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How It Works?

1. Create Refrens AccountYou create a Refrens profile & keep it updated.
2. Relevant LeadsWe share relevant work with you and share your proposals with prospective clients.
3. Work beginsClient selects you and work begins.


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Happy Customers

I wanted to develop freelancing as a parallel career option. I built my profile on Refrens and converted few leads. Now I am pursuing freelancing full time.
DineshFreelancer, Dinesh Mundhra, Graphic Designer
The leads I received from Refrens gave me the confidence to take a leap. It helped me step up from freelancing to a service agency.
PriyankaContent Writer
I needed a few retainer projects so that I can focus on Upskilling. Refrens helped me to get a few and I am on my way to upskill myself now.
Refrens not only helped me to get more projects but also empowered me to grow my income multi-folds.
SandeepGraphic Designer
Refrens' online invoice software has made my billing process a lot more streamlined and less time-consuming. Highly recommend it!
SunainaDigital Marketer
Refrens helped me start my freelancing career by giving me the first few leads and handholding on how to start my career as a freelancer.
HimadriFreelancer, Himadri Thakkar, Content Writer
I was looking for a few side hustles to support my family. Thanks to Refrens, I get regular freelancing projects now.
NishantGraphic Designer
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Refrens is free to join. You only share 20% of the project fees as commission for any successful lead you get from Refrens.
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"Why Refrens?"

1. Qualified leadsOur team filters out the best and most suitable leads matching your skill and experience.
2. Payment ProtectionOur escrow system not only protects your payment but also ensures you get it on time.
3. Free ToolsWe are just not a Marketplace, we take care of all your business needs like Invoicing, Quotations, Client Management etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much commission do you charge?

There is no fixed rate. It depends on a project to project basis. Typically, we charge about 15~20% of the project value.

How would I get the client details?

Our team will be the bridge between you and the client, so that you only get qualified leads and do not waste your time on irrelevant leads.

Where and how do I have to register?

You can register by clicking the Register button at the top. Make sure you complete your profile by adding your services and portfolio details.

Is there any fee for Registration?

Registration is completely free.

After registering, how soon can I expect a lead?

There is no fixed time as such, depends on the completeness of your profile and suitability of incoming leads.

In the case of Escrow, when can I expect the payment?

As soon as the Client gives us a go ahead to release your payment, we will release it.

Client is asking for Quotation, Invoice etc., what to do?

You can use Refrens to create all these documents. You can use our Online Invoice Generator, Quotation Generator, Proforma Invoice Templates.

Payment Options

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