IndiaMART Packages

Detailed Overview and Analysis of all IndiaMART Packages 

IndiaMART offers a range of services tailored to boost the online presence and efficiency of businesses in the digital marketplace. 

With a focus on enhancing visibility, streamlining operations, and fostering trust among customers, IndiaMART has developed three distinct services: the Mini Dynamic Catalog (MDC), Maximiser, and TrustSEAL. Each service is designed to address specific needs and challenges faced by businesses, from improving the presentation of products to ensuring secure transactions and building credibility online. 

Apart from the three primary services, there are also supplementary offerings like IM Leader, IM Star, and IM Insta, each offering a range of distinct benefits giving users more options and making the platform more user-friendly.

IndiaMART even includes a package called “IndiaMART Verified Exporter” for people who want to trade globally, which gives options for various plans offering several leads per week. 

This blog provides an in-depth look at these services, outlining their features, benefits, and pricing to help you choose the right solution for their needs.

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IndiaMART MDC Service

IndiaMart Mini Dynamic Catalog (MDC) is like having a well-organized showcase on IndiaMART where you can easily customize and control what information and images you want to display, giving you the freedom to tailor it to your customers’ needs.

Not only this, It offers a comprehensive solution to common challenges offline businesses face, such as high costs, low profits, and issues with online sales commissions, accounting, and billing.

Manage Indiamart leads with refrens sales crm
Refrens CRM Integration with IndiaMART

Additionally, IndiaMART MDC is mostly intended for sales managers, Marketing managers, and heads of sales and marketing which helps in promoting the business. Indiamart MDC service has helped many businesses connect with their customers and ensure you get daily new 7 leads with 24/7 visibility. With the help of IndiaMART MDC, you can create your business catalogs with some other benefits, like –

1. Detailed Buyer Profiles: Gain access to complete information about buyers, helping you understand your customer better.
2. Targeted Inquiries: Receive relevant inquiries tailored to your business needs, improving the efficiency of your operations.
3. Professionally Designed Catalog: Showcase your products effectively with a well-designed catalog, ensuring higher visibility and better presentation.
4. CRM and Smart Lead Management: Utilize tools for customer relationship management and intelligent lead management to enhance your business processes.
5. Call Forwarding Facilities: Get the convenience of forwarding calls to up to 5 team members simultaneously, improving communication efficiency.
6. Secure Payment Gateway: Ensure safe and secure transactions with a reliable payment gateway integrated into the platform.
7. Integrated Accounting: Streamline your financial processes with built-in accounting features, addressing common challenges in managing finances.
8. Higher Listing: With the IndiaMART MDC plan, your business can secure a higher listing, improving its visibility and prominence.

Monthly Subscription: ₹3000
Annual Subscription: ₹28000

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IndiaMART Maximiser Service 

Maximiser is like the VIP version of IndiaMART’s catalog service, offering some cool perks to make your business stand out. It is an upgraded catalog service offered by IndiaMART, designed to provide businesses with a comprehensive suite of features aimed at enhancing their online presence and credibility. 

Here’s what features you will get:

1. Custom Domain: Maximiser offers businesses the opportunity to have their domain, allowing them to create a personalized online identity. Users can choose from a variety of domain extensions such as .com, .net, .in, or
2. Corporate Email IDs: Access to four corporate email accounts ensures a more professional communication setup for businesses. This feature contributes to creating a polished and credible image in interactions with clients and partners.
3. Comprehensive Visibility: Maximiser allows businesses to showcase their products in a more detailed and immersive manner. With a 360-degree view through PDFs and 30-second mobile videos, potential customers can better understand the showcased products.
4. TrustSEAL Authentication: TrustSEAL is a certification on IndiaMART confirming a business’s credibility and reliability through a verification process, ensuring trust in online transactions. Credibility is crucial in the online business landscape. Maximiser offers a complimentary TrustSEAL authentication, enhancing the trustworthiness of the business.
5. Increased BuyLeads: BuyLeads on IndiaMART are inquiries from potential buyers. Maximiser offers businesses increased BuyLeads, providing more opportunities for growth and collaboration. One of the significant advantages of Maximiser is the increased number of BuyLeads. Businesses get 30 India BuyLeads every week, along with two daily bonus India BuyLeads under the IndiaMART Advantage Program. This feature opens up more opportunities for business growth and collaboration.
6. Expanded Product Portfolio: Maximiser allows businesses to showcase a broader range of products by enabling the addition of up to 10,000 products to their catalog. This extensive product portfolio enhances the chances of attracting diverse customer segments.
7. Payment Gateway Access: Businesses using Maximiser gain access to the Pay with IndiaMART feature, streamlining the payment process for both buyers and sellers. This convenience can contribute to smoother transactions and improved customer satisfaction.
8. Preferred Number Service: Maximiser users enjoy a Preferred Number Service, providing them with a special
contact number for enhanced accessibility. This feature ensures that potential clients can easily reach out to the business, fostering better communication.

  • Annual PlanRs. 60,000, costing Rs 24/ lead.
  • 2 Year PlanRs. 90,000, costing Rs 18/lead , with cost savings of Rs. 27,500.
  • 3 Year PlanRs. 1,23,000, costing Rs 16/lead , with cost savings amounting to Rs. 52,500.

TrustSEAL Services

TrustSEAL is like a badge of honor for your business in the online world. It’s a way to show customers that they can trust you and that your products or services are top-notch.

Key Benefits of TrustSEAL Service:

1. Be a Trusted Supplier: Get a special certificate and logo that tells everyone you’re a trusted supplier. It’s like a gold star for your business.
2. Build Customer Confidence: Make customers feel secure buying from you. Show them you’re reliable and better than businesses without the TrustSEAL.
3. More Opportunities: Get more chances to grow your business. TrustSEAL gives you 20 new business leads every week, plus extra bonuses.
4. Easy Payments: Use a secure payment system, Pay with IndiaMART, to make transactions smoother for you and your customers.
5. Special Contact Number: Have a special phone number so customers can reach you easily. It’s like having a direct line for better communication.

Annual Plan 45,000 Rs
2 Year Plan 60000 Rs
3 Year Plan 80000 Rs

IndiaMART offers diverse for varied preferences and needs.

IM Leader 

IM Leader is a paid add-on for MDC, TrustSEAL, and Maximizer. It’s like giving your business an extra boost for a little extra investment.

It’s a simple tool that uses AI to make your business stand out and get noticed in the places where it matters most.

Here are some perks of using IM Leader:

1. Your key products get special promotions in the top spots.
2. You get a cool “Leading Supplier” tag in important locations and nationwide pages for selected categories.
3. Want more business leads? You can increase them by adding more categories.
4. The system smartly adapts to how customers behave and changes your visibility accordingly.
5. It gives your chosen categories a better chance to be seen by more people.

IM Star

IM Star is also a paid add-on for MDC, TrustSEAL, and Maximizer. It’s like giving your business a superhero upgrade for a little extra investment.

It’s a straightforward tool that uses smart technology to give your business a boost and make it more visible in the places that matter.

Here are some cool things about IM Star:

1. Your main products get special promotions in the top spots.
2. You get a fancy “Star Supplier” tag in important locations and nationwide pages for selected categories.
3. Want more business leads? You can increase them by adding more categories.
4. The system is smart – it adapts to how customers behave and changes your visibility accordingly.
5. It gives your chosen categories a better chance to be seen by more people.

IM Star is also a paid add-on for MDC, TrustSEAL, and Maximizer. It’s like giving your business a superhero upgrade for a little extra investment.

IM Insta

In today’s fast-paced business environment, WhatsApp has become more than just a personal messaging app—it’s a crucial tool for businesses. Recognizing this, integrating WhatsApp with the IndiaMART Lead Manager provides you with a suite of powerful features.

IM Insta is designed to enhance your business communication and responsiveness in a world where speed and efficiency matter most.

Here’s why IM Insta is a game-changer:

1. Triple The Buyer Response: Early users of this beta feature experienced a threefold increase in buyer responses, tapping into the widespread preference for using WhatsApp.
2. Boost In Direct Enquiries: Adding a WhatsApp icon to your IndiaMART catalog pages can significantly up your chances of receiving direct inquiries from potential customers.
3. Efficiency With WhatsApp Templates: Save valuable time by sending pre-crafted messages to your leads with just one click, streamlining your communication process.
4. Unified WhatsApp Inbox: Keep things organized by managing all your customer WhatsApp messages in one place. This ensures you never miss a chat and stay on top of your team’s communication efforts.

IndiaMART Verified exporter

This is a special service for businesses using IndiaMART who want to grow globally. It’s like a toolkit for international trade, helping you connect with potential buyers and conduct business on a global scale.


1. Special Section for International Business: You get your own space to find international business opportunities easily.
2. Exclusive Access to Global Business Leads: You get first dibs on business leads from around the world, giving you an advantage in the global market.
3. Build Trust with Verification: Your business gets a stamp of trust with TrustSEAL verification, showing others that you’re reliable.


To use this service, you need to have something called an Importer Exporter Code (IE Code). It’s like a license that ensures you’re all set for international trade.

Packages: Choose a package that fits your needs:
Silver Package:10 global business leads per week
Gold Package:25 global business leads per week
Platinum Package:50 global business leads per week
Diamond Package: 75 global business leads per week


Silver Package:1,10,000/year
Gold Package: 2,70,000/year
Platinum Package: 5,00,000/year 
Diamond Package: 6,50,000/year 

With these packages, IndiaMART is making it easier for businesses to grow and succeed on a worldwide scale. It’s like having a key to unlock global business opportunities.

In Conclusion:

IndiaMART offers essential tools for businesses in the online marketplace. Services like Mini Dynamic Catalog, Maximiser, and TrustSEAL improve visibility, credibility, and trust. Additional features like IM Leader, IM Star, and IM Insta enhance visibility and communication. IndiaMART Verified Exporter facilitates global business with exclusive access to international leads. With flexible pricing, IndiaMART is a comprehensive merge for businesses, providing the necessary tools for success in the competitive online market.

Manage Indiamart leads with refrens sales crm
Refrens CRM Integration with IndiaMART


How much does IndiaMARt charge for sellers?

If you’re selling stuff on IndiaMART, you don’t have to pay them any fees or commissions. It’s completely free for sellers, and there are no charges for listing or when you make a sale.

How many paid sellers are on IndiaMART?

IndiaMART currently has 165 million registered buyers and 7.4 million SME sellers on its platform. Among these, there are 194,000 paid customer subscribers. The platform operates in over 95,000 categories.

What service does IndiaMart provide?

IndiaMART is the biggest online marketplace in India, linking people who want to buy things with those who sell them. They have a strong presence, holding 60% of the online B2B Classified market in India. The platform is designed to help small and medium businesses, large companies, and even individuals connect and do business with each other.

How much does it cost to list on IndiaMART?

Listing your business on IndiaMART is free. Simply register by filling out the form b, and they will provide you with a username and password for your account during a follow-up call.

Does IndiaMART pay weekly?

IndiaMART has changed how they pay their 3000 permanent employees. Instead of monthly salaries, they now distribute the total monthly amount in four parts, and employees get paid every week.

How much can I earn from IndiaMART?

Freelancers at IndiaMART can expect to earn an estimated monthly salary ranging from ₹19,885 to ₹21,550 in India.

What is the minimum order in IndiaMART?

IndiaMART doesn’t set any restrictions on how much or how little you can order. They have suppliers for all types of needs, whether you need a large quantity or just a small amount.

What are the 3 sources of business in IndiaMART?

BuyLeads, direct inquiries, and calls from potential buyers. 

What are the costs of IndiaMART plans?

The pricing ranges from 3000 to 650,000, and it varies based on the features included.

What are Buy Leads in IndiaMART?

Buy leads on IndiaMART are posted requirements from potential buyers. For example, a buyer may post a request for 100 pairs of shoes on the platform. 

What are the different types of leads on IndiaMART?

There are a total 6 kings of leads: Buy Leads, Sell leads, Product leads, Directory leads, Tender leads, TrustSEAL leads

What are Sell Leads?

Suppliers or sellers have the opportunity to showcase their products or services by posting sales leads on the platform. These leads serve as a powerful tool to capture the attention of potential buyers looking to make relevant purchases.

What are Product Leads?

Generated through buyer searches on IndiaMART, these leads emerge when potential buyers look for specific products. The platform then aligns the buyers’ search queries with the corresponding products listed by suppliers, establishing valuable opportunities for suppliers to engage with interested buyers.

What are Directory Leads?

IndiaMART provides a directory listing service, allowing businesses to enlist themselves. Leads originating from directory listings result from buyers who explore these directories in search of suitable suppliers or service providers.

What are Tender Leads?

IndiaMART offers leads for businesses engaged in government or large corporate contracts, specifically related to tenders. These leads encompass details about upcoming tenders and projects, providing businesses with opportunities to submit bids.

What are TrustSEAL Leads?

Suppliers utilizing IndiaMART’s TrustSEAL service receive verified leads. TrustSEAL serves as a verification service, enhancing the credibility of a supplier’s profile and consequently attracting more genuine and serious inquiries.

How much to earn via IndiaMART?

The profile doesn’t have a fixed salary; the weekly payout is contingent on the seller enrichment activities you perform. Your potential daily earnings are capped at Rs. 1000.

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