Case study – Abhishek’s dating app idea – Rekindle comes to life at Refrens

Back in 2019, Abhishek Kashyap got this idea of building a dating app for Divorcees in India, and after talking to several divorcees, and validating his idea, Abhishek set out to look for people who could help him bring his idea to life. 

Introduction to Abhishek’s idea – ReKindle 

Rekindle is the only dating app focused on people who believe in second chances i.e someone who has gone through a Divorce separation or has lost a partner. 

Abhishek says, “India is the country with the most number of marriages, and with the increase in divorce cases in India, and the fact that there are millions of people who are separated, or divorced, it only makes sense to have a service that can solve this problem” 

With this thought in his mind, Abhishek set out to solve this problem. 

The Hunt to find App Developers commences

Abhishek started his search in December 2019 when he reached out to some technology companies who could help him build an app, and even after having talked to 6-7 of them in detail, he wasn’t really able to find someone he could trust this project with, not because they weren’t good, or didn’t have the capability or the resources, but perhaps because he was looking for someone who would equally understand his requirements, and be an equal player in the development process. 

Tired of going back, and forth, Abhishek put together a message in some Professional Whatsapp groups, and that’s when he discovered Refrens, a platform that can connect him to the right business service providers. 

February 2020 – Shivam, our account manager is assigned the mission to help Abhishek find the right team to help him bring his idea – ReKindle to life. 

In no time, Abhishek is presented with an option to work with 4-5 partners who showed interest in working on Abhishek’s idea, and after a couple of conversations, the decision was made to work with Sugoi Labs.

When asked, “Why Sugoi Labs?” 

Abhishek says, “They were asking me intelligent questions, and perhaps the only ones who challenged my thoughts, and helped me steer my ideas into an executable form”

Especially, I found Nayan going the extra mile, and spending his time researching more about the problem we are trying to solve, and suggesting suitable solutions” 

Work In Progress 

The deal closed in March, and the work was initiated in April, 2020. On being asked the experience working with Sugoi Labs, Abhishek says, 

“The entire team of Sugoi Labs, especially Naman – They go the extra mile to read, research, and iterate without being asked or nudged to do so. This is rare, and that’s what I like the most about working with them”

One of the instances from the work in progress – Abhishek wanted to integrate Truecaller as a way to authorize, and validate users, and sign-up, but Nayan mentioned that Truecaller has issues in iOS, and it’s best if the idea of using can be pushed a little later. 

Here are some pictures of the work in progress of ReKindle, where-in the designers create mockups that allow Abhishek & team to get a visual picture of what’s needed, and if approved, the process of writing code can be initiated. 

Careful attention to such details has allowed Abhishek, and Sugoi Labs to work hand-in-hand, and launch the app in just 9 months from the commencement of the project. 

Abhishek’s idea – ReKindle is now live on the playstore, and iOS. 

The App –

ReKindle is now a team of 4, and on being asked about ReKindle’s future plans, Abhishek is positive, and hopeful that with his team and his professional experiences, they will revolutionize the dating culture amongst the separated, and singles who are waiting for life to give them a second chance at love and companionship. 

Here’s a snapshot from Google Play Store of ReKindle. 

The team of Refrens wishes Abhishek, and his team the very best for their venture.

If you’re someone who is looking for an opportunity to build something and are looking for experts to help you do the same, reach out to Refrens, and we will take it up from there. 

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