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8 Easy Steps To Become A Freelance Web Developer

There can be two reasons that you’re here:

  1. You’re ready to start your career as a freelance web developer. 
  2. You’ve already worked as a developer for quite some time now and you see the potential to grow. You are here to explore some unturned stones that might escalate your growth as a new freelancer.

Whoever you are or trying to be, this guide will set the stage for you. 

A quick start for those who aren’t sure what freelance web developers do. They are self-employed coders who weave websites for various clients and are compensated for each assignment.

They can establish their own price, choose the projects to work upon, and many times they are agnostic about the field. 

Time Needed To Become A Freelance Web Developer

The Time needed depends on several things, including your current coding skills, business skills, and the amount of time you can devote to this gig.

Truth be told, one freelancer may take longer than the other to crack open this path to success. 

Just a few additional points just to optimally utilize the time: 

  • Set reasonable goals for yourself.
  • This isn’t a get-rich-quick scam by any means. It would be best if you took your time learning how to code, market yourself and get clients, and finally optimize on clients.

How To Get Started As A Freelance Web Developer? 

  1. Consider Whether Web Development Is Your True Calling

Many people are drawn to the “next great thing” or a trend that appears successful for others. 

In recent years, the freelancing business has experienced extraordinary growth, with many new web developers joining the market every month. This is a trend that is expected to continue in the coming years.

However, you don’t want to jump on the bandwagon just because a high school friend is doing it and making six figures monthly.

Web development isn’t easy, and establishing a freelance business takes time and effort, like any other type of business. It’s not something you can start today and be successful the following week. It could take months, if not years.

You must be passionate and motivated to stick around long enough to realize success.

  1. Consider What Your “Why” Is

Consider why you want to work as a freelance web developer. Consider your ambitions, goals, and motives.

There are numerous reasons for this:

  • You desire financial and time independence.
  • You want to work on projects that you like.
  • You’ll eventually want to teach others so that they can do the same.
  • If you genuinely want to fulfill your “why,” it will keep you going when you’re weary, lose focus, or feel demotivated. As a result, you must ask yourself, “Why?”

Backend development vs. front-end development vs. full-stack development

The two primary areas of web development are:

  • Back-end programming
  • Front-End Programming

Back-end web development is concerned with logic and problem-solving, whereas front-end web development is concerned with design and aesthetics. Everything you can’t see on a website is backend programming. A backend system functions similarly to a car engine, keeping the website up and running.

Front-end programming, on the other hand, refers to anything you can view, click, and interact with on a website. It’s all about the design, color, typography, buttons, images, and videos, among other things. Back-end developers build the house, and front-end developers are the interior designers.

Back-end web development is for you if you appreciate working with data, solving problems, and dealing with logic.

Front-end web development may suit you better if you’re a creative type who enjoys developing, arranging visual aspects, and understanding website psychology.

Are you capable of doing both? A full-stack developer is just that.

  1. Define What “Success” Means To You

People’s definitions of success differ. It may mean more time for me to do the things I enjoy. It could be earning a certain amount every month for you. You must first know where you want to go before you get there.

Consider the following questions:

  • For me, what does a successful freelance web developer entail?
  • What is my ideal way of life? Do I want to be able to travel, start new businesses, spend more time with my family, and so on?
  • What is my monthly income goal?

Break it down into smaller goals after you have a clear vision of what kind of success you want.

Here’s an example of a situation:

Success: Increasing your earnings while working less allows you to spend more time with your family.

The goal is to make $100,000 or more while working 20 hours or fewer per week.

Now, break down the goal into measurable monthly goals.

  1. Make A Strategy Of Action

According to the adage, “failing to plan is planning to fail.”

An action plan is a tool that will help you achieve your objectives.

It breaks down your goals into measurable targets and the steps you’ll need to take to achieve them.

It’s also important that your action plan is practical. You must examine how much time and money you have available each week to focus on your goals, talents, skills, and other things.

This is an example of an action plan:

Find the most effective method for learning coding skills.

There are two routes you can take to learn how to code: Buy a paid course or do self-study with free tutorials.

Your route depends on your existing coding skills, budget, and how fast you want to learn.

You can check out web development courses on Udemy, Coursera, Edx, and many other platforms that suit your requirements. To make an informed decision, consider reading an edx review for insights into the platform’s offerings. Alternatively, enrolling in a coding bootcamp can be an effective method for intensive, real-world training. These bootcamps often provide comprehensive curriculum, hands-on projects and career support to assist in job placement.

Check out the top 10 freelance courses online.

  1. Concentrate On A Specific Niche

It will be easier for you to expand your expertise and establish a reputation if you concentrate on a specific specialization.

Narrowing down your niche may seem counterintuitive because it means passing up many opportunities, but it will pay off in the long term.

  1. Make An Eye-Catching Portfolio Website

After you’ve decided on specialization, the next step is to create a portfolio website to showcase your abilities.

Real websites or apps you’ve worked on, client testimonials, and your expertise in your sector should all be included in your portfolio.

It’s important to note that the portfolio isn’t just a collection of websites. It outlines clearly what you can do for your target client (i.e., gain more customers) and demonstrates your skills with sample websites, blog articles, and customer testimonials. Finally, at the bottom of the page is a form that potential clients can use to obtain a quote.

  1. Make A Pricing Plan

Your pricing plan will make or break your business.

If you charge too little, you’ll be overworked and lose money. You won’t acquire any clients if you charge too much.

When it comes to pricing, there are three things to consider:

  • The price you charge is determined by the niche you’re targeting.
  • Don’t charge by the hour.
  • Offering three pricing alternatives can help you attract more customers.

First time as a freelancer? Check out the different pricing strategies you need to apply as a freelancer. 

  1. Create Top-Notch Marketing Strategy

It’s time to create a marketing and advertising strategy for your company now that you have a specialty, a portfolio website, and a price structure.

You should have a short-term and long-term strategy to create a long-term business.

Short-term marketing focuses on making money today or this month, but long-term marketing focuses on creating a brand and achieving returns 6+ months in advance.

Most freelance web developers fall into the “daily grind” trap, where they devote all their efforts and time to obtaining clients and finishing projects. Building a brand is frequently put on the back burner.

Check out the 12 low-cost marketing strategies for freelancers. 

Wrapping up

Freelance web development is a great option to start a profession while making enough money to live comfortably. 

Finding work is not an issue because plenty of freelance web design opportunities are available online. 

All you have to do now is stay motivated and disciplined to give your clients the best possible service.

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