5 Steps To Start Freelancing As A Side-Hustle Being A College Student?

As students, we are often crunched for money. Now, who here hasn’t lived the last few days of the month on Ramen noodles after spending like a king in the first few days?

We know that a little side hustle can not just help ease the crunch, however, it can help build some vocational skills which can be very beneficial once you get out of college. So, earning money plus developing skills, that’s double the points you score by having a side hustle.

You might not like to pass on an opportunity to earn a passive income. However, it would be difficult for you to commit to a full-time or part-time job because doing so can jeopardize your grades. Also, then let’s not forget those extensive submissions, Where really is any time left?

So, what’s the answer? Freelancing! 

Freelancing is the ideal method to keep your abilities up to date, get experience, and earn a reasonable side income.

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Let’s look at where the starting point of this is. 

Steps To Start As A Student Freelancer


Step 1 – Establish Your Freelancing Objectives

Before you begin this road of freelancing, you must have a clear notion of your goals. Know the outcome you are expecting and the commitment you are ready to give to this. Would you get in your car and start driving without knowing where you’re going?  No, right? Don’t do it with your first (likely) business. Start by asking the question “WHY”. What motivates you to begin freelancing? Knowing the answers to these questions from the start will benefit you in the long term. If you are unaware of how to start a blog, then consider checking out 501words for more information.

For example, what would motivate a design student to begin working as a freelance graphic designer? Perhaps he needs some additional income for a friend’s trip, or he wants to learn more about his subject. To begin, your motivation could be anything; nevertheless, in order to achieve long-term success, you must maintain that motivation.

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Step 2 – Select Your Best Skills to Begin With

So, now that you know why you want to start freelancing as a side hustle, the next step is to figure out which abilities you want to start with. 

Recognizing your skills is the most critical step in learning how to establish a freelance business. Your abilities might be anything you already know how to do well. Maybe you gained those abilities in school, or maybe you learned them on a field trip. Writing? Creating images using Canva? These unique abilities could be anything. Always remember that your distinct abilities are your most valuable asset. Whether you plan to work as a full-time or part-time freelancer, your business will be created on the specific skills you have to offer. 

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Identify the various abilities you’ve honed over the years that others may not have. This is why they will compensate you. Consider beginning your freelance career using talents from past jobs, hobbies, or self-taught abilities.

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Step 3 – Package Your Skills As A Service

Once you’ve discovered the abilities you want to start with, strive to combine them into a single distinct service. Combining multiple expertise will allow you to maximize revenue and raise the value of your product.

Consider the case of a graduate designer student who excels at creating graphics. However, she also understands how to brand a product, as well as how to use Illustrator, Adobe Creative apps, website design, and typography. What she can do is put everything into a package and present it to the client. Assuming that he or she is aware of these and that if the client requires it now or at a later point she can provide it. 

Step 4 – Identify Your Ideal Customer

After making that package of skills, consider who is going to pay you. Set a high standard for your ideal client. Make certain that you approach these ideal clients who value your expertise and would compensate you appropriately. What exactly do we mean by an ideal client here? An ideal client is someone who finds the ideal solution to their issues or needs in your services or products. 

If you’re an SEO expert, for example, you’re a valuable member of the social media marketing, email marketing, and search engine marketing teams. As a result, these businesses would be your ideal clients.

Always create a buyer’s persona for your client so you can understand their pain spots and behaviors so you can capture them and become an asset to them.

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Step 5 – Set in Reasonable Rates

Pricing your service in accordance with market norms is crucial. If you select an unreasonable price, you will be eliminated from the competition right away. Begin slowly and gradually boost your pricing once you have established a good name in the business.

For example, you can’t charge more than $5-$10 for a social media graphic while you’re starting out; as a newcomer, you can’t charge more. Consider this as a stage of building your portfolio rather than earning money, so that whenever you get into the profession, you’ll be able to charge more. This will boost your credibility, experience and help you to earn a passive income.

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When You’re at College, Here’s How to Do Freelancer Taxes

We know that you hate taxes, but taxes are an inevitable element for student freelancers.

It’s vital to remember as a freelancer that you’re responsible for reporting and paying your own taxes because you’re running your own business. Make sure you have enough money put aside to pay your taxes on time. For someone who is new to establishing a business, paying freelancer taxes while in college may seem intimidating and perplexing. 

However, it is always advisable to seek particular counsel from a licensed tax specialist for your case and state. You might also consider whether there exists a bank for college students that meets your tax needs and may offer features to help you manage your tax records.

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Step 6 – Contact Potential Clients

The next step is to contact the clients. You might begin by informing your friends and relatives about your service and asking them to help you spread the news.

Simply connect with your existing friends or teachers from high school, and ask if they can assist you. You can also create a freelancing profile on Refrens, where you can acquire good leads.

That’s it, wasn’t it easy enough? 

Are you ready to start freelancing?

Freelancing is the finest option for you as a student with a passion to get your foot in the door with your vocation. 

As a college student, freelancing entails working for yourself. There will be no more odd jobs or minimum wage jobs to keep you afloat on campus. You’ll have an agency over your clientele and timetable if you create an offering and become a freelancer while still in education. 

After this experience, you may not want to work for someone else and instead decide to establish your own company once you graduate. You’ll be able to take your freelancing learnings and clients with you.

Having said that, figuring out how to begin student freelancing can be difficult. We hope this article has taught you how to start freelancing in college. 

Good luck with your new side hustle!

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