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After Sales Service CRM: Our Top Picks

Providing exceptional customer support is paramount for business success. To achieve this, having the right After Sales Service CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is crucial. 

In this blog, we explore the top After Sales Service CRM solutions, each designed to enhance customer satisfaction, streamline support operations, and improve overall efficiency. From AI-powered chatbots to workflow automation and personalized interactions, these software options promise to elevate your after-sales service to new heights.

1. Haptik 

With Haptik, issues are resolved at unmatched efficiency, leading to reduced wait times, improved agent productivity, and minimum escalations. This translates into elevated customer satisfaction, a crucial metric for any business.

Its features include a Self-Service Chatbot that uses Generative AI to offer accurate, speedy, and context-rich queries. It enhances support quality by asking clarifying questions, responding to FAQs, and providing personalized solutions.

For your human agents, Haptik acts as a co-pilot, amplifying their efficiency with AI-powered chat suggestions and summaries. Access to pre-loaded customer details ensures smoother handoffs and faster issue resolutions.

Moreover, Haptik offers proactive support, reducing call center tickets by keeping customers informed about service delays, product installations, and payment reminders. This not only streamlines customer experience but also boosts your brand image.


  • Starter Plan: $400,000/yr for 400K conversations, analytics, integrations, 1 channel, 1 language, 5 skills, and 99.9% uptime.
  • Growth Plan: $800,000/yr for 800K conversations, advanced analytics, integrations, 3 channels, 3 languages, 5 skills, and 99.9% uptime.
  • Commerce Plus & Enterprise: Custom pricing, tailored for enterprise, advanced features, contact for details.


  • Capterra – 4.4⭐/5
  • G2 – 4.5⭐/5
Haptik - Top After Sales Services CRM

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2. Cratio 

Lead Automation & Distribution is a breeze with Cratio. It effortlessly captures, categorizes, and routes lead to the right sales reps, ensuring lightning-fast responses and no missed sales opportunities. Integration with Google, Facebook, Email, Websites, and more streamlined lead management.

The built-in Android GSM SIM-based dialer simplifies calls to leads and customers. Updating call status, adding notes, and scheduling follow-ups seamlessly while keeping call data synchronized with your CRM is all made easy.

Its WhatsApp integration helps send offers, automate lead nurturing, and engage with customers effortlessly while avoiding number blocking.

You can also customize your CRM with the no-code app builder, control data access, set sales alerts, and ensure no follow-up opportunity is missed.

You can seamlessly monitor performance, track revenue, and access over 100+ reports and customizable dashboards to measure campaign performance and sales closure rates.

Cratio caters to various industries, offering industry-specific CRM solutions. Whether you’re in B2B, real estate, financial services, education, tours & travel, recruitment, professional services, or other B2C sectors, Cratio has you covered.


  • Quarterly Plan: $999/user/month (Min. 5 users) – Includes lead management, automatic lead capture, opportunities management.
  • Annual Plan: $699/user/year (Min. 5 users) – Includes all Quarterly Plan features, plus Cloud Telephony Connector.


  • Capterra – 4.0⭐/5
  • G2 – 4.8⭐/5
Cratio - Top After Sales Service CRM

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3. Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk makes managing tickets a breeze. You can easily keep track of customer requests across various channels, departments, products, and more to ensure nothing gets overlooked. It offers omnichannel support, integrates with popular messaging platforms, and provides a multi-brand help center to cater to diverse customer needs.

Zia, the contextual AI of Zoho Desk, offers features like the KB Bot, automatic ticket tagging, sentiment analysis, notifications, and a unified dashboard to boost the efficiency of support teams.

Self-service is another important aspect of Zoho Desk, empowering customers to find quick answers on their own. Features like guided conversations, embeddable self-service options, and community-building tools create a seamless support ecosystem.

Automation simplifies repetitive tasks by offering essentials like ticket assignments, notification rules, SLAs (Service Level Agreements), and workflow automation. You can customize the Zoho Desk to suit your unique needs.

One of its standout features is its extensibility, allowing easy integration with other software to extend its capabilities. Customization and security options are also available, enabling you to fine-tune Zoho Desk to fit your team’s specific requirements and protect customer data.


  • Standard: ₹800/user/month (billed annually) – Email (5 channels), Help Center, Feedback Widget, and Advanced Web Forms (5).
  • Professional: ₹1,400/user/month (billed annually) – Email (10 channels), Help Center, Feedback Widget, and Advanced Web Forms (10), plus Social Media.
  • Enterprise: ₹2,400/user/month (billed annually) – Extensive features including Email (100 channels), Help Center, Feedback Widget, Advanced Web Forms (20), Social Media (2 Brands or 1 brand/department if multi-branding), Instant Messaging, Telephony, Live Chat, and Guided Conversations.


  • Capterra – 4.5⭐/5
  • G2 – 4.4⭐/5
Zoho Desk

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4. Zendesk

Zendesk empowers businesses to meet customers where they are, across various channels, delivering personalized conversations tailored to individual needs. It offers rich conversational experiences, and instant assistance on websites, mobile apps, and popular social channels, setting the stage for exceptional customer support.

One of Zendesk’s standout features is its Complete Messaging Solution. It enables businesses to reach customers effortlessly, utilizing built-in automation and AI. This feature allows for the customization of interactions, enhancing loyalty, speed, and personalization.

Its AI-powered bots provide round-the-clock support, deflecting common questions, and delivering instant answers. They seamlessly integrate with web, mobile, social, and business channels, ensuring you stay connected with customers, partners, and employees.

Customization tools, proactive messaging, third-party integrations, and group messaging further enhance Zendesk’s capabilities, making interactions more efficient.

Zendesk AI, powered by OpenAI, revolutionizes customer support by automating tone changes, support article writing, and bot deployment. It simplifies customer support tasks with a few clicks.

Its AI isn’t just for external support; it also empowers internal teams by offloading repetitive requests onto bots, freeing employees to focus on higher-priority tasks.

Zendesk Guide, known as Zendesk’s smart knowledge base, empowers customers and agents with readily accessible information. Self-service becomes a breeze, reducing support costs and ticket volume. Consider exploring Zendesk alternatives to ensure a comprehensive assessment of CRM solutions.


  • Suite Team: US$55/agent/month or US$3,300/year for 5 agents. Includes ticketing system, email, chat, voice, help center, standard bots, prebuilt analytics, 1,000+ apps, and more.
  • Suite Growth: US$89/agent/month or US$5,340/year for 5 agents. Offers all Team features plus multiple ticket forms, light agents, SLA, CSAT, and more.
  • Suite Professional: US$115/agent/month or US$6,900/year for 5 agents. Includes Team and Growth features plus customized business rules, analytics, skills-based routing, and more.
  • Suite Enterprise: Contact for a comprehensive enterprise solution with advanced features like AI, data privacy, and more.


  • Capterra – 4.4⭐/5
  • G2 – 4.3⭐/5

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5. BlueFolder

BlueFolder prides itself on providing an easy-to-use yet powerful work order and maintenance tracking system. This feature empowers your service teams to efficiently manage work orders, optimize technician productivity, and handle recurring jobs seamlessly.

Its customer portal is customizable, allowing your customers or in-house technicians to issue work requests and receive status updates with ease. This feature minimizes errors in communication by providing a convenient “status check” system.

Asset and equipment tracking is made effortless with BlueFolder, enabling you to monitor equipment and assets that require service. You can even include photos, user manuals, warranty information, serial numbers, and more.

BlueFolder’s adaptability is a key advantage, making it suitable for both small and large teams. The software is highly customizable, allowing you to tailor it to the unique needs of your after-sales service team. Workflow automation further enhances your control over work management and completion.

Additionally, BlueFolder is compatible with popular accounting solutions like QuickBooks®, Xero, and FreshBooks, ensuring seamless integration with your financial processes.


  • Pro Plan: Starts at $100/month, includes 2 users, work order management, customer management, email notifications, and more.
  • Pro Plus Plan: Starts at $210/month, includes 3 users, customizable dashboards, and additional Pro Plan features.
  • Enterprise Plan: Starts at $440/month, includes 5 users, advanced features, and a demo option for comprehensive solutions.


  • Capterra – 4.7⭐/5
  • G2 – 4.3⭐/5

6. Efficy CRM

Efficy CRM is your ultimate solution for managing after-sales service with finesse. It ensures efficient follow-up by seamlessly routing support requests to the right department or individual. Urgent inquiries receive even faster responses through automated Q&A, minimizing customer wait times.

Efficy CRM’s computer telephony integration streamlines your support team’s workflow. When a call comes in, your team instantly accesses vital client information such as language, invoices, and contracts, significantly improving efficiency and enabling your team to handle more calls.

Customer feedback is integrated into the system, allowing clients to share their service experiences. Negative feedback triggers swift action, empowering your sales managers to launch targeted efforts to regain customer trust.

Efficy CRM provides detailed performance reports, offering insights into intervention history, questions, answers, and evaluations. Real-time evaluation allows for the immediate implementation of strategies to enhance your support service.

Its Extranet empowers clients to interact directly with your company, simplifying support request submissions. Clients receive updates on request status, reducing administrative tasks for your employees and enabling them to focus on finding solutions.


  • Starter: €25/user/month (From 2 users) – Ideal for quick and easy CRM needs, offering company/contact management, customer segmentation, and more.
  • SMB: €45/user/month (From 5 users) – Configurable CRM for growth, including Starter features plus opportunity management, marketing campaigns, and project management.
  • Enterprise: €60/user/month (From 5 users) – Comprehensive CRM, adaptable to departments, simplifying internal processes with SMB features and more.
  • Corporate: €80/user/month (From 10 users) – Tailor-made CRM for automating customer relationship management processes with advanced features and customization.


  • Capterra – 4.0⭐/5
  • G2 – 4.3⭐/5
Efficy CRM

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In the realm of after-sales service, the right CRM software can be a game-changer for businesses aiming to provide exceptional customer support. We’ve covered several top options, each offering unique features tailored to meet the demands of modern customer service.

Whether you require efficient work order management, asset tracking, or proactive customer engagement, there’s a solution to suit your needs. So, if you’re looking to elevate your after-sales service, consider investing in one of these cutting-edge CRM solutions.

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