How to Convert More Leads into Sales?

Firstly, don’t try to use tactics to try to trap your leads into buying your product/service. It almost never works. And even when it does, you will lose their trust and harm your reputation.

Just follow this proven 6-step guide to increase your lead conversion ratio:

1. Understand their needs: I can’t stress this enough. Once your leads have shown interest in your product, stop pitching. Identify their needs, and what problems they are facing. See how your products/services can help them resolve their pain points.

2. Nurture: Don’t be a helicopter salesman, follow up non-intrusively. Give them additional info if asked for, and offer a demo if required. Guide them through their decision-making journey. Your goal should be to make it as convenient as possible for your clients to make a purchase. Use an LMS like Refrens to keep all your leads communication in one place, and send the right nudge at the right time to increase the probability of conversion.

3. Optimize efforts: Not all leads are worth pursuing, and not all have similar value. Optimize your efforts and resources to make sure that you are focusing on the right leads at the right time. Having an LMS like Refrens can help you segment your leads and score them according to their probability to get converted. This helps you focus your efforts on the right leads.

4. Social Proof: Your lead has all the information they require, but they still don’t know if they can trust you with their requirements. Harnessing the power of social proof is instrumental in increasing conversions and fostering business growth. Sharing your past projects, reviews from previous clients, case studies, success stories, or even sales popups showcasing real-time customer sales and engagement can help you fill the trust gap if required. Having a Refrens Profile can make this easier for you.

5. Discounts: The last death nail. Only resort to discounts if nothing else works out. Offering discounts earlier on during the leads’ decision-making journey can make them think that your product is not valued enough.

6. Be Systematic: Use a proper Lead Management System. It is okay to use spreadsheets if you are a team of just 2-3 people. But with scale, you need to have a systematic approach to how you segment leads, assign them to the right sales rep, manage communication, and analyze them.

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