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Online invoice templates to create invoices in seconds

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Multiple invoice template design for your business

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I add a logo to the invoice template?

Yes, you can add a logo to the invoice and can also change the color of your invoice template, matching your logo.

Can I add more details to the invoice template?

Yes, Refrens invoice templates are customizable. You can add additional fields or columns like shipping details, discounts, additional charges, custom fields for both client and product or service line item.

Can I save invoices as a PDF Format?

Yes. You can easily download it in PDF format or can click on the print option and can save as PDF.

How many documents can I make on Refrens?
  1. There is a limit to the number of transactions you can make on Refrens. You can create 20 free documents in a year. All absolutely free. Once the threshold of 20 documents is reached, you can buy our premium plans to keep continue creating the documents.
Do I have to create a account to use a free invoice template?

Yes. Refrens account is necessary to use a free invoice template. While creating an account, you can access all the invoices in one place and also makes the invoice creation procedure easy.

How to Make An Invoice Using Online Invoice Template?

Using the Refrens platform it is easy to create invoices instantly. When creating an invoice you must add these crucial elements, without these elements no invoice can be completed. Following is the simple and easiest way to create an invoice using the free invoice template.

Step 1: Add Information to Invoice

  • Invoice Header - It is always a good practice to add the word โ€œINVOICEโ€ at the top of the invoice as invoice title. The invoice header is the section where you add the invoice number, invoice issue date, and due date. In addition, you also need to add other reference numbers like the PO number, quotation number. In this section, you also get the option of adding the business logo which is a good way to promote your brand.

  • Billed By Section - As the name suggests, in this section, you add all the information about your business that includes business name if you own any business or if you are a freelancer, you can use your name instead of the business name. Moreover, you can add your email, mobile number, address, city.

  • Billed To Section - Same as billed by section, you need to add the information about the buyer or client who is buying or paying for the products or services from you.

  • Shipping Details - This section is only useful for those who sell tangible products. You need to add shipping details like address, city, state, Pincode, challan number, date, and transport. If you are offering any service or digital products, you can avoid this section.

  • Item Section - Here you add the product or service name, description, images, quantity, rate, discount, and tax. You can also add custom columns to add more detail to the product or service.

  • Terms & Conditions - You need to add terms and conditions of invoice and payments.

  • Bottom Section - At the bottom of the invoice, you can add notes, attachments, and signatures as well.

Congrats your invoice is created now. The next step helps you to get paid faster.

Step 2: Add Bank Details

  • Add your bank details like bank name, bank account number, IFSC Code, account type, account holder name. You can also add more details by adding custom fields.

  • Next, enable online payment options like debit/credit card, net banking, wallets, etc. Refrens has the most competitive rates when it comes to accepting international payments.

Step 3: Customize Invoice Using Invoice Templates

You can easily customize your invoice by choosing the best invoice template that fits your business. Change the template as per the requirements and change the color of the template that you love. You can also make use of Magic colors that helps you to select the best color from your business logo. In addition, you can also change the fonts of the invoice heading and the best part is all these features are completely free. FREE INVOICE TEMPLATE WITH NO COST.

Features of Free Invoice Formats

  1. Customizable Invoice - Add and edit multiple fields and columns such as an address, contact information, product description.

  2. Brand Your Template - Select an invoice template that suits your business nature and stand out from your competitors. Customize your invoice format by adding a logo and signature.

  3. Use Magic Color - Choose the most suitable color from your logo and make the invoice look professional. Multiple fonts supported.

  4. Special Purpose Templates - Invoice templates like professional invoice template, letterhead format, business invoice format, print-friendly invoice templates. All for free.

  5. Manage and Send Invoices - Manage all your invoices in one place. Download as PDF, Print, Email, or share via WhatsApp.

  6. Easy Access Anywhere - Easy to use dashboard for mobile and desktop. Get email alerts in real-time.

Why use our invoice formats?

Having a small business or service agency or being a freelancer, it is very hard, time-consuming, and cumbersome when you try to create invoices through Excel, Word, Google Sheets, or Docs.

Some people use Word or Google Docs to simplify the invoicing process because you can create quite good-looking invoices from MS Word. But it is always harder to calculate taxes like TAX, TDS, or any other additional charges associated with it.

Whereas some use Excel or Google spreadsheets to create one and there is a huge benefit to using Excel as it can easily calculate taxes like TAX, TDS with its automatic formulas. You can also make your own formula to create a predefined invoice. However, Excel also has a huge drawback of professionalism. Invoices created through Excel don't look attractive and lack professionalism even when using professional invoice templates.

When you are running a business, not only you have to create invoices but also have to maintain the client data, invoices, different reports like TAX, TDS.

For example:

  1. To manage all the invoices in one place.

  2. To manage all your client data.

  3. To create and maintain TAX, TDS report.

  4. You want to know which invoices are paid, unpaid or partially paid.

  5. You want to know your earnings for the month or year.

When it comes to the above tasks both Word and Excel fail. So, having proper invoicing software for your business not only helps to create invoices but also helps in managing all the data in one place without searching for each file.

At Refrens, you can manage all your invoices, expenses, your client, and payment details in one place. Refrens is not only for invoicing it is a complete tool to manage your finances. You can create a professionally designed invoice using the invoice generator with multiple invoice templates.

Other than this, Refrens also provides the following tools like

Promote Your Brand With Invoice Template

Invoices are important materials of any business and are used to convey the information sold by any business. Invoices are the only material that helps the business to get paid faster. If any invoice is professionally built and effortlessly conveys the information, the chances of getting paid on time increase by 40%. Refrens clearly knows the importance of invoices that are beautifully designed. So, Refrens developed multiple invoice templates for different kinds of businesses.

Whether you are a professional, business owner, freelancer, graphic designer or you love the color blue, there is a free invoice template for you. You can create an invoice that suits your business using templates and send them to your clients for free.

In addition, every uniquely designed invoice template has the option to add a business or personal logo that makes your client aware of your brand. Moreover, Refrens never promotes or add Refrensโ€™ name or logo to any of your invoices.

Easy Printable Invoice Templates

Maybe you still follow the traditional method of creating invoices and printing them. No worry, Refrens got you covered as well. All the online invoice templates are printable and we have a printer-friendly template as well. You can easily print with one click.

If you need any specific template for printing purposes, you can use our print-friendly invoice template and can customize it as per the need. Not just print, you save your invoice in PDF format as well and can also send via Email or WhatsApp.

As Refrens is a completely online invoicing platform, all the invoices get saved here. You can access all the invoices anytime and anywhere. Having this benefit, you can easily create an invoice from anywhere and can be saved to print for later purposes.

Free Invoice Template Highlights

Invoicing is a pushover using the Refrens invoice template. Beautifully designed invoice templates, streamline your invoice cycle process. Knowing this our Refrens team has developed multiple invoice formats to create an invoice that fits your business needs. Here are some of the highlights of the Refrens invoice format.

Fully Customized Invoice.

  1. Multiple Invoice Colors (Available in 24 colors)

  2. Magic Color using Company or Personal Logo.

  3. Professionally Designed Invoice.

  4. All invoices are compact and print-friendly.

  5. Changes fonts of the invoice heading.

  6. Includes all the essential elements of the invoice.

  7. Auto calculates discounts, additional charges, TAX.

  8. Add attachments and signature.

Special Purpose Invoice Format

Refrens team is very well aware of the importance of the invoice template for freelancers and small businesses. Knowing this fact, our team developed multiple templates according to the business run by small business owners and freelancers.

  1. Professional Invoice Template - Designed for professionals like chemists, lawyers, designers, freelancer invoice templates, content writers, photography invoice, etc.

  2. Letterhead Template - Not just big corporates but businesses of all sizes can make their custom letterhead to communicate between two parties. Refrens team build letterhead for all types of businesses.

  3. Business Invoice Template - If the letterhead does not attract you, here is the template that is definitely made for all business purposes.

  4. Modern Invoice Template - Specially designed for startups and newbie freelancers which helps to accept the payment faster.

  5. Print-friendly Invoice Template - Black and white template with compact and easy-to-print invoice.

  6. TAX Invoice Template - Specially designed for traders and import & exports businesses and for the businesses registered under TAX.

Consulting Invoice Templates

Consultants are those who advise or guide the organization or business or individual to achieve the goal using expertise. Consultants vary for different industries such as IT consultants, software consultants, freelance consultants, legal consultants, business consultants, etc.

After the completion of the project, these consultants bill their clients using a consultant invoice template. For different industries, different templates can be used. Most of the consultants charge per hour rate. If any consultant is TAX registered then they can ask for a TAX invoice as well.

Which Invoice Template Format Should A Business Use?

As mentioned earlier, there are individuals and businesses who prefer Word or Google Docs invoice templates for their business, then there are those who prefer Excel or Google Sheets to create invoice templates. Both these methods are best in their own way, but still, these two methods fail when you look at the different pictures of the invoice.

Using Word or Excel, you would never know the status of the invoices such as paid, unpaid, part- paid or How much are your earnings at the end of the week or month or even at the end of the year. It is always time-consuming to keep track of all your invoices in a particular folder.

The best option is to use tools that are specially designed for making invoices. You can use the tool to minimize your invoice-creating effort. You can get the best of both Word and Excel in one tool. Auto calculation as well as amazing templates for invoices.

Use Refrens invoice template format to accomplish your invoicing cycle seamlessly and make your invoicing statement simple.

Invoice Templates in PDF Format

Be it today or tomorrow, creating an invoice for your client will always remain an important aspect of your business. But the process of creating invoices has drastically changed. Earlier, business owners used to write invoices and paper mail to their clients. But today it isn't an effective way to save time and get paid faster.

Using a ready-made invoice template for your business, not only saves your time but also helps you to get paid faster than usual. No matter what business you are into, creating and sending invoices to your clients using Refrens invoice PDF templates. Download your invoice in PDF format, print, or email to your client directly. Simply create an invoice, select the free invoice template and color that fits your business. Email your client and get paid faster.

Benefits of Using Refrens Free Invoice Template Format

  1. 100 Free Invoices.

  2. Professional Layout Format.

  3. Fully Customizable Invoice.

  4. Save client data to reuse in the future which avoids retyping of client information again and again.

  5. Generate tax, TDS report.

  6. Collect Payment Online.

  7. Unlimited Bank and Card Transaction.

  8. Status of the invoices like paid, unpaid, partly paid.

  9. Bulk upload Invoices and Expenses.

  10. Manage and download all payment reports.

  11. Add multiple team members or users.

  12. Send Invoices through Email, WhatsApp, or through link sharing.

  13. Free Customer Support to resolve your queries.

Is Invoice Template Free?

Yes, all the templates available on Refrens for generating an invoice, quotation, proforma invoice, or purchase order are 100% free. Not just templates, all the customization available like color change, magic color from logo uploaded, font heading, etc. are also free of cost.

All you have to add is to add information about your company, client details, detailed information about the product or service you offer, and select the invoice template you love. If you are creating a proforma invoice then you can use a proforma invoice template to customize the invoice. After creating the invoice, you can email the client, download the invoice as a PDF or you can print the same. The invoice gets saved and you can access it from anywhere and anytime.

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