Evolution and Growth of Content Writers in India

We are aware of the fact that the function of fuel is to propel a vehicle and it is the same thing that digital marketing nowadays plays a role in a business. Digital marketing is the need of the hour to propel a business to achieve its goals. It is expected to play an important role in brands’ and individuals’ growth in 2023.

No matter what business you own, digital marketing is important as it has been a fact that no matter how well you are in a particular field, it is more important to attract the attention of others. And here is what the two limbs of digital marketing, namely content writing and marketing enter into the picture. A good content writing team with the right strategy for marketing is like half the work done.

Evolution of content writing in India | Early Stage

Content writing in India started way back when the Britishers invaded the country. The then purpose of content writing was to spread awareness amongst the people. It was that British rule is like an infection to the country and people must look for an independent nation.

The evolution of content writing in India can be traced through the change in the purpose of writing content. It has changed from spreading extra negativity against British rule. They exploited the nation to spread positive thoughts after the independence of the country.

If not wrong, the evolution of content writing in India after the independence of the country can be traced from the way people used it as per their profession.

If we talk about the 1950s we can observe that people used content in more official terms. It was used to make amendments to the constitution and used by editors who worked in some famous newspapers in the 1950s. 

As we go into the future the importance of content writing has increased. People found ways to write new content types. With the drastic rise of the film industry during the late 1960s, the content writing industry saw a huge rise.

It was not until the 1960s that people saw the content industry as a potential place to pursue their careers. More and more people got into this field and this was the sole reason that content writers in India were now noticeable.

This was all possible due to the industrial revolution that took place when a lot of focus was shifted toward automated printing presses. This led to a rapid increase in the content published each day. More importantly, it was the need of the hour as many professions were being introduced to the people of India and more people got literate. 

Content writing in India after LPG policy, 1991

LPG (Liberalisation, Globalisation, and Privatisation) Policy was announced on 24th July 1991 by the then finance minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh. It aimed at encouraging foreign trade with other countries with regulated imports and exports. It also aimed at enhancing foreign capital and technology.

This helped the old traditional Indian market to upgrade itself to foreign technologies and further boost the economy of India. Just a few years back in 1986 internet was introduced in educational and research institutes in India. Further in the era of the 1990s computers were made open to purchase for individuals.

People could now connect their devices to the internet and find whatever they want within minutes. And so here came the first digital content writers in India who wrote write-ups and posted them on the web. 

Content writing was just not a passion during these days and was converted to a profession as the 2000s approached. During the 2000s the term personal computer came into existence and in late 2008 3G internet was introduced.

More and more people could access the internet as the days passed and with the introduction of more advanced internet technology, people these days could surf at a faster speed. The digital business was introduced and many people started it with just a website out there on the internet.

Many people started advisory personal blogs and companies who owned blogging websites started hiring content writers. Mobiles were introduced where it wasn’t necessary these days. To have a personal computer to search for something on the web rather than a small device that could fit in pockets was necessary. 

Content writing in the 2010s

This is where the actual crisp of the content writing industry evolved in India. Content writing was just not related to writing some bunch of sentences. It was rather strategic content, SEO content writing and many other new content types came into existence.

Due to the rapid of social media during this era, copywriting which included content for the post or story and an attractive caption for the same was introduced. Content writers in India got a reputable place in every organization. With their functioning the same as any other technical domain that included a GM and other such posts. 

Other growth included the integrity of automated software in content writing. Many tools like keyword checkers, SEO score checkers, etc. were being used by content writers in India. This is the stage that saw the highest increase in content writing in India until now. There was immense growth achieved due to the introduction of 4G and the growth during these 10 years exceeded the combined growth that took place before 2010. 

Content writing in 2021 and beyond | What to expect?

Digital marketing is growing at the highest possible rate as of now. The need for content writers increases as we move into the future. If we talk about the current scenario, content writing is all about how well a person uses tools that influence automation.

To name some it would be a highly reliable grammar check tool like Grammarly, a fully functional keyword planner like Ahrefs, and an SEO checker like AccuRanker. The one who integrates these tools with immense accuracy and precision within the write-up is the master content writer in India. 

The future of content writing in India is filled with immense opportunities. The scope for individuals to jump into this field is wide. Choosing content writing as a profession over other technologies that seem to provide high-paying jobs surely has a reason to say.

With the introduction of 5G internet technology, content writing in India is expected to have a boost as it had during the introduction of 2G, 3G and 4G internet technology. It is expected to grow wider during the upcoming decade.

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Digital marketing is the propellent for business in any domain. It is useless without its two limbs namely content writing and marketing. The history of content writing in India is vast. One can easily trace the same according to the purpose of writing that people adopted during each decade.

With the introduction of new internet technologies since the early 1990s content writing industry has seen an immense boost. With each new technology introduced and it is expected to show the same pattern in the near future as well.

That’s all for now! Wishing you all the best if you are looking content writing industry as a profession to pursue. Excel enough that you become inspired by some and inspiration for all.

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