. Start with Invoice Header - Add the title of the invoice, add your company logo, invoice number, date and due date.

b. Mid part of the Invoice - add your and the client's company details, product name, quantity, rate and total amount of the invoice. Here you can use one of the powerful features of MS Excel and that is "Using Formulas" which can help you with even complex calculations which is helpful especially when creating construction invoice templates or contractor invoice templates.

c. Bottom of the Invoice - Add terms, signature and your contact information.

  1. Creating Invoice By Importing Template in Excel or Google Sheets

From all methods, these easy one of the easiest and valuable ways to create an invoice. See, when using Excel's pre-defined invoice template, you will get limited invoice templates, whereas there are websites that provide dozens of free invoice templates in Excel format that to unique templates that are not present in Excel. They are created by professionals from scratch. You can visit any website like Refrens for Excel invoice templates. Click on download and start using the invoice template directly in Excel.

Why use Invoice Template in Excel?

Professional Invoices - As said above, there are multiple templates available in Excel that you can import from any website or you can also create from scratch. You can not get bored with the templates available on the internet. And templates are launched daily so you can use any of them.

Free to Use - One of the major reasons for the popularity of the Excel invoice template is it's free to use. There is absolutely 0 price to create an invoice on Excel.

Customizable - Plenty of options available to customize the invoice, Excel has many features, formulas and functionality to customize the invoice. You can make even complex calculations easy using Excel functionality.

Data Organization - Excel is made to organize the data, there also you can use that feature and organize your all invoices and can also use the tabular format for the itemized lists, quantities, rates, and totals systematically.

Graph and Charts - Excel has the capability to generate visual reports and charts on invoicing data. This will help you provide detailed insights into your financial trends and make it easy to understand the business.

Benefits of Excel Invoice Template

Excel invoice templates have much functionality as compared to Word invoice template but it has less functionality compared with any online invoice software. So let us see some of the major benefits of Excel invoice templates that can be useful for you to create the invoice.

Integration Capabilities - In this connected tech, it is important to have integration capabilities and Microsoft and Google both have mastered this integration game. You can easily integrate Excel with any software you want and can import or export your invoicing data for visualization purposes, data analysis, collaboration or connecting with other software for marketing purposes.

Mobile Accessibility - Unlike some software that is not compatible with mobile, Excel and Google Sheets are some of those who provide the functionality to access the invoice in mobile view and not just access the data but you can also create and edit the invoice template seamlessly in mobile and can access from anywhere and anytime.

Collaborative Invoicing - If you use Excel Online or Google Sheets, there is an option to add to share your sheet with your team, colleagues or freelancers for collaborative work. You will be able to see the real-time updates which eventually increase the overall productivity of the team. Also, there is an option to directly join a meeting with the team member or your clients which saves your time and enhances teamwork and client engagement.

Advanced Formula and Calculations - Excel is one of the few tools where you can calculate complex calculations and formulas. There is a specific section dedicated to only functions where you can find all types of calculations. This calculation is especially useful for more complex businesses like contractor business, construction business, finance business and many more. Excel invoice template will resolve all the unique invoicing needs that a business requires.

Real-time Updating - As said, you can easily update the sheet and get instant updates helping you to get real-time alerts and all. It becomes easy to check the update history who has updated the fields.

Who can use Refrens Excel invoice templates?

Everyone who runs their business solo or has complicated calculations can use Refrens Excel invoice templates for free. Refrens don’t charge any fee or commission for using Excel invoice templates. Anyone can simply make a copy of the invoice template and can start using it for the client. Some of the businesses that can use Refrens Excel invoice template are as follows:

  1. Freelancers

    Efficient Invoicing - Freelancers often work with multiple clients, each with unique invoicing needs. Refrens Excel invoice templates allow freelancers to create professional invoices quickly, ensuring accurate and organized billing for their diverse clientele.

    Customization - These templates are flexible and can be customized to include specific project details or branding elements, helping freelancers maintain a consistent and professional image.

  2. Self-Employed Individuals

    Ease of Use - Self-employed individuals often handle many aspects of their businesses independently. Refrens Excel templates simplify the invoicing process, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

    Clear Documentation - Properly formatted invoices generated using these templates provide clear and organized records for tax purposes and financial management.

  3. Contractors

    Comprehensive Invoicing - Contractors, especially those in the construction industry, deal with complex projects and expenses. Refrens Excel templates allow them to include itemized lists of materials, labour, and other costs, ensuring transparency in billing.

  4. Construction Businesses

    Project Management - These templates facilitate project-based invoicing, enabling construction businesses to create invoices tailored to the scope and progress of each project.

    Professional Image - Consistently formatted invoices help construction businesses maintain a professional image and build trust with clients.

  5. Micro Businesses

    Cost-Effective Solution - For micro businesses operating on tight budgets, Refrens Excel invoice templates offer a cost-effective way to manage invoicing needs without investing in dedicated invoice software.

  6. Small Service or Product Businesses

    Organized Sales Records - Small businesses selling products or services benefit from the clarity of the invoicing process. Refrens Excel templates help maintain organized sales records, which is essential for tracking income and expenses.

  7. Consultant Business Invoice

    Detailed Invoicing - Consultants often bill for their time and services on an hourly basis. Refrens Excel templates provide a structured way to document hours worked, rates, and additional costs, ensuring accurate billing.