The Ultimate Guide to Pricing As A Freelance Web Developer

The freelance space has been changing at an unprecedented pace in the past decades. The pandemic only escalated eCommerce business growth; offering more efficiency and convenience. Consequently, every business in the 21st century needs to maintain an effective online presence to remain competitive and accessible to customers. 

An effective online presence starts with a website, and businesses need websites to remain accessible to customers. Failing to do so will result in you losing business to your customers. This is evident with the increasing demand for WordPress development services as well as web development of other sorts. 

This presents an excellent opportunity for freelance web developers to capitalize on the demand and fuel growth. But how much should a freelance web developer charge for their services? The answer to this question can vary based on a number of factors. So continue reading to learn more and get the right price for your freelance web development services. 

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Different Ways To Price As A Freelance Web Developer

There are a number of different ways you can price as a freelance web developer. Understanding these types can help you better frame the prices for your services. So continue reading to understand better different ways to price your freelance web development services

1. Based On Time Spent

These days, it is not very uncommon to find freelancers giving up their full-time employment. Instead, they prefer charging clients based on the time they spend on a given project. Of course, this means bidding farewell to the benefits that come with full-time employment, such as life insurance, health insurance, consistency, and more. 

But if this is not an issue, you must try and keep your freelance salary about 50% to 100% of your full-time salary. Once you have an estimated number, it is time to enquire about prices in and around the market. Set these rates with respect to your skills and experience in the field. Ensure to ignore factors like freelance rates on different platforms, rates from any other region, or the low market competition rate.        

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2. Based On The Project

This is another very common way to price your services as a freelance web developer. This is a relatively simple way where you can set your prices based on the project’s requirements. Of course, time is still a key factor here, but that is not all. You must evaluate the project’s specific needs and see how much time and effort it would require from your end.

Make sure you break down the project requirements into different components to clarify things. Set a sensible estimate for every component of the project, then add them to get a full price for the entire project. Besides your time and effort, you must also charge the client for the risk you are taking with the project. This is important because clients will never agree to pay you more than the agreed amount. This approach towards charging people for your service as a freelance web developer allows you to get appealing rewards for your speed and efficiency. 

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3. Based On The Value Of The Project

This approach is very similar to project pricing, barring several significant differences. The primary difference is what exactly leads to concluding the said prices for your services. This web will be determined by what the project is worth to your clients. You must decide your prices based on their importance to the client rather than the time and effort you spend on the project.  

Unfortunately, this approach is a bit more complex than other ways to set the right price for your WordPress website development services. So you can start by enquiring about their approach to navigating through the problem. This will help you better understand the time and effort the client has been spending on the project. This approach will require you to change your approach toward selling. So make sure the entire conversation with the client revolves around the value and overall worth of the project.  

Things To Consider When Setting Your Rate As A Freelance Web Developer


As you have an idea by now, setting up appropriate prices for your freelance web development prices is not easy. However, taking a couple of considerations can be very helpful in this case. So let’s check out some of these considerations to make this entire ordeal easier for you. 

1. Global Prices

The world is now more integrated and connected than it ever was before. As a result, all services to internet marketing now cater to a global audience. It is not very uncommon to see people sitting in India creating websites for international clients. So you must familiarize yourself with the global prices for your web development services and decide the appropriate price accordingly.  

2. Seek Advice From Other Freelancers

There is no shortage of freelancers in this current digitised and better-connected business environment. Since there is barely any competition in this sphere, most freelancers do not mind helping out others. You must take this opportunity to seek advice from them before deciding the prices for your services. Their advice will give you a first-hand idea of the market, helping you make the right decision. But even if you agree with three pieces of advice the freelancers have to offer, make sure to consider them at least. 

3. Set The Right Expectations

There have been many cases where freelance web developers tend to give up when failing to meet their expectations. One must understand that freelancing is not always as easy and hassle-free as it appears. Besides, the payment for your services might not always match your preference or expectations. 

But the good thing is that these things happen when you are in the freelancing field, and there is no point sulking about it. Instead, you must keep your expectations to a minimum and focus on enhancing your skills. Better pay for your services will not be far away with better skills. 

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4. Evaluate The Offerings From Different Freelancing Platforms

Currently, numerous platforms allow businesses to hire freelancers. As a freelancer, you need to evaluate what each of these platforms has to offer. Of course, every platform will charge you a commission in one way or the other. But you are responsible for comparing and determining which platform has charged a commission worth its offerings. Once you have that information, you can make your decision accordingly.  

Final Thoughts

Life as a freelancer is far easier than your life with a consistent job at a Custom WordPress website development company. But freelancing can give you more room for growth and expansion, which is not always possible with a full-time job. So make sure you use this information to your advantage and set the right prices for your freelance web development service

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