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Field Sales CRM Software: Our Top Picks

In the fast-paced world of field sales, having the right CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software can make all the difference. These tools empower sales teams to boost productivity, streamline operations, and ultimately close more deals. 

In this blog, we’ll explore some of the best Field Sales CRM Software options available today, each offering unique features and benefits to cater to various industries. From real-time GPS tracking to lead generation and intuitive dashboards, these software solutions promise to revolutionize your field sales management.

1. Unolo 

Unolo provides GPS employee tracking, sales tracking, location-based attendance, geo-verified client visits, and intuitive dashboards. These tools streamline your workflow in just 10 minutes, ensuring real-time location tracking, attendance marking with location details, and geo-verified client visits with photos and forms.

Assigning and monitoring team targets becomes a breeze with Unolo. The software also simplifies expense management, and order booking, and validates conveyance claims with a remarkable 95% precision. 

One of Unolo’s key strengths lies in its ability to track your field force’s movements in real-time, thanks to its proprietary distance calculation system. This ensures that your team is meeting clients through geo-tagged photos and OTP verification.

This software caters to various industries, including Field Sales, Field Operations, Agri-Tech, and Finance, offering real-time GPS tracking, customizable forms, intuitive dashboards, and simplified collection management. Moreover, Unolo seamlessly integrates with CRM and HRMS tools, consolidating your data into one efficient platform.


  • Lite Plan: ₹270/user – Basic features like Location Tracking, Attendance, and Reports.
  • Elite Plan (Most Popular): ₹325/user – Adds Task Assignment, Real-time Reports, Custom Forms, and more.
  • Enterprise Plan: ₹575/user – Includes a Dedicated Account Manager, Custom Solutions, and additional features.


  • Capterra – 4.2⭐/5
Unolo - field sales crm software

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2. Tracolap

Tracolap also provides Geo-Based Attendance, Live Tracking & Travel History, Customer Visits & Check-In/Out, and an easy-to-analyze dashboard. It helps you manage attendance with mobile-centric ease, track employee locations in real time, and gain insights into the distance traveled by your team members.

The software’s Route Mapping and Travel History feature allow you to maintain productivity by tracking your field force’s routes and locations. Additionally, the Custom Form Builder empowers you to create interactive sales and task forms with ease.

This software also enables task assignment based on employee availability, facilitating improved workflow and customer satisfaction. It also offers Customer Check-In/Out for meeting management and provides detailed meeting summaries and reports for effective decision-making.


  • Tracking: ₹270/user/month or ₹810 billed quarterly – Includes Geo Attendance, Location Tracking, Attendance Policies, Location Playback, and Reports.
  • Sales: ₹300/user/month or ₹900 billed quarterly – Adds Custom Forms, Task Assignments, Task Planner, Check-in & Check-out, and Dashboards to the Tracking features.
  • Sales + Leads (Most Popular): ₹400/user/month or ₹1,200 billed quarterly – Includes everything in Sales plus Workflow, Lead Creation, Lead Assignment, and additional Task and Dashboard features.

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3. Spotio

Spotio boasts of seamlessly integrating with your existing CRM system and supercharging your sales reps’ productivity by a staggering 46%.

Its custom fields adapt to your unique sales process, automating tasks like mileage tracking, routing, and CRM data entry. It offers automated workflows to eliminate redundant admin work, making your team more efficient. Custom messaging templates cover all follow-up needs.

The real gem in Spotio’s crown is its Activity Management feature. It provides a bird’s-eye view of field activities, from customer visits to texts, emails, and phone calls. Robust reports and dashboards offer quick access to sales performance KPIs, ensuring you’re always in the know.

Spotio also excels in Lead Generation, allowing you to filter prospects by over 50 data points, saving your reps from targeting unproductive leads. With Sales Territory Mapping, you can organize and optimize sales territories effortlessly, while Customer Mapping visualizes data on a map, revealing hidden sales opportunities.


  • B2C Plan: For door-to-door or residential sales teams with location tracking, lead management, and reporting.
  • B2B Plan: Optimized for outside and hybrid teams with added appointment routing, account management, and integration capabilities.
  • Engagement Bundle: An add-on enhancing productivity with phone features, templates, and automated follow-ups for any Spotio plan.


  • Capterra – 4.4⭐/5
  • G2 – 4.4⭐/5

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4. B2Field

Trusted by renowned retail and distribution giants like Nestle, LG, and Unilever, B2Field is designed to empower your field sales reps to make informed decisions at every store, resulting in increased sales. It fosters real-time data connectivity between field reps and the office, allowing for streamlined sales operations and automatic analytics.

Field sales reps equipped with B2Field gain access to features like real-time GPS tracking and mobile CRM solutions. This enables them to build and maintain strong customer relationships while ensuring transparency in field activities.

The management app promotes in-store compliance by allowing sales reps to check off tasks with ease and update the system with photos when tasks are completed. This data is seamlessly integrated into the system, simplifying reporting and analysis.

B2Field’s automatic route planning and scheduling feature optimizes field activity, enabling reps to visit more stores in less time. The real-time chat platform fosters communication between teams, eliminating the need for third-party apps.

With B2Field, you can access a comprehensive suite of features, including team communications, live maps, cost management, customer data management, reporting and analysis, forms and checklists, and more. The software’s developer-friendly API ensures seamless integration with other essential business tools.


  • Basic: $20 per employee per month – Ideal for 5-15 employees, offers real-time GPS tracking, job dispatching, and photo proof of work.
  • Business: $35 per employee per month (yearly) – Suitable for 5-50 employees, includes all Basic features plus detailed GPS trips, mobile forms, and analytics.
  • Professional (Most Popular): $50 per employee per month (yearly) – Comprehensive for 5-500 employees, features user roles, integrations, API access, and the option to add your logo.
  • Corporate: For 50+ employees – Contact for pricing. Offers flexibility, third-party maps, individual reports, and fleet solutions based on telematics.

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5. Zendesk Sell

Designed with elegance and simplicity in mind, Zendesk Sell is a robust CRM solution that seamlessly adapts to the dynamic needs of your sales force. It includes out-of-the-box geolocation capabilities, lead management technology, and third-party integrations for advanced location analysis, optimized routing, and efficient territory management

It’s a cloud-based CRM that offers contact management and sales prospecting tools, ensuring your sales team has the right data at their fingertips.

Zendesk Sell’s intuitive dashboard and user-friendly interface keep your sales reps focused on what they do best—selling. Managers, on the other hand, benefit from a comprehensive set of tools to motivate their teams and distribute work efficiently.

This CRM software goes the extra mile with features like 24/7 live support, sales visit verification, offline access, communication tracking, in-app chat, customizable templates, and predictive sales analytics. It’s a complete package that not only streamlines your sales operations but also empowers your team with the data and tools they need to excel in the field.


  • Sell Team: $19/agent/month – Basic features with customizable sales pipeline (up to 2) and essential sales tools.
  • Sell Growth: $55/agent/month – Intermediate features with a customizable sales pipeline (up to 10), advanced reporting, and more.
  • Sell Professional: $115/agent/month – Comprehensive features with a customizable sales pipeline (up to 20), advanced automation, lead scoring, and extensive reporting.
  • Zendesk Sell Enterprise: Custom pricing – Fully customized and advanced solutions for businesses. Contact sales for details.


  • Capterra – 4.4⭐/5
  • G2 – 4.3⭐/5

6. SalesRabbit

SalesRabbit offers a suite of tools and features that include route planning, lead tracking, and real-time reporting. These features are meticulously designed to boost sales team efficiency, reduce costs, and ultimately, secure more closed deals.

Sales Territory Mapping is another gem in SalesRabbit’s arsenal, allowing organizations to organize their teams with ease. It provides visibility by enabling the rating and assignment of areas to your team, monitoring progress, reviewing historical data, mapping out customers, and much more.

Its lead generation becomes effortless with SalesRabbit, as it helps you find quality and legal leads using neighborhood buyer scores, new mover data, weather reports, and business searches.

SalesRabbit also offers digital sales tools that digitize and legitimize your sales pitch and proposals, helping you create a lasting impression and build trust with potential clients.

With 50+ native integrations, SalesRabbit ensures seamless compatibility with your tech stack, from popular CRMs like Salesforce and HubSpot to industry-specific solutions like JobNimbus and Acculynx.

To top it off, SalesRabbit provides comprehensive analytics and gamification features that motivate and inform your sales teams, enabling laser-sharp focus on essential business success factors.


  • SalesRabbit Lite: Free for single users, includes lead tracking, route planning, and more.
  • SalesRabbit Team: $29/user/month (billed annually, 3 users minimum) – Adds team features and support.
  • SalesRabbit Pro (Most Popular): $39/user/month (billed annually, 10 users minimum) – Best value for growing teams with additional features.
  • SalesRabbit Enterprise: Custom pricing (100 users minimum) – Comprehensive solution with advanced features, contact for details.


  • Capterra – 4.2⭐/5
  • G2 – 4.5⭐/5

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7. Delta Sales

One of the standout features of Delta Sales is its Sales Force Automation App, designed to empower field employees and accelerate sales. This innovative app facilitates easy collaboration between sales managers and field sales reps, enabling managers to assign tasks and targets with priority levels, ensuring tasks are completed promptly.

With comprehensive product and customer management features, Delta Sales organizes product details and customer information, including GPS location, fostering better customer relationships. It also facilitates the tracking of customer visits, helping businesses understand the time spent with each customer.

This software also excels in route planning, enabling companies to set route plans for outside reps and assign tasks along the route. The Tour Planner feature allows field representatives to share journey plans and receive prior approvals.

Delta Sales also provides comprehensive insights into field team performance, enabling companies to evaluate achievements against assigned targets. With real-time field force management, businesses can track the location, and daily activities, and receive automated reports and analytics.

An important advantage of Delta Sales is its offline functionality, ensuring that the app works seamlessly even without an internet connection, with data automatically syncing when connectivity is restored.


  • Custom Prices


  • G2 – 5⭐/5
Delta Sales

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In today’s competitive business landscape, the right Field Sales CRM Software can be a game-changer for your sales team. We’ve discussed several top options, each with its own set of impressive features and capabilities. Whether you need real-time GPS tracking, intelligent route planning, or comprehensive lead management, there’s a solution tailored to your needs. 

So, if you’re looking to empower your field sales force and take your business to the next level, consider investing in one of these top-notch CRM solutions.

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