Receive International Payments In India.

Minimum Charges - less than 5% all inclusive (including Fees, Forex and GST)Minimum Hassle - Send an invoice for free and get payment in 2 days in your India account in INR.All major cards and currency accepted.

Made For Freelancers and Service Agencies.

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How it works?

Create Invoice

Create Invoice for Free

Enable payment options

Enable Card Payment Options

Share Invoice

Verify Bank Account and Get Paid in INR.


Sending Invoices through Refrens is Free!

Receiving International payments cost less than 4.9% (All inclusive)

- 1% to 1.4% lost in forex conversion to bank.
- 2.9% Platform fee.
- 0.52% GST

Payouts are made in T+2 business days.


  • Easy Invoices

    Create neat and beautiful Invoices easily. For Free.

  • Accept All Currencies

    All popular currencies are covered.

  • All Card Type

    Mastercard, Visa, Amex are accepted. More being added.

  • Minimum Hassle

    Easy bank account verification to get paid.

  • Fast Payouts

    We generally payout within 24hrs. Rarely more than 2 Business days.

  • No Signup From Client

    Client just needs to click a link and enter card details. No registration required from them.