8 Best Freelancing Jobs With Salary Estimates

Freelancing is a lot more than bread and butter! It can satisfy your financial goals, and can also give you some extra bucks to enjoy your life and financial independence! But, the ability to freelance to provide for you depends on how you see it! 

Are you a full-time freelancer? Or are you freelancing part-time? Or, is it just to satisfy your creative juices? 

How you do freelancing can reflect a lot on how much you will earn from it! And, not only this, the skill which you provide as a freelancer also decides a lot. Are you a writing freelancer? A graphic designer, or a freelance developer? Some freelance skills can provide you with more in comparison to other basic skills! 

But, Is Freelance Really Worth in the Coming Future? 

Believe it or not, freelancing is the future of the professional world. The advancing technology, the ability to connect people across borders seamlessly, and the ease with which professionals share skills and business ideas through freelancing, surely make it a positive possibility for the professional world’s future. 

And, every year, thousands of freelancers are moving to full-time freelancing because of monetary as well as skill set benefits! 

In 2020 research on freelance data, it is noted that a freelancer in the US earns $20 on average! 

A study shows that web/mobile development, legal, marketing, accounting, and other skilled freelancers are making an average of $28/hour! 

But, if you are a budding freelancer, you must be thinking about which is the most in-demand freelancing skill! Let’s underline, and discuss some of the most talked about freelancing skills! 

Most Beneficial Freelancer Jobs and Estimate Pay 

Not all freelancers earn huge chunks of money. This is because industry officials and clients sometimes only prefer full-time employees for certain roles. This limits the skills that can be leveraged on a freelance basis. 

But, there are also roles that can satisfy your financial needs when done on a freelance basis. Let’s understand what are some of the highest-paying freelancing jobs-

1. Writing 

Freelance writing is one of the most in-demand skills! It includes copywriting, content writing, creative writing, and any sort of business writing such as newsletters, press releases, etc. 

According to Linkedin, Copywriting is one of the top 5 in-demand freelance skills! 

In this, freelance writers get briefs from clients and curate content that can convert for their business. This has extensive exposure and the potential to get international clients as well. Because English is a standard language of web portals, if you can write well in English, you can surely get some big fish in your net! Averagely, a freelance writer earns around $42000-$50000 a year

2. Graphic Designers

Design is an important part when it comes to websites, social media, mobile apps, and whatnot! That’s what makes graphic designing important and significant mention in the list of most in-demand freelance skills! 

For this, freelance graphic designers can take up projects of web designing, UI designing, Animated Video Production, and so forth! Though there can be a range of compensation models, the average earnings of a graphic designer are said to be around $90000 annually! 

3. Developers

Mobile developers, web developers, full-stack developers, and freelancers in these fields are in high demand. As web and mobile platforms are the backbones of today’s modern times, developers have plenty of job options to choose from. And, this is one of those fields where freelancers are preferred because of project-based payment terms. 

Generally, a freelance developer earns around $100,000 annually, whereas a mobile and web developer gets around $100,000 and $90,000 per year! The data is from Upwork! 

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4. Photographers

Freelance photographers have a range of project styles to choose from. These can be product photography, commercial, or also business or event photography. This ensures they can try different things and can expand their skill set! 

A freelance photographer can get somewhere around $50/hour! But, this varies greatly on the type of photography, experience, and client’s need. Additionally, full time photographers earn an average salary of $44,329 in the United States.

5. Programmers 

There are a lot of programming languages. And, be it a traditional programming language, or a modern life computer programming principle, freelancers of both these skills are highly preferred and are in demand. 

These freelancers can also earn on a per-project basis. This increases the exposure, and variety of freelance work one can do in the programming field! A typical programmer can earn around $60-70/hour. But, it is highly flexible as programmers can charge on the basis of the complexity of the project, language, and experience! 

6. Online Marketers

Today’s world runs on digital. And, therefore every business invests in digital marketing. But, setting up an in-house team can cost a hefty buck. Therefore, businesses incline on hiring marketing freelancers

Freelancers on the other hand can get wide experience in different niches and businesses. This feeds their skill and professional career. If everything goes right, a freelance marketer can touch earnings of around $50/hour

7. Data Analyst 

The role of a data analyst as a freelancer is still progressing. But, as the job is highly professional and high-paying, a freelance data analyst can get incredible exposure and experience in this field. 

Though the basic rate for a freelance data analyst role is $60-65/hour, freelancers can charge more also! 

8. Editors

No content stays relevant and related to the audiences forever. That’s where editing does its magic! 

Be it for new content or old or be it written content or videos, PR, or whatnot, editing plays an important role in elevating content’s value. And, it is well preferred by international clients to hire editors as freelancers and not set up an in-house team for editing. This can help editors make around $25-35/hour! 

Let’s summarize what we discussed! 

Role Hourly Pay (USD)Average Yearly earnings (USD)
Writing 30-4042000-50000 
Graphic Designers 40-45Approx 90000 
Developers 45-6590,000-100,000
Online Marketers 50-5590,000-100,000
Data Analyst60-6590,000-100,000
Editors 25-3540,000-45,000

This was all about average rates and earnings freelancers can earn. But, if you are a freelancer, you must be thinking about how can you maximize your earnings. 

Here’s How You Can Earn More as a Freelancer 

Freelancing can be of great benefit only if you do it right. Here are some of the tips for you that can expand your freelance earnings- 

  • Finding quality clients is the first step towards high earnings. But, oftentimes, freelancers fail to get high-paying clients. That’s where freelancer networks come into play. These can help you get international clients as freelancers, and also high-paying clients that too with the security and safety of freelance networks! 
  • If you want to earn more, convince your clients that you deserve more. This can be done via impressive portfolios, convincing pitching, and interactive cold emails
  • One way to earn more as a freelancer is to strengthen your relationship with your recent clients. This can be done by delivering work on time, and as per promises. 
  • Inversing in skill always works. For this, participate in workshops, and attend courses and classes on your freelance skill. Also, remember to advance your knowledge with the progress infield and the advent of new tools. 

Are You Ready to Become the Highest Paying Freelancer? 

Your highest-priced freelancing job is just a step away. All you need to do is; l invest in your skills. And, if you are a budding freelancer, get yourself skilled in some of the above-mentioned skills and get the reward of what you are worth! 

And, don’t limit yourself to per mentioned numbers. You invest in your skills, boost up, and expand your freelance earnings as much as you can! Want help from a trusted marketplace to do this? Refrens shall be your choice! Hop on the platform and start hitting the freelance projects you have always desired! Be the freelancer you have always idolized! 

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