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Abhilash Kumar Mahala
In Business SinceFeb, 2020
Digital MarketingWebsite DevelopmentContent MarketingGraphic DesigningFunnel Designing
In Business SinceJan, 2017
Facebook Ads ManagerContent MarketerBackend DeveloperInstagram Ads Manager
In Business SinceFeb, 2022
BlogContent MarketingProduct DescriptionsLanding PageThought Leadership
In Business SinceMay, 2020
Social Media MarketingPersonal BrandingContent MarketingBrand StrategyCopywritingContent Strategy
Wordpress WebsiteSEO Content StrategyBranding And Brand StrategySocial Media BrandingContent Marketer



In Business SinceFeb, 2021
SEOContent MarketingDigital MaketingSocial Media AgencyPPC Advertising



In Business SinceOct, 2019
Social Media MarketingContent MarketingWeb Development & Web DesignSocial Media OptimizationSEO And All IT Solutions
In Business SinceJul, 2018
FashionSocial MediaContent MarketingDigital MaketingLogo
In Business SinceJan, 2021
BlogSEOContent MarketingBrand Communication
In Business SinceSep, 2020
Digital MarketingContent MarketingGrowth HackingWeb And App DevelopmentVideo Marketing



In Business SinceMay, 2021
Online AdsSEOSocial Media MarketingContent MarketingLead GenerationProduct Launches And PromotionsUI/UX
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Refrens' service is bliss. We placed our requirements & in no time we were provided with some good expert profiles from which we engaged with a few.
Palak MahanaSocial Media Manager, Unacademy
I wanted to create a strong online presence for my boutique store. I found a reliable expert on Refrens easily for it.
ShrutiOwner, Studio Pehel
I wanted to build a strong personal brand online as a lifestyle coach. Refrens helped me to provide an expert close to my requirement.
AishaCoach, Lifestyle and Happiness
Wanted website content meeting all SEO benchmarks and high readability score.
The content delivered through Refrens met the expected standard.
JavedOwner, Creativewebart.in
I needed professional content to be written for my website. Refrens helped with this and I am extremely happy with the final output.
PrasadFounder, Mach Aviation Consultancy

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why should I hire from Refrens?

Refrens will provide you people with deep expertise in their field. We will provide you people who have done similar work as yours in past. Our escrow based payment protection system ensures your payment is safe and secure.

Are Refrens experts reliable?

We do our screening and ensure we share reliable & verified profiles- but incase if you have any apprehensions related to an expert we have an escrow system in place to safeguard the interests of both parties.

In case we don't go ahead with you then?

In case for some reason it does not work out with the initial few profiles, we can share more expert profiles within 24hrs. In case if you go ahead with someone from your own network, that’s fine as well.

Is the budget mandatory to be shared with you?

No, it is not mandatory. You can submit a requirement without the budget as well. However, with a budget, the requirement becomes more clear and we know about your expectations in more detail.

Should the payment happen from your platform?

Not necessarily. You can choose to pay directly as well. In case you have any apprehensions, the Escrow system can be used to safeguard.

Freelance Content Marketing Experts for Hire

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the act of creating content in the form of text, audio, video, memes, infographics, etc., and then distributing this content across different social media handles and internet forums to drive awareness, engagement, or conversions.

This content that you are reading right now has been written as a part of content marketing efforts to spread awareness about the work we do at Refrens.

Who is a Content Marketing Expert?

A content marketing expert is someone who can understand the requirements of a brand or an individual and translate their needs into an effective content strategy, which, when executed, can lead to increased brand awareness, engagement, leads, and conversions.

Famous brands like HubSpot and Backlinko have grown massively because of their content marketing strategies. Good content marketing experts can create content that attracts audiences and eventually leads to the building of communities.

How does Content Marketing work?

Marketing is impossible without great content. Everything about Marketing involves content, be it images, copies, tweets, or YouTube videos. When a user or brand posts on the internet, it can be termed a piece of content. This tweet or video has the potential to be watched by millions of people, or even billions of people.

Good Content Marketing engages the users, making them share it and talking about it with their friends. For content to be shareable, it should trigger an emotion in people and add value to their lives. Content marketing is the mode for companies and individuals to communicate with their audiences and build a community.

What are the things a Content Marketing Expert can do for you?

Content can be created in the form of images, text, video, Memes, and whatnot, making the world of Content Marketing vast and diverse. Therefore the roles and responsibilities a Content Marketing Expert can do for your brand are as follows -

  1. Content Creation- Content comes in various forms and sizes, from limited character tweets to heavily worded blogs. The content requirements can depend on multiple factors, and a content marketing expert can help a business create content.

  2. Optimize the existing content - A big chunk of content marketing involves working with the older content, repurposing it, and distributing it for higher effectiveness. A content marketing expert can help you optimize the older content for SEO and other needs.

  3. Copywriting - A content marketer can write copies that can be used on the website, app, and other places to communicate the desired message to the intended audience.

  4. Write Emails - There are millions of emails written every day, and each email carries with it an opportunity. Individuals and businesses are on the lookout for people who can write professional emails. A content marketing expert can write professional standalone and email threads to meet the desired business goals.

  5. Competitor analysis - A good content marketing expert will first do good solid research of people in similar fields before starting with their content creation process. A content marketing expert can help you research your competition before working on the actual process of content creation.

  6. Prepare a content strategy - One doesn’t mindlessly start creating content, and it’s always a good idea to hire a content marketing expert to prepare a content strategy.

  7. Preparing a content calendar - A content calendar is a document that stores information about the posts that are to be posted across content platforms. A freelance content marketer will help you draft a content calendar to track and measure progress in creating content.

  8. Keyword Research - With billions of searches happening every day, a content marketing expert can identify opportunities from performing keyword research, which is a great step to perform before creating content.

  9. Social Media Posts - Content marketers are experts in social media marketing which includes freelance Facebook marketing, freelance Instagram marketing etc.

  10. Content for E-commerce listings of products and services - There are millions of websites selling something or the other, and a expert content marketer can help draft copy for products that sell and rank for SEO.

  11. PR Articles - Newspapers and media houses require writers to write PR articles to be written, and brands freelance content writers all the time to draft PR content.

  12. SEO - An integral part of Search Engine Optimization. People write blogs, guest blogs, and a content marketing expert can create content that aids in SEO and helps search engines discover your website.

  13. Generating Leads - When people engage with content that adds value to their lives, it creates trust, resulting in the generation of leads and conversions. So content focused on driving conversions can be written by experts to generate leads.

  14. Content Audit - Many individuals and brands hire experts only after doing a significant chunk of the work themselves, and a expert content marketers can do an audit to identify voids and opportunities to

  15. Social Media Consultation - Brands often hire consultants to plan and oversee the execution of social media strategies. In such cases, a freelance Social Media Specialist with good experience and expertise can prove of great value.

What is the cost of hiring a freelance content marketer?

A freelance content marketer usually charges differently, and the cost would be dependent on the scope of the work and a combination of one or more of the following mentioned activities.

  1. Content Research cost

  2. Content Audit cost

  3. Keyword Research

  4. Competitor content audit and research

  5. Cost for website/app copy

  6. The cost of writing or optimizing blogs

  7. Costs for creating social media content

  8. Costs to update the content

  9. Costs for distributing content

  10. PR costs for generating the content, and at times distribution costs

Questions to ask an Expert Content Marketer?

  1. What are your experiences in content marketing? What forms of content do you specialize in?

  2. What industries have you previously worked in? Can you share the content strategies you’ve used in the past?

  3. What are the metrics that we will measure to track outgrowth and progress?

  4. What is the estimated time taken for us to start seeing results?

  5. Do you work on the projects yourself, or do you outsource your work to others?

  6. If there is a need to hire external experts, do they have the network and expertise to work with teams?

  7. Would there be any additional costs associated with the scope of the work?

How much time does it take for content marketing to drive results?

The time taken for Content Marketing to drive results is dependent on many factors and business goals. Content marketing on Social Media platforms will yield returns faster than the ones on SEO. Freelance SEO expert helps you to rank your content on Google SERPs faster.

Therefore one needs to understand their use cases and business requirements before they estimate the amount of time it’d take to start seeing results.

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Content marketing is no longer a good to have a thing but a must-have thing for modern businesses. It not only answers your audience's questions but also enables your audience to trust you more.

This enhanced trust then helps you to increase your conversions, generate more leads, and enhance the overall client experience.

But finding a expert content marketer who can fulfill your business needs is tough. Need not worry, Refrens has handpicked the most experienced content marketers for you across India.

Simply post your requirements and Refrens, we will quickly line up the perfect digital marketing expert as per your requirement and budget. Whether you want to build your brand or want to grow your customer base with content marketing, we will be happy to help you with this.