Malaysia Payment Gateway - Accept International Payment

A complete payment gateway solution for growing freelancers & businesses in Malaysia.

0% Forex Charges. Exchange rates are usually better than Google live rates.
Receive amount in Malaysia using payment gateway
1000+ Malaysian businesses collected payments through us last week

How Malaysia Payment Gateway Works?

Easy Registration
Easy RegistrationInstant signup with Google one tap or using email address. No setup fee. No conditions.
Verify Your Identity
Verify Your IdentityComplete your KYC by submitting the necessary documents like address proof.
Enable Online Payment Option
Enable Online PaymentsCreate an invoice, enable the online payment options, and send it to the client.
Payment Received
Get PaidOnce the client paid, you receive the amount in MYR directly to your bank account.

Lowest Fee to Collect International Payments

Most Trusted Payment Gateway for Individuals & Freelancers to Accept Payments in MalaysiaNo Hidden Charges. No amendment fees. No Forex Charges.
Bank Account Option
1.5% or lessWhen payment done via ACH or wire transfer.
Credit and Debit Card Online Payment option
4% or lessWhen payment done via Debit or Credit card.
Above rates are inclusive of TAX.

Why Refrens Payment Gateway?

No Forex LossOur forex rates are better than what you see on google or in your favorite bank.
Multiple Currency and Country supported on quotation template
90+ CountriesWe support all major currencies like USD, GBP, EUR, SGD, and from other 90+ countries.
Easy Process
Easy KYC ProcessEasy to enable the online payment options and receive the amount in your bank account with a simple KYC process.
low transaction fee
Lowest FeeWe charge as small as possible without any conditions, hidden charges, or setup fees.
Payment options
ACH & Card PaymentThe client gets multiple payment options which include ACH, bank transfer, wire transfer, debit, and credit card. ACH is as good as bank transfer for the local payer.
faster payouts
Faster PayoutsT+1 settlement for 80% transaction which is best in the industry.
Safe Secure Data
Data ProtectionAll the payment collected via Refrens is secured and we maintain full transparency of transactions.
Live Chat Support
Live SupportWe are always available to support you via email and live chat.

Malaysia Payment Gateway - Accept International Payment

Now collect payment seamlessly. 100% secure & trusted. Used by 10k+ freelancers and agencies.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the charges of Malaysia payment gateway?

We are charging as little as possible with 0% forex charges. If your client pays via wire transfer or ACH then we charge 1.8% or less, whereas if your client pays you via debit or credit card then we charge 4% or less and all these rates are inclusive of TAX.

What is the settlement time for the international payment?

For international payments, it takes up to T+2 business transaction days. 95% of payments get settled in T+1 days - Which is among the shortest turnaround times in the industry.

Are there any hidden charges while using Refrens invoice?

None. There are no hidden charges. We only charge a small payment gateway fee, if you wish to collect payment online through Refrens payment gateway.

Are all international currency allowed?

Yes. We support all popular currencies like USD, GBP, EUR, SGD and many more to accept the international payments.

Is Refrens’ online billing software free?

Yes, Refrens' online billing software is free to use. You can create, manage, and send invoices, quotations, proforma invoices, purchase orders, and more without any cost. Refrens offers a range of features to help businesses, freelancers, and professionals streamline their invoicing and financial management processes without incurring any charges.

How does bank account verification work?

We initiate the process of verifying your bank account after we have received a payment for any of your invoices. Once your account is verified, we initiate the payouts automatically, subject to clearance from bank.

If you are not receiving payments through us, we do not verify the bank account.

Malaysia Payment Gateway for Individuals to Accept Cross Border Payment

One of the most painful and stressful work for any freelancer, startup, or small business is to accept the payment at the lowest cost possible. And with increasing technology, there are many payment gateway providers and startups who provide you with the payment gateway solution.

And you know what most of them have setup fees and above all of that, they also charge commission for every transaction which is very high due to which your profitability goes down.

So Refrens introduced a payment gateway solution for individuals, startups, and registered businesses in Malaysia which is way lesser than any other payment gateway provider available in Malaysia.

Refrens does not charge any setup fee. You only have to complete your verification process and signup on Refrens. The best part is you don’t have to pay any setup fee for the payment gateway.

Above all, we only charge a 1.8% or less commission fee (inclusive of TAX). Once you start accepting the payment, all your payout is done in T+2 business days (t stands for a transaction) which is among the shortest turnaround times in the industry.

We are so transparent regarding the payment procedure of the user that we disclose all the fee charges, tax, and total breakdown of the payment received.

Because of the lowest rate and faster payouts and easy setup, Refrens becomes the preferred payment gateway for receiving payment in Malaysia. And also you can create unlimited invoices, quotations, and other documents without paying any penny.

In short, Refrens is an invoicing software with a powerful payment gateway. You can use Refrens for creating professional invoices and can send them to the client to accept the payment.

Complete International Payment Gateway Malaysia for All Type of Businesses

  • Freelancers

  • Self-Employed

  • Small Businesses

  • Education Business

  • Export Business

  • Selling Online Course

  • Entertainment Business

  • Individuals

  • Agencies

  • Developers

  • Startups

Benefit of Using Malaysia Payment Gateway

  1. Accept Payment from Anywhere, Anytime - With Refrens, you can send invoices from anywhere and can accept payment without any hassle.

  2. Shortest Settlement Time - You will receive the payment within 2 days after the transaction has been done.

  3. No Integration Required - Simply complete your KYC and start accepting the payment. No setup fee. No hidden charges. No need for any integration or any application.

  4. Highly Secured Payment - Every payment made by the client is protected and highly secured with SSL.

  5. Accept Multiple Cards - We accept all major cards which include Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and many others.

  6. Cheap & Transparent Pricing - We charge 1.8% (inclusive TAX). 0% forex charges.

  7. Unlimited Invoices - Create, manage and track unlimited quotations with on online quotation generator , invoices, purchase order sample template and can also manage expenses while accepting the payment all in one tool.

  8. Multiple Payment Option - Your client will get multiple options to make the payment which includes ACH, bank transfer, wire transfer, debit, and credit card.

  9. Authorized Payout - All your payouts are done safely and securely direct to your verified bank.

How to Receive Payment in Malaysia through Payment Gateway?

You can accept international payment from Refrens in 5 simple steps:

  1. First, fill up the above form and one of our team members will reach out to you via call or email and simply complete your normal KYC(Know Your Customer) by sending your address proof and your business details to Refrens compliance team will verify your KYC. You will get the verification email.

  2. Once the verification is done, the second step is to create an invoice via invoice maker for your international client which is totally free on Refrens. You can create unlimited invoices for free with invoice templates. No Sign-Up fee. No Hidden Charges.

  3. When creating an invoice add your bank account and enable the online payment options. Send the invoice to your client through Email or by sharing the link of the invoice.

  4. Your client pays the amount online just like it does on any e-commerce site. No need for signup. Your client can simply click on the link and initialize the payment.

  5. After the payment is done by the client, Refrens verify the bank account and transfer the amount to your account with T+2 business transaction days.