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Jamar Gutkowskimm
Online AdsUI DesignLegal Professional
AccountingAdministrationLegal ProfessionalSociety Management ServiceSecurity & Housekeeping Agency



In Business SinceJan, 2021
Digital Marketing ServiceMedia ConsultancyCorporate ServicesLegal ProfessionalNews & Media



In Business SinceJan, 2021
Website DeveloperLegal Professional
RedLine Legal

RedLine Legal


In Business SinceApr, 2016
Business LawsCorporate LawCompany LawLegal Professional
Software DeveloperLegal ProfessionalE-Govt ServiceUidai Official AsaBanking Software
In Business SinceDec, 2014
Chartered Accountancy ServicesAccounting & Financial SolutionsLegal ProfessionalTax CounsultantCompliances-And-Taxes
In Business SinceJan, 2022
Website DeveloperLegal ProfessionalCall Center Service12
In Business SinceAug, 2020
Other ServicesLegal ProfessionalCompliance & Tax
In Business SinceApr, 2014
Career GuidanceEducational ConsultantDoctorAcademic Related ServicesArchitects And EngineersLegal Professional
In Business SinceJul, 2017
Other ServicesLegal Professional
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We needed a website developer really quickly. Refrens became our savior. Easy process and quick delivery. Highly recommended.
Nitesh S.Founder, Medical Tech
We needed a consultant who can help us with some licenses. Refrens team worked hard to connect us with the right consultant.
HimanshuFounder, Packaged Food
We needed a designer for a short term project. We got it through Refrens and the whole experience was pretty smooth.
NayanFounder, Sugoi Labs, Software Services Agency
We needed a logo designer for our business on very short notice. Refrens helped us to arrange one and the logo was great too.
Harsh S.Trader, Textiles Trading
Refrens' service is bliss. We placed our requirements & in no time we were provided with some good expert profiles from which we engaged with a few.
Palak MahanaSocial Media Manager, Unacademy

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Freelance legal support not just offers you the legal advice that is required for the work but also offers cost savings for the business. Hiring a freelance lawyer can help you to take some burden off. An independent legal freelancer can provide a huge amount of legal support, advice and valuable knowledge with high benefits avoiding unnecessary expenses.

Only a trained lawyer can provide the legal advice you need but it doesn’t mean you should find any lawyer who is not specialized in the field you want. The legal world is full of niche specialties. No one knows everything. It is not possible that a legal professional knows every aspect of the law. For an instance: if you are in dispute with your property, you obviously look for a property lawyer and not for a criminal lawyer. So finding and hiring a freelance legal professional with absolute expertise in a particular niche can help your business a lot

But finding a perfect lawyer that matches your requirement is a tough job. Don’t worry Refrens will find a freelance legal advisor for you. Simply post your requirements and Refrens will quickly match you with a perfect professional lawyer as per the requirement and budget. We will be happy to line up the best legal support matching your requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does this work?

Once you post a requirement, we will share expert profiles and portfolio who are best suited for your job. You can go through them and choose the one best suited for your requirement.

Do you charge any commission from the client?

No, we do not charge any commission from the client.

Are Refrens experts reliable?

We do our screening and ensure we share reliable & verified profiles- but incase if you have any apprehensions related to an expert we have an escrow system in place to safeguard the interests of both parties.

Should the payment happen from your platform?

Not necessarily. You can choose to pay directly as well. In case you have any apprehensions, the Escrow system can be used to safeguard.

In case we don't go ahead with you then?

In case for some reason it does not work out with the initial few profiles, we can share more expert profiles within 24hrs. In case if you go ahead with someone from your own network, that’s fine as well.

Is the budget mandatory to be shared with you?

No, it is not mandatory. You can submit a requirement without the budget as well. However, with a budget, the requirement becomes more clear and we know about your expectations in more detail.