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make quotation online with quotation maker
Simple & Easy QuotationCreate simple-looking quotations and beautiful estimates easily without any hassle.
Create invoice from quotation with one click
Convert to Tax InvoiceOne-click invoice from the quotation already prepared. No need of entering data again.
Track quotations via mail
Track QuotationsTrack all your quotations sent via mail and get to know whether the quotation is opened by the vendor not.
Customization of Quotation & Estimate
Customize Your EstimateAdd a company logo, signature, custom columns & fields, templates to the estimate generator.
Client Management
Client ManagementManage and track brief statements of all estimates and quotations at one place.
Lead Management
Lead ManagementCreate, manage & assign all your leads from one place and directly convert leads to quotations.
Multiple business and add team members to quotation maker
Multi-Business & Team MembersUnder one account, create unlimited business and add a couple of team members to manage your quotation and leads.
Live Chat Support
Live SupportWe are always available to support you via email support and also via live chat support.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a quotation in business?

When a supplier submits his proposed price and quantity of his products or services to the potential client is known as quotation. It holds all the detailed information about the product, price and the total amount of the transaction.

What is an estimate in business?

Both quotations and estimates are the same with a minor change. A quotation that has a fixed price, whereas estimate is a document that gives an approximate cost of the job which is likely to cost. Refrens has an estimate maker that helps you build estimates instantly.

Can I create an Invoice from a Quotation?

Yes, with one click. You can easily convert quotations to proforma invoice or a simple invoice.

Is Refrens quotation maker really free?

Yes. Creating, managing and tracking quotations & estimates are free. No hidden charges. You can create 20 documents for free.

What is the difference between a quotation and an invoice?

In simple terms, a quotation is a proposal and an invoice is what you send for asking for the payment.

Can I put my logo to Refrens quotation maker?

Yes of course. you can upload your logo by selecting the logo box from the top right corner. You can upload both jpg and png format.

Are there different Quotation Templates?

Yes, there are multiple templates for estimates and quotations with magic color enabled.

How can I send a quotation through this quotation generator?

Using our quotation generator, you can print quotation invoice or download as PDF and also can send via Email. We also give you the options to share your quotation invoice through WhatsApp and by shareable link(after copying link).

Are there different Quotation Templates?

Yes, there are multiple templates for quotation. You can also use multiple colours and fonts to make your quotation attractive.

Malaysia online quotation maker - Create free quotations

Quotation - What is a quotation in business?

A quotation is a document proposing the price and quantity of the products or services sold by the seller to the potential buyer. It holds all the information of both buyer and seller with the proposed price and quantity. A quotation is generally requested by the customer to know more about the product or service offered by the seller. It gives a clear picture to the buyer whether to buy the product or not.

Before the customer makes any purchase, they always make sure to find the best product and service at a reasonable price. So they ask for a quotation from various vendors. So sending the quotations at the right time is important. If you don’t provide the proper quotations or estimates, then someone else will. Simply creating the quotation is not enough, it should be attractive and must be error-free. A quotation is the first impression you create towards your future client.

Once the client commits to purchase the goods or services at the given price, it is considered that the client has accepted the quotation. As quotations bring you new customers and help you grow your business, it is always important to give enough time when creating a quotation.

Creating quotation vs. Creating estimate

Quotation includes details like product or service name, description, quantity, and a fixed price of the product. Whereas, estimates give an approximate cost that is likely to cost after the completion of the job. Estimates are created by those businesses that can’t offer a fixed price for the job. Using the Refrens quotation generator, you can create both quotations and estimates easily. The functionality of quotations and estimates are added to this Malaysia quotation maker.

How to make a quotation with a quotation maker?

Guide to creating a quotation using Refrens quotation generator

In this digital era, there are many options to create quotations and estimates online. You can use free quotation software, Google Docs, Google Sheets, or quotation management software or you can print out any quotation format and write your quotation by hand.

Always consider two factors that can mainly affect your business while creating a quotation. First, how fast you can communicate with the customers. As mentioned before, sending quotations quickly can help you get ahead of your competition. So many businesses choose to use online quotation management systems like Refrens, to create sales quotations or estimates instantly and send them directly via email or even through WhatsApp.

Second, quotations sent with a specific quotation format using a quotation template can grow your business immensely. Creating beautifully designed quotations with proper templates, colours, and fonts can help you to acquire more clients and it also shows how professionally the business works.

Customers always try to shop for the perfect product to purchase via purchase order template and therefore they end up asking for quotations from several suppliers. Offering the right product at the right price is no more a choice. If you don’t, then someone else will, so sending a sales quotation quickly and without any mistakes can help you get ahead of your competitors and show professionalism towards the customers.

How to prepare a quotation for business using a quotation generator?

Using Refrens free quotation generator, you can easily make online quotations instantly. Here is the step-by-step guide to creating a quotation.

1. Quotation Title

Whenever you create a quotation, adding the term QUOTATION is a good practice. Though it is not necessary, it still shows how professional you are with your business. By adding the title, the client will come to know what the document is about. After adding a title, you can add the company logo, and if you are a freelancer, you can add your logo.

2. Quotation or Estimate Number

In this section, you have to add the quotation number or estimate number. Every time you create a quotation, the quotation number you add should be unique. Having a unique quotation number can help you to track all the quotations and estimates easily.

A quotation number should be a combination of alphabets and numbers. There are different ways to format the number. For example, 00001 or if you want a combination, you can add 2021/QT/001, where 2021 is the financial year, QT for quotation, and 001 is the unique number. When you create the next quotation, then the number automatically changes to 2021/QT/002.

You can also add extra fields like PO Numbers for reference. When you have a reference number, you can easily refer to the previous documents, and it becomes easy to compare the previous documents with the current quotation.

3. Issue Date and Due Date

You will add the issue date on which the quotation is sent to the client, the same as the issue date adding the due date is also important. This helps the client to know when the quotation is valid. Especially when you offer discounts or gifts on a particular product or service for a particular period of time.

4. Add Your Details (Quotation From)

This is the section, where you add all your company information or if you are a freelancer then add your information like the freelancer's name, address, email, and phone number. If you are creating a TAX quotation then simply add a TAX number. If you want to add more details you can add that as well by using the option “Add New Field”.

5. Add Client Details(Quotation For)

Here you add all the information about your client just like you added yours. Same information like

  • Company or Client Name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone Number

6. Product/Service Description

The product or service you are going to offer to your customer is added in this section. It includes the product or service name, description, quantity, rate, and the total amount that will cost. You can easily customize the product/service description column as per the quotation requirement by simply using the option “Add/Rename Column”.

You can also add TAX or SST (if applicable), by enabling the TAX you can add HSN/SAC Code and TAX Rate.

Our free quotation maker has the feature of changing the currency where you can easily change to Malaysian Ringgit (MYR), change the number format, add a discount, charge additional charges and can also hide the total of your quotation.

7. Terms & Conditions

Add the terms of your company and the product or service you offer. In this section, you should clearly define the payment terms and the method of payment you are accepting from the client. Whether you prefer to accept via cards, cheque or direct deposit. You can also add the details regarding the advance payment.

Also, this is a quotation, it should have a fixed price. But in a case in future, if you require any extra material or labour, then you must also add the details about it and what it will cost.

8. Additional Notes

This is a good place to detail out the work. You can add the details of the timeline and expected completion period of the project. You can also add the thank you for giving you the opportunity to quote.

Now, your quotation is created. The next important step is to select the quotation template that fits your business.

9. Select Template

Always select the template that fits the nature of your business and you should be able to customize it further for professional-looking and detailed information on the quotes that the client will love to have.

Using our quotation, you can choose from the host of templates and designs available. You can also change the colour of the template with one click or use the “Magic Color” feature which is one of the major features which extracts the colour from the logo uploaded on the quotation.

Above are the essential elements you should keep in mind when creating your quotation. Instantly make quotations using our platform. Easy to create. Fully-fledged quotation maker. Use quotation templates for free. FREE QUOTATIONS.

Note: If you are creating estimates, follow the above steps. The minor change is the title - it must be “Estimate” and the total amount should be an approximate cost of the job which is likely to cost.

How to convert quotations using the quotation maker?

Converting quotations into invoices or proforma invoices is a seamless process with the quotation maker by Refrens. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you effortlessly transform your quotations into these essential documents:

  1. Understanding the Need

It's important to recognize that a quotation sent to a client isn't a legal document. Even if your client accepts the quotation, it's necessary to follow up with a proforma invoice. This step ensures a commitment from the seller regarding the price of the products or services and is typically sent before the work commences. Some businesses prefer sending a direct invoice instead of a proforma invoice. Both approaches are correct and can vary based on the nature of the business.

  1. Choosing the Right Quotation Generator

When selecting a quotation software, look for a crucial feature: the ability to convert quotations into proforma invoices or invoices. This feature eliminates the need to create these documents from scratch, saving you valuable time and effort. Quotation maker by Refrens offers this convenient feature, making your workflow more efficient.

  1. Converting Quotations

Using quotation maker by Refrens, converting quotations to proforma invoices or invoices is incredibly easy. Here's how you can do it:

a. Access the Quotation Dashboard - Head over to the quotation dashboard on Refrens. Here, you'll find a list of all the quotations you've created.

b. Choose the Quotation - Identify the specific quotation you want to convert. On the right side, you'll see various options related to that quotation.

c. Select the "More" Option - Click on the last option, usually labelled as "more." This action opens a small modal window with additional choices.

d. Convert to Proforma Invoice or Invoice - In the modal window, you'll find two options: "Convert to Proforma Invoice" and "Convert to Invoice." Choose the appropriate option based on your specific requirements.

e. Click and Wait - Click on your chosen option and wait for a moment. Refrens' powerful Quotation Maker will swiftly generate your proforma invoice or invoice.

  1. Seamless Linkage - These generated documents are intricately linked, making it easy for you to refer back to them for further understanding or for your clients' reference. This linkage ensures a smooth transition from a quotation to a proforma invoice or invoice, maintaining consistency and professionalism in your business communication.

By following these simple steps, you can convert your quotations effortlessly, streamline your workflow, and provide your clients with clear, concise, and professional documents, all thanks to the user-friendly Quotation Maker by Refrens.

How to customize quotations with a quotation generator?

Customizing your quotations with Quotation Templates through Refrens is a straightforward process that allows you to add a personalized touch to your business communication. Here's how you can do it step by step:

  1. Incorporate Your Branding

Start by adding your logo to the quotation. This step not only makes your quotation visually appealing but also helps in brand recognition. Additionally, you can attach other files such as images or PDFs, providing your clients with a comprehensive understanding of your products or services.

  1. Add Custom Fields

To enhance the details about your company, utilize custom fields. These fields enable you to add specific information, ensuring that your clients have a complete understanding of your offerings. Including additional attachments and custom fields elevates the professionalism of your quotation.

  1. Customizing Product/Service Details

Clearly outline the products or services you're offering. Create custom columns detailing your products, including names, descriptions, and images or PDFs. By providing a visual representation, you give your clients a clear idea of the final product, enhancing their confidence in your services.

  1. Choose the Right Quotation Template

Refrens offers a variety of quotation templates designed to cater to diverse business needs. Select the template that aligns with your business aesthetic and professionalism. Moreover, you have the flexibility to customize the template further to match your brand identity.

  1. Customize Template Colors and Fonts

Tailor the template to your liking by changing the colors and fonts. Refrens' quotation maker provides the option to choose from more than 24 colors, allowing you to create a visually appealing and cohesive design. Select fonts that reflect your brand personality, ensuring consistency in your communication.

  1. Add Custom Letterhead and Footer

Further, enhance your quotation by adding a custom letterhead and footer. You can customize the body font, and heading font, and select margins for your estimates. This level of customization allows you to create professional-looking quotations tailored to your business requirements.

  1. Download and Print

Once you've customized your quotation to perfection, Refrens' platform allows you to download and print the estimates in various formats. This flexibility ensures that you can present your quotations in the format that best suits your client's preferences.

By following these steps, you can create personalized, visually appealing, and professional quotations using Refrens' quotation generator. This customization not only enhances your brand image but also provides your clients with clear and detailed information about your products or services, fostering trust and credibility in your business relationships.

Templates by Refrens quotation generator

Different types of quotation templates

Refrens offers a diverse range of quotation templates tailored to various business needs, providing users with complete freedom and flexibility in customizing their quotations. Here's an overview of the templates available.

  1. Professional Quotation Template - Designed for businesses aiming for a sleek and polished look, this template exudes professionalism, making a strong impression on clients.

  2. Letterhead Quotation Template - This template incorporates a customized letterhead, giving your quotations a personalized touch and reinforcing your brand identity.

  3. Classic Quotation Template - The classic template offers a timeless design, suitable for businesses seeking a traditional and elegant appearance in their quotations.

  4. Business Quotation Template - Tailored for corporate settings, this template is ideal for businesses engaging in B2B transactions, presenting information in a clear and professional manner.

  5. Print-Friendly Quotation Template - Optimized for printing, this template ensures that your quotations maintain their clarity and readability when presented in hard copy.

  6. Sales Quotation Generator - Specifically crafted for sales-oriented businesses, this template focuses on showcasing products and services effectively to entice potential clients.

  7. Price Quotation Generator - This template emphasizes pricing details, making it perfect for businesses where transparency in pricing is a key factor in customer decision-making.

  8. Marketing Quotation Generator - Ideal for businesses in the marketing industry, this template highlights marketing services and strategies, allowing you to effectively communicate your offerings.

Refrens' developer has designed these templates with user convenience in mind, enabling effortless customization. Users can add, rename, and hide columns according to their specific requirements. Additionally, the platform offers one-click functionality to seamlessly add logos, enhancing the visual appeal of the quotations.

Moreover, Refrens provides the option to hide quotation totals, ensuring that users have complete control over the information presented. Users can also utilize estimates within the system, allowing for versatile use depending on the context of the business transaction.

With Refrens' array of templates and user-friendly customization features, businesses can create tailored, professional, and visually appealing quotations that effectively communicate their offerings and leave a lasting impression on clients.

Apart from the above-mentioned quotation templates you can also change the colour of the quotation and choose from different profession-related templates like consulting invoice templates. You can easily add the business theme colour to the quotation template.

And if you are not comfortable with creating quotations online, then don't worry Refrens provides the option to use the quotation template without accessing the Refrens invoice software. Here is the link for the Refrens quotation templates in Word and Excel.

How to format your sales quotation template?

A quotation is not a legal document, there is no such legal rule for quotation format. You can format it as per your requirements. However, it is good to follow some guidelines so that potential clients can get to know that it is a quotation.

Your quotation template must have the title “Quotation” at the top so that clients get to know it is a quotation. It also becomes easy to differentiate between other documents like an invoice or proforma invoice templates.

Other than this quotation template must have the quotation number, quotation date, your business name, your client details, service or product you are going to offer with price, quantity. Your contact details so that the client can connect with you if he/she is interested in the price quoted by you.

You must add your company logo or personal logo to the quotation, it helps to increase the branding of your company or as a freelancer or individual, it increases your brand value and shows the client how professional you are with the business.

You must take care when a quotation is sent via email or in print format. Always check the quotation sent via email should look attractive to the client and try that the quotation should get downloads on one page having A4 size.

Why do you need to create an estimate for your business?

If you are a freelancer or running a small business, you are most likely working alone and have to do multiple tasks at a time.

Once the healthy discussion about the project ends, you can send a detailed documented estimate which saves time, effort, and energy loss. Here are some benefits stating why one should create estimates.

  • No Cost Quotation

    Create quotations and estimates for free. There is no limit to creating, managing, and sending quotations or estimates. All the features of the quotation are free. There are no hidden charges and no signup fee. Simply create your account and start using Refrens.

  • Easy & Saves Time

    Our user-friendly quotation maker allows the user to create quotations instantly. All the data of the client is stored and is accessible which can be used further. No need to create the same invoice from scratch. Converting quotations to invoices within a second can save you time and effort.

  • Multiple Sharing Options

    Not just creating, sending quotations faster and at the right time is also important. If you don’t then your competitor will. Share your invoice either via email or WhatsApp sharing, you can also download it as a PDF or print it.

  • Free Estimate templates

    Multiple estimate templates to use. Customize as per the quotation requirement. Use magic colour and add colour to the quotation that suits your business.

  • Free Live Support

    Nowadays the most missing part in any other online software is supported. If you are facing any issue our chat support team is always present to help you.

Types of Estimate & Use cases

Approximate Estimate: It is generally considered budgeting. You don't know much about the project here, but you have done a similar project or work before. So here you give an approx. estimate to the client. This estimate is not the final one as it is used to understand how much it will likely cost to get this job done.

Detailed Estimate: You can easily convert the approximate estimate to a detailed estimate once you briefly understand the project. At this point, you know what the project is about and how you can accomplish it, so you issue a detailed estimate.

Bid Estimate: A bid estimate is used to win the projects from the clients. Here the contractor bids the best price to outperform the competitors and tries to win the project.

Quantity Estimate: This involves the quantity of all materials required to complete the project, and a quantity estimate is more similar to a quotation.

Tips to make a business quotation using Refrens free quotation generator

Researching and calculating the project estimates is more important than creating the invoice using invoicing software. Wrong estimates and all your hard work and time will be flushed within seconds. Also, the estimate is the first document with which the client interacts. So creating an estimate online that impresses your client is a must. Moreover, estimating the value of a project makes it a lot easier to work on the project and eventually helps in the success of the project. Here are some of the tips to follow before making an estimate.

1. Understand the Requirement

The first mistake most of them commit is not understanding the requirements. Never create an estimate before understanding the project details. Many times, clients don’t know what they exactly want. Some clients only tell you what the end result should be but don’t give enough details about the process. The only solution is to sit together and discuss the project in good detail. Also, the initial discussion can strengthen the customer-vendor relationship. In the end, make sure that both the client and you are on the same page and wipe out the unwanted conversation that can hurt the initial relationship.

2. Estimate Timeline

It is important to give an estimated due date for the completion of the project. So that your client can be aware of the due date of the project and pay you as per the timeline you worked on that project. Be accurate with the time projection to prevent any later disputes and if you think, any possible delays can be there, you should mention the possible factors for the delay. Once the due date is fixed, don’t undervalue the completion date.

3. Estimate Cost Materials

Estimate the cost of the materials tools or manpower required for the completion of the project. Some tools you can buy at cheap value and if any tool is required only for once then you can rent it easily. But remember if the cost overheads the revenue, you can avoid or decline the project.

4. Research and Competition

Before taking on any project, do proper research about the manpower, tools, the time required to complete and check what the competition is charging for similar projects. Don't charge too high, which can lose the potential client and charge too low, which doesn't turn into profit, makes no sense.

5. Detail out Estimate

After discussing with the client and gathering all the data, create a well-formatted and documented estimate with every detail present and the estimated cost of the work so that the client can get an idea that helps him make an informed decision.

6. Schedule a Follow-up

Once the estimate is sent to the client, follow up within 2-3 days, it will remind the client to make a firm decision about the project.

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Types of quotations you can create using Refrens quotation maker

Refrens' quotation maker offers various types of quotations to cater to different business needs. Here are the types of quotations you can create using Refrens' quotation maker:

1. Simple Quotation Generator

A simple quotation is a basic document that provides pricing and details for products or services. It typically includes item descriptions, quantities, rates, and total amounts. Simple quotations are versatile and can be used in various business contexts.

2. Business Quotation Generator

Business quotations are more comprehensive and are often used in B2B (business-to-business) transactions. They may include additional information such as terms and conditions, payment terms, delivery terms, and warranty details. Business quotations help establish a formal understanding between businesses.

3. Sales Quotation Generator

Sales quotations are a sales team's tool to present potential customers with pricing and product or service details. They are especially useful for sales representatives when negotiating and closing deals. Sales quotations aim to persuade customers to make a purchase.

4. Price Quotation Generator

Price quotations focus primarily on providing detailed pricing information. They are commonly used in industries where pricing transparency is essential, such as retail and manufacturing. Price quotations can help customers compare costs and make informed decisions.

5. Freelance Quotation Generator

Freelance quotations cater to the needs of individual freelancers offering their services. They outline the scope of work, pricing, project timelines, and any specific terms related to the freelance project. Freelance quotations help freelancers communicate their services and pricing to potential clients.

6. Service Quotation Generator

Service quotations are designed for service-based businesses. They include information about the services offered, pricing, and any terms or conditions associated with the services. Service quotations help service providers clearly communicate their offerings to clients.

In essence, Refrens' quotation maker offers a range of quotation types to suit various business scenarios and industries. Whether you need a simple quote for products, a comprehensive business quotation, or a persuasive sales quote, you can create professional and tailored documents to meet your specific needs. This flexibility makes Refrens' quotation maker a valuable tool for businesses and freelancers alike.

Why choose Refrens online quotation generator?

Full-fledged Online Quotation Generator for any businesses that issue quotations and cost estimates to the customer. With our user-friendly sales Quotation Maker, create your quotations for the products or services you provide. No re-entering of data is required for converting approved quotations to invoices.

Amaze your customer by adding your business or personal logo to the quotation. Client management enables you to add and manage your clients easily. If you have a potential client abroad, you have the option to choose from 200+ countries and various currencies.

Using our quotation generator you can print quotations or download them as PDFs and also send them via Email. We also give you the option to share your quotations through WhatsApp. Refrens Quotation Making Software plays a vital role for freelancers, small businesses, and entrepreneurs in making their quotation process easier without any hassle.

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