Sahil Jasuja And His Path To A Marketing Agency 

Meet Sahil Jasuja, a book lover at heart who went from being a college graduate to starting his own agency. He put everything he learned, unlearned, and developed as a marketing strategist and made his dream come true. 

Journey To Becoming An Agency

We asked Sahil how this all started. He says, “I started right after graduating from college from home; I didn’t have an office back then.” It wasn’t easy without any business experience. But with all my strengths on the table, the journey became exciting and fun. 

Sahil says, “Our agency started with clients’ social media management.” But, as I said, I am a bookworm, and that habit has nurtured me well along the way. I also took some online classes on email marketing and sales funnels, and after I had a firm grasp on those topics, I began working on them as well, so we became a full-fledged marketing firm.

Sahil is a guy who meticulously plans everything. “I’m not one of those who go with the flow; instead, I prefer to plan way ahead of time,” says Sahil. My original intention was to go to Dubai and look for a software development job, but I found a book that altered my thinking, and it’s from Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, which made me realize that I wanted to start something on my own. ” And yes, that’s how it all started. 

Sahil is the type of person that reads a new book every 15 days. Sahil says, “Books have always inspired me and helped me build my viewpoint on various issues in my life.”

Communication Is A Vital Skill For Success

Communication is essential for a good client relationship. As a freelancer, you must improve your communication skills to be effective.

When asked Sahil’s thoughts on communication, he replied: “Communication was a significant difficulty for me as an introvert.” I had no idea how cash flow worked or how to handle things because I had never seen it as a child in my home. Since I lacked communication skills, I couldn’t talk to people and take their guidance. 

But when my two partners arrived, they forced me to work on my communication skills. Sahil identifies them as their company’s most valuable asset. 

They are the ideal partners anyone could hope for. I began to grasp things via them to gain insight, and then I began to relate to something at my workplace. I started reading about balance sheets and other technical topics since, as I previously stated, I am an ardent reader. After reading it and putting it into practise at work, I got the practical experience I had been lacking for a long time.

Something You’d Like To Change

I don’t want to change anything, yet I am content with the way things have turned out in my life. One thing I’d like to change is, to begin with, my money. Instead, apprentice under someone and learn more while also earning money. So that’s all I want to change and nothing else.

Furthermore, working for someone gives a person real insight into how a firm operates. You get to see how things work, and that’s how you learn about them and apply them to your startup.

The Agency Mission To Fly High 

When asked about Sahil’s agency goals, he says: “We are currently narrowing our agency’s focus on brands with current revenues of $30k to $40k, intending to reach $100k in the next year. 

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The Sahil agency handles everything from logos to websites to advertisements; all a brand needs to do is manage logistics and delivery; everything else is handled by them.

Sahil says being a complete marketing agency takes a lot of time and work, which is why they want to narrow it down. 

His agency has a team that includes a creative director, designer, writer, and more. 

However, Sahil stated that as the workload increases, he plans to outsource work to freelancers who would be hired for specific jobs. Sahil searches numerous marketplaces for these freelancers to pick the best of the bunch. 

And indeed, that is how Sahil intends to grow the agency.

Quick Advice From Sahil 

Here are some quick tips for aspiring freelancers: “Winners never quit, and quitters never win,” says Sahil, quoting Vince Lombardi. Sahil exclaims that this is a sentence that corresponds to his subconscious mind and has never allowed him to quit anything.

Whatever the issue, Sahil advises new freelancers not to give up if they want to succeed. 

Try to be consistent in your actions because we are all human and are bound to make mistakes, but if you are consistent in your efforts, you will achieve your goal. 

Moreover, please don’t compare yourself to individuals with a million or more followers; they took the exact steps you are taking now, so claim your territory first in your specialty and then brand it as your own.