How to effectively delegate marketing tasks

How To Effectively Delegate Marketing Tasks

No matter if you consider a small business or a large business, a team is important. A team with tasks divided and proper segmentation of duties can save money and effort. And, that’s what delegation is! 

Dividing and letting someone else do a part of the task or a job is known as delegation. It is said to be vital for businesses to run smoothly and extract maximum benefits. After All, the tasks you are not best at can be someone’s expertise and snap of fingers affair! Even giant business minds favor delegation even for the easiest to difficult tasks. 

“The inability to delegate is one of the biggest problems I see with managers at all levels!” 

~Eli Broad

American Businessman and Entrepreneur Built 2 Fortune 500 companies! 

And, while delegation can be even in the smallest sector of business, the delegation of marketing tasks and responsibilities is significant and critical! And, before we discuss how to delegate tasks effectively, let’s discuss why there is a need for delegating marketing. 

Why Delegation of Marketing is Important? 

Marketing campaigns are critical to business success. The success of these campaigns decides how many customers will get to know your business. How many will consider your services? What will be the reputation of your business in the real market? 

Successful marketing tasks and responsibilities also have the strength to generate new leads, and gain customers who otherwise do not fit in your target audience segment! But, designing a campaign that works is no children’s play, and certainly cannot be done by a single hand

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There works a content planner, creative designer, ads specialist, budget planner, and so many other people. And, this cannot be a single person. That’s why delegation is required. But, there’s one challenge that almost all managers face while delegating tasks. And that is, which tasks to delegate? 

What All Needs to be Delegated in Marketing? 

Marketing tasks and responsibilities are an amalgamation of several tasks and strategies. These can be blog optimization, social media management, ads optimization, media buying, SEO tasks, and so forth. Depending on the strategy you work on, there can be different tasks you can delegate to maximize results. 

But, let’s discuss some of the general marketing tasks you should delegate- 

1. Market Research 

Believe it or not, market research is the primary step to designing effective marketing campaigns. And, this has to be done thoroughly leaving no gaps. This establishes the need to hire research experts to run market research that can surface important information about your target audience, business market, and product segmentation.  

So, before you become overconfident that you can do market research on your own, consider hiring experts for this. And, delegate the task of market research for marketing! 

2. Social Media 

It was a long time ago when social media was used as a secondary marketing platform. Today, many businesses depend on social media for customer acquisition, gaining reputation, establishing a brand’s voice, etc. This is because now around 3.48 billion people use social media. This highlights why social media marketing needs to be delegated to experts. 

This can help you extract maximum benefits from your marketing. And, in this era of the online world, and pandemic-hit hybrid work models, you can also consider hiring freelancers from a renowned freelance network to delegate your social media marketing! 

3. Leads Management

Lead management is sort of the result of marketing tasks and responsibilities. But, managers often consider it a part of marketing as it is the customer’s journey before they become a loyal customer of your business. 

By delegating leads management, managers can save time, effort, and business resources. In this way, businesses can also cover more and more leads. Doing this can also significantly increase the conversion ratio as more people work in lead management and conversion. 

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Apart from these, there is a range of tasks that can be delegated. In short, it is often said to delegate weaknesses and manage strengths to take your business to the next level. From content designing, and content distribution to emails, promotion, and branding, you can delegate anything you face challenges in. But, before delegation, ensure you hire the right people. Be it hiring freelancers, full-time employees, or part-time business contributors, if you delegate the tasks to the right people, you win! 

But, how to delegate tasks effectively? There are immense ways that can help you delegate your marketing tasks and responsibilities precisely. We say these golden rules of delegation

3 Golden Rules of Delegating Marketing Tasks 

1. Outsource Strategically

While delegating tasks, make sure you follow a strategic approach. Don’t blindly hire people or freelancers to delegate your marketing tasks. But, establish a step-by-step process to align your agency’s goals with freelancers’ skills, experience, and exposure. So that delegation can yield fruitful results for your business! 

Further, also ensure that you delegate tasks to freelancers or employees who have relevant experience and hands-on experience of the same. This would ensure your investment of time, money, and resources prove to be beneficial for your business. 

If you have any confusion or whether you should delegate your tasks to a freelancer or full-time employee, get your dilemmas cleared! 

2. Analyze and Re-work!

Delegation of tasks does not ensure precision and completion. Sometimes, this can lead to poor execution. This is where analyzing and reworking delegated marketing tasks and responsibilities become important! 

For this, get detailed reports, Analyze, find loopholes, and identify bottlenecks. Once identified, rework challenges, design improved strategy, and initiate execution of new principles, strategies, and work models. This would desire a result-driven approach even if you delegate marketing tasks.  

3. Establish a Management System 

No matter how precisely and strategically you delegate marketing tasks, there is a need to manage them well. Though many managers do it manually, there are immense tools available that can help you delegate your tasks and optimize productivity precisely. These tools can help you keep track of progress, results, and marketing campaigns’ execution. 

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But, this is not the end. These tools can surface critical insights which can help streamline a lot of marketing and business-centered tasks. 

These were the golden rules of delegating marketing tasks. These rules can save you money, effort, and a lot of stressful episodes. But, these rules don’t ensure effective delegation. Some tips and tricks need to be followed! 

Tips For Effectively Delegating Marketing Tasks 

To precise delegate marketing tasks and responsibilities, it is not enough to know the golden rules. It is equally critical to use some tips and tricks. Here are some of the “get them by trading anything” tricks for delegating marketing tasks-  

  • While delegating tasks, ensure you release detailed instructions. This can include report formats, details of tasks delegated, process flow, and so on! 
  • Set significant KPIs and completion indicators. This would help you analyze the completion and results of tasks delegated. 
  • Before delegating tasks, verify the identity and work experience of the freelancers you outsource your marketing tasks to. For this, manage freelancers well, and do a profile check to mitigate any risks. 
  • Once you delegate your tasks, don’t think your job is done. Schedule regular meetings, make updates, and improve process flow according to the need of campaign progress.  


Now, you know how to delegate your marketing tasks and responsibility effectively with golden rules, and efficient tips. So, set up a system and delegate your weaknesses. This can help you take your business’ marketing a step further! 

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