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Features of Invoice Generator

Hassle Free Accounting
Easy Tax InvoiceCreate, manage, send and track unlimited tax invoices without any hassle.
Customization of Columns
Customization of ColumnsCustomizable invoice format to add more relevant information and columns.
Brand Your Invoice
Brand Your InvoiceQuickly add the business logo and change the colour of the invoice with one click. No Watermark. No Ads.
Premium Invoice Templates
Invoice TemplatesBeautifully designed and fully customizable invoice templates with the magic colour feature.
Email and track invoices
Email & Track InvoicesSend invoice via email and get to know when the invoice is opened.
Recurring Invoices
Recurring InvoicesRefrens invoice generator creates recurring invoices for you at regular intervals.
Insights & Reports
Insightful ReportsGet ready-made essential reports to analyze your business and client information.
Access From Anywhere
Easy Access AnywhereEasy to use dashboard for mobile and desktop. Get email alerts in real-time.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I make an invoice for free?

Refrens invoice generator allows you to create invoices for free without taking much time. Head over to Refrens invoice generator and start creating invoices using pre-formatted invoice templates. You can add your logo, brand colors, and multiple invoice templates and use many more such features to keep your brand consistent.

Is this invoice generator really free?

FREE! Refrens invoice generator can be used by freelancers, agencies and small businesses. You will be able to generate 20 documents a year. Also, manage invoices and access free templates.

Can I save my invoices in this online invoice generator?

Yes. All the invoices created by you are saved online. You can access all the invoices anytime just by logging into your account.

Does this invoice generator support repeat/recurring invoices?

Yes, you can create weekly, monthly, and yearly recurring invoices on Refrens. You can also customize the dates as per your requirements.

Can I add additional fields to the invoice?

Yes, you can add additional fields and columns as well. Refrens allow extra fields that help you to add more information about the company or product/service you offer.

Is there any invoice template that I can use?

Yes, there are multiple invoice templates on Refrens you can use. Not just templates, you can also change the color of each template and font headings as well.

Can I save my client details on this invoice maker?

Yes, you can save and manage all the details of your client under client management tab. This feature helps you to avoid retying of customer details every time on the invoice.

Is my data safe?

Absolutely. Only you can decide who you want to share the invoices or bill with. The invoices are accessible only through special URLs that you share or PDFs that you download. We do not share your data with anyone for any purpose.

Can I add my company logo or personal logo to this invoice generator?

Yes. You can upload your logo by clicking on the logo box from the top right corner. You can upload both .jpg and .png format for the logo image.

Do I have to create Refrens account to use this online invoice generator?

Yes, Refrens account is necessary to use this invoice generator. While creating an account, you can access all the invoices in one place and also makes the invoice creation procedure easy.

Online Invoice Generator for UK

You are on this page, which means you already know what is an invoice.

Again you are on this page, so most probably you are here to create an invoice. And especially if you are reading this then there might be good chances you are looking for a guide that helps you create invoices online.

Donโ€™t worry by the end of this topic you will become an expert in creating invoices using Refrens invoice generator. I will share all the important information and fields required to create an invoice.

All the essential customizations, what type of templates best fits your business needs, setting up recurring invoices, different methods to send invoices, and many more such things. So read this article till the end.

So let's start creating your first online invoice.

How to Create an Invoice With Invoice Generator?

It becomes cumbersome for some people to create their own invoices for the first time, especially if you are a non-accountant.

Many get confused, about what details to add and where to add, what information to share, and what not to.

So starting with the first step:

Head to Refrens invoice generator. After that scroll a bit and you can see the blank invoice form (template) with predetermined fields.

Here you will see almost all the important information is predetermined for you. You just have to fill in the crucial details of the invoice which will be helpful in the future for report and tax purposes.

Here I am going to share with you some important fields that you must fill in every time you create an online invoice.

First at the top, always mention โ€œINVOICEโ€ as the title, so that your client is aware that they are skimming the invoice and not any document like a quotation or purchase order.

After that, it is always a good idea to add the logo of your company as it shows some professionalism and looks like a brand invoice. In addition, it helps the client understand the source of the invoice, and adding a logo enhances the client's experience as well.

Now moving forward, you will get the option to add the Invoice Number, Invoice Date ad Due Date of the Invoice.

Now, why is this required?

  1. Invoice Number - Invoice number should always be unique and this is done to avoid confusion and also shows errors when filing the taxes. The invoice number can be a simple number like 00001 or it can be a combination of alphanumeric values like AB0001.

But by using tools like Refrens online invoice, you donโ€™t have to add an invoice number every time you create an invoice, the system will take the invoice number automatically.

  1. Invoice Date - In this field, you will give the invoice creation date. This helps you to know in which month or year the transaction took place which helps you to draw the overall receivables of the company for a particular period or month.

  2. Due Date - Here you can add the last payment date of the invoice. This helps your client to know the last payment date of the invoice amount.

The next important step is to add the information of the parties included in the transaction.

  1. The first part is the vendor (the person selling the service or product) and the information is added in the โ€œBilled Byโ€ section.

    If you are a freelancer, add your name instead of your company name. You can add more additional information like address, city, state, and postal code. Moreover, you can also add email, phone number and custom fields if you need to add something more.

    The second part is your client (the person receiving the service or product) and the information is added to the โ€œBilled Toโ€ section of the invoice.

    Similar to the billed by section, here you can add all the information related to your client.

  2. โ€œItem descriptionโ€, is one of the most important sections of the invoice, because here you add all the essential details of the product or service you sold to the client.

    Add all the product or service names and descriptions you sold, along with quantity, rate, and discount. If you are creating a tax invoice, you just need to checkmark the Add TAX section, tax will be auto-added to the invoice.

  3. โ€œTerms and Conditionsโ€, is important to add so that the client knows how to pay for the product, payment methods and also it includes the return policies and other policies of the product and company terms.

  4. Refrens give one more option to add the signature on the invoice. You can either upload your sign or you can simply sign.

Apart from all these important fields, Refrens do provide other options to add to the invoice and you can customize the invoice as per your requirement.

You can add custom fields wherever you want to, it can either in billed by or billed to a section or at the bottom of the invoice as well.

You can also give a discount per line item wise or on the entire invoice. Along with this field, you can also add the image of the product.

Once the invoice is created, click on โ€œSave and Continueโ€.

How to customize the invoice for your brand?

Now here comes the step to customize the look of your invoice.

Under custom invoice design, you will get multiple invoice templates for your needs. Select any of the templates that showcase your brand image and once the template is set, you can set the color of the invoice of your company.

Apart from this, you can add custom letterhead, set margin, and set paper size for printing purposes.

Once all is done, now it's time to send the invoice to your client.

Refrens offers you the option to download the invoice in PDF, email the invoice directly to the client, and also send the invoice via WhatsApp.

But the best suggestion would be to use, Email invoice features as you can easily track the invoice and check whether the invoice is delivered and whether the invoice is opened by the client or not.

Moreover, you can schedule and set auto-reminder invoices that sent invoices to clients within mentioned specified date.

Benefits of Using Refrens Online Invoice Generator

The reason behind using invoicing software is to make the manual process simple and saves human tie. If the software is taking too much time than manual work then there is no point in using such software. Additionally, the software must provide some essential features apart from saving time and effort.

Here is one of the top benefits and features of using our online invoice generator.


Refrens is one of the few invoice builders that allows you to customize almost every part of the invoice. Right from the title to the footer of the invoice. You can add and edit custom fields, change the invoice template and color, easy to add letterhead and change the font of the invoice. Add branding and many more.

Accept Payment Online

Refrens provide an offline and online method to accept payment. That means, when you accept the payment outside the system still you can record it on Refrens and mark the invoice as paid. In the online method, you can use Refrens as a payment service provider to accept the payment online. Using Refrnes payments, you can easily receive payment from your overseas client as well.

Multiple Options to Send Invoice

As mentioned earlier, refrens not only provide you to download the invoice in PDF but also you can use other features like Email invoices, and send invoices via WhatsApp. You can also duplicate and triplicate the copy of your invoice if multiple persons are included in a single transaction.

Add Custom Formula

There are very less invoice generators that help you to add custom formulas to the invoice. This is an especially useful feature for interior designers and construction contractors where they have to add the length, width, and height of a particular item, and also for hotels where they have to add the timing of the check-in and check-out.

Add Multiple Users

You are doing a business and you are obviously going to grow and by itching passing day it is impossible for you to do all the work by yourself. So will add the team member or employee under you. So keeping this in mind, we have added the feature to add multiple team members, so that they can look out for the accounting part of the business.

Roles and Permissions

Just adding a team member is not enough if they can edit or view the entire transaction of your business. There are some transactions that you donโ€™t want to show to your employee. Or if you want to give a certain managerial access or salesman access you can control that as well.

Client Management

Just managing the invoice is not enough, you must have all the information of your client so that when you create an invoice for the second time you just have to add the name and other details filled up automatically. Second, you can use the information to send them the marketing email or can run ads.

Important Reports

After all creating the invoice, one of the most important parts of the business is to check where they are leading their business to. What needs to be improved? How many receivables are pending? Which clients have paid on time? All this information can be accessed only if the invoice generator has invoicing report section.

Refrens already provide invoice reports, client reports, TDS reports, VAT reports, HSN reports, item-wise reports etc.

Create Other Documents

Refrens is not just about invoicing it is more than that. Refrens offers all accounting tools that help you to manage your business effectively.

Refrens accounting includes generating quotations, proforma invoices, purchase orders, delivery bills, payment receipts, recording and managing expenses, credit and debit notes, and creating and managing leads.

Inventory Management

For businesses selling products, it is impossible for them to track stock if the system doesnโ€™t have an inventory management system. But using the Refrens invoice generator, you can add, edit and manage each and every transaction of your stock.

Types of Invoices Available on Refrens Invoice Generator

You will never use only one type of document for your entire business. There are multiple documents that are important in different stages of the accounting process. In Refrens, you can create all the important documents within a minute. So starting with

Quotations & Estimates

A quotation or estimate is one of the first documents you create for your prospective client. Prospect reach out to for the pricing of the product or service. Here is where you send the quotation to the potential client. So having a feature of creating a quotation is one of the goods to have. If you want to create a quotation you can check out our quotation templates page here or you can also go for quote template word.

Proforma Invoice

A Proforma invoice is not a real invoice, but it acts as a confirmation invoice before sending a real invoice to the client. Proforma invoices can be used within the organization simply for verification or you can send them to the client stating that these are the products or services you have rendered. To create a proforma invoice you can checkout Refrens proforma invoice template page.

Purchase Order

Purchase Order is mostly used when you are in the product business, where you have to buy products or services for your business and it can be anything like raw materials, or to fill up the stocks in inventory. Here you can create a purchase order easily using the Refrens purchase order template.

Recurring Invoice

A recurring invoice is something that every invoice generator tool must have. Every business at some point in time or at least once requires the recurring feature. When creating the invoice, at the bottom itself our system asks the user whether the particular invoice is recurring or not.

Easy Use of an Invoice Builder for Non-Accountants

When using Refrens, especially for invoicing, even the non-accountant can easily use our system without any prior experience with invoicing or VAT. Refrens ' friendly interface makes it easy for users to create documents in no time.

All easy-to-switch navigation makes users move back and forth from one dashboard to another. Moreover, once you create a quotation or proforma invoice, it takes only one click to make an invoice for the same client as you can convert your quotation and proforma invoice into an invoice.

Same you can do this with purchase orders as well, with one click you can generate expenses from the same PO which saves you time and effort. Apart from that, all the documents you create on Refrens have different dashboards. For invoices you have an invoice dashboard, for quotations, you have a quotation dashboard.

So it makes it easy for you to check the status of your all quotations and invoices without mixing the stats.

Digital Invoice vs Traditional Invoice

In today's digital world, only a few chunk of business uses the traditional invoice method and over more than half of the world has shifted to digital invoice and why not?

It is more time efficient, convenient, and easy to use as compared to traditional invoices.

In traditional invoices, you have to write the invoice by hand and sent it manually to your client. Also, you need to do calculations manually which leads to mistakes in the invoice.

Whears, in a digital invoice all the information of your client is pre-saved and you have to just select the name of your client, and also all the calculations are done automatically so you donโ€™t need to do real math when creating the invoice.

When you have drawn a report based on the invoice, you have to search for the files and folders for the invoice or you have to manually check all the entries for 1 particular invoice. While in digital invoices, all your documents are in one place, you just log in to your account and you can view all your invoices easily through the search feature on the dashboard which makes it easier to search for a particular invoice.

Online Invoice Generator Alternatives

There are multiple alternatives to online invoice generators. Here is the some I have listed below:

Using Templates Offline

There are multiple sites that offer you to download the invoice in PDF, Word, or Excel format. Once you download the invoice template, you can edit the invoice in offline mode and can make changes accordingly. But If you are using docs or PDFs then you have manually calculate the total of the invoice amount whereas in the sheet you can use formulas. But still, it requires quiet manual work.

Over and above, it is good if you have to create only 1 or 2 invoices, but doing this regularly can be cumbersome and time-consuming also you will never be able to get the report of the invoices you created.

Using Google Docs or Sheets for Invoice

Similar to offline invoice templates, there is an option to use online templates with docs and sheets. If you open the Google doc or sheet, there are already preformatted invoices created by Google. You can easily use those templates for your invoicing processes but in the end you wonโ€™t get any reports or anything.

Using Online Invoice Templates

Similar to an online invoice generator there is an option to create invoices using online invoice templates. Here you have to select the template you want to use and then you can start creating the invoice.

Mistakes to Avoid When You Create Invoice Online

The chances of invoices getting rejected increase if the invoice you create is not accurate. Some of the common invoicing mistakes are as follows.

Incorrect invoice date - When you create an invoice, always add the created date to the invoice. It helps the client to identify when is the last payment date of the invoice.

Incomplete details - The invoice must have detailed information on the vendor or service provider and client details. It should include all the detailed information about the product or service offered.

Spelling mistakes - Avoid spelling mistakes when creating the invoice. Create an invoice in simple terms and language. Avoid using technical jargon or the short form of any word.

Incorrect total - The price and quantity decided at the time of agreement are different, and the invoice created for the same deal is separate. It is the most common cause of the rejection of the invoice. Avoid adding the wrong tax rate.

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