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Commercial Invoice Template
Professional Commercial Invoice Template
Commercial Invoice Template - letterhead
Letterhead Commercial Invoice template
Classic Commercial Invoice Template
Classic Commercial Invoice Template
Compact Commercial Invoice Template
Compact Commercial Invoice Template
Modern Commercial Invoice Template
Commercial invoice template for digital business
Commercial Invoice Template - Business
Business Commercial Invoice Template

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a commercial invoice?

A commercial invoice is a document mostly used by exporters as proof of sale. Once the invoice is issued by the seller and the same is accepted by the buyer, it acts as evidence that a transaction between both parties has happened. It is one of the most important documents when you are trading overseas, and is mainly used to inform the customs officer for the clearance of invoice and taxable amount.

How to create an commercial invoice?

When creating a commercial invoice, you have to fill out some details to the blank commercial template like:

  1. Using our commercial template, invoice number, invoice date, and due date are auto-populated which avoid the repetitive task.
  2. In billed by, add your information which should include your company name, address, email, contact number, etc.
  3. Similar to billed by, add your clients' information in the billed to section.
  4. Add shipping details like sender and receiver details, shipping company name & delivery, or tracking number.
  5. In the line item, add your product name and description, with quantity and amount.
  6. Fill out tax information and the taxable amount of the invoice.
  7. Add your terms & conditions, additional notes, and the signature of an authorized person.
What must be included in a commercial invoice?

Following are the important elements of a commercial invoice:

  1. Add 'Commercial Invoice' as a title.
  2. Add invoice number, invoice date and due date.
  3. Seller's information like logo, company name, address, contact number.
  4. Buyer's details like name and address of the buyer.
  5. Shipping information like shipping company name, tracking or delivery number.
  6. Product name with net quantity, gross quantity(with packaging), rate.
  7. Shipping or freight charges, discounts (if any).
  8. Taxable amount of the product.
  9. Terms & conditions with additional notes.
  10. Signature of an authorized person.
Who prepares the commercial invoice?

Commercial invoice is a document used when international trading happens and is issued by the exporters (sellers).

Does commercial invoice include shipping cost?

Yes, it is important to breakdown the shipping details and cost of shipping in detail, so that it become easy to understand the total cost and the expenses incurred on shipping for the buyer.

Can I customize the commercial invoice template?

Yes, using Refrens commercial invoice template you can easily customize the template as per the needs by adding the custom columns and fields or by hiding the unwanted columns. You can also change the color of the invoice.

Can I add logo to the commercial invoice template?

Yes you can freely add your logo to the invoice. There is no branding of Refrens on the invoice.

Commercial Invoice Requirements

Here are the following requirements to create a commercial invoice:

  • Title should be "Commercial Invoice"

  • Good practice to add Vendors Company Logo for branding purposes.

  • One of the most essential parts of the invoice is Invoice Number.

  • Any Reference Number like the purchase order number, quotation number, contract number.

  • Extremely Important to Add Invoice Date and Due Date.

  • Sellers Company Information which includes the company name, TAX number, address, city, state, country, pin code.

  • Add details of the person buying your product (Buyers Information)

  • Now it's time to add Shipping details. Here, there are 3 different sections:

    1. Shipped From: This includes the information from where the product is being shipped. It can either be your company address or if you have any warehouse or use any third party then you can add that address as well.

    2. Shipped To: This includes the information and address of the receiver, same as shipped from it can either be the buyer's address or any third party address if they are receiving the product on behalf of the buyer.

    3. Transport Details: This section includes the transport details like Challan Number which is transport number, challan date which is similar to transport date, transport name which can be FedEx, DHL, Blue Dart Express, etc. You can also add some additional information in this same section.

  • Next section is the place you add all the details of the product/goods which include:

    1. Product name with description, HSN code, Tax rate, quantity, amount, packaging details, total net weight of the product or goods.

    2. Shipping details, freight charges, discounts (if given), and also the details if the buyer has paid any advance.

  • Terms and conditions of the Sale

  • Additional Notes, any information you want the user might know regarding the product or goods.

  • Signature of an authorized person.

Your contact details are at the bottom of the invoice so that the user can connect with you if any damaged product or misplaced product is delivered.

Use our free online commercial invoice template generator

Streamline your invoicing process using our commercial invoice template for free. Refrens user-friendly invoice template helps you to create seamlessly with no error. You can add all the essential details which are essential for commercial invoices. Apart from that, you can customize the invoice by adding custom columns.

Once the invoice is created, you can directly email the invoice to the client by simply adding your client's email. You can track the invoice sent via mail, easy to track and check whether the invoice is opened by your client or not. If not, then you can schedule the mail for a future date as well. If emailing is not your case then you can also print or download the PDF commercial invoice within seconds.

As you are creating a commercial invoice, you have to make multiple copies of the same invoice, i.e: original invoice for the buyer, duplicate invoice for yourself, and triplicate for the transport company. The same is possible on Refrens invoicing software for free.

A specially designed commercial invoice template for exporters is really helpful to build your brand by adding the custom logo of your company or using letterhead. You can start using the above blank commercial invoice for your business.

You can create an unlimited number of invoices on Refrens and can maintain, track all the invoices in one place. Gone are the long days of finding the invoices, proforma invoice templates on the files or in computer folders. Now it's time to use online invoice software which helps you to manage all your client data and not just that you can create quotations and estimates, manage your expense report and inventory all at one place.

Create a commercial invoice with right template

If you are doing business internationally then having a commercial invoice generator is a must, as it becomes so convenient to create invoices online rather than using Word or Excel. Refrens commercial invoice format is specifically developed for the business that is engaged in export business.

No hassle of formatting the invoice or calculating the tax and totals, our commercial invoice generator will do this for you. The only thing is to add your company logo, your business and client information with all the product or goods name & description, the rest is auto calculated by our software.

Regrading templates, our software developers have developed multiple templates for you which includes:

  • Professional commercial invoice template
  • Letterhead commercial invoice template
  • Print-friendly commercial invoice template
  • Exporters commercial invoice template
  • Commercial invoice template with a modern format

You can further customize all these templates as per your requirements by adding the custom columns or changing the invoice color or adding the custom letterhead and footer or by adding the bank details and enabling the online payment options.

Here are more templates that you must check out for your business: purchase order template, quotation template, estimate template.

Tips for using commercial invoice template

  • Clearly title your invoice as "Commercial Invoice".

  • Try to keep it as simple as possible.

  • Never use technical jargon or short forms when naming or describing the product.

  • Add proper invoice number, date, delivery date, and reference number.

  • As you are creating a commercial invoice, it becomes necessary to provide proper shipment details with the proper unit and price.

  • Properly mention the taxes and other charges incurred when shipping the product.

  • Make multiple copies of the same invoice and distribute them to your shipping company and to your buyer.

  • For easy tracking of invoices try to mail the invoice via mail in this way you come to know whether the invoice is delivered and opened by the client or not.

  • If there are any terms and conditions for the product, it is good to mention them on the invoice. So that buyer is aware of it.

  • Save the invoice on a system like Refrens, so that you can access it from anywhere and anytime.