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How it works?

Invoice generator helps you create invoice in 3 simple steps.
Create Invoice
Create Invoice
Include your business logo, address, client details, product or service name, quantity, and amount. Don't forget to add your terms and conditions, and include a signature for authenticity. This ensures a professional and complete invoice.
Send Invoice to Client
Send Invoice
Send your invoice effortlessly. Our templates maintain a professional look, whether you download, email as a PDF, print, or share via a link. Your choice, always presenting a polished and ready-to-use appearance.
Get Paid
Get Paid
To receive payment, you have two options. You can either collect payments offline through your bank, or you can opt for the Refrens payment system, which allows you to accept payments directly into your bank account without any complications or difficulties.

Everything you need in an invoice generator

Create Unlimited Invoices
Create InvoicesEffortlessly create, manage, send, and track invoices for free. Simple and user-friendly.
Unlimited Client Management
Client ManagementCentralize and organize client data in one place. Easily generate statements for each client.
Customizable Invoice Templates
Invoice TemplatesEnjoy fully customizable invoices with a variety of templates, colors, and letterheads.
Recurring Invoices
Recurring InvoicesSit back and relax. With Refrens, let recurring invoices be automatically generated for you at regular intervals.
Accept Online Payments
Accept PaymentsMaximize your payment options for faster transactions. Accept payments easily through various online channels.
Bulk Upload Invoices
Bulk Upload InvoicesSave time efficiently. Utilize Refrens' bulk invoice uploader to create multiple invoices at once.
Track Invoices & Emails
Track Invoices & EmailsEffortlessly track your invoices and emails. Send invoices via email and receive notifications when the recipient opens the invoice.
Insightful Reports
Insightful ReportsStay compliant and understand your business performance better through comprehensive reports.
Manage Team Members
Manage Team MembersAdd members and assign specific permissions to key product areas for streamlined collaboration.
Inventory Management
Inventory ManagementEasily add, track, and manage sales, stocks, and purchases seamlessly in a unified system.
Bulk Email Invoices
Bulk Email InvoicesEffortlessly send multiple invoices to various clients with a single click using Refrens' bulk email invoices feature.
Live Chat Support
24/7 Live SupportWe are always available to support our customer via email support ( and also via live chat support
Free Invoice Generator
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Free PlanCreate up to 100 invoices and other documents in a year - completely free. Invoices, Quotations, Pro Forma, Expenses and more. No hidden charges.
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Premium PlanGrow your business faster with tons of customization, branding, and productivity features that help you scale at a minimal cost.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is this invoice generator really free?

FREE! Refrens invoice generator is free for freelancers, agencies, small businesses, and entrepreneurs. You can generate 20 documents every year. Also, manage invoices and access free templates.

How can I make an invoice for free?

Refrens invoice generator allows you to create invoices for free without taking much time. Head over to Refrens invoice generator and start creating invoices using pre-formatted invoice templates. You can add your logo, brand colors, and multiple invoice templates and use many more such features to keep your brand consistent.

Can I add additional fields to the invoice?

Yes, you can add additional fields and columns as well. Refrens allow extra fields that help you to add more information about the company or product/service you offer.

Does this invoice generator support repeat/recurring invoices?

Yes, you can create weekly, monthly, and yearly recurring invoices on Refrens. You can also customize the dates as per your requirements.

Is there any invoice template that I can use?

Yes, there are multiple invoice templates on Refrens you can use. Not just templates, you can also change the color of each template and font headings as well.

Do I have to create Refrens account to use this online invoice generator?

Yes, Refrens account is necessary to use this invoice generator. While creating an account, you can access all the invoices in one place and also makes the invoice creation procedure easy.

Can I save my invoices in this online invoice generator?

Yes. All the invoices created by you are saved online. You can access all the invoices anytime just by logging into your account.

Can I save my client details on this invoice maker?

Yes, you can save and manage all the details of your client under client management tab. This feature helps you to avoid retying of customer details every time on the invoice.

Is my data safe?

Absolutely. Only you can decide who you want to share the invoices, quotations with. The documents you create are accessible only through special URLs that you share or PDFs that you download. We do not share your data with anyone for any purpose.

Free invoice generator - create online invoices

Invoice Definition - What is an invoice?

An invoice is a document that holds detailed information about the products or services with their fixed price offered by the seller (vendor) to its buyer (customer). An invoice indicates how much the buyer should pay as per the seller's payment terms & conditions. Payment terms are the set of rules made for the buyer's goods or services using the purchase order.

Online Invoice - What is an online invoice?

Every business owner is familiar with the importance of the internet. Knowing this, almost all business owners are shifting from offline to online mode. The same goes for the invoicing cycle as well. Creating an invoice using an online invoice generator or invoicing software like Refrens is an online invoice.

It is always painful to create invoices traditionally by hand at the end of the month. So creating, maintaining, and sending all your invoices online to your client is easy and simple with less to no paperwork and no risk of losing invoices. The best part about Refrens is - you can create invoices online without paying a single penny.

What is an invoice used for?

An invoice is a crucial document used in business transactions, serving several purposes:

Payment Request: The primary purpose of an invoice is to request payment from a client or customer for goods or services provided.

Record of Transaction: It acts as a formal record of the transaction between the seller (vendor) and the buyer (client). It includes details of the products or services, quantities, rates, and total amounts.

Documentation for Sales: Invoices document the sales made by a business. They provide evidence of the products sold or services rendered.

Tracking Sales and Revenue: Businesses use invoices to track their sales and revenue. This helps in understanding the financial performance and growth of the business.

Inventory Management: For businesses dealing with physical products, invoices contribute to inventory management by recording the sale of products and updating stock levels.

Facilitates Accounting: Invoices are essential for accounting purposes. They serve as source documents that accountants use to record financial transactions, ensuring accuracy in financial statements.

Tax Compliance: Invoices play a crucial role in tax compliance. They provide the necessary details for calculating and reporting taxes accurately.

Payment Tracking: Invoices help businesses keep track of payments. They include information about due dates, payment terms, and any outstanding balances.

Legal Documentation: Invoices serve as legal documentation of a business transaction. In case of disputes or discrepancies, they provide a clear record of the agreed-upon terms.

Professional Communication: Sending a professional invoice enhances the communication between the seller and the buyer. It outlines the terms and conditions of the sale.

Proof of Transaction: Invoices act as proof that a transaction has taken place. They include details agreed upon by both parties, protecting businesses in case of disputes or legal issues.

What is an invoice generator?

An invoice generator or free invoice maker is a tool designed to simplify the process of creating invoices for business transactions. It is a software application or online platform that automates the generation of professional-looking invoices. Here are some key features and benefits of an invoice generator:

Ease of Use:

  • Invoice generators are user-friendly and do not require advanced technical skills.
  • Users can easily navigate through the platform and input necessary information.

Professional Templates:

  • Invoice generators offer a variety of professionally designed templates.
  • Users can choose a template that aligns with their brand and business style.

Customization Options:

  • Users can customize the invoice with their business logo, colors, and contact details.
  • It allows for flexibility in adapting the invoice to specific business needs.


  • Invoice generators automate calculations, reducing the chance of errors.
  • They can calculate totals, taxes, and discounts automatically based on input data.


  • Generating invoices manually or using traditional methods can be time-consuming.
  • Invoice generators streamline the process, allowing users to create invoices quickly.

PDF Generation:

  • Invoices can be easily converted to PDF format for professional presentation.
  • PDF invoices are easy to share with clients through email or other digital platforms.

Tracking and Record-Keeping:

  • Many invoice generators offer features for tracking invoices and payment status.
  • Users can maintain a record of all transactions and easily access past invoices.


  • Online invoice generators provide accessibility from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Users can create, edit, and send invoices on the go.


  • Using an invoice generator is a cost-effective solution compared to purchasing invoicing software.
  • Many online platforms offer free or affordable invoice-generation services.


  • Invoice generators often come with secure platforms to protect sensitive business information.
  • They ensure the confidentiality of client and payment details.

What is an invoice template?

An invoice template is a pre-designed layout or format that provides a structure for creating professional invoices. It serves as a standardized framework for presenting information related to a business transaction. Invoice templates are customizable and tailored to different types of businesses and professions. Here are the key components and characteristics of an invoice template:

Header: The top section of the invoice template typically includes the business logo, name, and contact details of the seller (provider of goods or services).

Invoice Title and Number: An invoice template includes a prominent title such as "Invoice" or "Bill," along with a unique invoice number for identification.

Date and Due Date: The template includes spaces to input the date of the invoice issuance and the due date for payment.

Client Information: There is a dedicated section for the client's (buyer's) details, including name, address, and contact information.

Description of Goods or Services: The template provides fields or sections to describe the goods or services provided. This includes details such as item names, quantities, rates, and total amounts.

Subtotal, Taxes, and Discounts: Spaces are allocated for displaying the subtotal amount, any applicable taxes, and details of discounts if provided.

Total Amount: The template calculates and displays the total amount due, considering the subtotal, taxes, and discounts.

Payment Terms and Conditions: Invoice templates often include a section for specifying payment terms and conditions, such as accepted payment methods, late fees, and payment deadlines.

Footer: The bottom part of the template may include additional information, such as a thank-you note, contact details, or any other relevant notes.

Customization Options: Users can customize the template to include their business branding elements, colors, and additional fields to meet specific requirements.

Invoice templates are used by businesses to ensure consistency and professionalism in their invoicing process. They simplify the creation of invoices and help businesses convey essential information in a clear and organized manner. Online platforms and invoice generators often provide a variety of free or customizable templates suitable for different industries and professions.

Essential elements of an invoice for every invoice generator

Some elements are essential when you create an invoice online. One must add all these elements to the invoice. If any of these need to be included, the chances of the invoice getting rejected will increase. So one should keep all these points when creating the invoice. If you are using any invoice generator, you must check whether the following elements are present to avoid future mistakes.

  1. Invoice Header

The invoice header should be short and straightforward and convey the invoice's purpose. Our online invoice generator allows you to add the header. You can also add a company logo or personal logo in the invoice header.

You should also add the invoice number. The invoice number should be unique for every invoice you create. Having a unique invoice number can help you to track the invoice easily. The invoice number can be formatted in various ways. For example, 00001, or if you want to add a datewise invoice number, you can add 2020/INV/001. You can do both on Refrens free invoice maker; the system will automatically take the following unique invoice number.

After adding the invoice number, the next important element is the invoice date and due date. It helps the client to clear the confusion about when the invoice is received and the due date of the invoice payment.

The reference number is the following crucial element, which can be anything like a purchase order number, proforma invoice number, or quotation number via quotation maker. A reference number can quickly know the details by referring to the previous documents.

  1. Company/Freelancer Name

When creating an invoice, it is vital to add a legal company or freelancer's name and all the details like address, phone number, and email address. It should be different from the client's information so that the client can differentiate the address between both parties.

  1. Name and Details of the Client

Add the client/company name with address, phone number, and email address. Using our free invoice maker, once you add the client details, it gets auto-saved and can be reused when creating the next invoice for the same user, thus saving time by not adding the details again from scratch.

  1. Shipping details

If you supply physical products, then it is necessary to add shipping details to the invoice. Shipping details include the name of the person to be delivered, address, city, state, date of delivery, and transport details.

  1. Products/Services Name & Description

You must add the product/service name and description on the line item. Add all the items in different rows if you have multiple products or services. You can also add the image of the product to the item description. Our online invoice generator allows you to add images to the item description so your client can clearly see the product they will purchase. Other than this information, quantity or hours worked and add unit price or hourly rate.

Our free invoice generator allows users to add multiple columns to the line item. You can customize the columns by changing the name or dragging them up or down as per the priority. Same as adding, you can also hide specific columns if you don't want to show them to your client.

  1. Tax and Fees

Add tax rate and amount along with extra charges or fees you are willing to add, such as packaging charges and freight charges. You can also allow discounts to the client.

  1. Terms & Conditions

This section of the invoice is the most overlooked part. You must also add the terms and conditions of the company, products, and payment terms with preferred payment methods. The invoice should also include the penalties or extra fees for breaching the agreement.

  1. Invoice Footer

The invoice footer includes an additional notes section, where you can add more information you wish your client would know about it. It also includes the signature, where you can add a signature image or digital signature. At the bottom, you can add your email address and contact information.

How to make an invoice using the invoice generator?

Guide to creating a free invoice with invoice generator

When creating an online invoice for the first time, you must add the invoicing details to the blank invoice. Here is the step-by-step guide on creating an invoice using all the essential elements of the online invoice generator.

  1. Invoice Header - This section adds the invoice number, issue, and due date of the Invoice. You can also add your company or personal Logo to make the Invoice more professional. Refrens also has the feature of additional fields where you can add PO Number, Quotation number, Batch number, etc. You can also create quotations on Refrens via free word quote templates.

  2. Billed By - Add your company details, including company name, address, phone number, and email address. If you are tax registered, you can add your tax number.

  3. Billed To - Add your clientโ€™s business details the same as you fill in your company details.

  4. Product/Service Details - Add your product or service details with description, quantity, and price. You can add multiple columns as per the requirement of your invoice.

  5. Discounts & Charges- You can discount the item you sell. Refrensโ€™ online invoice generator automatically calculates the discounts. Like discounts, you can add additional charges like packaging charges, shipping charges, etc.

  6. Terms & Conditions - Add your company or invoicing terms and conditions so you can get paid faster or be clear on the record.

  7. Additional Notes - As the name suggests, you can add extra information or instruction related to the product or service you rendered.

How to customize invoices with invoice templates?

Use an invoice generator online to thoroughly customize your invoices flawlessly. You can add your business logo and customize your invoice color and font heading using the magic color. Refrens allow the user to add multiple fields and columns to add more value to the sellerโ€™s information or details. Easy enable one-click discount options and additional charge features. Select professional invoice templates that fit your business.

We have four different invoice templates that include:

  1. Professional invoice template is especially for software developers, lawyers, designers, freelancers, and IT professionals.

  2. Letterhead invoice template for all those who are bored and want to try something new. You can change the color and font heading as well.

  3. Business Invoice Template for all types of businesses, from small to medium enterprises, startups, and entrepreneurs.

  4. Print-friendly invoice templates is a black and white compact invoice. Easy to print.

  5. Consulting invoice templates

Freelance invoice generator

Guide to creating an online invoice with a freelance invoice generator

It is always harder for freelancers to get paid once the service has been rendered. First, freelancers offer a service, and then an invoice is issued. Whereas in other industries, the vendor charges the advance cost. And if you fail to collect payments, then it becomes unbearable to run and manage a business.

In this process, invoicing setup is one of the important parts of collecting payment faster. Here is a quick and simple guide to creating invoices for freelancers or service providers.

Here is a quick overview of what your invoice should look like:

  • Unique invoice numbers and other reference numbers.

  • Invoice created date.

  • Invoice due date.

  • Your business name and contact information.

  • Your client's name and contact information.

  • Service name and description.

  • Quantity, Rate, and taxable amount.

  • Payment terms.

  • Additional Notes.

  • Signature.

  • Online payment link.

1. Setup Invoicing Terms

Every project you take has different terms and conditions or requirements. So, building and sending a personalized invoice agreement to your clients is essential. For instance, some service policies will change, like due date, price, and discount. It is always important to issue an invoice per the client invoicing process, which helps you get paid faster.

In short, terms and policies should be agreed upon and signed by both parties. Here, the best document to create is a quotation using quotation software, which gives the client an idea of how much they should pay once the work has been completed.

2. Make Your Invoice Short, Clear, and Error-Free

When creating an invoice, be specific about the service you are offering to your client. More importantly, your invoice must be error-free. Error in the invoice can easily lead to its rejection.

Moreover, using technical jargon in the invoice is not recommended, especially when the invoice will go into multiple hands before getting accepted. Each invoice should be understandable and should have a short and simple description.

3. Payment Policy Terms

It is a good practice to send invoices at a scheduled time. Having a payment policy term is good for getting paid faster. If it is a recurring client, select a specific day and time to send invoices. If you have a one-time or regular project, outlining the payment process at the beginning of the project makes it much easier to collect payment and follow up throughout the project. It gives your client an idea about when to expect the invoice and what expenses they can incur.

4. Offer Multiple Payment Options

It would be best if you are feasible in accepting different payment options. Just because you need to provide more payment options to your client is a good reason to hold on to your invoice and delay your payment. But it doesn't mean using multiple payment gateways for a single payment.

Opt for an invoice generator like Refrens, which provides a payment gateway feature within the invoice creation process. For instance, Refrens offer the online payment option of debit and credit card, net banking, UPI, and wallet payment.

Invoice maker to send invoices & accept online payment

Our online invoice maker allows the vendor to create an invoice online and send it to the customer via email. Easily track all your invoices, and check whether your customer opened your invoices or not. If your customer does not initiate the invoice, you can also send the remainder. You can also download the invoice as a PDF and can also print it whenever required. Free Invoice maker also gives you the option of sharing the invoice through WhatsApp as well.

The faster the invoice reaches your customer, the chances of getting paid your invoices increase by 40%. When creating an invoice, add the bank account details and email them to your customer or share the link directly(by copying the link).

Your customer would be able to pay online through a secure link. Free invoice maker also allows the facility to accept partial and advance payments and customize and manage invoices. Easily identify the status of your invoices paid, unpaid, or overdue.

Why use Refrens invoice generator?

Refrens free online invoice generator - an innovative business tool that helps you create and send professional-looking online invoices to your customers in 3 simple steps. Our free Invoice maker allows you to customize invoices by uploading elements like business logos, digital signatures, files, and other attachments. With just one click, you can create tax invoices even if you are new to invoicing.

Not just tax, Refrens invoice generator online also supports multiple currencies and more than 200+ countries. If you have a business with global clients, you can change the currency on your invoice with just one click. You can also add your bank details or payment links to get paid on time with the invoice generator online.

Our optimized and user-friendly invoice creation interface helps you manage, track, and save invoices online without hassle and cumbersome. Using our online invoice generator, create, download and share online invoices without paying any extra penny and save all important details for recurring invoices, which helps you save time.

In addition to the invoice creation, you can manage your client list in one place and add that client directly to your portfolio with just one click. Just like invoices, you can add and manage clients. As you add more clients and create invoices against them, client reports are generated automatically, helping you manage and view invoices against each client.

All the information, like the number of invoices created against each client, total amount, due amount, TDS deducted, total tax, and even average paying date, can easily be known using the client report.

Other products from Refrens include invoice generators, quotation templates, proforma invoice templates, purchase order templates, expense report software, and an international payment gateway. All these tools are helpful for small businesses, agencies, and freelancers to run their businesses efficiently.

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