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Streamline your quoting process with Refrens quoting software and close more sales with integrated sales crm. Easy & user-friendly CPQ software for small businesses.

Quoting Software with CRM
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Streamline Your Quote Process Request with CPQ Software

Fully Fledged quoting software for small businesses, agencies and freelancers to create and manage quotes and estimates for free. Now automate the quoting creating process and send the quote to the client before your competition.
CPQ Software Sales CRM
Streamline your lead management by capturing, qualifying, and nurturing leads effectively. With Refrens quote software, sales teams can create detailed, customized quotes promptly and send them directly to clients. Real-time tracking of quote status and automated follow-up reminders ensure timely client engagement. This end-to-end process optimizes communication and transaction efficiency, enhancing customer satisfaction within a unified platform.
Capture Leads with Sales CRM
Capture Leads with CRMUse CRM to capture leads from various sources such as website, social media, email campaigns.
Clear and Detailed Quotes
Clear & Detailed QuotesTailor quotes with specific details including pricing, discounts, terms, and conditions.
Review and Follow-up
Review & Follow upSet reminders and automate follow-up emails or calls based on quote status (sent, viewed, not responded).

Key Features of Our Quoting Software

Quote Templates - Quoting Software with CRM
Customizable Quote Templates
Choose from multiple pre-set quote templates with our quoting software with sales CRM. Customize every aspect of your quotes, including the design, fonts, colors, script, letterhead, footer, size, and more to align with your business requirements. Our quoting software ensures your quotes not only look professional but also reflect your brand's unique identity.
Recurring Quote - CPQ Software with CRM
Recurring Services
Create quotes for recurring services effortlessly with our quoting software with CRM. With just one click, duplicate your existing quotes for recurring services and send them over WhatsApp and email directly from Refrens. Our CPQ with sales CRM integration ensures that managing recurring services is both simple and efficient, saving you valuable time.
Quote Tracking - CPQ with Sales CRM
Quote Status Tracking
Keep track of your quotes seamlessly with our CPQ software sales CRM. Easily monitor whether your client has viewed the quotation or if it has been converted to an invoice or proforma. Our quoting software with sales CRM provides real-time status updates, ensuring you are always in the loop and can follow up promptly.
Data and Reports - Quoting Software with Sales CRM
Data & Reports
Gain valuable insights with our comprehensive data and reporting features. Our CPQ software sales CRM generates detailed reports and graphs that help you make informed business decisions. Track your sales performance, identify trends, and optimize your quoting process for better results.
Client Management - Quoting Software
Client Management
Our CPQ with CRM solution allows you to manage all client data in one centralized location. Keep track of all documents sent to each client and generate and download client statements with just one click. Our quoting software with sales CRM ensures that you have all the information you need to manage your client relationships effectively.
User-Freindly Quoting Software with Sales CRM
User-Friendly Software
Rated as the โ€œBest Ease of Useโ€ software by Capterra, Refrens makes it incredibly easy to create and send quotations, invoices, and other documents. Our all-in-one CPQ with sales CRM system ensures you can manage your entire quotation, sales, and accounting process in one place, streamlining your workflow and enhancing productivity.
Create Invoice with CPQ Quoting Software
Convert to Invoice
Say goodbye to manual data entry with our quoting software with CRM. Automatically convert quotations to invoices with a single click, streamlining your billing process and reducing errors. Our CPQ software sales CRM integration ensures a smooth transition from quote to invoice.
Scheduling - Quoting Software
Quote Scheduling
Improve your chances of conversion by scheduling quotes to be sent at a specific time using our quoting software with sales CRM. This feature allows you to plan and automate your quoting process, ensuring that your quotes reach your clients at the optimal time for review and acceptance.
Quoting Software with Sales CRM
In-built Sales CRM
Our CPQ with sales CRM includes an in-built Sales CRM to help you streamline your sales process. Manage all your leads across different pipelines, centralize lead communication, track lead activity, and generate salesman-wise reportsโ€”all within our quoting software. This comprehensive solution ensures that you can manage your sales process efficiently and effectively.
Manage Roles & Permissions with Quoting Software
User Roles & Permissions
Ensure all your team members have the right level of access with our CPQ software sales CRM. Choose from pre-set roles or create your own roles with custom permissions to ensure data security. Our quoting software with CRM allows you to control who can access and modify information, providing peace of mind and security for your business.
Live Support on Refrens Quoting Software with CRM
24/7 Dedicated Manager
We ensure that all our users receive around-the-clock support with a dedicated account manager. Our CPQ software sales CRM provides personalized assistance to help you maximize the benefits of our software and address any issues promptly.
Cloud-based Quoting Software with Sales CRM
Cloud-based Software
Access our quoting software with sales CRM anywhere, anytime, and on any device with our cloud-based system. This ensures uninterrupted access to our software, allowing you to manage your quotes, sales, and client relationships from any location, enhancing your flexibility and productivity.

Refrens Quoting Software Highlights

Boost Revenue
Boost RevenueMaximize your earnings with our efficient CPQ and sales CRM solution.
Sales Enablement
Sales EnablementEmpower your sales team with tools to enhance productivity and close more deals.
Close More Deals
Close More DealsStreamline your sales process to increase your deal closure rate.
Workflow Automation
Workflow AutomationAutomate repetitive tasks to save time and improve efficiency.
Error Free Quotes
Error-free QuotesGenerate precise quotes every time with our automated quoting software.
Speed and Accuracy
Speed and AccuracyDeliver fast and accurate quotes with our seamless quoting system.
Sales Pipeline Transparency
Sales TransparencyGain clear visibility into your sales pipeline for better decision-making.
Tracking and Analytics
Tracking and AnalyticsMonitor performance and make data-driven decisions with comprehensive analytics.

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CPQ Software with Sales CRM

Create Forms with Refrens CPQ Software
Create Forms to Capture Leads
With our CPQ Software with Sales CRM, you can create lead capture forms to automatically capture leads into Refrens. Embed these forms on your website or add them to your social media profiles to start capturing leads seamlessly. Our quoting software with CRM ensures that no potential lead is missed, helping you build a robust sales pipeline effortlessly.
Manage Leads with CPQ Software using Sales CRM
Seamlessly Manage Leads
Manage all your leads seamlessly and in an organized manner with our CPQ with sales CRM. Assign leads to the right salesperson, communicate with leads over WhatsApp and email, track lead activity across different stages, and get detailed sales reports for better decision-making. Our quoting software with sales CRM ensures that every lead is nurtured effectively, increasing your chances of closing deals.
Manage Multiple Pipelines with Sales CRM
Create Multiple Sales Pipelines
Our CPQ software sales CRM allows you to create multiple sales pipelines to manage different types of leads seamlessly. Whether you are dealing with small businesses, large enterprises, or individual clients, our quoting software with CRM enables you to organize and track your leads efficiently, ensuring a tailored approach for each lead type.
Integrate Quoting Software with Sales CRM
Integrate with Third-party Platforms
Connect with Facebook, Instagram, and other third-party platforms to automatically get all your leads into Refrens for seamless lead management. Our CPQ software with CRM integration ensures that you can capture and manage leads from various sources in one place, making your lead management process more streamlined and efficient.
Create Quote using Refrens CPQ Software
Create Quotes with Sales CRM Data
Automatically generate quotes with one click from leads data to avoid manual efforts using our CPQ with sales CRM. This feature ensures that your quoting process is fast and error-free, allowing you to respond to leads promptly and professionally. Our quoting software with CRM integration simplifies the transition from lead to quote, enhancing your sales efficiency.

Pricing of Online Quoting Software

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Premium PlanGrow your business faster with tons of customization, branding, and productivity features that help you scale at a minimal cost.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long is this quotation software free for?

Our online quotation software is entirely free! You can create and manage up to 20 quotations per year and instantly convert approved quotations into invoices, all without any cost. Enjoy the convenience of managing your business quotes without worrying about expenses. Start your hassle-free quoting journey today!

Can I create multiple businesses in a single account?

With Refrens quotation software, you have the flexibility to create multiple businesses, all within a single account. Additionally, you can easily add multiple team members, streamlining collaboration and enhancing productivity. Manage all your ventures effortlessly under one roof!

Can I add a logo to the quotation?

Yes. You can add your company or personal logo to the quotations to make them more professional and for branding purposes. There will be no watermark of Refrens on the invoice.

Is my data safe?

Absolutely. Only you can decide who you want to share the invoices, quotations with. The documents you create are accessible only through special URLs that you share or PDFs that you download. We do not share your data with anyone for any purpose.

Will there be any ads on my quotations?

Not at all. Your invoices will carry no ads. On the free version, the documents will carry a small non-intrusive Refrens branding. It helps us spread the word and keep the free unlimited features going.

Documents of Premium customers will carry only your business' branding.

Can we download this quotation making software?

No, we donโ€™t have any desktop or mobile app to download. Refrens is a 100% web-based application. You only need an internet connection to use.

Do you provide support?

We are always available to support our customer via email support(care@refrens.com) and also via live chat support.

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