Featured Profiles On Refrens – Everything You Need To Know

Every month, top business profiles on Refrens are shortlisted to get featured with a distinct badge. Getting featured can help your business reach out to hundreds of thousands of other businesses on Refrens – for free!

1. A distinct badge on your Profile

Featured Profiles get a distinct badge that is visible to everyone, and helps you stand out from your competition.

2. A special feature on your category page

With a featured profile, you will get more visibility in front of people looking for your services in Refrens Marketplace.

3. Shout-out in the monthly newsletter

Top profiles also get a shout-out in Refrens’ monthly newsletter. This is a great opportunity to get your business in front of hundreds of thousands of users!

Getting featured on Refrens is a great opportunity to get more visibility and generate more leads for your business!

1. Showcase your projects

Your past projects help your potential clients get a better understanding of your work, build trust, and set expectations. Upload all your past projects (have at least 3) – The more the merrier!

(Need more motivation?- Top projects also get featured separately on Refrens. Your projects can be the next!)

Bonus Tip: Get your projects verified by your clients! (Verified projects are shown with a green tick mark, and help your work get more credibility!)

2. Add categories

Categories help your business get easily discovered by your potential customers. It’s important to add relevant categories applicable to your business.

For example, if you are a content writer, you can add specific categories like copywriter, technical writer, SEO writer, etc. (it’s not about how many categories you are in, it is about how relevant these categories are for your business.)

Want to become a copywriting superstar? Check out our blog for some insider tips and tricks to kickstart your journey!

Add links to your website (if applicable), social media profiles (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.), Portfolio links (Behance, Github, Medium, Dribble, etc), and any other links to your business.

Bonus Tip: Add at least 3 links!

4. List your services

List all the services your business provides, and add detailed descriptions, prices, etc. This helps your potential clients give more information about your services.

Worked with some famous clients? Feature them on your profile! This can help your business gain more credibility and also help you stand out from your competition!

6. Update the basic details

Add your business name, logo, tagline (If you don’t have a tagline, write what best describes your business in a single line), business incorporation date, address, and a detailed description.

7. Ensure your profile is public

We can only feature your profile if it is public! So, go to accounts & security settings and ensure that your profile is public. 

Let’s get your business featured! 🚀