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Gopi a.k.a Aawaari: Weaving Stories With Her Camera

Meet Gopi Vasdak, an inspiring Gujarat-based fashion, music, and fine arts photographer. In addition to her promising potential, she works as a creative and on-field director.

From Armaan Malik to Zaeden, Gopi has worked with every rising musician in the industry. Gopi specializes in weaving stories through photos. She continues, “Camera is my needle, and music is the thread that binds it all together along with a dose of caffeine in my system.”

From Accumulating Teenage Pocket Money To Now A Well-Known Photographer 

We asked why she chose freelance photography as her gig? to which Gopi replied, “I realized that freelancing gave me much more freedom as to which projects to work on, and it helped me grow my skills as I went on. If I had gone for a stagnant photography job, I don’t think my career would have had these many ongoing yet fun, creative challenges.” We resonate with this viewpoint. 

Gopi continues, “You never know what project you will get as a freelancer. And whenever you do get projects, it is more likely that it would be something that would not easily fall into your comfort zone. There will always be something for you to learn or to figure out with every project, and I guess that is what compels me the most about freelancing. You have to hunt, hustle, and all feels worthy when you look at the result.”

Insights On Freelance Pricing 

As a freelancer, pricing is crucial. That’s how you’d create your six-figure income, whether in a year or several years. 

When asked about pricing, she said, “I don’t have a rate card, you see. I always prefer to review the brief before sharing a quotation for my services. The key points I keep in mind are — the scope of my work, post-process hours, shooting hours and logistics. Every project requires a different amount of effort and time to execute, and hence pricing would alter for every project based on key points I mentioned above.” 

We agree and believe that freelancers should charge their services performance-based, hourly-based, or value-based. 

Grow A Set Of Skills Around Your Strength

As a freelancer, you are your firm’s marketing director, Sharma Ji, aka (finance guy), and salesman, amongst many other things. Furthermore, as a freelancer, numerous critical talents are necessary, exclaimed Gopi. Besides her photography skills, she believes communication, client service, and financial management are among the most vital.” Gopi also mentioned that. 

Having skills other than your primary aptitude broadens your horizons. For example, in addition to photography, I study creative tools such as Photoshop and Procreate so that they can assist me in improving my still visuals. Not only that, but I’m also working on improving my video colour correcting skills. “This is how you advance as a freelancer.”

Work-Life Balance 

“I believe balance is not something that you can find, its something that you create. I work from my home, my team mates are my friends, it’s a pretty good combination.” 

Tips and Tricks By Gopi Vasdak

When asked about some tricks for the newbies around the corner, she continues – 

  • Be willing to go the extra mile for your clients. Sometimes delivering more than you’ve promised will work out in your favour in unimaginable ways.
  • Be fair with the quotation you provide. Don’t overquote. But also, don’t degrade the value of your services.
  • Don’t hesitate to take up free projects if it’s adding value to your portfolio or pushing you out of your comfort zone.

Feedback Should Be Breakfast For Freelancers

How does feedback affect you as a freelancer? Gopi says, “When it comes to freelancing, constructive feedback is necessary. You may believe you’re doing a fantastic job, but there’s always room for growth. A third person’s point of view can assist you in identifying your flaws. I prefer to get evaluations by email, and I’m usually straightforward and inquire about their previous work experience with me.”

To Her Younger Self

When we asked gopi what she would change if she had a chance to start over, she confidently replied, “I don’t think there is anything I would want to change.” Regardless of how long it took, I believe it helped me identify my niche.”