Non Conventional Ways To Get Leads As Freelancer

The get leads is critical to the success of any organization. There’s no way to avoid it. It’s difficult to maintain the momentum required for effective business growth without a consistent supply of leads coming in the door every day.

Freelance lead generation is the process of acquiring and attracting suitable clients to recruit you as a freelancer. The term “lead” refers to a potential client.

The most difficult aspect of launching your career as freelancing is producing a continuous stream of qualified leads and building a pipeline of clients.

Challenges Faced While Generating Leads 

You’re Collecting Contacts Rather Than Leads

The largest difficulty for marketers is always lead quality, yet there’s a contradiction here. Someone who engages with you or your brand with the intent to buy is a lead. Anyone who provides you with information is referred to as a contact.

Freelancers can convert these leads by:

  • nurturing them,
  • having qualifying discussions,
  • and a few more tactics that can help them to turn a contact into a lead.

You’re Not Paying Attention To Your Data

Data collection is one difficulty, data analysis is another, and data-driven improvements are a third. A similar process resembles web scraping for lead generation. Freelancers must schedule a time to examine and act on their data.

Additionally, they can use online tools like Website analytics, calendars, text, and email services to get information and insight to work with.

Moreover, then they can compare their findings to industry norms. 

Gap Between You & The Customers You’re Trying To Target

Instead of appealing to everyone, freelancers should find their niche. Once they’ve found their niche, they should figure out who their target audience is. Once they’ve figured out who their target audience is, they should start reaching out to them.

Not everyone they reach out to will convert into a lead. Therefore, they should ask them about their needs and requirements, as well as whether they’re willing to pay for it.

As a result, it would be simple to convert them into leads.

More Supporting Documents Required 

Freelancers should provide their lead examples of their work, as well as testimonials from previous clients and success stories.

For example, a freelance writer could include links to previous blogs or articles to give potential customers an idea of their work and encourage them to buy your products.

Your Brand Isn’t Distinctive

Freelancers should develop tactics to distinguish themselves from the competition.

Developing their online portfolio would be the first step. The Refrens platform allows you to create your Portfolio in minutes.

It is critical for freelancers to engage in personal branding in order to have a global presence.

Despite your niche, you must keep an eye on current events to incorporate them into your work as quickly as possible.

It’s important to spend time cultivating business relationships.

As a result, when it comes to gaining an advantage, standing out from the crowd is essential.

You’re Not In The Same Place As Your Customers

Businesses that create the most and finest leads have a solid understanding of their targets.

Moreover, Find out where your specific/niche target clients spend their time in:

  • forums,
  • events,
  • advertising channels,
  • publications,
  • coworking space and other areas.

Hence, Build partnerships, advertise, and position yourself as a leader in those areas.

It will take time to build up influence in these circles, but once you do, the leads and recommendations will stream in.

You Don’t Have A Follow-Up Procedure

After you’ve generated a lead, what happens next? There are only two options: turn them into paying customers or let them go.

One is extremely valuable, while the other is extremely expensive.

Only about a third of leads are ready to buy when you contact them, and the majority of them are also investigating other firms.

Sticking to a solid follow-up strategy is the only way you’ll have a chance of converting leads and creating revenue.

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Non-Conventional Ways To Generate Leads


One big disadvantage of freelancing is the lack of a guaranteed income. Many freelancers worry about not making enough money on a daily basis.

Moreover, even those who are able to pay all their bills this month are unsure about the next.

Thus, creating a freelance lead-generating strategy is the greatest method to keep your freelance income stable.

Aside from financial stability, such a structure allows you to build and scale your firm over time.

To do so, you’ll need to research different freelance lead creation tactics, test and experiment, and figure out which ones generate the most leads.

Furthermore, the freelancing sector is becoming competitive. Only those who are innovative and diligent in their search for new opportunities will be able to succeed.

Here are some of the unconventional ways to generate leads:

  • Former Bosses

Asking your former bosses whether they have any opportunity is one of the finest strategies to find freelance work.

Concentrate on superiors with whom you’ve collaborated closely. Also, with whom you’ve maintained a positive working relationship.

These individuals have already employed you and are familiar with your methods. They won’t hesitate to promote you to their network. 

  • Family

It’s said that you should never do business with relatives, but when you’re a freelancer, it’s occasionally necessary. 

Why not team up and help each other?

For example, if your cousin needs pregnancy announcement shots at the same time you’re launching your photography business?

You’ll make a quick client, and she’ll find a photographer that understands her aesthetic and can make her feel at ease in front of the camera.

If no one in your family requires photography (or a website, or any other services), reach out to family friends.

Maybe your father’s pal, your mother’s social circles, and your grandmother’s Temple ladies are all fair game.

  • Social Media

It’s critical that you promote your freelance business on social media. By social media, it means genuine, spontaneous discussions about who you are and what you do.

For example, you post on Facebook that you are now accepting new clients for social media marketing, blogging, or anything else.

It will get noticed by people and then they will begin inquiring about services and costs.

Moreover, you’d most likely sign up one new client the next day or week. Then maybe three clients by the end of the week or month. That’s three new clients from a single Facebook post that took less than ten seconds to compose. 

Moreover, It just took a little effort, but it effectively would double your freelance income.

  • Professional Groups

Alumni groups, professional/business connections, brainstorming programming, and even Facebook and LinkedIn groups linked to what you do are examples of these professional communities.

For example, there are Facebook groups for freelancers, and the members often help by suggesting a client or lead. However, not just Facebook there are many other social media platform groups that you should look into, to find the ideal fit for you.

  • Fellow Freelancers

Some of the best freelancing jobs are through other freelancers who know the difference between a good opportunity and a scam.

For example: On Instagram, you recently met another freelancer. You and the other freelancer exchanged emails on freelancing and social media strategy for a few weeks.

Then the other freelancer gave you a lead on a copywriting assignment from one of her social media clients out of nowhere.

Perhaps the freelancer gave you the project because you were the only web copywriter they knew. Bang! You received a new lead from another freelancer.

  • People Who Help You With Your Daily Tasks – Doctors, Hairdresser, Mechanic Or Trainer

Perhaps your mechanic requires a logo. Your hairdresser requires some accounting assistance. Even your personal trainer may require the assistance of a virtual assistant to organize appointments and phone calls.

Moreover, the goal is to consider all of the different types of businesses you come into contact with on a daily or weekly basis. After that, come up with ways to assist them as a freelancer.

Thus, each of those is an opportunity to talk about your brand and spread your name, and the more you do it, the more likely you are to sign a new client.

  • Attend Big Events And Conferences

Local gatherings not only allow you to increase the awareness of your personal brand.

Moreover, they allow you to meet a large number of people who may wish to hire you directly.

  • Business Cards

Business cards are from the past. Although it may appear outdated; giving out business cards is among the most straightforward strategies to increase your freelancing lead generation.

However, if you still think business cards are old-fashioned, digital business cards can be the way to go.

Furthermore, you can use them not only at events and meet-ups; but you can also pass them out to folks you think would make good potential customers wherever you meet them.


In an ideal world, generating leads and offering your freelance services would be a breeze; but it isn’t always that simple.

Hence, Being active and putting in the work are critical components of freelance success.

Going freelance is a thrilling decision, but it also comes with a high learning curve. You must learn other basic business responsibilities, including customer leads, in addition to exercising your unique talent. 

Furthermore, it’s not simple to strike a balance between working for current clients and looking for new ones. You can, however, complete everything on time if you use an effective freelancing lead creation plan.

As a result of this strategy, as a freelancer, you can generate more high-quality leads.

You can also use Refrens, in addition to the non-conventional ways mentioned. Where you can create your profile and get good quality leads. 

Hence, getting out of your safe zone can be frightening, but the payoff is worth it!

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