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1000s of businesses have streamlined their data collection process with Refrens data capture forms

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Capture all types of data for collecting leads, website inquiries, creating surveys, and more. Track how you & your team interacts with the data. Manage different types of data across multiple data collection pipelines.
Create Data Capture Forms
Streamline your data collection process in 3 simple steps
Create and Customize Forms
Create & CustomizeCreate custom data capture forms in minutes. Collect all types of data with different field types such as radio button, dropdown menu, checkboxes, boolean, email, currency, etc. Decide which fields to keep mandatory or hidden. No technical knowledge required.
Easy to embed form on the website
Share & AutomateAutomate your data collection process. Embed the form on your website OR share it over WhatsApp, email, social media, and other platforms with a unique link.
Get instant notification when the form is filled
Manage & TrackGet notified when someone fills up the form, Instantly connect with them via email with pre-filled templates or send a WhatsApp in a couple of clicks, get automated follow-up reminders, and more!
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Aniket - Refrens Invoice Software User
I was able to set up my contact form in just a few minutes with Refrens. The in-built CRM integration is a game-changer. No more juggling between platforms!
AniketOwner, Spaceplexx, Coworking Space
The hidden fields feature is brilliant! I can get a better context of customers' requirements without them having to spell it out.
RubitaFreelance Developer
Responding to inquiries directly from Refrens, be it via email or WhatsApp, has made our workflow smooth. The pre-filled email templates are a time-saver!
AnjaniFounder, Brown Mocha
Refrens has taken the stress out of follow-ups. The automated reminders ensure we're always on top of our game.
LinkeeFreelancer, Content Writer
Refrens Forms has transformed the way we manage inquiries. The ability to embed forms and share them across our social media is incredibly efficient.
Shivansh TulsyanCEO, Binny Textiles

Data Capture Forms Powered By A CRM

Don’t just collect data - nurture, track, and manage it to drive business outcome.
Manage Forms Across Multiple Pipelines
Create Multiple Data Collection Pipelines
Manage data more efficiently with separate pipelines for different use cases.
Centralized Communication
Centralised Communication
Quickly close leads & inquiries with pre-filled email templates and one-click WhatsApp messages. Track all your communication in one place.
Easy to followup with in built CRM
Stress-Free Follow-Ups
Our automated follow-up reminders will ensure you always stay ahead of the curve. Never miss an important follow-up. ever.
Hidden Fields in Form
Know What They Want, Without Asking Them
If you have multiple products or services on your website, you can create forms with auto-filled hidden fields for each. This way you will know which product or service they are interested in - without even having to ask!

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What Is A Data Capture Form?

A data capture form is a digital or paper-based questionnaire designed to collect specific information from users. These forms can be customized to include various types of fields such as text boxes, radio buttons, checkboxes, and dropdown menus.

They are often used in online surveys, registration pages, and customer feedback mechanisms to gather data for various purposes, including market research, customer engagement, and lead generation.

Why Are Data Capture Forms Used?

Data capture forms serve multiple purposes:

  1. Lead Generation: They can be used to collect information from potential customers, thereby generating leads for businesses.

  2. Customer Feedback: These forms help in collecting valuable feedback from customers, which can be used for product improvement.

  3. Market Research: Businesses use data capture forms to collect data on consumer behavior, preferences, and demographics.

  4. Event Registration: They are commonly used for registering attendees for webinars, conferences, and other events.

  5. Data Accuracy: Using structured forms ensures that the data collected is consistent and easy to analyze.

  6. Compliance: In regulated industries, these forms can be designed to ensure compliance with legal requirements.

What Is Data Capture And Data Entry?

  1. Data Capture: This refers to the automatic collection of data through various means such as forms, sensors, or barcode scanners. The process is generally automated and requires minimal human intervention.

  2. Data Entry: This is the manual input of data into a database or spreadsheet. Unlike data capture, data entry is labor-intensive and has a higher chance of human error.

What Is Data Capture And Preparation?

  1. Data Capture: As mentioned earlier, this is the process of automatically collecting data from various sources.

  2. Data Preparation: This is the subsequent step where the captured data is cleaned, transformed, and enriched to make it ready for analysis. This may involve removing duplicates, handling missing values, and converting data types.

Data capture provides the raw data, while data preparation makes it usable for analytics or other applications.

What Are The Four Stages of Data Capture?

The four stages of data capture are:

  1. Data Collection: Gathering data through various means such as forms, sensors, or automated systems.

  2. Data Transmission: Sending the collected data to a centralized database or storage system.

  3. Data Processing: Sorting, filtering, and validating the data to ensure it meets the required standards.

  4. Data Storage: Safely storing the processed data in a database or other storage solutions for future use or analysis.

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