Best Car Sales Invoice Software

Best Car Sales Invoice Software: Features and Comparisons

In the car sales industry, efficient invoicing is the key. The right car sales invoice software can simplify billing, reduce mistakes, and improve customer satisfaction. These tools offer automated billing, customizable templates, and easy integration with your current systems, saving you time and boosting productivity.

In this blog, we’ll explore the top car sales invoice software options with their key features, pricing plans, ratings, and user reviews to help you choose the best one for your business.

SoftwareStarting Price Average RatingTrail Period Free Plan 
Vyapar ₹3059/year4.4⭐7 Days No
Motor Desk$4128/year4.8⭐30 Days No
Inv24$95/yearYes Yes 
Comparison: Top Car Sales Invoice Software

A Detail Comparison of Top Car Sales Invoice Software

1. Refrens

Refrens Car Sales Invoice Software simplifies financial management for modern car dealerships, handling invoicing, e-invoicing, e-way bills, inventory, and expenses. Ideal for dealerships of all sizes, Refrens offers user-friendly features and robust reporting. 

Trusted by over 150,000 businesses in 170+ countries and rated 4.8 by 11,700+ users, Refrens ensures compliance with GST regulations while streamlining your sales invoicing processes. Achieve financial clarity and growth with Refrens, the best invoicing software in India.

Key Feature of Refrens:

  • Customizable Invoices: Create fully customized car sales invoices with GST compliance.
  • E-Invoicing & E-Way Bills software: Generate and manage e-invoices and e-way bills effortlessly.
  • Inventory Management: Automatically update inventory with every sale and track stock levels.
  • Client & Vendor Management: Efficiently manage client and vendor information in one place.
  • Automated Reminders: Send automated invoice reminders to clients over WhatsApp and email.
  • Multi-Currency Invoices: Create and track invoices in multiple currencies, managing forex gains or losses.

Additional Features:

Generate detailed financial reports, record and track all expenses, manage multiple businesses and team members, customize invoice templates and branding, ensure 100% GST compliance, share invoices via WhatsApp and email, automate recurring invoices for subscription services, access 24×7 live support, and utilize API integration for automated invoicing.

Pricing Plans:

  • Basic: $0 
  • Books Essential: $90/year, per business
  • Books Pro: $225/year, per business


  • Capterra: 4.8⭐/5
  • Get App: 4.8⭐/5
  • G2: 4.6⭐/5
  • Software Advice: 5⭐/5

User Review of Refrens:

“I love the way the software has made invoice management easy and trendy. The templates are vibrant, the dashboard is holistic and automation is all a busy prof needs”  ~Akshay“Less Export and Import Invoicing features.”  ~Jainil
“Refrens is user-friendly. It gives the best invoicing solution for small enterprises”  ~SwaroopMinor field changes are sometimes difficult.”  ~Bharat
“Good Dashboard and is easy to use, cost-effective”  ~Mahendra“Mmmm, if I have to, if I have to then I’d say what I like the least is the pricing. They can easily sell it at a higher rate..”   ~Sahil
Source: Software Advice

2. Vyapar 

Vyapar Car Sales Invoice Software is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline the invoicing process for car dealerships. This software enables you to generate professional car sales invoices in seconds, manage inventory and accounting systems seamlessly, and gain valuable insights into your sales performance. 

With Vyapar, car dealers can automate their invoicing tasks, reduce manual errors, and close deals faster, ensuring a smooth and efficient sales process.

Key Features of Vyapar:

  • Invoicing: Generate fully customized car sales invoices compliant with GST regulations.
  • Pre-built Templates: Ready-to-use templates with fields for vehicle details, financing, and taxes.
  • Inventory & Accounting Integration: Automatic updates and error reduction with seamless system integration.
  • Sales Reporting & Analytics: Detailed insights into sales performance and customer buying patterns.

Additional Features:

Payment integration with popular gateways, data security with encryption and regular backups, stock tracking and alerts, customer contact management, mobile accessibility for generating and managing invoices on the go, multi-platform compatibility with Windows, MacBook, and Android, automated follow-ups for payments and appointments, creating professional invoices quickly, streamlining the invoicing process, saving time, improving accuracy, making crucial business decisions with real-time updates, user-friendly dashboard for simple analysis, and valuable insights into sales trends and customer behavior.

Pricing Plans:

  • Silver Plan: ₹ 3059.10/year
  • Gold Plan: ₹ 3599.10/year


  • Capterra 4.4⭐/5
  • G2  4.6⭐/5

User Review of Vyapar:

“Product creation features by uploading excel and divide into proper categories is very helpful for starting the software, and easily move any business in vyapar software”   ~Ajit“Only works on single system, i think multi-system support missing “   ~Ajit
“Vyapar is useful for small business owners or shopkeepers. If I have to list the pros, here are some pros: 1. GST-compliant invoicing 2. Budgeting 3. Financial statements that can be understood by owners easily. 4. Multiple user login and role-based access”   ~Maheswara Swamy“Conventional and not designed to suit market requirements. No compatibility”   ~Suresh
“We are moving to mobile-based computing. – Fresh & Friendly UI – ALL Taxes Covered – Easy to use – Inventory Controls – No need for installation – Remote Access – User Roles There is a lot to count. But experience the rest yourself”   ~Nisarg“Since it’s designed for small businesses, some of the features like inventory management or other complex accounting entries is not possible if your business is medium to large”   ~Maheswara Swamy
Source: Software Advice

3. Motor Desk

MotorDesk Car Sales Invoice Software is a comprehensive solution designed to simplify the invoicing and accounting processes for car dealerships. It integrates seamlessly with Sage Cloud Accounting, Intuit QuickBooks, and Xero Accounting, ensuring your dealership’s financial operations are synchronized in real time. 

MotorDesk allows you to generate professional invoices, manage VAT calculations, handle online payments, and organize transaction documentation with ease.

Key Features of Motor Desk:

  • Easy Online Invoice Generation: Simplify the sales process with quick invoice creation and electronic signatures.
  • VAT & Margin Scheme: Automate VAT margin scheme calculations and accounting.
  • Online Payments & Reservations: Accept online, in-person, and offline payments seamlessly.
  • Download, Print, Email & Share: Go paperless with digital invoices or print hard copies quickly.
  • Finance & Transaction Documentation: Organize and share documents with optional electronic signatures.

Additional Features:

Manage products with VAT rate support, integrated sales CRM software for customer profiles and transactions, detailed sales and performance reports, automated follow-ups via email and SMS, real-time synchronization with accounting software, integrated address finder, customizable invoice templates, and support for multiple devices and platforms.

Pricing Plans:

  • Scale Plan: $4128/year 


  • Software Advice: 5.0⭐/5
  • Capterra: 5.0⭐/5
  • Get App: 5.0/⭐5

User Review of Motor Desk:

“We now have one central place for all our stock and analysis. It links seamlessly with Autotrader and all our social media platforms.” ~Alex“ I feel there is more than one way to do the same task and perhaps needs streamlining a little, some of it is user error.”   ~Alex

“I have used a number of different CRM’s in different industries and I have never come across such an intuitive joined up piece of software that actually does everything you expect from a piece of software.”  ~Daniel
“It doesn’t seamlessly integrate with eBay motors” ~Richard
“Motordesk allowed us the flexibility to scale up our inventory offerings in an unconventional way. It was extremely customizable and very flexible.”    ~Bradley“I would like to have my logo in the top corner of just the first image as I don’t want it to block other images.”  ~James
Source: Software Advice

4. EnterReg

EnterReg Car Sales Invoice Software is designed to revolutionize the car trade industry by providing an all-in-one digital invoicing and accounting solution. With features tailored for car dealers, EnterReg streamlines the invoicing process, integrates seamlessly with vehicle and finance systems, and ensures accurate VAT calculations. 

This purpose-built software allows dealers to manage invoices, expenses, staff roles, and multiple branches efficiently, enhancing overall dealership operations.

Key Features of EnterReg:

  • Digital Invoicing: Create and manage invoices online, connect vehicles with reg lookup, and email PDFs directly to customers.
  • Part Exchange Management: Easily add and track part exchanges with automatic VIN retrieval and accurate valuations.
  • Comprehensive Accounting Fields: Apply margin, commercial, and qualifying VAT, with fields for warranty, discount, deposit, and payment methods.
  • Finance Integration: Generate finance invoices for over 30 leading car finance companies, including specific fields for cash deposits and digitally signable agreements.

Additional Features:

Manage VAT liability calculations, handle business-wide expenses with photo uploads and categorization, control staff access and responsibilities, generate digital PDFs with custom legal agreements and signatures, track multiple businesses and branches, calculate staff commissions automatically, and gain insights into sales performance and operational efficiency.

Pricing Plans:

  • Core Plan: £1039.50/year
  • Advanced Plan: £1564.50/year
  • Premium Plan: £3588/year

5. Inv24

Inv24 is a powerful and user-friendly car sales invoice software tailored specifically for South African businesses. Designed to streamline the invoicing process, Inv24 allows car sales companies to create and send invoices effortlessly, maintain customer and product databases, and send invoices directly via email. 

Since 2008, over 40,000 small businesses have trusted Inv24 for their invoicing needs, benefiting from its simplicity and comprehensive features.

Key Features of

  • Online Invoicing: Create invoices online with ease.
  • Products & Services Database: Maintain a detailed database of your products and services.
  • Customer Database: Simple customer management with a robust database.
  • Invoice Delivery: Send invoices directly to customers via email.
  • Unlimited Invoices: Generate an unlimited number of invoices.
  • Payment Reminders: Set automatic reminders for pending payments.
  • Discounts: Apply discounts easily on your invoices.
  • Filtering & Sorting: Efficiently filter and sort your invoices and customer data.
  • Customer Support: Access dedicated support whenever you need it.

Additional Features:

Manage VAT calculations with ease, handle business-wide expenses with photo uploads and categorization, control staff access and responsibilities, generate digital PDFs with custom legal agreements and signatures, track multiple businesses and branches, calculate staff commissions automatically, gain insights into sales performance with detailed statistics, and benefit from a simple and intuitive interface that requires no accounting knowledge.

Pricing Plans: 

  • Premium Plan: $95.46/year

Key Features to Consider When Choosing the Top Car Sales Invoice Software

When selecting the best car sales invoice software for your dealership, it’s important to consider features that will streamline your operations and enhance your efficiency. Here are the key features to look for:

  1. User-Friendly Interface: An intuitive and easy-to-use interface that allows users to create and manage invoices without extensive training.
  2. Customizable Invoice Templates: Pre-built and customizable templates tailored specifically for car sales, including fields for vehicle details, financing information, and tax calculations.
  3. Integration with Accounting Systems: Seamless integration with popular best accounting software like Sage Cloud Accounting, QuickBooks, and Xero to ensure accurate and real-time financial management.
  4. Inventory Management: Automatic inventory updates with every sale and detailed tracking of stock levels, enabling efficient management of vehicle inventory.
  5. Customer Management (CRM): Comprehensive customer database to store and manage customer details, purchase history, and service records for better customer relationship management.
  6. VAT & Tax Management: Simplified VAT calculations and support for various tax schemes, including margin schemes, to ensure compliance and ease of tax returns.
  7. Online Payments: Integration with payment gateways to accept online payments, including credit/debit cards and bank transfers, for faster and more secure transactions.
  8. Electronic Signatures: Capability to collect electronic signatures on invoices and other documents, streamlining the transaction process and reducing paperwork.
  9. Automated Follow-Ups: Automated email and SMS reminders for payment due dates, service appointments, and other important communications to enhance customer service.
  10. Detailed Reporting & Analytics: Comprehensive reporting and analytics tools to track sales performance, revenue trends, customer buying patterns, and overall business insights.
  11. Mobile Accessibility: Availability of mobile apps to manage invoices and customer interactions on the go, ensuring flexibility and convenience for sales teams.
  12. Security Features: Robust data security measures, including encryption and regular backups, to protect sensitive customer and business information.
  13. Support & Training: Access to customer support and training resources to help users make the most of the software and resolve any issues promptly.

By considering these key features and referring to an invoicing guide, you can select a car sales invoice software that not only meets your business needs but also helps you streamline your operations, improve efficiency, and enhance customer satisfaction.


Choosing the right car sales invoice software is essential for streamlining your dealership’s operations and enhancing customer satisfaction. By focusing on invoicing basics and features such as customizable templates, seamless integration with accounting systems, and automated processes, you can reduce errors, save time, and improve overall efficiency. Evaluate your specific needs and prioritize software that offers robust reporting, mobile accessibility, and strong security measures to ensure smooth and effective financial management for your car sales business.

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