Letter From A Freelancer To His Mother


I don’t remember when I last wrote to you. Infact, I don’t even remember when I had a good 2 hour chat with you. And did I ever take you out for Lunch? Only you and me? I guess never.

I chose this mother’s day to pen this small letter of gratitude to you. I remember how you used to pick and drop us from school, teach us, take us to cycling to the neighborhood garden. I remember how the school teachers used to complain about my constant blah blah to you. I remember the day when you sent me to hostel and how you controlled your tears. I remember your words when I informed you that I got campus placement, “Go achieve your dreams”, you told me. I remember how elated you were when I got my first salary.

You were so happy with my job, more than I was. I was doing well, growing well. But Ma, I was not able to follow what you said “Go achieve your dreams!”. I felt the job was not my craft. I wanted to write and not code. I didn’t know what to choose. To take away your happiness or to achieve my dreams.

And then the day came, I gathered courage to tell you that I want to quit this job and I want to write. You were furious initially. You thought I had lost my mind. Your anger dropped and I tried to explain to you. That I want to write on my own wish, for my own good, for my own freedom,I wanted to be self-employed, I just wanted to do what I love.

They say, no one understands you like your mother does. I had only heard of this till then, but that day, I lived this. You understood me, you not only held my hand (once again) but also my heart and said, “Go achieve your dreams!”.

Since then, I am happy. I am living my dream life.I know there are uncertainties every day, some day about the flow of work, some day about payments, but I guess I am managing . And I guess you are managing too, when people ask what your son does? How much does he earn?

As a freelancer, I have to make hard choices (To rent a office or to save money and work from home, to choose this client or wait for a better one). As a mother you had to take harder decisions, make numerous sacrifices. I think I learned it from you. Maybe, I am still learning.

When I wanted to walk, you held my hand.

When I wanted to read, you gave me the book.

When I wanted to experience life, you let me go.

When I made mistakes, you told me these are learning milestones.

When I wanted to fly, you gave me the wings.

Ma, whatever I am today, is because of you. I am because you are.

Happy Mother’s day!!