10 Ways To Earn Money From The Growing E-Commerce Space

It is widely known that eCommerce is flourishing. With 93 percent of all internet users worldwide having made an online purchase, this trillion-dollar business is expanding and not showing any signs of slowing down.

Freelancing entails taking on the role of a specialized employee who is recruited by a business to assist in enhancing its current operations.

Are you curious about how they manage to recognize the lucrative side of eCommerce?

Keep reading for a list of 10 ways freelancers can profit from eCommerce.


1. Copywriting

It’s more critical than ever to grab customers’ attention as the eCommerce market becomes more crowded.

The optimization of product pages mainly relies on interesting product descriptions and keywords. To convince clients to make a buy, eCommerce teams are looking for freelancers.

Customers have a wide range of options in the modern world. Thus, a freelance copywriter who can draw in a reader is more desirable than ever and will be paid accordingly.

2. Design

eCommerce companies may also use design to improve their product pages. They are looking for independent graphic designers who can effectively use tools like a remove background API and capture the essence of their brand and draw in clients. Product pages must be created in a way that highlights the item and entices customers to buy it.

Freelance web designers are a great asset to any eCommerce team because they are challenging to find and even more difficult to replace.

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3. App Development

App Development is a significant specialty service that eCommerce companies are ready to pay for. The number of people eager to make purchases on their mobile phones rises along with the popularity of eCommerce.

For mobile app development, you will need a development team. This can be an in-house team or hiring a dedicated mobile app development team if the in-house team does not have enough technical knowledge.

Any eCommerce team will benefit significantly from having an app that makes this process easier.

4. Social Media Management

Social media is one of the most effective marketing tools for this generation. One of the best growing methods for businesses is to maintain active and exciting social media accounts.

Ecommerce companies are looking for engaging content that will persuade readers to buy. eCommerce companies are willing to spend to have a vibrant social media presence.

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According to studies, two-thirds of consumers want to feel connected to brands. Therefore, it makes sense to make an effort to encourage two-way communication whenever possible. It holds for all your social media channels, whether you’re managing TikTok followers or Instagram management services that primarily include video content.

5. Blogging

A community that customers may join is something that many eCommerce teams aspire to build. A blog with advice on using their product is one approach to achieve this, and it promotes interest and builds a base of devoted followers.

As a result, businesses routinely search for qualified freelance writers to contribute to their blogs.

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6. Inventory Management

Any organization dealing with inventory knows how challenging it can be to strike the right balance between having just enough on hand and not having enough.

Many firms rely on independent contractors to maintain and track inventory following their unique company requirements.

7. Order Fulfilment

Customer satisfaction is dependent mainly on professional and effective order fulfillment. Many eCommerce businesses opt to outsource this activity to guarantee it is completed well and free up their time for more urgent concerns.

Another crucial ability that businesses are looking for is freelancers that can expertly monitor orders and relieve stress from store owners.

8. Customer Service

Outstanding customer service is an essential strategy many eCommerce organizations and B2B eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce or Shopify use to differentiate themselves from the competition.

For their customer support teams and to increase client happiness, e-commerce companies hire independent contractors. Businesses seek freelancers focusing on people who will bring value by attending to their client’s demands.

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9. Freelancing Platforms

As a freelancer, it might be challenging to sift among employment opportunities and choose the one that best suits your skill set. Using a website like Refrens to find freelance work is one of the least stressful methods to start freelancing. Refrens is a platform for freelancers and small businesses to generate more leads and manage their finances.

10. Ecommerce Platforms

Choosing an eCommerce platform to work with is another approach to reducing the burden of choice. A sound freelance financial plan is crucial, whether your goal is to make a fortune on Etsy or sell your most recent goods on Vinted or Depop. You can choose from several well-known eCommerce platforms provided by Clever Ecommerce, giving you access to several already well-established firms seeking to develop and optimize their operations