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Commercial Invoice Template
Commercial invoice template
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Commercial invoice template
Commercial Invoice Template
Commercial invoice template
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a commercial invoice?

A commercial invoice is a document mostly used by exporters as proof of sale. Once the invoice is issued by the seller and the same is accepted by the buyer, it acts as evidence that a transaction between both parties has happened. It is one of the most important documents when you are trading overseas, and is mainly used to inform the customs officer for the clearance of invoice and taxable amount.

How to create an commercial invoice?

When creating a commercial invoice, you have to fill out some details to the blank commercial template like:

  1. Using our commercial template, invoice number, invoice date, and due date are auto-populated which avoid the repetitive task.
  2. In billed by, add your information which should include your company name, address, email, contact number, etc.
  3. Similar to billed by, add your clients' information in the billed to section.
  4. Add shipping details like sender and receiver details, shipping company name & delivery, or tracking number.
  5. In the line item, add your product name and description, with quantity and amount.
  6. Fill out tax information and the taxable amount of the invoice.
  7. Add your terms & conditions, additional notes, and the signature of an authorized person.
What must be included in a commercial invoice?

Following are the important elements of a commercial invoice:

  1. Add 'Commercial Invoice' as a title.
  2. Add invoice number, invoice date and due date.
  3. Seller's information like logo, company name, address, contact number.
  4. Buyer's details like name and address of the buyer.
  5. Shipping information like shipping company name, tracking or delivery number.
  6. Product name with net quantity, gross quantity(with packaging), rate.
  7. Shipping or freight charges, discounts (if any).
  8. Taxable amount of the product.
  9. Terms & conditions with additional notes.
  10. Signature of an authorized person.
Who prepares the commercial invoice?

Commercial invoice is a document used when international trading happens and is issued by the exporters (sellers).

Does commercial invoice include shipping cost?

Yes, it is important to breakdown the shipping details and cost of shipping in detail, so that it become easy to understand the total cost and the expenses incurred on shipping for the buyer.

Can I customize the commercial invoice template?

Yes, using Refrens commercial invoice template you can easily customize the template as per the needs by adding the custom columns and fields or by hiding the unwanted columns. You can also change the color of the invoice.

Can I add logo to the commercial invoice template?

Yes you can freely add your logo to the invoice. There is no branding of Refrens on the invoice.

Do I need a commercial invoice for documents?

Generally, a commercial invoice is not required for documents. Commercial invoices are typically used for the shipment of goods, not documents, since they detail the value and description of the shipped items for customs clearance. However, certain carriers or destinations might have specific requirements, so it's advisable to check with your shipping provider.

What is the difference between Commercial Invoice and Proforma Invoice?

A commercial invoice is a legal document between the seller and buyer that details the sold goods' value, description, and other pertinent transaction information, used for customs clearance.

A proforma invoice, on the other hand, is more of a quotation or a preliminary bill of sale sent to buyers in advance of a shipment or delivery of goods. It outlines the goods or services to be sent and the expected charges but is not used for customs.

What is "Terms of Sale" on a Commercial Invoice?

"Terms of Sale" on a commercial invoice refer to the agreed Incoterms between the buyer and seller, indicating the delivery terms, risk, and cost responsibilities. Examples include FOB (Free on Board), CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight), and DDP (Delivered Duty Paid).

Create a Commercial Invoice using Templates

Creating a commercial invoice involves several crucial elements to ensure clarity, legal compliance, and smooth transactions. Here's a detailed breakdown of the essential requirements for a commercial invoice:

Title - "Commercial Invoice": Clearly state the type of document to avoid any confusion regarding its purpose.

Vendor's Company Logo: For branding purposes and to establish a professional image, include the company logo.

Invoice Number: Assign a unique identification number to each invoice for tracking and reference.

Reference Numbers: Include any additional reference numbers, such as purchase order number, quotation number, or contract number.

Invoice Date and Due Date: Specify the date the invoice is issued (invoice date) and the deadline for payment (due date).

Seller's Company Information:

  • Company name
  • TAX number
  • Address (including city, state, country, pin code)

Buyer's Information: Include details of the person or entity purchasing the product.

Shipping Details:

  • Shipped From: Origin address, which can be your company address or a warehouse location.
  • Shipped To: Destination address, either the buyer's address or a third party's if receiving on behalf of the buyer.
  • Transport Details: Include the transport/challan number, transport date, transport name (e.g., FedEx, DHL), and any additional transport-related information.

Consignee Details: Information about the recipient of the goods.

Product Details: - Country of Origin: Where the product is manufactured. - Country of Final Destination: Where the product is ultimately intended. - Additional Details: Pre-carriage information, place of receipt of pre-carriage, vessel/flight number, port of loading, port of discharge, bill of lading number, shipping bill number, container number, seal number, net weight, and gross weight of the goods.

Letter of Credit: If applicable, include details related to a letter of credit.

Product/Goods Details: - Product Name and Description - HSN Code - Tax Rate - Quantity - Amount - Packaging Details - Total Net Weight of Goods

Financial Details: - Shipping Details - Freight Charges - Discounts - Advance Payments

Terms and Conditions of Sale and Goods: Clearly outline the terms governing the sale and the goods, including any specific conditions or agreements.

Authorized Signature: The document should bear the signature of an authorized person.

Contact Details: Provide your contact details at the bottom of the invoice for communication purposes.

By incorporating these elements into a commercial invoice, businesses can ensure comprehensive documentation, legal compliance, and a transparent record of transactions.

Refrens Commercial invoice template generator

Using Refrens' commercial invoice template can significantly streamline your invoicing process, offering a range of user-friendly features to enhance efficiency and accuracy. Here's a closer look at how Refrens' invoice template can benefit your business:

Seamless Invoicing Process: The user-friendly commercial invoice template provided by Refrens ensures a seamless invoicing process. It simplifies the task of creating invoices, minimizing the chances of errors.

Essential Details Inclusion: The template allows you to add all the essential details required for commercial invoices. This ensures that your invoices are comprehensive and compliant with legal requirements.

Customization Options: Refrens' template provides customization options, allowing you to add custom columns or fields as needed. This flexibility ensures that the invoice caters to your specific business requirements.

Emailing Invoices: Once the commercial invoice is created, you can directly email it to the client by entering their email address. The template also enables you to track whether the client has opened the invoice, providing insights into the invoicing process.

Scheduled Emails: If email tracking is crucial for your business, Refrens allows you to schedule emails for a future date. This feature ensures that your clients receive invoices at the most convenient time.

Print and Download Options: In addition to emailing, you can also choose to print or download the commercial invoice in PDF format within seconds. This flexibility caters to different preferences and business needs.

Multiple Copies: For businesses that require multiple copies of the same invoice (e.g., original, duplicate, triplicate), Refrens invoicing software supports this functionality. This is particularly beneficial for exporters or businesses with specific documentation needs.

Brand Building: The specially designed commercial invoice template for exporters facilitates brand building by allowing you to add your company's custom logo or use a letterhead. This professional touch enhances your brand image.

Unlimited Invoices: Refrens enables you to create an unlimited number of invoices. This feature is valuable for businesses with a high volume of transactions, providing a centralized platform to manage and track all invoices.

Comprehensive Business Management: Beyond invoicing, Refrens offers a holistic business management solution. You can manage client data, create proforma invoices, create quotations and estimates, track expenses, and handle inventory – all within a single platform.

Create a commercial invoice with right template

If your business operates on an international scale, having a reliable commercial invoice generator is essential for seamless transactions. Refrens offers a specialized commercial invoice format designed specifically for businesses engaged in export activities. Here's why utilizing Refrens' commercial invoice generator is a valuable asset for your international business:

Convenience of Online Invoicing:

  • Refrens' commercial invoice generator eliminates the need for manual formatting in tools like Word or Excel. The entire invoicing process is conveniently handled online.

Tailored for Export Business:

  • The commercial invoice format is tailored to suit the specific requirements of businesses involved in export. It accommodates the complexities and details associated with international transactions.

Automatic Calculation:

  • The invoice generator takes away the hassle of manual calculations. Once you input your company logo, business details, client information, and product descriptions, the software automatically calculates taxes and totals.

Various Templates Available:

  • Refrens offers a range of templates to cater to different preferences and business needs.
    • Professional Commercial Invoice Template: Suitable for creating polished and formal invoices.
    • Letterhead Commercial Invoice Template: Allows you to add your custom letterhead for a branded look.
    • Print-Friendly Commercial Invoice Template: Optimized for easy printing without compromising clarity.
    • Exporters Commercial Invoice Template: Specifically designed to meet the needs of exporters.
    • Commercial Invoice Template with a Modern Format: Features a contemporary layout for a fresh look.

Ease of Customization:

  • Users have the flexibility to customize templates according to their specific requirements. This includes adding custom columns, changing colors, incorporating custom letterheads and footers, and including bank details or online payment options.

Efficiency in Tax and Total Calculations:

  • The commercial invoice generator ensures accuracy in tax calculations and provides a clear breakdown of totals. This is crucial for international transactions where adherence to tax regulations is paramount.

Brand Customization:

  • Incorporate your company's logo, customize colors, and add other branding elements to create a professional and branded commercial invoice.

User-Friendly Interface:

  • Refrens' commercial invoice generator features a user-friendly interface, making it accessible and efficient for businesses of all sizes.

Here are more templates that you must check out for your business: purchase order template, quotation template, estimate template.

Tips for creating commercial invoice template

Creating a well-structured and professional commercial invoice template is crucial for international businesses. Here are some tips to ensure your commercial invoice template is effective and meets all requirements:

Clear Title:

  • Title your invoice as "Commercial Invoice." This ensures that the document is easily identifiable for international transactions.

Simplicity is Key:

  • Keep the invoice template as simple as possible. Avoid unnecessary complexity or overly intricate designs that may distract from essential information.

Avoid Technical Jargon:

  • Refrain from using technical jargon or abbreviations when naming or describing products. Use clear and simple language that is easily understandable by international clients.

Inclusion of Key Details:

  • Ensure that the invoice includes essential details such as the unique invoice number, date of issuance, delivery date, and any reference numbers relevant to the transaction.

Comprehensive Shipment Details:

  • As it is a commercial invoice, provide comprehensive shipment details, including the proper unit and price for each product. This information is vital for customs clearance and accurate taxation.

Transparent Tax and Charges Information:

  • Mention any applicable taxes, duties, or other charges associated with shipping the products. Transparency in these details is essential for compliance and avoids misunderstandings.

Create Multiple Copies:

  • Make multiple copies of the invoice. Distribute these copies to your shipping company and the buyer. Having duplicate and triplicate copies ensures that all relevant parties have access to the necessary documentation.

Use Email for Tracking:

  • For easy tracking, send the invoice via email. This allows you to receive delivery and read receipts, providing confirmation that the invoice has been received and opened by the client.

Include Terms and Conditions:

  • If there are specific terms and conditions related to the products or transaction, include them on the invoice. This ensures that the buyer is fully aware of any conditions associated with the purchase.

Digital Storage for Accessibility: - Save the invoice on a digital platform like Refrens for easy accessibility. Storing it digitally allows you to access the document from anywhere at any time, facilitating efficient record-keeping.

Commercial Invoices: Frequently Asked Questions

How to Fill Out a Commercial Invoice for FedEx?

To fill out a commercial invoice for FedEx, you'll need to provide:

  • Shipper and recipient information (name, address, contact details).
  • Detailed description of the shipped items, including quantity, value, and weight.
  • Harmonized System (HS) code, if applicable.
  • Country of manufacture for each item.
  • Total value and currency.
  • Reason for export and terms of sale (Incoterms).
  • Signature and date.

FedEx often provides an online form or template that can guide you through the process.

How to Fill Out a Commercial Invoice for International Shipping?

Filling out a commercial invoice for international shipping involves providing comprehensive details about the shipment, similar to the FedEx instructions. It's crucial to accurately describe each item, its value, and provide any necessary codes (like HS codes) and country of origin to ensure smooth customs clearance.

How to Attach a Commercial Invoice to a UPS Package?

When shipping internationally with UPS, you typically need to attach the commercial invoice in a clear plastic pouch on the outside of the package. This makes the invoice easily accessible for customs officials. UPS might require three copies of the invoice: one for the country of export, one for the country of import, and one for the recipient.

Is HS Code Required on a Commercial Invoice?

Yes, including the Harmonized System (HS) code on a commercial invoice is generally required for international shipments. The HS code helps customs authorities identify the goods being shipped and determine applicable tariffs.

What is a Non-Commercial Invoice?

A non-commercial invoice is used for shipments that do not involve a sale or transaction, such as gifts, samples, or personal items. This type of invoice still provides details about the items being shipped but indicates there is no commercial value or transaction taking place.

What is the Purpose of a Commercial Invoice?

The purpose of a commercial invoice is to provide a record of the transaction between the seller and buyer for international shipments. It serves as a customs declaration and is used to calculate tariffs, taxes, and duties.

When is a Commercial Invoice Required?

A commercial invoice is required for most international shipments of goods. It's necessary for customs clearance and must accompany any shipment crossing international borders, except for documents or items not for sale (which might use a non-commercial or proforma invoice).

Where to Put Commercial Invoice on Package for DHL?

For DHL shipments, the commercial invoice should be placed in a clear plastic pouch on the outside of the package for easy access by customs officials. DHL typically requires multiple copies of the invoice.

Who is the Consignee on a Commercial Invoice?

The consignee is the recipient of the shipment, the party to whom the goods are being shipped and delivered.

Who Signs the Commercial Invoice?

The commercial invoice is usually signed by the sender (exporter or shipper) as a declaration that the information on the invoice is accurate and true.

Are Commercial Invoices Required to Be Signed by the Exporter?

Yes, commercial invoices generally need to be signed by the exporter or the authorized signatory of the company sending the goods. This serves as a declaration of the truthfulness and accuracy of the information provided.

Can a Commercial Invoice be Issued Before Payment?

Yes, a commercial invoice can be issued before payment. It details the transaction and is used for customs purposes, not as a proof of payment.

Can NGO Issue Commercial Invoice?

Yes, NGOs can issue commercial invoices for goods they are shipping internationally, especially if those goods are for sale or if the shipment requires customs clearance.

Can Non-Profit Company Raise Commercial Invoice in India?

Yes, non-profit companies in India can raise commercial invoices for the goods they are selling or shipping, especially when these goods are