Top 3 In-Demand Freelance Jobs To Look Out For In 2023 

It is generally accepted that by the time journalists publish a “hot news” cover story, its novelty has already touched the skies in the real world. A good example? Freelancing. No doubt freelancing is a game changer in the future of work but as we are writing about it and the need of taking it seriously, professionals and companies are already making it happen.

According to Statista, the number of freelancers in the United States was 57.3 million in 2017 which raised to a whopping 70.4 million in 2022 and is forecasted to reach 90.1 million in 2028 in America alone. Turns out the freelance revolution is, if anything, ahead of time, so the people aspiring to have a career in it must adopt it timely. 

Why Is Freelancing Better Than Any Desk Job?

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Freelancing is aggressively growing due to the profound changes in the global market. Working under a boss, sitting at a desk from 9 to 5 is no longer the only way to earn a good income. Remote work culture persuaded employees and employers that work can be done productively from anywhere. This advanced degree of flexibility and autonomy made people question their previous career choices and motivated them to go for the self-employed side. As a result, 36% of Americans work as independent workers now. Spain, France, and Germany have approximately 3.27 million freelancers. 

Long story short, employers these days are willing to hire higher independent talent, and employees are encouraged to opt for this self-employed mode of working. 

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Now with a huge number of freelancers coming into the field, let’s look at the top industries they can make a successful career.

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Top 3 In-Demand Sectors for Freelancers to Watch for in 2023 

Let’s dive in to know the most in-demand industries for those looking to pivot to freelancing, or freelancers looking to expand their portfolio:

Digital Marketing 

Marketing is a strong space for freelancers in the years to come. It is one of the most profitable niches within the freelance economy, with marketing specialists earning millions through it. As companies are now recognizing the significance of digital marketing, many businesses nowadays are outsourcing their digital marketing needs with outsourced talents managing nearly 22% of social media activities worldwide.

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Covid-19 has increased the demand for e-commerce, with digital transactions experiencing a 40% rise. With a lot of shopping happening online, businesses feel the pressure of competition more than ever. Savvy marketing will remain significant as this industry is a broad umbrella, and the good news for freelancers is that there are a lot of ways to upgrade their skill sets to fulfill business needs in 2023.

A few of the highly trendy skills in online marketing include branding, search engine optimization, data analytics, and web design. 2023 is a high time to specialize and master this skill if you are hoping to earn a name in the digital marketing freelance sector. 

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HR and Recruiting

As remote work has become the new norm in this age, the options for freelance human resources have increased tremendously. Companies are turning to outside HR professionals and recruiters. The most beneficial aspect of having a freelance HR is that they can provide an outside perspective and the flexibility to work on a project on a temporary basis. They also assist organizations in finding talents to meet specific needs.  

Accounting and Book-keeping 

Financial challenges across various industries demand a need for good accountants. As per the FlexJobs report on the freelance economy, the accounting will be the top freelance job in 2023. Moreover, with approximately 6% growth over the next decade, this field is not just limited to certified public accountants but offers a wide range of options to professionals with skills in bookkeeping, finance, tax filing, banking, and auditing. 

Many renowned companies are actively hiring freelance accountants and the best part of this field is that businesses belonging to every sector, from giant names to SMEs require the services of qualified financial professionals.

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Identity Verification – The Road to Risk-Free Freelancing Experience 

As mentioned above, the growth and significance of the freelance industry are quite real and will be a game changer in years to come. But looking into the other side of this industry, the threat of crimes can’t be neglected. Hence, the question arises of how to make this industry risk-free for emerging freelancers.

Today’s emerging freelance platforms require users to register on the sites before developing profiles detailing their expertise. However, many of them still use traditional methods for kyc onboarding and verifying customers. This loophole gives ample space for bogus freelancers to get on board and defraud the platform as well as the customers looking out for outsourcing services.

Additionally, after creating profiles, sophisticated criminals upload forged documents and fake skill sets to attract more customers. Hence, to ensure the genuineness of freelancers, robust identity verification solutions are the core driver to eliminate the risk of crimes in the gig economy. Integrating AI-backed IDV and kyc verification services into the platform security systems can add value to the cybersecurity measures while leaving a positive impact on the user regarding their security & privacy.

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