8 Ways To Use Email Marketing To Build Your Freelance Business


In the age of the digital economy, more people are moving to freelance businesses. It gives them considerable independence in their operations than conventional jobs. Businesses are shifting to online platforms. It gives them more exposure to the market with less expenditure.

Digital marketing has taken immense precedence among online freelance businesses. Freelance Email marketing is one of the most effective and cheapest forms of digital marketing. You can deploy your marketing arsenal and scale your business. Moreover, as freelance email marketing is cheaper than other forms of marketing, its ROI is 41$ for a 1$ investment.

Let’s decode the ways you can use freelance email marketing to expand your operations.

Do Freelancers Need Email Marketing For Their Business?

Freelance email marketing may not seem like an obvious channel to grow your business. But it is the cheapest and most effective form of marketing. You can earn high ROI and build better relationships with your clients. Now let’s look into why do freelancers need email marketing for their business:

Builds Legitimacy

Email marketing as a freelancer can help expand your business in unique ways. For instance, it makes your business appear professional and organized to your prospects.

Serves As An Avenue For Prospects

Freelance Email marketing lets you tap into clients who may hire you in the future. They may not hire you immediately, but you can provide them with valuable content. For example, you can send high-value case studies via email. This will show your expertise and your client’s satisfaction. It will compel new clients to consider your services over the competitors.

Building Quality Relationships

Email as a channel helps nurture a meaningful relationship with prospective clients. This makes sure you get high-quality leads. You can engage with these contacts by getting to know their requirements. After which, you find the best way to position yourself as the solution to their problems.

Ways To Use Email Marketing For Your Freelancing Brand

Now let’s dive into different ways to use it to grow your venture. Before starting your email campaign, set goals for what exactly you want from your emails. Then determine the outcomes from your email list

There are freelance email marketing tools in the market to help you start your email campaign as soon as possible. You can also compare these marketing automation tools.

Email automation through email marketing service provider

You can automate your freelance features of email marketing software with an email service provider. When it comes to scaling your outreach with less effort, automation is key.

With a trustworthy email marketing service provider, you can

  • build a diverse email list using an email finder tool.
  • verify your email addresses by using an email verification tool
  • schedule your emails through email sequences
  • check your email campaigns’ effectiveness for continual improvement.

Mailmodo is one such email service provider that also supports AMP emails. With AMP emails you can include referral forms or feedback forms inside your email. Mailmodo also has a free plan, which is great for freelancers who’re starting off. You can start your email marketing journey as soon as you finish this article.

Build a customer profile

Customer profiles help you determine your exact target audience in your marketing strategies. It gives you an idea about their requirements and how they effectively communicate. You can use it to structure your messages to build stronger relationships with them.

For a foolproof client profile, go deeper into your prospect’s interests and expectations. Understanding your customer better can help you tailor more effective marketing messages. A higher level of relatability will enhance business prospects. To achieve this, make sure to ask necessary questions to your client before starting the work. You can check out the following things about your prospective client:

● Demographic information- age, occupation, industry, and location.

● Psychographic information- media habits, their goals for their company, and their beliefs.

Personalize your content

Offering high-quality content is an integral part of an effective freelance email marketing campaign. Your email content should be precise, relevant, and visually appealing to pique your subscribers’ interests. Maintaining a clear context and professional tone is crucial to driving user engagement without being too assertive.

Thus, personalizing your email content could be a game-changer. it helps you build meaningful relationships with your prospective high-paying clients. You can use the following things to customize your emails:

● You can use their first name in your emails,

● Mention their company names

● Send them targeted content from your blog.

● Focus on targeted offers or discounts.

Create a welcome email message with great incentives

You can create a simple message welcoming your prospective clients to your list.

You can also send personalized messages or welcome gift card to them. You can mention your services at the end of the message.

You could also offer services/digital products at discounted rates to attract clients. It would help you attract visitors to join your subscriber list.

The looks of the email can also make or break how professional your brand looks in your customers’ eyes. You need to gain a competitive edge through design if you want your marketing efforts to show.

You can also use a drip campaign. This allows you to automate regular emails to your potential and current clients.

Analyze your email statistics

Analyzing your email stats is a necessary exercise to edit your strategy. It helps fill in the gaps in your email campaign so that you can target your client with pinpoint accuracy. The email statistics that you should look at are:

● Open rates

●  Bounce rates

●  Click-through rates

●  Spam reports

● Unsubscribe rates

This data is present in all email service provider’s dashboards for accessibility. With the help of the above aspects, you can mold your emails as per the subscriber’s needs. Consider using an email verifier for removing invalid or non-existent email addresses, and this way, enhance deliverability and engagement rates.

Like larger businesses, many marketing-focused freelancers prefer to use the top email analytics tools to guide them through their marketing activities to maximize the effectiveness of their email campaigns. This makes it simple for them to create metric goals, get campaign insights, and even integrate with other data-driven platforms like Google Analytics. By doing this, businesses may modify their plans, increase the effectiveness of their marketing efforts, and finally, produce plans that will increase ROI.

Remember your audience

Great email content won’t be efficient if you don’t recognize your audience. Freelance email marketing is about building cordial relationships with current and potential clients. Try finding the right audience and asking them about their needs and what they expect from you.

That is why do research on them and find out what they do, their lives, and get to the root of their problem. If you can do that and create services tailored to fix that problem, you will start building clients in no time.

Build meaningful and permanent relationships

Getting into your client’s email inbox is a privilege. It indicates they have permitted you to speak to them without using ads or algorithms. And if you generate loyal clients, you will be much more likely to sell your product or services to them.

Flourish your business

One of the main goals of your business should be to grow your audience as much as possible. You can increase the number of clients who want to buy your products or services. An accurate email marketing strategy can increase your visibility to paid clients.

Freelance email marketing will take time, and you should consider it part of your long-term strategy. It will be slow but steady. If you are serious about growing your freelance business, this strategy is the key to success.

Types Of Emails For Freelancers

You have your brand strategy at hand. Now, these are a few ways to put in place those strategies.

Cold Email Outreach

Freelance businesses can opt for cold emailing. It is the cheapest and one of the most effective forms of email marketing. However, you must pitch the right client with personalized details after verifying their email address. You can get a response rate as high as 29% from cold emailing with proper personalization. If you’re pitching to the wrong type of client who’s not empowered to take action, it won’t make any sense. Thus, context is everything when you’re looking for new clients. Try out the cold-email template and pair it with an email lookup tool, in order to effectively increase your conversion rate of cold-email.

Understanding the structure of a perfect cold email and pairing it with an email lookup tool can significantly increase your conversion rate.

Lead Magnet Conversion Email Sequence

A lead magnet is free content that you, as a freelancer, would provide to a person in a digital format. Visitors enter their email address and then you send the content to them by email.

This is the beginning of email communication with a lead. After this, you need to send nurture emails to this lead. With the right messaging, your email sequence could convert these leads to customers.

Feedback and Testimonials

Freelance email marketing is a great way to collect feedback from your customers. It saves you money and provides valuable insights that can help you improve your services. To collect feedback from clients, use targeted email campaigns that encourage honest reviews and suggestions.

Additionally, email marketing helps build the legitimacy of your brand by displaying client testimonials to prospective and current customers. Sharing client testimonials through email marketing effectively builds trust among your clients.

Referral emails, referral marketing

Freelance businesses can use referral emails. The idea is to grow their business by word of mouth through their customers. A referral email is a newsletter that nudges your customers to share your business with their contacts. It involves a special offer for both the referrer and the referee. If you don’t know how to create referral emails, then you can use the referral email templates which will make your referral marketing process much easier.

It is usually done by creating a unique referral link or share button for each subscriber. They can click or copy this link from the email.

Now let’s say you also want to earn from email marketing.  You can start a paid newsletter. These are emails that people pay to receive after paying for a subscription. It is a good way to grow your freelance business and another source of income while building a brand.

Tips & Tricks To Grow A Freelance Business Through Email Marketing

We’ve looked into the ways you can use email to build up your business. Now, let’s look at some additional tips and tricks to enhance your growth further. You will find these tips to make your campaign more accurate and error-free.

  1. You should know your target audience. Then, use email marketing as a technique that provides value to your customers.
  2. Hire a professional organization that can handle your email marketing and automation needs. It would help you save a plethora of money.
  3. Do A/B testing. It is a unique strategy where you can test different versions of your email campaign. The purpose of A/B testing is to determine which email offers better performance.
  4. Always include Call to Action(CTA) in your emails. It should be specific and brief. A good CTA will give the receiver a little FOMO and motivates the user to take immediate action.
  5. You can improve your email’s deliverability rate by deploying DMARC protocol for your emails
Freelancing guide CTA


Freelance email marketing is a powerful strategy that has tremendous benefits. You will have to think like a marketer to execute it like a pro. It involves some setup and brainstorming work to know your audience. Plan out your content calendar accordingly. Make your emails interactive to engage your audience effectively.

As your customer base expands, you can charge higher prices for your services. It might take time to grasp the best strategies to engage your prospective clients. However, once you master freelance email marketing, your business will reap the rewards.

Author Bio: Aquibur Rahman is the CEO of Mailmodo, an email marketing solution that enables users to send app-like interactive emails. He has marketing experience in inbound and outbound strategies, SEO, growth, CRO, and marketing automation. He has helped many B2C and B2B brands, including early-stage tech startups to fast-track growth using agile and data-driven marketing processes. When Google released AMP emails, Aquib saw great potential in it for reinventing email marketing. This led him to start Mailmodo to help businesses get better ROI from email marketing.

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