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Features of Invoice Generator

Hassle Free Accounting
Create Invoice EffortlesslyCreate invoices quickly and easily. Malaysia invoice generator is designed to be user-friendly, so you can generate professional invoices without any hassle. This saves you time and reduces the administrative burden.
Recurring Invoices
Recurring InvoicesImagine not having to remember to send the same invoice repeatedly. With our invoice maker, you can set up recurring invoices. This means you can schedule and send invoices at regular intervals, ensuring you get paid on time without any manual effort.
Premium Invoice Templates
Customizable TemplatesWe offer a variety of invoice templates that you can tailor to match your brand. Choose the one that fits your style, and then personalize it with your business colors and logo. This way, your invoices reflect your unique identity.
Email and track invoices
Email & Track InvoicesSending invoices is a breeze with Refrens invoice. You can send them directly to your clients via email. Plus, you can keep tabs on their delivery status and see when they've been viewed or paid. This makes communication efficient and follow-ups timely.
Customization of Columns
Tailored InvoicesMake your invoices stand out by customizing them. Add your company logo, contact information, and personal messages. This customization gives your invoices a professional and branded appearance.
Custom Formula for Invoice
Smart CalculationsNo need to manually calculate taxes, discounts, or additional charges. Our invoice generator can do that for you using custom formulas. This ensures that your totals are always accurate, saving you from potential errors.
Client Management
Client ManagementManaging client information is simplified. You can keep track of essential client details, such as contact information, billing preferences, and payment history, all in one central location.
Insights & Reports
Financial ReportsGain valuable insights into your business's financial performance. Our reporting feature allows you to analyze invoice data, track payments, and generate reports. These insights help you make informed decisions and manage your cash flow effectively.
Bulk Upload
Bulk Invoice UploadSave time when dealing with multiple invoices. You can upload several invoices at once using our bulk upload feature. This is especially handy when you need to import data from spreadsheets or other systems.
Add Multiple Users
Team CollaborationIf you work with a team, our tool allows for seamless collaboration. You can add multiple users to your account, each with their own roles and permissions. This ensures secure and efficient invoice management.
Assign Roles and Permissions
Control AccessMaintain control and security by assigning specific roles and permissions to your team members. You decide who can access certain functionalities based on your business requirements.
Invoice RemindersSay goodbye to chasing overdue payments. Our tool enables you to set up automated invoice reminders, gently prompting your clients for payment. This feature ensures that payments arrive on time.
Live Chat Support
24/7 Live SupportWe provide round-the-clock live support from our expert team. Whenever you have questions, encounter technical issues, or need assistance, we're here to help you, no matter the time.
Access From Anywhere
Easy Access AnywhereEnjoy the flexibility of accessing your invoice generator from anywhere, at any time. Our cloud-based platform allows you to create, manage, and track invoices from any device with an internet connection.
Safe Secure Data
Data SecurityWe take your data security seriously. Our invoice generator employs advanced security measures to safeguard your sensitive information from unauthorized access or breaches.
Other documents
Other DocumentsIn addition to invoices, our versatile tool invoice generator lets you create and manage other crucial documents, such as quotes, expenses, and purchase orders, all in one convenient location. This centralization streamlines your document management.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I make an invoice for free?

Refrens invoice generator allows you to create invoices for free without taking much time. Head over to Refrens invoice generator and start creating invoices using pre-formatted invoice templates. You can add your logo, brand colors, and multiple invoice templates and use many more such features to keep your brand consistent.

Which is the best free invoice generator?

Refrens is the best free invoice generator as you can create invoices for clients without paying a single amount. You can freely customize your fields and columns, download the invoice as PDF or send it directly via email, or share it via WhatsApp and within one click you can create a delivery challan, payment receipt, debit note and credit note. Not only this, you can create quotations, purchase orders, proforma invoices, payment receipts, delivery challan, and expense management and can also keep the records of your inventory.

Is this invoice generator really free?

FREE! Refrens invoice generator can be used by freelancers, agencies and small businesses. You will be able to generate 20 documents a year. Also, manage invoices and access free templates.

How do I invoice without a company?

To invoice without a company, you need a good tool like Refrens invoice generator that allows you to create professional invoices with no time.

Here is the step to create an invoice without the company.

  • Add "INVOICE" at the top of the document.

  • Then, add the invoice number, invoice date and due date.

  • To showcase your branding, upload a logo that resonates with your work.

  • Now it's time to add your information. It should include your business name; if you don't have one, you can also add it. Then, fill in the details like your email ID, address and phone number.

  • Once you finish your information, it's time to add your clients' data, like name, address, and other details.

  • Here is the main game; you must fill in the information accurately. Add the product or service you offered your client, a brief description, quantity (if any), and the total amount.

  • Once you have added the above details, start filling up the terms and conditions and other details.

Do freelancers need invoice?

Yes, every business operating in Malaysia, be it freelancers, self-employed, agencies, small businesses, or enterprises, should raise the invoice. It is one of the best ways to know your business finance status, like the due amount and advance received from the client.

Can I save my invoices in this online invoice generator?

Yes. All the invoices created by you are saved online. You can access all the invoices anytime just by logging into your account.

Can I save my client details on this invoice maker?

Yes, you can save and manage all the details of your client under client management tab. This feature helps you to avoid retying of customer details every time on the invoice.

Can I generate a PDF invoice using this invoice generator?

Yes, it is easy to download the PDF invoice using Refrens invoice maker. , clicking on the option of "Download PDF" will make your invoice in PDF format. Moreover, you can also email the invoice, print the invoice, and send the invoice via WhatsApp or schedule for future dates.

What other documents can I create on Refrens invoice generator?

Other than invoices, you can create quotations, proforma invoices, purchase orders, payment receipts, delivery challans, credit and debit notes, manage expenses, sales orders, and manage inventory.

Invoice Generator for Businesses in Malaysia

How to create a free invoice online using Refrens invoice generator?

Step 1: Get Your Tools Ready

So, before we dive into creating an invoice online, make sure you've got a device handy โ€“ it could be a laptop, tablet, or even your trusty smartphone โ€“ as long as it's got an internet connection. Once you're all set with that, we can move on.

Step 2: Open Your Web Browser

Now, let's open up your web browser. You know the one you use to surf the internet. Got it? Great! Now, in the search bar, type "Refrens invoice generator" and hit Enter. You'll see a list of results, but go ahead and click on the very first link you see. If you're feeling tech-savvy, you can simply enter this web address in the Google search bar:

Step 3: It's Invoice Time

Boom! You're on a page with an invoice form. This is where the magic happens, where we create your invoice. Why do we love Refrens? Because it's super friendly, especially for folks who aren't accounting experts.

Step 4: Let's Build Your Invoice Together

Alright, now let's break down how to create your invoice:

a) Invoice Title - First, let's give your invoice a name. You can go simple with "Invoice," or if you want to add a personal touch, toss in your company name along with "Invoice" โ€“ something like "Your Company Name Invoice." This makes it crystal clear that it's an invoice, not some random document.

b) Invoice Sections - Refrens splits the invoice into four handy parts:

1. Invoice Header: Over on the left side, we're going to add the invoice number, the date it was issued, and when it's due. If you've got other reference numbers or details to include, there's a custom field that's totally free to use. Oh, and don't forget to show off your business logo on the right โ€“ it adds a touch of professionalism.

2. Supplier/Client Details: On the left, under "Billed To," pop in your info (that's you, the supplier/seller/vendor). This means your company name or your name if you're freelancing, your address, email, phone number, city, country, and any tax number if you're a registered business in Malaysia. Now, over on the "Billed By" side, we're talking about your client's details. That includes their name or business name, address, city, country, email, phone number, and any extras you want to add using custom fields. Remember, most of these fields are optional, except for the country and business name for both you and your client.

3. Product/Service Details: This is where the real action happens. List the stuff you sold or the services you provided. There's space for the product or service name, a short description, how many you sold, the rate, and voila! The total amount is calculated automatically. You can even add Malaysian tax options like SST (Sales and Service Tax), and if you need to tack on extra charges or discounts, it's a breeze. No need to fuss with changing the currency โ€“ it's automatically set to the Malaysian Ringgit (RM).

4. Terms and Conditions: Last but not least, this is where you can spell out your company's payment or invoicing terms. It helps you get paid faster and keeps everything clear. Plus, you can attach files, slap on a signature, and throw in any extra notes you want to share with your client.

How to customize your invoice for free with Refrens invoice generator?

Alright, now that we've created your invoice on Refrens, let's talk about how to give it a unique touch to reflect your company's brand. Customizing your invoice is the name of the game, and guess what? Refrens gives you loads of options to make it your own.

1. Customized Templates: First off, you've got the power to choose from a bunch of different invoice templates. There are options like business invoice templates, print-friendly ones, letterhead styles, professional templates, and even special ones just for freelancers. So, pick the template that suits your style.

2. Magic Color: Do you want to make your invoice pop with your favorite colors? You can do that too! Refrens lets you change the colour of your invoice to match your brand. Just select the shades that speak to you.

3. Customized Font: Don't want to stick with the standard fonts? No problem! You can switch up the fonts for your invoice headings. Go ahead, make it fancy or keep it clean โ€“ it's your call.

4. Letterhead: If you want to give your invoice a more official look, you can add a letterhead. It's like putting your company's letterhead on top of your invoice, showing that extra bit of professionalism.

5. Footer: Down at the bottom, you can also include a footer. This is where you can add any extra info or messages you want to convey to your clients. It's like having a little chat with them right on the invoice.

So there you have it! Customizing your invoice with Refrens is a breeze. Make it match your style, add some personality, and give your clients an invoice they won't forget. Enjoy making it yours!

What are the mistakes to avoid when creating online invoice?

Absolutely, creating invoices online can be tricky, especially if you're new to it. Here are some common mistakes to steer clear of:

1. Incorrect Invoice Values: One of the biggies! Make sure you get the quantity and pricing right. If these are wrong, your total invoice amount will be off, and that's a surefire way to lose trust with your customer. Stick to the agreed-upon terms from your agreement. Also, if you're a registered SST business, ensure your invoice reflects the correct taxable amount.

2. Spelling Mistakes and Jargon: Keep it simple. Avoid spelling mistakes like the plague. Your invoice should be easy to read and understand. Steer clear of technical jargon unless your client is well-versed in it.

3. Incomplete Details: Your invoice should be thorough. Include all the essential info for both you and your customer. This means complete seller and buyer information and accurate descriptions of the products or services sold.

4. Missing Dates: Don't forget the dates! It's crucial to include the invoice issue date and the due date. This way, your customer knows when the invoice was sent and when the payment is due.

Now, here's the good news: You can avoid most of these mistakes by using a reliable invoice generator tool like Refrens. It helps you create invoices seamlessly, ensuring you get all the details right and present a professional image to your clients. So, invoice away without the worry of common slip-ups!

How to send a payment reminder with Refrens online invoice generator?

Great! Now that you've created and customized your invoice using Refrens, let's dive into the next crucial step โ€“ sending the invoice to your client and setting up payment reminders. Refrens makes this part a breeze too! Here's how:

1. Sending the Invoice

Refrens gives you a bunch of options to send your invoice to your client:

a) Email Invoice: You can download the invoice and send it via email directly from Refrens. Just click the "Send" button, and you're good to go. Easy peasy!

b) Print Invoice: If you prefer old-school paper invoices, you can also print the invoice and mail it to your client.

c) Share the Invoice Link: Another slick option is to share a link to the invoice. Your client can click the link and view the invoice online. No need to download anything.

d) WhatsApp Invoice: Yep, you read that right! You can even use WhatsApp to send the invoice. Super convenient for both you and your client.

2. Setting Payment Reminders

Now, let's talk about payment reminders. Sometimes, clients need a gentle nudge to make their payments. Refrens has your back:

a) Email Reminders: You can schedule payment reminders to be sent via email. Just set the date and time, and Refrens will automatically send a friendly reminder to your client when it's due.

b) WhatsApp Reminders: Not a fan of email reminders? No worries! You can also set up payment reminders through WhatsApp. Your client will get a friendly nudge right on their favourite messaging app.

So, with Refrens invoice, sending invoices and keeping track of payments is a breeze.

How to send a payment receipt with a Refrens free invoice generator?

Sending a payment receipt using Refrens' free invoice generator is a breeze. Here's how to do it:

1. Automatically Send a Payment Receipt

Once your invoice has been marked as "PAID" and you've recorded the payment details, Refrens makes it easy to send a payment receipt to your client. Here's how:

Simply mark the invoice as "PAID" within Refrens, indicating that you've received the payment.

Once you've done that, Refrens will give you the option to send a payment receipt directly to your client. This way, you don't have to create a separate receipt from scratch.

2. Create a Payment Receipt from the Invoice

If you prefer a bit more control or need to make adjustments, you can also maintain a separate dashboard within Refrens to handle your payment receipts. Here's how:

Navigate to the invoice you want to generate a payment receipt for.

Instead of creating a receipt from scratch, click on the "Convert" option within Refrens. This nifty feature allows Refrens to convert your invoice into a payment receipt, saving you time and effort.

Review the converted payment receipt to ensure all the details are accurate, including the invoice number, issue date, due date, vendor's and client's information, product or service details, and the payment method (cash, cheque, online mode).

Once you're satisfied with the payment receipt, you can easily send it to your client.

And there you have it! With Refrens, sending a payment receipt is quick and hassle-free, whether you prefer automation or want to make adjustments manually. Your clients will appreciate your professionalism in providing a proper payment receipt for their records.

Essential elements of an invoice generator

There are some elements that are extremely important when you create an invoice in Malaysian format. One must add all these elements to the invoice. If any of these are missing, the chances of the invoice getting rejected will increase. So one should keep all these points when creating the invoice. If you are using any free invoice generator, you must check if the following elements are present or not to avoid future mistakes.

  1. Invoice Header:

Every invoice should have a header section. It should be short and simple. Our free invoice generator allows you to add the header. The invoice header should clearly convey the purpose of the invoice. In the invoice header, you can also add a company logo or personal logo.

You should also add the invoice number. The invoice number should be unique for every invoice you create. Having a unique invoice number can help you to track the invoice easily. The invoice number can be formatted in various ways. For example, 00001, or if you want to add a datewise invoice number then you can add 2020/INV/001. You can do both on Refrens online invoice maker, the system will take the next unique invoice number automatically.

After adding the invoice number, the next important element is the invoice date and due date. It helps the client to clear the confusion about when the invoice is received and the due date of the invoice payment.

The next important element is the reference number, and it can be anything like a purchase order number or proforma invoice number or quotation number. Having a reference number can easily know the details by referring to the previous documents.

  1. Company/Freelancer Name:

When creating an invoice, it is important to add a legal company or freelancer's name and all the details like address, phone number, email address. It should be different from the client's information so that the client can differentiate the address between both parties.

  1. Name and Details of the Client:

Add the client/company name with address, phone number, email address.

  1. Shipping details:

If you supply physical products, then it is necessary to add shipping details on the invoice. Shipping details include the name of the person to be delivered, address, city, state, date of delivery, transport details.

  1. Products/Services Name & Description:

You must add the product/service name and description on the line item. If you have multiple products or services then all the items should be added in different rows. You can also add the image of the product to the item description. Our free invoice generator allows you to add images to the item description so that your client can get a clear vision of the product they are going to purchase. Other than this information, quantity or hours worked, unit price, or hourly rate should also be added.

Our free invoice generator allows the user to add multiple columns to the line item. You can also customize the columns by changing the name or dragging them up or down as per the priority. Same as adding you can also hide certain columns if you donโ€™t want to show them to your client.

  1. Tax or SST and Fees:

Add TAX or SST rate, and tax amount along with extra charges or fees you are willing to add such as packaging charges, freight charges. You can also allow discounts to the client.

  1. Terms & Conditions:

This section of the invoice is the most overlooked part. You must add the terms and conditions of the company and products as well. You can also add the payment terms and preferred payment methods. Penalties or extra fees that will be added to the breaching of the agreement should also be included on the invoice.

  1. Invoice Footer:

The invoice footer includes an additional notes section, where you can add more information that you wish your client should know about it. It also includes the signature, where you can add a signature image or digital signature. At the bottom, you can add your email address and contact information.

  1. Malaysian Ringgit Currency:

When creating an invoice online in Malaysian format, please do check the currency format. If you have a Malaysian client, it is better to invoice them in Malaysian Ringgit Currency (MYR). If you have a foreign client then you can charge them as per their currency.

Free Invoice Generator - Create Online Invoice

Invoice Definition - What is an invoice?

An invoice summarizes the transactions between the buyer(customer) and the seller(vendor) for the sales of goods or services. It showcases the total amount to be paid for the services or products rendered by the customer.

It holds all the necessary information like buyer details, seller details, reference number, product/service description, quantity, rate, TAX or SST amount, terms, and conditions of the payment. It also has information about the available payment mode for the buyer.

Online Invoice - What is an online invoice?

An invoice created using either Google Docs, Google Sheets, online Malaysian invoice templates, or using a free invoice generator software like Refrens is considered as online invoicing. It holds the same information as traditional invoices do. Creating invoices online is easy and also saves your hard-earned time which you can utilize further for business growth. It is always harder to create invoices at the end of the month and search for older invoices.

So using a free invoice maker like Refrens, less to no Paperwork is required and also no risk of losing invoices. You can easily create invoices, manage, send and track all your invoices in one place. No fear of losing your invoices and can also access them whenever you require them. The best part about Refrens is - you can create invoices online without paying a single penny. FREE INVOICES FOR LIFETIME.

Invoice Purpose - What is an invoice used for?

An invoice is one of the major business documents used for accounting purposes. Using invoices one can easily manage and track all the payments received and due from a particular client. It helps businesses to record all the sales transactions happening between both the parties, i.e: between client and vendor. Here are some other reasons why one should invoice in business:

  1. One of the best ways to accept payment from the clients.

  2. To track the future growth of the business.

  3. To keep track of sales.

  4. To keep track of inventory.

  5. Easy to file tax returns.

  6. Proof of sales happened between both the parties.

  7. Easy to track pending payments.

  8. Legal protection against lawsuits.

Invoice generator

Invoice generator or free invoice maker - generate an invoice online without any hassle or error. Using an online invoice generator, create invoices, send PDF invoices, customize invoices with invoice templates, download or print invoices etc. which is not possible in handwritten invoices. It has become easy for small business owners and freelancers to automate the invoicing process using a free invoice generator.

What is the difference between an invoice and a receipt?

An invoice is a document asking for the payment. Whereas the receipt is proof of payment done by the buyer to the seller. A receipt is a proof that the buyer has received the goods or services from the seller.

What is an invoice format?

*An invoice format is basically the invoice template or layout. An invoice format breaks all the elements of an invoice in a simple format so that it becomes easy for you to make an invoice. For different professions, there are different invoice formats like consultant invoice format.

Who can issue the invoice?

Generally, the supplier issues the invoice for the goods or services they offer to the customer.

What is the difference between an invoice and a bill?

Yes, both are the same and portray the same information. The only difference is that the invoice is issued by the supplier or the business providing the products or services. The same invoice is recorded as a bill for the customer or the person receiving the products or services.

The following is a Malay translation of invoice definition and invoice generator

Definisi Invois - Apa itu invois?

Sebuah invois merangkumi transaksi antara pembeli (pelanggan) dan penjual (vendor) untuk penjualan barangan atau perkhidmatan. Ia memaparkan jumlah keseluruhan yang perlu dibayar oleh pelanggan untuk perkhidmatan atau produk yang diberikan.

Ia mengandungi semua maklumat yang diperlukan seperti butiran pembeli, butiran penjual, nombor rujukan, penerangan produk/perkhidmatan, kuantiti, kadar, jumlah cukai atau jumlah SST, syarat-syarat dan terma pembayaran. Ia juga mempunyai maklumat mengenai kaedah pembayaran yang tersedia untuk pembeli.

Apakah Pembuat Invois?

Penghasil invois adalah alat dalam talian yang membolehkan perniagaan untuk membuat invois profesional dengan cepat dan mudah. Ia menghapuskan keperluan untuk penciptaan invois secara manual dan membolehkan penyesuaian templat invois.

Penghasil invois merangkumi semua maklumat yang diperlukan, seperti logo syarikat, tajuk invois, tarikh invois, butiran syarikat dan pelanggan, produk atau perkhidmatan yang dijual, kuantiti, kadar, maklumat cukai, dan butiran pembayaran.

Dengan menggunakan penghasil invois, perniagaan dapat menghantar invois dalam format PDF, menyesuaikan invois dengan templat, dan memuat turun atau mencetak invois, menjadikan proses penginvoisan lebih mudah dan membolehkan pemungutan pembayaran yang lebih cepat.

Di Malaysia, perniagaan dapat mengautomasikan proses penginvoisan mereka dengan menggunakan penghasil invois percuma, yang merupakan penyelesaian yang mudah dan menjimatkan masa untuk usahawan.

Types of invoices you can create using Refrens invoice generator

There are a total of 6 types of invoices created in a business according to the needs and requirements. All the invoices mentioned below carry different purposes in accounting. Creating the right type of invoice for the right client at the right time is extremely important to get sales done and get paid faster.

  • Standard Invoice

    A standard invoice is a normal invoice created by the vendor for the client which includes all the basic details like invoice date, invoice number, payment due date, vendor address, client address, product or service name with quantity, rate, the subtotal and total amount.

  • Proforma Invoice

    A Proforma invoice is a non-legal invoice created for the supplier to make an agreement between both parties for the payment terms and commit to delivering the products or services at a specified date and time. You can create proforma invoices for free with our proforma invoice templates.

  • Service Invoice

    A service invoice is usually created by service-based businesses that do not deal with the products. Service businesses like digital marketers, lawyers, software developers, consultants, etc. charge their clients hourly rather than quantity-wise for the services.

    Using our online invoice generator, you can easily use the โ€œAdd/Rename Columnโ€ feature to hide, add or edit the column name and can charge hourly.

  • Commercial Invoice

    Commercial invoices are used by the export/import business owners which include slightly more information than a standard invoice. It has all the information similar to standard invoices and extra information like shipping details, country of supply, place of supply, total packages to be delivered and weight of the packages.

  • Recurring Invoice

    Recurring invoices are created by businesses who charge fixed prices from their client and are charged either on a weekly or monthly basis like apartment rent, bills, subscriptions or any fixed price software. A recurring invoice is created and sent to the client every month until the client cancels or ends the contract or subscription.

  • Credit Note

    A credit note is issued by the supplier when the client returns the product for reasons like damage or mistake.

Here at Refrens, you can make all the above invoices easily without any hassle using our online invoice maker. Moreover, you can also create other important documents that are essential for business purposes such as purchase orders, quotations, payment receipts, delivery challan, debit notes, and sales orders and can also manage expenses easily. Refrens is an all-in-one invoicing and accounting software for businesses in Malaysia.

You can try Refrens purchase order templates, quotation templates and quotation templates in Word by clicking on the link.

Free invoice generator to sequentially create invoice number

What is an invoice number?

An invoice number is one of the most important elements of the invoice. Invoice number helps to track and organize each invoice you create. When creating an invoice online, the invoice number should be unique for every invoice, and also it should be sequentially followed. Invoice numbers can contain both numbers and alphabets.

For example, : When the first invoice is created, you can assign invoice number either 001 or INV/001. The same should be followed when creating the second invoice, it can be either 001 or INV/002.

How to assign invoice numbers when using an online invoice generator?

There are numerous methods to add the invoice number when using the free invoice maker. Of which the best methods are as followers.

- Sequential Method

This is the most common and easy method to assign the invoice number and is also used by most businesses. Here your invoice number is in increasing order and starts from 1.

For example: Invoice No 001, Invoice No 002, Invoice No 003 and so on or 2021/INV/001, 2021/INV/002, 2021/INV/003, and so on.

- Date Wise Method

Here, you use the date and unique number as the invoice number. For example: If you are issuing the invoice on April 23, 2021, then you can have invoice number 2021-04-23-001. Here it becomes easy to track the invoice, date-wise.

- Project Id Method

Many businesses work on different projects or gigs at the same time. Here you can assign the project number as the invoice number. For example, if you have completed project number 185, then you can assign invoice number 185. If you are undertaking a big project and have multiple sub-projects in it, then you can assign invoice numbers 185-001 and so on.

- Client Id Method

This is one of the rare methods, as very rare businesses assign client id to their clients. Suppose you have undertaken the project of a client whose client id is 387, then you can issue the invoice with invoice number 387-001.

Use free invoice generator to make sequential invoice number

You can use Refrens online invoice generator, to create invoices online for free with the invoice number. As you assign the first invoice number the system will automatically take the next invoice number in increasing order. using our free invoice generator, you can use all the above methods to assign the invoice number and can track, organize and send the invoice to the client with free invoice maker.

How e-invoices saves your time with invoice generator online?

Using an invoice maker online or a free invoice generator like Refrens can help you to save a lot of time and energy, thus helping you to focus on growing your business. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Easily generate invoices instantly.

  • Autosave your client data and item description for further use.

  • Organize all your invoices in seconds.

  • Get Essential Business Reports.

  • Use professional templates that are compatible with printers.

  • Track all your invoices - know if the customer opened your mail.

  • Share your invoices quickly via email or WhatsApp share.

  • Check Invoice status - paid, unpaid, overdue, part-paid.

  • Access your invoice and client data from anywhere in the world.

  • Use other free tools offered by Refrens.

Benefits of using free invoice generator

Here are some of the reasons you save your time and hard work when creating an online invoice using Refrensโ€™ free online invoice generator.

  • No Cost Invoice Generator - Make invoices online. No Restriction. No SignUp Fee. No Conditions.

  • Client Management - manage all your clients in one place. Access the information when required.

  • Use professional invoice contoh that are compatible with letterheads and easy to print.

  • Essential Reports to analyze your business and client transactions.

  • Add fields and columns to the invoice as per the requirements.

  • Add Multiple Users and Business - if you have multiple businesses or users, you can add them for generating the invoices.

  • Organize all your invoices in one place. You can organize them by date filter, by selecting clients, and also by your invoice status(paid, unpaid, partly paid, overdue).

  • Bulk upload invoices - create multiple invoices on a single upload.

  • Create recurring invoices for daily, weekly, and monthly purposes.

  • Send or share invoices by downloading invoices as PDFs, printing them, email to the client, and also by sharing them on WhatsApp.

How to create invoice as a freelancer using Refrens invoice maker?

Creating an invoice as a freelancer is crucial to ensure you get paid for your hard work. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to make an invoice for freelancers using an invoice maker:

Step 1: Choose an Invoice Maker

  • You can use various online tools and software to create your invoice. Popular options include tools like Refrens invoice maker.

Step 2: Include Your Contact Information

  • Start by adding your business name (if you have one) or your full name.
  • Include your contact information, including your address, phone number, and email address.
  • If you have a logo, you can add it for a professional touch.

Step 3: Add Client Information

  • Include your client's name or the company name.
  • Add their contact details, such as their address, phone number, and email address.
  • Ensure that you have the correct billing details to avoid payment delays.

Step 4: Invoice Details

  • Generate a unique invoice number and include it at the top.
  • Mention the invoice creation date and the due date, which is the date by which you expect payment.
  • Be clear and specific about the services you provide. Include the service name, description, quantity (if applicable), and the rate.
  • Calculate the taxable amount if required.

Step 5: Payment Terms

  • Specify your payment terms, such as the method of payment (e.g., PayPal, bank transfer), and any other relevant details.
  • Include any late payment fees or discounts if applicable.

Step 6: Additional Notes

  • You can add any additional notes or comments to the client. For example, you might want to express your gratitude for their business or provide instructions on how to pay.

Step 7: Signature

  • Include a space for your signature or a note indicating that your electronic signature is accepted.

Step 8: Payment Options

  • Offer multiple payment options to make it convenient for your client to pay you. Mention your payment gateways or banking details for wire transfers.

Step 9: Review and Proofread

  • Before sending the invoice, double-check all the details for accuracy and clarity.
  • Ensure there are no errors, including calculation mistakes or typos.

Step 10: Send the Invoice

  • Once you're satisfied with your invoice, send it to your client promptly. The sooner you send it, the quicker you're likely to get paid.

Remember to keep a record of all your invoices for your financial records. With a professional and clear invoice, you increase the chances of getting paid on time and maintaining a good working relationship with your clients.

Refrens invoice generator for non-accountants

Easy to create invoice instantly

Refrens is one of the easiest tools to create invoices online. You can literally create an invoice in minutes. You have to enter the details only once and from next the time the system will auto-fetch the details of the user and you can also select the product or service name from the dropdown of inventory.

Simple User-friendly interface

Refrens online invoice generator is designed to be easy to use and user-friendly, with intuitive interfaces and clear instructions. This makes it simple for non-accountants to create and send invoices without prior accounting experience or training.

Easy to navigate

Also, Refrens is easy to navigate, unlike other invoicing software. All the documents or reports you want to generate can be reached within 2 to 3 clicks and for easy navigation, Refrens use both icons and text so does not feel lost.

Mobile Usability

Refrens invoice generator is accessible from any device be it a laptop, desktop, mobile or tablet, all you need is an internet connection, making it easy for non-accountants to create and send invoices from anywhere and anytime.

Customer Support

Refens invoice maker offers customer support, either through live chat, email, or phone. This makes it easy for non-accountants to get help when they need it, reducing the frustration and confusion often associated with traditional invoicing methods.

Automate Repetitive task

Online invoice generator automate many of the time-consuming and manual processes associated with traditional invoicing, such as recurring invoices, email scheduling, payment reminders, and one-click conversion from invoice to another document like a debit note or credit note without creating them from scratch. Moreover, there is no need to add the client details every time when creating the invoice, the system stores the details of your client and you can use it anytime when creating the invoice. When using Refrens invoice maker, you can effortlessly manage all the invoices in one place and create in-depth reports based on the invoice and the payment you received from the client.

Why Refrens free invoice maker?

Every entrepreneur wants to grow their business at a larger scale, knowing the fact most of them are shifting their business from offline to online. As the business grows it becomes difficult to handle the transaction process for your invoicing cycle. Still, you can make an invoice using Google Docs or Google Sheets but that wonโ€™t give you an insight into your business in the long run. Also, it is very painful and hard to create invoices using Google Docs or Sheets.

So using Refrens online invoice generator, you can easily generate invoices instantly and can send them to your client via email or even through WhatsApp share. Not just invoicing, you can store and access all the essential information like client data, payment reports, and tax reports. Easily create tax or SST invoices in one go without prior knowledge of taxation.

Use the bulk upload invoice feature, if you are in the business of generating all your invoices at the end of the month which eventually saves you a lot of time. The online invoice generator also supports multiple currencies which also include Malaysian Ringgit and more than 200+ countries. If you have a business with global clients, you can change the currency on your invoice with just one click. You can also add your bank details to get paid directly to your bank account on time with the invoice generator.

Who can use Refrens invoice generator?

Refrens' invoice generator is a versatile tool that can be used by a wide range of individuals and businesses. Here's a list of who can benefit from using Refrens invoice:

Self-Employed Professionals: Freelancers, consultants, and solo entrepreneurs can use Refrens to create and manage invoices for their services.

Freelancers: Whether you're a freelance writer, designer, developer, or any other type of freelancer, Refrens is a great choice for invoicing your clients.

Agencies: Marketing agencies, creative agencies, and digital agencies can streamline their invoicing process with Refrens.

Small Businesses: Small businesses across various industries can use Refrens to create and send professional invoices to their clients.

SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises): SMEs can benefit from Refrens' user-friendly invoicing system to manage their billing efficiently.

Contractors: Independent contractors, such as construction workers, plumbers, and electricians, can use Refrens to invoice their clients.

Import and Export Businesses: Companies involved in international trade can use Refrens to create commercial invoices for their shipments.

Startups: Startup businesses can rely on Refrens for invoicing as they establish themselves in their respective industries.

In summary, Refrens' invoice generator is suitable for a wide range of professionals and businesses, making it a versatile tool for anyone who needs to create and manage invoices efficiently.

Alternative to using a free invoice generator

When you search for the invoice online, you can find many websites that provide you with the invoice template. No doubt that contoh invoice in some of the websites is really good. You only need to download the template for free and can easily add the details to the invoice using Google Sheets or Google Docs.

However, after making a few invoices, you will know that creating and maintaining the invoice is time-consuming. As you will not be able to keep track of your invoices it will become difficult to find old invoices. You can not save the client details. You always have to copy the original invoice and then rename it with a new one. All this process is time-consuming.

The best way is to use an invoice generator that helps you to do all this work easily and quickly. Our free invoice generator helps you to make invoices and you can also create quotations for free with all the invoices saved in the system itself and can organize the invoices without any hassle.

Cost of online invoice generator

You will always wish to have the best for your business. Invoicing is one of those important aspects of your business. So having a perfect online invoice generator that fits your business requirements is a must. But when finding the perfect solution, pricing is also one of the things that concern business owners, especially small business owners or freelancers.

When you find one, you will notice different pricing models. Some invoice generators may charge a fee for each invoice you create. Some charge a monthly fee pricing model. Then there is certain invoice software that is completely free. You can generate invoices for free with all the essential features like invoice templates, customization, recurring invoices and other features that are generally seen in paid software. Generally, they charge a small payment gateway fee if you wish to accept payment online through this software.

Refrens donโ€™t follow either of these revenue models. Refrens make revenue from the marketplace by connecting the best freelancers and agencies to the businesses for the completion of their work. Refrens Marketplace.

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