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Top 5 Freelance Challenges & Ways To Deal With Them

Clients, who try to teach you how to do the job they pay for can be annoying? Worse, they would take a long time to pay for the project that’s long done? Or perhaps, they ghost you after you send them your hard-filled work? Or the client may drive you insane with last-minute requests or modifications. 

As a freelancer, have you faced unique freelance challenges that you would not have faced as an employee?

However, on the flip side, having your own freelancing business has several advantages. Your working hours are entirely within your control, and you may work in your pajamas all day and even go to the dentist in the afternoon.

Therefore, isn’t it true that freelancing provides you with anything you desire? What is there not to like?

Though, there has to be some downside, just like every coin. While these benefits are unquestionably appealing, being your boss comes with its own set of difficulties. It’s challenging to stay motivated when you don’t have teammates or a boss to report your work. It can be lonely when your only contact with clients is a phone call or an online video session.

Here Are Five Of The Most Common Freelance Challenges That Freelancers Confront


1. Multi-Talented Superhero

If you think freelancers have it easy because “you get to select what you want to do!” think again. 

Freelancers spend most of their time doing things they don’t want to. As a freelancer, you must handle all aspects of your business on your own, from finding work to interacting with clients, chasing them for payments, and managing your money

Moreover, you’re the marketing intern, the brand manager, and the finance guy all rolled into one person! While being every department owner and employee is exceptionally satisfying, you occasionally find yourself wishing for a single, concentrated role! 

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How to deal with it

Make a daily to-do list and prepare it at the end of the day to know what you need to do the next day. Making a to-do list will also assist you in better organizing yourself. You can also use Asana or Google Calendar to keep your work in sync.

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2. Payments, The Universal Problem 

Payments are a universal issue for all freelancers around the world. Whether it’s late payments, no payments, or begging for discounts, Payments have to be a problem. 

There are three types of clients: 

  • Sending numerous reminders

Some clients may not send payments for months, and when you contact them, the client says it will be done tomorrow, which is a cliché dialogue. Since elementary school, we’ve listened to it when we never completed any tasks or homework on time. Furthermore, even after providing numerous reminders, some clients refuse to pay. Check out how to collect money from clients who don’t pay.

  • Ghosts you

The second type is the client who would ghost you as you would have gotten your ex from everything. Whether it’s social media, Instagram, emails, WhatsApp phone calls, or any other channel, they will not be reachable. Check out softgoza to learn how to use these apps.

  • Discount, please

Then there’s the client who sneaks into your communications and asks for a 10% discount while guaranteeing you your next job, which never materializes. Payment has always been and continues to be a difficulty for many freelancers.

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How to deal with it:

Try using Refrens’ invoicing software, which allows you to send them invoices as proof of your work and payment reminders.

Moreover, Refren’s premium package will allow you to check on their invoices and determine whether or not they have opened their invoice emails. 

You can also collect through milestone payments; for example, you will receive a certain amount of money if you reach a particular milestone. A milestone payment system will ensure that money is constantly flowing to you.

3. Finding Work 

A freelancer must be on the lookout for work at all times. You may have more work than you can deliver at times, and you may be almost idle at others. 

Maintaining a steady stream of employment is an ongoing problem for any freelancer. Furthermore, obtaining excellent work and dependable clients consistently can be difficult.

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How to deal with it: 

Working with several clients is the most distinctive approach to ensuring a steady stream of projects. Working with several clients would guarantee regular work and allow you to choose from various tasks to improve your freelance talents. 

You can also network with other freelancers and influential people in the business. Moreover, you can join online communities where you can promote your profile and locate more employment opportunities.

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4. Distractions At The Peak 

It’s not that people working in offices aren’t distracted. Still, the difficulty is significantly more significant when your house is your office! 

It could be your favorite television show, a visit from a close friend, a feverish newborn niece, or your mother asking you to help her with chores while preparing your favorite meal. The other distraction is social media, such as an Instagram pop-up or a WhatsApp message from a pal with the latest town gossip.

You’ll note that while there are lots of reasons to procrastinate with work, there aren’t nearly as many reasons to stay motivated and focused!

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How to deal with it:

Try to locate a coworking space in your city and visit it. Because there will be other like-minded people present, you will be able to focus. It will help you focus and allow you to network with new people, allowing you to expand your inner circle.

To ensure that social networking does not detract from your work. Experiment with different tools like applock or a self-control app that will limit your time on social media or other websites until you finish your assignment. 

Moreover, if you decide to work from home, invest in some high-quality headphones that will allow you to tune out the rest of the world, whether a couple of hours of your favorite tracks or low-key background music. 

Moreover, create a playlist of whatever music helps you stay focused.

5. Time management and Deadlines

You’ll rapidly lose clients if following deadlines isn’t a priority for you. Don’t mistake putting off work or putting off projects till the last minute. 

How to deal with it:

Make a timetable that allows you to work efficiently and effectively, so you may be less stressed and perform a better job. Remember to take pauses, as these are essential for staying rejuvenated. 

Consider utilizing an app like eggtimer to help you plan outbreaks and ensure they conclude on time. This app is fantastic since it allows you to specify exactly how long you want your timer to run. 

If you’re looking for an online planner to help you stay on track with your schedule and meet your deadlines, the WeekPlan app is a terrific option. A Pomodoro timer is also there in Week Plan.


There isn’t a single personality type that creates the best freelancer. After all, there are many freelancers out there, and most of them can relate to the job’s varied obstacles. 

We hope that these pointers will assist you in addressing some of the most pressing issues and make you keep going strong!

Are you ready to overcome these FREELANCE CHALLENGES?