Meet Arya – A Ball Full of Energy With Her Unshakable Enthusiasm To Learn

Arya is one of those who love to learn, basically in a school of life – as she says.  She is determined to succeed in whatever field life throws at her.  Arya Kapoor is a personal branding freelancer and a talented MBA student. She guides people through the process of developing their own brand and educates them on the subject. 

Journey To Freelancing 

While taking on challenges was always her strong suit, she is skilled in various disciplines. Arya began her freelancing career as a content writer when she was only 18 years old. Within a year, she had written every type of content format imaginable, from emails to invitations to articles and even news reports. 

She enjoys and excels in the field of anchoring, coordinating events, and administering the college’s social media pages, which gave her confidence and assurance.  

Today, Arya assists creators and businesses in developing their respective brands in their own unique way.

Networking Is A Catalyst To A Successful Freelancing Journey 

As we all know, networking is as complementary to success as sugar is to tea. In freelancing, you get access to qualitative leads through networking. Arya agrees with us; she believes that freelancing is difficult without networking. 

Networking is the key, whether through LinkedIn, Facebook, or even your family and friends. 

Arya is a living example of how networking aids in acquiring promising ventures. Her first freelance project came as a result of networking. And then she never looked back. 

Make Social Media Your BFF

Arya treats social media as her best friend.

She continues – “Social media is the biggest platform where millions of people are seeking small things to do, and if your profile clicks to them, you get employment,” 

Arya mentions that she leverages her personal branding skills on her personal profile.

When asked to elaborate on it, Arya adds – “If your content is on point, you will absolutely get work”. As a result, developing strategies and content plans is the most effective way to appeal to the target demographic for whom you want to provide services.

The Importance Of Feedback 

Arya says, “If you want your boat to sail in the right direction, feedback is your compass.”

The way Arya handles feedback is the same, and she believes that a freelancer cannot succeed without feedback. Because you won’t know where you’re going wrong, you won’t be able to fix the direction, which is very critical”.  

When we asked Arya about how she gathers feedback, she said, “I submit my work to other freelancer friends and tell them to discover any flaws or anything I did wrong.” 

Every time she completes a project, she receives an idea and a direction for improvement as a result of this. She even claims to embrace constructive criticism about her work and use it as a learning sword for future endeavors.

Arya believes in following a process where she presents her copy to the customer, asks for comments, and then revises it. 

Since her work speaks for her, she doesn’t want to leave any stone unturned. Arya works hard until she discovers that “wow” element, and she encourages everyone to look for it since that’s when they’ll know their work is exceptional.

Mental Health Before Anything 

Mental health is Arya’s primary priority. We completely agree with her viewpoint. After all, how can you work if you aren’t mentally fit and healthy?

She stated that it is straightforward to care for one’s physical health, but what about mental health? You need mental serenity if the work is expected to outperform. 

For her, mental tranquillity is essential. 

She began going to the gym to maintain her mental serenity, which she now enjoys. 

She says, “You must take care of your mental health. You can’t expect someone else to do it for you; the desire must come from within, and you’ll realize the importance of mental health on that day.”

Pricing Your First-Time Customer 

“One should recognize their worth,” Arya says. They should know how much hard work and effort goes into a job and price it accordingly.” Arya was always honest regarding pricing, and she’d say no outright if she didn’t think a client was worth it. 

After witnessing your work, she believed that the client should agree to your pricing, which is acceptable. 

Ultimately, the client is looking for success and knows you can deliver it.

She even advises all budding freelancers to obtain a 50% advance payment before commencing work and a 50% payment after the job is completed. This would provide freelancers with a payment guarantee. Moreover, according to Arya, the contract should include all of these details.

Tips And Tricks From Her Life Book

Arya is a firm believer in education. 

Tips and tricks, she claims, are only the crux. If you want to succeed, you must work hard for it, and you can’t skip that step in the learning process. 

There are checklists out there to achieve 10000 followers in 30 days. But can you replicate the recipe for every brand, every client? She questions. 

She adds, “You may squander your time by consuming as much knowledge as possible, but to put it to action, you need to implement, work hard”. 


Make an effort to strike a healthy balance between your personal and work lives. When overworked, try to watch a show, read a book, or spend time with your family. 

Ongoing trials that she offers

My vision is when my work is read, it should be perceived as a work of art, she quotes, ‘Should be something that gives people their OH moment’. An art appreciated and well acknowledged. 

Thank you for reading her beautiful journey!