Receive International Payments In India.

Lowest Charges - % Payment Gateway Fee.
Minimum Hassle - Send an invoice for free and get payment in 2 days in your India account in INR.
All major cards and currency accepted.
Get Started With First Invoice
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2070 Indian businesses collected payments through us last week.

How it works?

Create Invoice

1. Create Invoice

Enable payment options

2. Enable card payments & Send Invoice to client

Verify Bank Account

3. Client pays through their card

Verify Bank Account

4. Verify your bank account get paid in INR


  • Easy Invoices

    Create neat and beautiful Invoices easily. For Free.

  • Accept All Currencies

    All popular currencies are covered.

  • All Card Type

    Mastercard, Visa, Amex are accepted. More being added.

  • Minimum Hassle

    Easy bank account verification to get paid.

  • Fast Payouts

    We generally payout within 24hrs. Rarely more than 2 Business days.

  • No Signup From Client

    Client just needs to click a link and enter card details. No registration required from them.


It's simple to use for repeat invoices. Easy to collect online payment.
Owner, Spaceplexx, Coworking Space
Taxes always confused me while creating Invoices. Refrens takes all of that away.
Collecting USD payment was always painful for us. It’s a breeze with Refrens.
Founder, Sugoi Labs, Software Services Agency
I was scared of learning a new online tool but Refrens is pretty smooth. Lots of automation of repetitive tasks.



Are there any hidden charges?

None. There are NO HIDDEN CHARGES. You only pay a small platform fees when you wish to receive payments online. The invoice creation and managing invoices are completely free.


Are all international currency allowed?

Yes. All popular currencies are allowed.


What payment options are available for online payment?

All major payment instruments are enabled. If you need something that is not enabled, you can request us on the chat support or email us at The following options are working for now. Debit and Credit cards (Visa/mastercard) for international payments.


What is the settlement day for the international payment?

For international payments, it takes T+2(Transaction) days.


Is Refrens really free?

Yes. The invoice creation and expense management is free forever. We only charge payment gateway charges when you choose to collect payments through international cards etc.


How does bank account verification work?

We initiate the process of verifying your bank account after we have received payment for any of your invoices. Once your account is verified, we initiate the payouts automatically, subject to clearance from the bank. If you are not receiving payments through us, we do not verify the bank account.

How to Receive International Payments in India through Refrens?

Refrens has the most competitive rates when it comes to accepting international payments. We charge around 2.9% + GST (Total is about 3.42%).

Payout on is done in 2 business days (Transaction day + 2 business days) which is among the shortest turnaround times in the industry. We disclose the complete payment process to our clients to be fully transparent of the whole process.

Lowest rates, shortest TAT and full transparency make Refrens the best way to receive international payments in India..

And, creating invoices, quotations etc. is completely free on Refrens. Use it to create invoices and receive payment internationally to show professionalism to your clients at the lowest possible cost.