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Top 11 CRM Systems For Facebook Integration

In today’s digitally-driven world, leveraging the power of social media is essential for businesses aiming to build strong customer relationships and drive growth. One of the most effective ways to do this is by integrating your CRM system with Facebook, one of the largest social media platforms globally.

By doing so, businesses can streamline their marketing efforts, enhance customer engagement, and gain valuable insights into their audience’s behavior. When searching for the best CRM for Facebook integration, it’s crucial to consider solutions that offer seamless connectivity and robust features. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the top CRM solutions that meet these criteria, helping you make an informed choice to boost your business operations.

SoftwareStarting Price Average RatingTrail Period Free Plan 


Zoho CRM
₹9600/user/year⭐4.314 daysYes

$24/user/month⭐4.430 daysNo




14 days



21 days


Pipedrive CRM

14 days



14 days





15 days




Comparison: Top CRM Systems You Can Integrate With Facebook

1. Refrens

Refrens GST Accounting Software simplifies financial management for modern businesses, handling GST invoicing, e-invoicing, e-way bills software, inventory, and expenses. Ideal for SMEs, consultants, startups, and export/import businesses, Refrens offers user-friendly features and robust reporting.

Trusted by over 150,000 businesses in 170+ countries and rated 4.8 by 11,700+ users, Refrens ensures compliance with GST regulations while streamlining your accounting processes. Whether you’re looking to integrate the best CRM for Facebook or seeking comprehensive accounting solutions, Refrens provides the tools you need.

Achieve financial clarity and growth with Refrens best Accounting Software. Achieve financial clarity and growth with Refrens best Accounting Software.

Refrens: Best CRM for Facebook
Refrens: Best CRM for Facebook

Key Features of Refrens:

  1. Lead Management software: Efficiently capture, track, and assign leads to team members. Monitor lead sources and statuses to streamline your sales process.
  2. Sales Pipeline Management software: Visualize and customize your sales pipeline for better tracking and management. Move deals through the pipeline easily with a drag-and-drop interface.
  3. Contact Management: Organize all client and vendor details in one central location. Maintain detailed records, including communication history, for better relationship management.
  4. Automation: Automate repetitive tasks to save time and increase efficiency. Set up workflows to trigger automatic emails and notifications based on specific actions.
  5. Reporting and Analytics: Generate detailed reports on sales performance, lead sources, and activities. Use analytics to gain insights into sales trends and team productivity.
  6. Integration: Seamlessly integrate with other tools like email, invoice generator, and accounting software—sync data across platforms for a unified view of your operations.
  7. Customization: Tailor the Sales CRM to fit your specific business needs. Customize fields, tags, and workflows to match your processes.
  8. Collaboration: Share information and updates with your team in real time. Collaborate on deals and tasks with set access levels and permissions for data visibility.


  • Basic Plan: Free. 
    (Manage clients, send greetings, secure cloud data, access multiple devices, and add 2 team members, etc.)
  • Sales CRM: ₹6000/year. 
    (Includes all Basic features plus email scheduling, tracking, Google domains, bulk upload clients, IndiaMart, Facebook & Instagram integration, customizable email templates (coming soon), add 5 team members)

Is Refrens the ideal choice for your needs?

Ideal for SMEs, consultants, startups, and export/import businesses, Refrens combines a user-friendly interface with robust reporting and automation features to reduce manual effort. Refrens ensures compliance with GST regulations while streamlining your accounting processes. With Refrens, you can tailor the software to fit your specific business needs, all at a reasonable pric


  • Capterra: ⭐4.8/5
  • Software Advice: ⭐4.8/5
  • Get App: ⭐5/5

2. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a cloud-based CRM software that helps businesses manage their sales, marketing, and customer support in a single platform. Built by Zoho Corporation, a leading software development company, this CRM solution is designed to improve customer relationships, boost productivity, and drive growth. With over 250,000 businesses across 180 countries relying on Zoho CRM, it has proven to be a trusted tool for companies of all sizes and industries.

Key Features of Zoho CRM:

  1. Sales Force Automation: Automate routine sales tasks such as lead management, contact management, deal tracking, and pipeline management. This allows your sales team to focus on closing deals rather than administrative work.
  2. Omnichannel Communication: Engage with customers through email, phone, social media, live chat, and web forms from within the CRM, ensuring you never miss a customer interaction.
  3. Advanced Analytics: Utilize powerful analytics and reporting tools to gain insights into your sales performance. Customizable dashboards and reports help you make data-driven decisions.
  4. Customization and Flexibility: Tailor Zoho CRM to meet your specific business needs with extensive customization options, including custom fields, modules, and layouts. Integrate with over 800 third-party applications for a seamless workflow.
  5. AI-Powered Insights: Leverage Zoho’s AI assistant, Zia, to get predictive sales insights, anomaly detection, and intelligent suggestions that help improve your sales strategy.


  • Standard: ₹9600/user/year 
    (Streamline and optimize your sales cycle through automation)
  • Professional: ₹16,800/user/year
    (Enhance customer acquisition to fuel rapid business expansion)
  • Enterprise: ₹28,800/user/year 
    (Effectively oversee global CX operations with a full-fledged CRM)
  • Ultimate: ₹31,200/user/year 
    (Business intelligence functionalities)

Is Zoho the ideal choice for your needs?

Zoho CRM stands out for its intuitive interface and simple setup, making it a top choice for businesses of any size. Boasting advanced features such as AI assistance and sales force automation, Zoho CRM caters well to the needs of large-scale enterprises. For those seeking the best CRM for Facebook integration, Zoho CRM provides seamless connectivity, enhancing social media management alongside traditional sales processes.

Yet, for those seeking a more streamlined solution, Bigin CRM is custom-tailored for small and medium-sized businesses, ensuring a perfect fit for varying organizational requirements.


  • Capterra: ⭐4.3/5
  • G2: ⭐4.1/5
  • Software Advice: ⭐4.5/5
  • Get App: ⭐4.3/5

3. Salesforce

Salesforce Starter Suite is your gateway to mastering customer relationship management (CRM) from day one. Designed specifically for growing businesses, this all-in-one suite combines the essential tools for email outreach, sales, service, and commerce into a single, streamlined package. Harness the power of the world’s best CRM in a simplified and easy-to-use format, even for CRM newcomers.

Key Benefits of Starter Suite:

  1. Immediate Impact: Get started with a CRM strategy  that delivers results from day one. The Starter Suite is easy to implement, with social sign-on and built-in guidance simplifying the setup process.
  2. Enhanced Customer Engagement: Engage more effectively with customizable email templates and dynamic lists, ensuring every communication reflects your brand’s unique voice.
  3. Streamlined Sales Processes: Kickstart your day with a comprehensive overview of your contacts, leads, opportunities, and tasks. Intelligent, personalized suggestions help optimize your sales efforts, enabling you to close deals faster.
  4. Superior Customer Service: Provide outstanding service with a 360-degree view of your customers. Integrated knowledge articles and efficient case management tools ensure that customer issues are resolved quickly and satisfactorily.


  • Starter Suite: $24 per user/month (billed annually)
    (Simplified setup & onboarding, lead, account, contact & opportunity management, email integration, and automated activity capture)
  • Professional: $80 per user/month (billed annually)
    (Forecast management, customizable reports & dashboards, quoting & contracting)
  • Enterprise: $165 per user/month (billed annually)
    (Advanced pipeline management & deal insights, conversation intelligence, workflow & approvals automation. Includes all Professional features)
  • Unlimited: $330 per user/month (billed annually)
    (Predictive AI, conversation intelligence & sales engagement, premier success plan, full sandbox. Includes all Enterprise features)
  • Einstein 1 Sales: $500 per user/month (billed annually)
    (Einstein Copilot powered by Generative AI, performance management, sales programs, team collaboration with Slack, data cloud & revenue intelligence. Includes all Unlimited features)

Is Salesforce the ideal choice for your needs?

Salesforce offers significant advantages for small businesses, notably its customizable dashboard. However, it does have certain limitations compared to competitors. For instance, it does not provide essential lead capture features such as social listening, available on platforms like HubSpot. Additionally, the pricing structure of Salesforce can be prohibitively expensive for some businesses.


  • Capterra: ⭐4.4/5
  • G2: ⭐4.3/5
  • Software Advice: ⭐4.5/5
  • Get App: ⭐4.4/5

4. Hubspot

HubSpot stands out as a comprehensive customer platform, powered by artificial intelligence, designed to seamlessly integrate marketing, sales, and customer service. This all-encompassing solution is crafted to support businesses in nurturing customer relationships and accelerating growth effectively.

HubSpot offers a connected ecosystem where data, teams, and customer interactions converge through a user-friendly interface. It’s engineered to be powerful yet not overwhelming, ensuring it scales with your business without ever becoming a bottleneck.

Key Features of HubSpot:

  1. Marketing Hub: This feature automates lead generation and marketing tasks, allowing businesses to efficiently attract and engage potential customers. It also provides comprehensive analytics to measure marketing performance.
  2. Sales Hub: Enhances the sales process by streamlining prospecting and deal management. Sales automation features help sales teams close deals faster and more effectively.
  3. Service Hub: Offers omni-channel support, including AI-powered chatbots, to provide seamless customer service. It also includes tools to enhance customer success and retention.
  4. Content Hub: Helps marketers create and manage content efficiently, leveraging AI for content creation and ensuring brand voice consistency across all platforms.
  5. Operations Hub: Synchronizes data from various sources, automates workflows, and uses AI to improve data quality, making operations smoother and more efficient.
  6. Commerce Hub: Manages invoices, subscriptions, quotes, and payment links, streamlining the B2B commerce process and ensuring smooth transactions.


For individuals & small teams:

  • Free Tools: Marketing, Sales, Service, Content, Operations, and Commerce tools.
  • Sales Hub Starter:$15/user/month 
    (Basic sales tools, automation, multiple currencies, and e-signature)
  • Sales Hub Professional: $90/user/month 
    (plus a $1,500 onboarding fee) (Advanced sales tools including prospecting, sequences, ABM, and forecasting)
  • Starter Customer Platform:$15/user/month 
    (Core tools from Marketing, Sales, Service, Content, and Operations Hubs)

For Enterprises & Businesses:

  • Sales Hub Professional: $90/user/month
    (Advanced sales tools including prospecting workspace, sequences, ABM tools, playbooks, call transcription, coaching, and forecasting)
  • Sales Hub Enterprise: $150/user/month
    (Everything in Professional plus predictive lead scoring, recurring revenue tracking, advanced permissions, conversation intelligence, lead form routing, and custom objects)

Is Hubspot the ideal choice for your needs?

HubSpot CRM offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies contact management and system upkeep However, to optimize your budget allocation, a thorough evaluation of your needs is recommended due to the platform’s tiered pricing structure.

The platform boasts a powerful automation engine, streamlining workflows. While navigating these features to determine the optimal implementation might require some initial effort, HubSpot CRM’s versatility allows it to function as a basic contact management system or evolve into a sophisticated solution for complex sales processes, depending on your specific requirements. Many businesses also recognize it as the best CRM for Facebook integrations, enhancing its appeal.


  • Capterra: ⭐4.5/5
  • G2: ⭐4.4/5
  • Software Advice: ⭐4.5/5
  • Get App: ⭐4.5/5

5. Activecampaign

ActiveCampaign is an advanced sales CRM software and automation platform that revolutionizes how businesses manage their sales processes. With over 150,000 customers across 170 countries, ActiveCampaign provides a comprehensive suite of tools designed to streamline contact management, automate lead scoring, and enhance overall sales efficiency. ActiveCampaign the best CRM for Facebook integration, as it seamlessly connects with the social media giant to optimize lead generation and customer engagement.4o

Key Features of Active campaign:

  1. Sales Reporting: Monitor the performance of individual team members and the overall sales funnel. Use this data to make informed decisions and optimize your sales strategy.
  2. Marketing Automation: Automate your sales funnel and create nurture campaigns for leads not yet ready to close. This keeps potential customers engaged until they’re ready to buy.
  3. Segmentation: Automatically categorize leads based on their actions and interactions. This ensures personalized communication and more effective marketing efforts.
  4. Lead Scoring: Assign scores to leads and deals to identify the most engaged prospects. Prioritize your sales efforts on leads most likely to convert.
  5. Automated Deal Updates: Automatically update deal owners, stages, and statuses in real-time. This keeps CRM data accurate and up-to-date without manual input.
  6. Task Assignment: Assign tasks to salespeople manually or through automation. This streamlines workflows and ensures everyone knows their responsibilities.
  7. Note Creation: Record notes directly within each deal and contact record. This provides a comprehensive view of interactions and history for all team members.


  • Professional: $49/month 
    (Enhance sales with one-to-one email, AI-driven sentiment and win probability analysis, Facebook lead ads, and advanced automation tools)
  • Enterprise: $99/month 
    (Offer custom reporting, custom objects, single sign-on, HIPAA support, and uptime SLA for enhanced data management, security, and reliability)

Is Activecampaign the ideal choice for your needs?

ActiveCampaign offers a compelling combination of advanced features and an intuitive user interface, making it a strong CRM choice. Their robust automation system streamlines workflows, and their technical support is highly rated. However, businesses seeking built-in e-commerce functionality will need to consider alternative solutions. ActiveCampaign boasts competitive pricing, but customization can be intricate. Overall, it presents a well-rounded option for businesses seeking a powerful, user-friendly CRM.


  • Capterra: ⭐4.6/5
  • G2: ⭐4.4/5
  • Software Advice: ⭐4.5/5
  • Get App: ⭐4.6/5

6. Freshsales 

Freshsales is an AI-powered best CRM by Freshworks that streamlines sales processes centralizes customer data, and accelerates deal closings. It automates routine tasks and leverages Freddy AI for insights and prioritization, enhancing sales efficiency. Designed for all business sizes, Freshsales offers scalable solutions with various pricing tiers.

Key Features of Freshsales:

  1. 360-Degree Customer View: Consolidates customer data into a unified view, helping sales teams understand client interactions and history comprehensively.
  2. Visual Sales Pipeline: Utilizes Kanban-style boards that visually map out the sales process, allowing users to track deals and stages easily.
  3. AI-Powered Insights: Powered by Freddy AI, Freshsales analyzes data to provide insights on prioritizing deals, shortening sales cycles, and nurturing leads effectively.
  4. Automation of Routine Tasks: Automates repetitive tasks like data entry, lead assignment, and report creation, freeing up sales reps to focus on more strategic activities.
  5. Customizable Workflows: Supports the creation of custom workflows to suit specific business needs, ensuring that the sales process aligns with organizational goals.
  6. Contact and Lead Scoring: Freddy AI scores contacts and leads based on their engagement and conversion likelihood, helping prioritize follow-ups.
  7. Territory Management: Allows for the management of sales territories, which can streamline lead distribution and optimize regional sales strategies.


  • Growth: ₹749/month (annual) or ₹899/month (monthly) 
    (Includes Kanban view, built-in communication tools, basic workflows, product catalog, and mobile app support)
  • Pro: ₹3,239/month (annual) or ₹3,889/month (monthly) 
    (Adds AI-driven contact scoring, advanced fields, territory management, and multiple sales pipelines)
  • Enterprise: ₹4,899/month (annual) or ₹5,879/month (monthly) 
    (Offers advanced customization, forecasting insights, sandbox environments, and dedicated support)

Is Freshsales the ideal choice for your needs?

Freshsales CRM excels as a comprehensive solution for mid-sized businesses, offering a robust feature set that streamlines sales processes. However, highly complex organizations demanding the most advanced functionalities may find limitations. Conversely, Freshsales shines for CRM newcomers seeking a user-friendly platform that centralizes all their sales needs.


  • Capterra: ⭐4.5/5
  • G2: ⭐4.5/
  • Software Advice: ⭐4.5/5
  • Get App: ⭐4.5/5

7. Pipedrive CRM

Pipedrive is a web-based sales CRM designed to streamline the sales process, enhancing productivity and closing rates. It features customizable pipelines, automated task management, and robust analytics, making it ideal for businesses aiming to optimize sales actions and track performance effectively. Renowned as a top CRM for Facebook, Pipedrive supports users with an intuitive interface and extensive integrations, enabling them to focus on activities that drive deals toward completion.

Key Features of Pipedrive :

  1. Manage Leads and Deals: Automate lead collection with custom chatbots and web forms, directing hot leads directly into sales pipelines for continuous engagement.
  2. Track Communications: Maintain detailed records of calls, emails, and contact histories, ensuring full visibility and control over your schedule and interactions.
  3. Automate and Grow: Reduce manual work by automating repetitive administrative tasks, allowing sales teams to focus on more strategic activities, supported by AI-driven insights.
  4. Insights and Reports: Access tailored metrics and analytics to assess and compare company performance against goals, enabling informed decision-making.
  5. Privacy and Security: Ensure data privacy and security with transparent data usage policies, giving businesses confidence in how their information is handled.
  6. Mobile Apps and Integrations: Utilize Pipedrive’s mobile applications and integrate with a variety of sales-enhancing tools to maintain productivity on the go and enhance CRM functionality.


  • Essential: $12/user/month, annually 
    (Includes basic sales tools and 400+ integrations)
  • Advanced: $24/user/month, annually 
    (Adds full email sync, automation, and live chat support)
  • Professional: $49/user/month, annually 
    (Enhanced with AI tools, e-signatures, and advanced reporting)
  • Power: $59/user/month, annually
    (Offers project planning and 24/7 support)
  • Enterprise: $79/user/month, annually 
    (Provides full access to all features and enhanced security)

Is Pipedrive the ideal choice for your needs?

Pipedrive stands out as one of the top sales CRM for small businesses  due to its adaptability. The platform boasts a rich feature set that can be tailored to align with specific business needs, eliminating initial concerns about out-of-the-box limitations. While some advanced features require upgrading to higher plans, this tiered approach ensures cost-effectiveness for SMBs. Additionally, Pipedrive’s seamless USB integration with various other software programs fosters streamlined workflows and enhanced operational efficiency.


  • Capterra: ⭐4.5/5
  • G2: ⭐4.2/5
  • Software Advice: ⭐4.5/5
  • Get App: ⭐4.5/5

8. Zendesk

Zendesk 2024 enhances customer experience with AI tools like AI Agents and Agent Copilot, automating tasks and supporting human agents. It features workforce management, quality assurance, messaging, live chat, ticketing, and analytics for improved service efficiency and personalization. Designed for seamless integration and productivity, Zendesk is ideal for businesses aiming to boost customer interactions and loyalty. Its CRM for Facebook integration further optimizes social media management.

Key Features of Zendesk:

  1. Boost Productivity Sync and track your emails seamlessly, automate follow-ups, and streamline daily sales tasks to improve efficiency and focus on closing deals.
  2. Exceed Revenue Targets Log calls and texts directly from deals, segment leads in real-time, automate emails and tasks, auto-dial customer lists, send personalized bulk emails, and automate workflows to maximize revenue.
  3. Enhance Customer Experience Manage all leads and contacts from one centralized platform, integrate Sell and Support for seamless data exchange, and connect to your favorite apps with one-click integration.
  4. Reporting and Analytics Predict revenue growth accurately, identify and address bottlenecks in your pipeline, use customizable dashboards for actionable insights, and track key performance metrics to stay on top of your goals.


  • Sell Team: $19/agent/month ($228/year) 
    (Pipeline (2), email/calendar, task setting, call/text tracking, dashboards, core APIs)
  • Sell Growth: $55/agent/month ($660/year) 
    (Pipeline (10), email/calendar, task setting, call/text tracking, dashboards, core + premium APIs, product/price book, advanced reports, forecasting, prospecting credits)
  • Sell Professional: $115/agent/month ($1,380/year) 
    (Pipeline (20), email/calendar, task setting, call/text tracking, dashboards, core + premium APIs, product/price book, advanced reports, forecasting, prospecting credits, lead scoring, task automation, advanced roles, company hierarchy)

Is Zendesk the ideal choice for your needs?

While Zendesk Suite boasts robust omnichannel support, its customer service itself has been criticized. Additionally, the platform incurs extra costs for AI functionalities, and setup and maintenance can be complex. These factors might make it less ideal for startups and small businesses seeking a cost-effective, user-friendly solution. However, its extensive integration capabilities can streamline workflows for businesses with the resources to manage them.


  • Capterra: ⭐4.4/5
  • G2: ⭐4.3/5
  • Software Advice: ⭐4.4/5
  • Get App: ⭐4.4/5

9. Agile

Agile CRM is a comprehensive all-in-one CRM solution designed to enhance your sales, marketing, and customer service operations. Trusted by over 15,000 customers, it offers a seamless blend of sales enablement, marketing automation, and customer service tools, making it ideal for businesses of all sizes.

Additionally, Agile CRM for Facebook integration provides robust tools to manage and optimize your social media interactions, ensuring a cohesive and efficient approach to customer relationship management across platforms.

Key Features of Agile:

  1. Sales: Agile CRM enhances sales processes with contact management, deal tracking, telephony, scheduling, task management, gamification, and mobile access.
  2. Service: Agile CRM includes an integrated helpdesk, feedback management, and a knowledge base for excellent customer support.
  3. Marketing: Agile CRM offers marketing automation, landing pages, social CRM, email and mobile marketing, email tracking, web engagement, and push notifications.
  4. Integrations and Customization: Agile CRM supports app integrations, robust APIs, and customizable features to fit specific business needs.
  5. Lead Prospector: The Lead Prospector feature allows you to add leads, tasks, and deals to Agile CRM directly from your Chrome browser with just one click, streamlining the process of capturing and managing new opportunities.
  6. Lead Scoring: Utilize automated lead scoring with real-time alerts to qualify leads faster and more accurately, ensuring your sales team focuses on the most promising opportunities.
  7. Appointment Scheduling: Share your calendar online and automate the process of sending invites, scheduling meetings, and following up, making appointment management hassle-free.


  • Free: For 10 users
  • Starter: $8.99/user/month – Essential features.
  • Regular: $29.99/user/month – Advanced features.
  • Enterprise: $47.99/user/month – Full suite of features.

Is Agile the ideal choice for your needs?

If you frequently use mobile for managing and accessing CRM, the mobile app functionality of Agile CRM may be a drawback. However, Agile CRM excels with its outstanding user interface and smooth onboarding process. Its extensive feature set ensures an excellent overall user experience, making it a reliable and efficient CRM solution without major concerns.


  • Capterra: ⭐4.7/5
  • G2: ⭐4/5
  • Get App: ⭐4.1/5

10. CRM is a powerful, user-friendly tool that allows businesses to manage their entire sales cycle from lead generation to post-sales support. With its flexible structure, users can tailor the CRM to fit their specific sales processes, ensuring that it meets the unique needs of their organization. Whether you need to edit deal stages, add custom columns, or manage multiple pipelines simultaneously, CRM provides the tools necessary to stay organized and efficient.

Key Features of

  1. Get Closer to Your Customers: Easily centralize and track communication with your customers, sync your Gmail/Outlook to automatically log emails, use AI-assisted email composition, send personalized mass emails, and log all lead or contact-related activities.
  2. Performance Tracking Made Easy: Access custom dashboards to report deal progress and team performance, set sales forecasts, track team activities, and manage team goals.
  3. Organize Your Data Like a Pro: Import existing leads, contacts, and accounts from Excel or through an API merge duplicate data, and capture leads through integrations or manual entry.
  4. Access Your CRM Anywhere, Anytime: Seamlessly log calls, access past emails and activities on your phone, and manage contacts to close deals faster.
  5. Win Back Time with No-Code Automation: Use or create automation to handle manual tasks and save valuable selling time.
  6. Seamless Integrations: Integrate with tools like Aircall for managing sales calls, DocuSign for document signatures, and PandaDoc for document management directly from your CRM.
  7. Unlock the Power of CRM: Enhance your CRM with 100+ custom-built apps designed specifically for to fit your unique needs.


  • BasicCRM: $12 per user/month ($36/month billed annually) 
    (Organize leads, unlimited pipelines, and boards, mobile apps, a dashboard for 1 board)
  • StandardCRM (Most Popular): $17 per user/month 
    ($51/month billed annually) (Advanced management, email integration, AI email generator, quotes, custom automation, and integrations (250 actions/month), a dashboard for 5 boards)
  • ProCRM: $28 per user/month ($84/month billed annually) 
    (Sales forecasting, email tracking, mass emails, Google Calendar sync, sales analytics, custom automation, and integrations (25,000 actions/month), a dashboard for 10 boards)
  • EnterpriseCRM: Contact Sales for Pricing 
    (Lead scoring, mandatory fields, team goals, advanced analytics (50 boards), enterprise security, HIPAA Compliance)

Is the ideal choice for your needs? offers a modern and intuitive user interface, making it easy to use. However, the software can be relatively expensive. While it provides a mobile app, its functionality is somewhat limited. Additionally, the automation system, though beneficial, may have occasional inconsistencies. One of’s standout features is its ability to tailor the user experience based on the specific industry, starting from the first landing page.


  • Capterra: ⭐4.6/5
  • G2: ⭐4.7/5
  • Software Advice: ⭐4.5/5
  • Get App: ⭐4.6/5

11. Engagebay 

EngageBay is a comprehensive platform that unifies marketing, sales, and support functions. It helps businesses manage contacts, automate marketing, and provide exceptional customer support from a single platform. Key features include contact management, sales automation, appointment scheduling, email marketing, landing pages, and live chat support.

With seamless integration with popular apps like Zapier and QuickBooks, EngageBay ensures efficient workflows and strong customer relationships. Ideal for businesses of all sizes, EngageBay offers a cost-effective, scalable CRM solution.

Key Features of Engagebay:

  1. Holistic Customer View: EngageBay offers a complete view of all lead interactions, making cross-selling and upselling easier. Automatically track customer updates to build lasting relationships.
  2. Direct Calling: Make calls directly from EngageBay and reduce the need for multiple tools. All calls are recorded for easy reference later.
  3. Multiple Deal Pipelines: Set up multiple deal pipelines to track leads more effectively. Create separate pipelines for different products, regions, or other criteria to monitor sales tasks efficiently.
  4. Proposal Analytics: Enhance sales proposals with real-time data on visits, downloads, and click-through rates, providing valuable insights into customer behavior.
  5. Sales Automation: Automate your sales funnel quickly with EngageBay’s smart tools. Nurture leads with simple, step-by-step automation to save time and boost sales.
  6. Account-Based Marketing: Organize companies and key contacts in one place to run personalized, targeted campaigns. Measure metrics as the email opens, the document reads, and time spent.


  • Basic:  $11.95 per user/month
    (500 contacts & companies, multiple deal tracks, calling, predictive lead score, 3rd party integrations, tag manager)
  • Growth: $45.99 per user/month 
    (20,000 contacts & companies, email scheduler, leaderboard, multi-currency, sales automation, products, proposals)
  • Pro: $73.59 per user/month 
    (30,000 contacts & companies, autodialer, proposal analytics, role management, call records, call scripts, goals, custom reporting, conversational inbox)

Is Engagebay the ideal choice for your needs?

EngageBay CRM, with its user-friendly interface and excellent customer support, is a cost-effective platform offering extensive functionalities. It provides robust tools at an affordable price, making it ideal for small businesses. As a comprehensive CRM solution, EngageBay is a viable alternative to HubSpot, delivering exceptional value compared to its pricing. The best CRM for Facebook, with its seamless integration and efficient management capabilities, is EngageBay.


  • Capterra: ⭐4.7/5
  • G2: ⭐4.6/5
  • Software Advice: ⭐4.5/5
  • Get App: ⭐4.6/5
CRM software Integrated with Facebook


Integrating your CRM with Facebook is no longer a luxury but a necessity for businesses looking to stay competitive in the market. The CRM solutions discussed in this blog offer various features and pricing options to cater to different business needs and budgets. Whether you are a small business just starting or a large enterprise looking to optimize your social media strategy, there is a CRM solution out there for you. 

By choosing the right CRM with Facebook integration, you can streamline your processes, improve customer interactions, and ultimately drive more sales. Start exploring these options today and take your business to the next level with enhanced social media engagement and customer relationship management.

For those seeking the best CRM for Facebook, start exploring these options today and take your business to the next level with enhanced social media engagement and customer relationship management.

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