Top 10 CRM Software You Can Integrate With Indiamart

Top 10 CRM Software You Can Integrate With Indiamart

Indiamart is a great platform for generating business leads but that’s not enough, right? You have to manage those leads, keep track of them, and give follow-up to each. Handling those leads on the same platform can be a hassle.

To streamline these processes, here are some CRM software you can integrate with Indiamart which manages all your leads in one centralized platform. You can organize all your leads, track integration, easily contact them, and facilitate prompt follow-ups providing a more seamless and effective approach to handling your business leads with Indiamart CRM Integration 

Here is a list of the top 10 CRM software options seamlessly integrating with Indiamart.

1. Refrens

Integrating Refrens and IndiaMart through IndiaMart CRM Integration allows users to capture IndiaMart automatically leads into Refrens Sales CRM, facilitating efficient lead management and optimization of the sales process. This integration enables real-time lead capture, communication via WhatsApp and email, creation, and sharing of quotations and invoices, and access to salesperson-wise reports, among other features, enhancing overall sales productivity.


  • Automatic Lead Capture: Leads from IndiaMart are automatically captured and added to Refrens in real-time, ensuring no lead is missed.
  • Engage and Nurture Leads: Segment and assign leads to appropriate sales personnel, engage through WhatsApp and email, and get automated follow-up reminders to nurture relationships with IndiaMart CRM Integration.
  • Create and Share Quotations/Invoices: Quickly generate and share quotations and invoices with leads, tracking when they are viewed to speed up the sales process.
  • Customizable Lead Capture Form: Embed a customizable form on your website to directly capture leads into Refrens, enhancing lead generation efforts.
  • Unlimited Custom Fields: Add custom fields to capture detailed information for all your leads, allowing for a more personalized follow-up and sales strategy with IndiaMart CRM Integration.
  • Multiple Sales Pipelines: Manage different sales pipelines for various products or services, facilitating organized lead management across different business segments.
  • Manage Unlimited Stages: Customize and manage stages for each pipeline to ensure comprehensive follow-up and engagement with prospects.
  • Label Every Lead: Tag each lead by source, persona, business type, etc., for easy filtering and reporting, enhancing lead management efficiency with IndiaMart CRM Integration.
  • Centralized Communication: Send and manage all communications with leads via email or WhatsApp directly from Refrens, streamlining communication processes.
  • Intelligent Insights & Reports: Access actionable insights and reports on turnaround times and weighted pipeline reports to evaluate sales performance and forecast revenue through IndiaMart CRM Integration.


  • Free Plan: free plan for small businesses to create up to 50 documents/year
  • Premium Plan: Pricing starts from as low as ₹100/month or $2.5/month depending on the number of users & features


  • Capterra 4.9⭐/05
  • G2  4.6⭐/05
  • Software suggests 4.8⭐/05

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2. Vtiger

Vitger enables you to transfer your Indimart leads directly to your CRM software seamlessly and improve customer communication. It manages large numbers of data efficiently and minimizes manual efforts. It is an all-in-one platform that empowers you to align your marketing, sales, and support teams with unified customer data powered by One View.


  • CRM: Through Indiamart CRM integration, It auto-transfers all your leads from IndiaMART to your software seamlessly and tracks synced lead details, including the date and time of syncing and corresponding numbers via Sync Log
  • Pipeline management: It enables checking out the current status, cases, previous conversations, and scheduled meetings planning your sales cycle, managing targets, and monitoring team performance by setting up forecasts and quotas.
  • Communication and collaboration: Your team members can communicate internally, you can manage your calendar with scheduled meetings and get an auto reminder for each, centralize all your documents in one place, and arrange video conference integration, all streamlined by IndiaMart CRM Integration.
  • Analytics and Intelligence: Calculus an AI-based feature allows you to predict and recommend the next actions based on the conversation analysis. You can even check out the insights dashboard to get to know team and pipeline statistics. 
  • Administration: You can manage your employees as CRM users with the hierarchy. Approvals in Vtiger CRM allow you to create and automate business processes.
  • Sales Automation: It automates the sales with playbooks which consist of a sequence of tasks that sales reps must complete in each sales stage and it adds tasks to each deal stage and monitors the progress of a deal. You can use landing pages, web forms, email campaigns, and personalized sequences to generate and nurture leads and Process Designer to design, automate, implement, manage, monitor, and optimize your business processes.
  • Marketing Automation: You can do the marketing smoothly with personalized email templates, web forms, social modules, social moguls, and SMS campaigns, leveraging the power of IndiaMart CRM Integration.
  • Tools: Vtiger consists of various  tools such as import and export, customization, print and email templates, aide, enrich, QR code, and stock room for various 

Pricing: Contact for the pricing plans


  • Capterra 4.3⭐/5
  • G2 4.3⭐/5
  • Get app 4.3⭐/5
  • Software Advice 4.5⭐/5

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3. Kylas

Kylas enables the automatic capture of leads from IndiaMart, where the lead source is automatically updated to “IndiaMart,” allowing users to categorize all other leads separately from those generated through IndiaMart CRM Integration. The integration with IndiaMart will generate an automatic lead whenever you receive a trade inquiry on IndiaMart, streamlining the lead generation and capture process.


  • Pipeline management: Kylas creates numerous customizable pipelines, tracks your team’s advancement, and successfully brings deals to completion. 
  • Reports and Dashboard: It enables you to customize and build reports for the CRM data and analyze and customize the dashboard with important metrics and reports as per your growing business’s requirements.
  • Sales Automation: You can minimize manual errors by automating every lead and deal to your team, performing automated actions with event-based and time-based triggers, and getting automated emails and reminders for upcoming activities.
  • Integration and marketplace: Kylas makes integration with your preferred business tools effortless. The marketplace provides a continually expanding array of apps for seamless connections.
  • Sales Management: It gains visibility of check-in and out of your customer, you can automatically assign the right prospects to the right sales rep based on their availability, zip code, product, etc and with the help of the Kylas Mobile App, sales reps can easily access all customers and prospect-related information.
  • Collaboration: It allows seamless collaboration through various teams, helps in tracking the progress of the sales through notes and comments, and notifies through reminders about deadlines, meetings, and appointments.
  • Data management and security: It enables the import data from other CRMs and Excel, and creates unlimited custom fields on Leads, Deals, Contacts, Products, and Companies. Map every single data point and capture more relevant information on your prospective clients.


  • Embark: Free
  • Elevate:12999 Rs/month
  • Exceed:75000 Rs/month


  • Capterra 4.8⭐/5
  • G2 4.7⭐/5
  • Software Advice 5⭐/5
  • Get app 4.8⭐/5

4. Field Proxy 

Firld Proxy offers a Lead Manager crafted to efficiently organize, oversee, and track all your leads, ensuring seamless conversion for your business. The platform includes a panel that consolidates your conversations with buyers from various platforms like email, desktop, WhatsApp, etc., presenting them in a unified view, optimized by IndiaMart CRM Integration.


  • Manage your contacts: It provides a dedicated portal to add, search, and remove contacts in one place and automatically enriches lead, contact, and account profiles for accurate insights.
  • Instant Communication: The lead Manager streamlines communication with default templates for instant replies. It performs various operations like sending, receiving, and saving replies, making notes, and attaching files.
  • Quotation Creation: Easily create professional quotations to facilitate quick decisions for sellers and buyers, save time in negotiations, and initiate discussions between sellers and buyers.
  • Reminder System: Set reminders through email, SMS, and in-app reminders for timely buyer follow-ups and enable flexible modification of reminders to ensure accuracy in scheduling.
  • Notes Feature: Allows to save relevant buyer information in one place during conversations and customizable visibility settings for notes, including payment information tracking.
  • Label Organization: Enables automatic and manual labeling to categorize and manage contacts effectively and consists of Seven pre-defined labels, such as Important, Follow-up, and Deal-done, for easy segmentation.
  • Inquiry Management: Perform various operations on inquiries, including sending quotations, reminders, and follow-ups and seamless handling of inquiries through the seller panel for enhanced efficiency.

Pricing: Contact for the pricing 


  • Capterra 4.4⭐/5
  • Software Advice 4.5⭐/5
  • G2 4.6⭐/5

5. Teknovative Solution

Using the Indiamart lead generation app, Teknovate CRM users can seamlessly capture and integrate Indiamart leads directly into the CRM system through Indiamart API CRM integration. The app automatically designates the lead source as “Indiamart,” simplifying the categorization of all leads, including those originating from the Indiamart platform, with the help of Indiamart API CRM integration.


  • Centralized lead management CRM:  It auto-create and auto-sign the leads to the concerned person so they can manage all their leads from the same place seamlessly.
  • Quotation. Orders, Payments: It generates a quotation with just a few clicks using the Teknovate Sales CRM software. Convert the quotation into a sales order in a single click, and further streamline the process by creating an invoice with just one click from the sales order. 
  • Marketing Automation: This includes automated follow-ups for lead and quotation updates via Email, SMS, and WhatsApp. It generates various personalized templates for WhatsApp, E-Mail, and SMS. These templates are automatically dispatched to the lead at every stage of their journey, from lead creation to closure, ensuring a tailored and efficient communication process.
  • Project and Task Management: Manage projects and tasks with features such as progress tracking, project-wise profit and expense monitoring, task priority and scheduling, percentage-based task progress tracking, and a customer portal for tracking and communication within their tasks. 
  • Helpdesk CRM: Handle client complaints by assigning them to the relevant team and personnel for prompt resolution. Automatically generate tickets from various sources like incoming emails or your website. Utilize a dynamic pipeline to categorize tickets into different stages, enhancing overall management. Improve service team performance with clear insights, monitor pending complaints, and track performance on a personal and team basis.
  • Mobile CRM system application: You can access Teknovate’s mobile CRM app for seamless work from anywhere and can not miss a follow-up with timely notifications. It easily creates and sends quotes, tracks field salesperson locations via GPS, and receives live reports for comprehensive business insights, all made possible through Indiamart API CRM integration.


  • Contact for pricing plan.


  • Capterra 5⭐/5

6. Solid Performers

Solid Performer is an all-in-one CRM platform where you will get faster alerts with automation, get to know from which panel you received how many leads, including those from IndiaMart through IndiaMart API CRM Integration, you can plan your marketing budget seamlessly, and send automated emails coming from IndiaMart which can save your time and track the status of your lead all at one time, utilizing the efficiency of IndiaMart API CRM Integration.


  • Seamless integration: This integration enables seamless data synchronization, automatically capturing and updating customer information, leads, and sales activities within the top CRM software for managing IndiaMART leads.
  • Lead management: Businesses can automate lead assignments, monitor communication history, schedule reminders, and give personalized follow-up strategies. This efficient lead management process guarantees no oversight of valuable leads, optimizing conversion potential.
  • Sales Pipeline Optimization: The software offers a graphical depiction of the sales process, enabling businesses to monitor the advancement of each deal, pinpoint obstacles, and forecast revenue with precision. Businesses can prioritize tasks, allocate resources efficiently, and expedite deal closures through sales pipeline management.
  • Contact management and communication: Solid Performers CRM helps businesses keep all their IndiaMART contacts in one place. It gives a complete picture of each contact, showing communication history, preferences, and buying habits. With this information, businesses can personalize their interactions, provide great customer experiences, and strengthen relationships easily.
  • Auto allocation and notification: Using CRM you can allocate your employee rationally which leads to not having the hassle of allocating manually. Secondly, it helps to identify if any duplicate leads are coming and can send automated notifications to your team members.
  • Advanced automation: Automating your lead engagement with the CRM software for IndiaMART leads helps close deals twice as fast, through IndiaMart API CRM Integration.
  • . You can email immediately, allowing clients to learn about your company before talking in person, ensuring better results.
  • Reminder alert: You can automatically send emails, SMS, or WhatsApp messages to your employees when you assign them a new lead or remind them of upcoming follow-ups and scheduled meetings, all streamlined by IndiaMart API CRM Integration.


  • Square: 750 Rs/ month
  • Pentagon:1125 Rs/month
  • Hexagon Unlimited: 1500 Rs/month


  • Capterra 4.2⭐/5
  • G2 4.9⭐/9
  • Get app 4.2⭐/5
  • Software Advice 4.2⭐/5

7. Maple CRM 

Maple CRM is a platform where you can auto-capture your lead data in your software whenever you receive a trade inquiry for your business at IndiaMart.It Supports general inquiries and buying leads for your business. It Segregates normal leads, buys leads automatically, and allocates them to specific salespersons.


Lead management: Automate lead capture from multiple platforms, bulk upload contacts seamlessly, and allocate leads based on expertise. Implement lead scoring for efficient prioritization and set up reminders for progress tracking. Schedule daily status reports with custom filters and configure dynamic views for quick lead assessments. Apply swift data filters for easy lead location. Optimize your lead management with our streamlined CRM.

Customization: Efficiently manage customer communication with Email/WhatsApp Templates and streamline lead data with Customized Forms. Visualize data with Custom Dashboards and optimize workflows through Custom Configuration.

Quotation Management: Maple CRM streamlines quoting with a user-friendly PDF Quotation Builder and a structured Quotation Approval system. The platform includes a detailed Product Catalog and facilitates efficient quote management through easy revisions, maintaining a comprehensive revision history for tracking changes.

Invoice and payment Schedule: It allows easy payment updates, generates invoices with customizable templates, and ensures an organized approval process. Keep track of payments through the Invoice Payment Tracker, which leads to always getting a payment with the Payment Schedule Manager, which sends timely reminders to clients and the back office.


  • Sales Professional: $50/month
  • Sales + Field service: $15/month
  • Field Service CRM: $100/month 


  • Capterra 3.3⭐/5
  • G2 4.5⭐/5
  • Get app 3.3⭐/5


ZNI CRM allows you to connect with any third-party software, open APIs, and build their integration.CRM integration with Indiamart helps generate leads for your business automatically into the CRM from India mart. You can register as a developer create your plugin and sell to your customer. It consists of other features like invoicing, contact management, automation, and more.


  • Contact Management: Easily manage customer interactions with an intuitive interface, putting all communication at your fingertips.
  • Cloud Telephony for Lead Generation: Engage with website visitors in real-time conversations through ZipCall, transforming text chat into dynamic interactions.
  • Invoicing Efficiency: Enable team members to send quotes and invoices directly from the CRM panel, saving time and accelerating customer conversions.
  • Helpdesk for Customer Support: Implement a Helpdesk feature for customers to raise support tickets, with team members responding directly from the CRM panel, streamlining customer support processes.


  • Starter: 1000 Rs/month
  • Professional: 3600 Rs/month
  • Business: 5600 Rs/month
  • Enterprise: 9999 Rs/month

9. Fuzon Media 

Fuzonmedia has integrated IndiaMart leads directly into CRM software, enhancing real-time management and sales opportunities by streamlining the process of capturing and organizing leads from platforms like IndiaMart and Justdial. 


  • Single-Click Integration with CRM: Streamlines capturing leads from IndiaMart directly into your CRM system for efficient lead management.
  • Automated Lead Capture: Reduces manual data entry by automatically importing leads into the CRM, ensuring timely follow-up.
  • Real-Time Lead Synchronization: Ensures that leads from IndiaMart are instantly reflected in the CRM for immediate action.
  • Customizable Lead Filters: Allows for the segmentation of leads based on predefined criteria, enhancing targeted marketing efforts.
  • Lead Scoring and Prioritization: Helps in identifying high-value leads for prioritized engagement.
  • Sales Pipeline Management: Provides a clear overview of the sales pipeline for better forecasting and planning.
  • Performance Analytics and Reporting: Offers insights into lead conversion rates and sales performance for informed decision-making.
  • Email and SMS Integration: Facilitates direct communication with leads through integrated messaging options.
  • Task and Reminder System: Ensures timely follow-ups with leads through automated reminders and task assignments.
  • WhatsApp API Integration: Enhances customer engagement by enabling direct communication with leads via WhatsApp.


  • Custom pricing 

10. Grey Cube Technologies 

The integration between IndiaMart and ERPNext CRM focuses on enhancing lead management by automatically fetching leads from IndiaMart into the ERPNext system every 5 minutes. This integration aims to streamline the sales process by automating lead creation, field mapping, territory assignment based on lead origin, and handling of duplicate leads.


  • Lead Syncing: Automatically syncs leads from IndiaMart to ERPNext every five minutes, ensuring real-time lead management.
  • Lead Creation & Mapping: Automatically generates leads in ERPNext with a seamless field mapping from IndiaMart, streamlining data consistency.
  • Territory & Manager Assignment: Automates territory assignment based on the lead’s origin and efficiently assigns leads to territory managers.
  • Round Robin Distribution: Distributes leads among sales personnel within a territory using a fair round-robin algorithm.
  • Duplicate Management: Identifies and merges duplicate leads by comparing mobile numbers or emails, enhancing database integrity.
  • Opportunity Conversion: Converts repeat leads into opportunities automatically, optimizing sales potential.
  • Integration Monitoring: Keeps a comprehensive log for all IndiaMart integration activities, aiding in troubleshooting.
  • Error Notifications: Sends automatic alerts for any errors during the lead integration process, ensuring prompt resolution.
  • Best Practices Compliance: Adheres to all recommended best practices for IndiaMart integration, ensuring optimal performance.


  • ERPNext Professional Hosting by OEM – Frappe Team
    • Unlimited User Access
    • Plans start from $750/year or Rs 60,000/year
  • ERPNext Customization Charges
    • Hourly Rate: Starting from $20/hour, it can go up to $70/hour depending on customization.
    • Lumpsum charges Quotation based on customization details.
  • ERPNext Setup & Implementation Charges
    • Module-wise charges start from $700 per module.
    • For implementation quotation, share interested modules and basic company information 
  • ERPNext Support on Call via Screen Sharing
    • Starts at 10 hours package @ $40/hour or Rs 3500/hour, valid for 1 year (minimum unit charged = 60 minutes).

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How to integrate indiamarkt with CRM?

IndiaMart serves as an excellent platform for generating business leads, but the process of managing these leads within the platform can be challenging. Businesses often face difficulties in lead tracking, timely follow-ups, and efficient lead data management.

To address these issues, integrating your IndiaMart account with your software becomes crucial. This integration helps organize and manage leads and ensures that each lead is appropriately nurtured, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

To get started, you will first need to generate a CRM key from your IndiaMart account. Let’s see how:

Step 1 

Log in to IndiaMart Seller Account: Visit and log in to your account.

Step 2 

Navigate to Lead Manager: In your dashboard, go to the Lead Manager section.

Step 3

Access CRM Integration: Click on the three dots menu ( ⋮ ) and select ‘CRM Integration’.

Step 4

Generate Key: Click on ‘Generate Key’ on the CRM Key Generation Page. 

Step 5

Key Confirmation: A unique CRM key will be generated and sent to your registered email address. Note that if the CRM key is not used within the last 15 days, it will expire, and you will need to generate a new one.

To integrate your IndiaMart CRM key with your software, follow these steps:

1. Copy your IndiaMart CRM key from IndiaMart and paste it into the designated field in your CRM software.

2. In case the connection fails, verify if the key you provided has not been used within the last 15 days after its generation. If the key has expired, generate a new one and repeat the integration process.

3. Once the key is successfully connected, your integration is complete and ready for use.

Compared to other CRM systems that take anywhere between 10 minutes to 1 hour to get this leads data, Refrens ensures an almost real-time sync with all leads getting updated on Refrens within 5 minutes max. This will help you follow up with all your leads in the quickest & timely manner.

Refrens also offers a range of impressive features, including lead management, the ability to create diverse sales pipelines tailored to your product or service, and efficient allocation of individuals to specific teams. Additionally, Refrens facilitates quick follow-ups, enabling direct communication with clients through emails and WhatsApp. The platform also supports the creation of invoices, quotations, and various other functionalities.

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What are CRM sales tools?

CRM tools support marketing, sales, and customer service functions and processes for your business. The purpose of your CRM tool is to organize, record, and enable action with customer data and help track and advance customers along every stage of the buying journey.

What are the lead plans for IndiaMART?

Indiamart has two business packages – Gold and Platinum. In gold customers used to get 25 leads cost about 5500/- Whereas in platinum 50 leads cost about 11K.

How does IndiaMART generate leads?

Getting your business listed on Indiamart is one of the best ways to get inbound leads for your business. It does cost you a bit to get the premium version but worth checking out.

How can I get the Indiamart CRM key?

Visit your Indiamart dashboard. Go to Lead Manager, click the advanced settings, and choose CRM integration. Now click on Generate Key. A unique CRM key will be received on your registered email.

How to integrate CRM with a website?

A plugin or extension is one of the simplest ways to connect CRM to a website. These plugins or extensions can seamlessly integrate the website and CRM, allowing businesses to capture leads easily, track customer behavior, and manage their sales pipeline